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Christina Fallin appreciates Native American culture and other beautiful things…

Hipster Boo Boo strikes again!

Yesterday, Christina Fallin was “overseeing” a photo shoot as part of her new gig as a “marketing consultant” for So6ix magazine. During the shoot, she posted the following photo on Instagram:

christina fallin indian headdress

Disturbing, isn’t it? Josh Sallee is going to be on the cover of So6ix. No!!! I’m cool with him appearing on the cover of Look at OKC and The Gazette within weeks of each other, but isn’t that a little too much? For one, he’s teetering on the brink of overexposure. Two, the only people who read So6ix can’t actually read! Oh well, at least he’s helping the “magazine” keep its tradition of writing about the people and personalities we first covered two years ago. Hopefully, he doesn’t fall victim to their cover curse.

Oh wait. What’s that? The real news item here is that Christina Fallin put down her can of black face and decided it would be fun to disrespect and mock Native American culture in a state that has a whole bunch of Native Americans? Yeah, I’m aware. That’s why I sent a screenshot of her ridiculous photo out to our 20,000+ Twitter followers last night.

That’s pretty awful, but on a positive note, at least she wasn’t chugging whiskey or rolling around on the ground mumbling “Tatonka.” I’m sure both crossed her mind. At least she showed some restraint.

After we sent the tweet, people showered the out-of-touch, affluent, attention craving white poser who lacks any self-awareness of the real world with a whole lot of attention. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the “Oh My Gawd, you’re so creative Christinahhhh. I love youuu!” praise that she’s used to receiving from all her hipster friends and So6ix magazine cronies. They were more of the “Hey, you’re an insensitive racist bitch” variety.

Obviously, the negative comments got Christina’s attention. She issued a statement about it this morning, but instead of apologizing, taking responsibility and showing any sort of remorse, she and her boyfriend simply used the pic as an opportunity to promote their awful band and justify the situation with some sort of “holier than thou” philosophical, stoned college student bullshit. It’s one of the most ridiculous, out-of-touch things I’ve ever read.

Check it out:

chrome pony

Don’t be offended, Native Americans. Christina Fallin meant no disrespect. She simply dressed up as a Native American because she wants to innocently adorn herself with beautiful stereotypes that she’s seen in old movies and cartoons. I’m sure your ancestors would appreciate that. You know, because she chooses to embrace fear. Or something thing like that. I have no clue.

Anyway, people took the press release about as well as the did they did the original photo. Check out some of these ridiculous exchanges “Pink Pony” had with people on Facebook.

christina fallin fb

christina fallin fb 2

christina fallin fb

fallin headdress 5

fallin headdress 6

fallin headdress 8

Before we continue, on the count of three, let’s all give out one big collective “Fuck You” to Christina and Chrome Pony. Sound good? Here we go.




Fuck you!

Feels good doesn’t it?

Anyway, here are some final notes:

• I’m sure Joe Internet Commenter is typing something in all caps asking why this is a big deal? “WHO CARES! ITS A FREE COUNTRY!!! VOTE RON PAUL.” Before you post that comment, read this.

• I’m not too sure what’s more offensive. Is it the photo, or Christina’s refusal to acknowledge that she did anything wrong? I’m leaning towards the response. Hell, I’m kind of jealous that I can’t float through an entitled life with a lack of self awareness. Must be nice.

• I asked the Governor’s Office if they had any comment. This was their response: “No.”


  1. So not only are there words that only certain races of people can say, there is also headgear that only certain races of people can wear. Interesting…I’ll remember this the next time I see an Indi…err Native American wearing a cowboy hat. Everybody knows those were invented in Mexico so only Mexicans can wear them or something.

    • “My total freedom of speech is more important than being considerate to people whose ancestors were murdered or permanently exiled from their homeland,” said the personification of why Oklahoma is racing to the bottom.

  2. it would have made more sense if she stuck with the story that the majority of Oklahomans use on a daily basis “I’m 1/16 Cherokee (or another tribe) so I can!” Go to a pow-wow there are a lot of pale white folks doing the traditional dances. Nobody says anything to them. I’m not saying she’s “right” in this…but seriously… Google “celebrities dressed as native Americans” and they didn’t get this much media attention. Oklahomans are bored and that’s a shame. PS- their band comments are simply stupid, is their PR person 12 years old? Sincerely- born and raised Saltine American

    • Wait, so your argument is “Hollywood does it so it’s okay”?

      Only the people who have been marginalized have the right to decide whether it’s offensive. If you’re white, you can pretty much take a seat and keep your trap shut with regards to race relations and cultural appropriation. You might even learn something.

      • Okto: would it matter if I were white, Native, Hispanic or Jewish? More white people are upset about this than real Natives. I’m not alone with my point. Nothing makes anything right or wrong. The point is, there are a lot of bored people on the war-path. Hollywood/Media has made it “okay” so, your argument is really with the rest of the world, not me. I’m just the messenger on a mainstream cultural society that you are ignoring.

  3. Oh for f*** sake. She wanted attention so she posted a harmless photo. The kids that like to pretend to be culturally sensitive got annoyed (just like every other day). She got the attention she wanted. The pretend culturally sensitive get to feel even more sensitive. Mission accomplished on both fields.

    FYI — if they’re really so culturally sensitive, perhaps these sensitive souls should give their land back to the Native Americans. And, no, being 1/100,000,000 Cherokee on your mother’s side doesn’t give you the enlightened right to keep it.

    • There’s a lot of blonde-haired, blue-eyed “Indians” in Oklahoma for some strange reason.

        • I was referring to people who claim to be 1/64th Native American—-usually for the purposes of gaining employment with the govt.

      • Oh, sorry I forgot to add that: “except for those of you that own nothing. You’re fine where you are, as long as you don’t wear anything inappropriate.” Better?

  4. There is a Native American Art Festival in Bartlesville every year. And every year Native Americans sell the crap out of handmade head dresses and I guarantee you they could care less who is wearing it after they get paid.

    • CrawDaddy,

      You are clearly missing the big picture. Think about the forces that allow Native Americans to profit from partaking in such exchanges that commodify their culture: a white economy that is driven by settler fetishization of Native American culture. Regardless of whether or not the artists care about perpetuating cultural appropriations is beside the point I am making. For more info please see the following article entitled Dear Christina Fallin http://nativeappropriations.com/2014/03/dear-christina-fallin.html

      • So the big picture is that white people seeking to appropriate Native American culture is the problem, not Native Americans seeking financial gain from the appropriation of their culture? Wow. Seems rather presumptious to me to assume the force at play here. Not to mention a little racist. I especially like your comment that you have become an expert on white girls in head dresses. Pretty much confirms what I thought.

  5. If only Adolf Hitler could be cloned and turned loose on the hipster population of america.

    I’d be so “eternally grateful”.

  6. No, JT, that is not the point. A cowboy hat does not have the same cultural significance as a head dress. A head dress has the same importance as a nun’s robes in Catholic culture. It is as insensitive for her to inappropriately wear a headdress that is for men as it is for her to wear blackface and dress as a slave (as others have already pointed out). If she truly wants to honor the culture of Natives, she needs to make sure she is actually educated on how to wear regalia and follow those customs. Otherwise, she comes across as hurtful and ignorant, not respectful.

  7. She can keep the headdress only if she is forcibly removed to a reservation in some forbidden wasteland with the rest of her hipster cohorts.

  8. If it’s true, as you say, that those who read So6ix can’t actually read, then my guess is that Christina misread “So6ix” as “Souix.”

  9. Wonder how this story would have turned out, had it been ohhhh say Emily Sutton who wore the Headress? LOL

  10. It’s not necessarily that it was a head dress, it was the fact that it was worn by a WOMAN, which is taboo in Indian culture

    • Do a quick google image search for “indian headdress woman” and let me know if any one of the thousands of images there offend Native Americans. I hate Christina and her little artistic, deep, Allison Reynolds (Breakfast Club) act as much as the next guy but this is not a controversy. Pictures of girls in bikinis are offensive to the Islamic world. Should we apologize for SI swimsuit issues and VS runway shows? Christina wasn’t mocking American Indians. She was simply being an annoying twit. Everyone needs to toughen up a bit and quit defending cultures who aren’t asking for your defense. Hell, the only people pushing to change the Redskins’ name are white-guilt dolts. So many people take offense to the dumbest little things these days. Grow a pair and quit being a bunch of pussies.

    • Also, women can’t wear pants, vote or drive in my culture. I’d ask that you respect my cultural values and not do anything to offend me. I have a right to go through life without being even remotely offended. Thanks for your cooperation!

        • I’m 33rd generation Free-Range Non-denominational Orthodox Gluten-Free Judeo-Islamic Nomad from South Northern Iran. The point is that we all encounter things which clash with our cultural sensibilities. It’s bound to happen when our country contains people from every corner of the globe. We can sterilize our behavior and over-think every little step we take or we can just toughen up a tad.

          • I’m 33rd generation Free-Range Non-denominational Orthodox Gluten-Free Judeo-Islamic Nomad from South Northern Iran.

            More like 1st/2nd generation douchebag who worships at the church of rush “pills” limbaugh.

            • Ah, instead of addressing the hypersensitivity that plagues our country; accuse me of being a Limbaugh fan. That’s a pretty lazy approach, CF. Until Bill Anoatubby’s office weighs in on this terribly offensive headdress gaff, I’m stating it’s a non-issue. So far, the vocal victims have all been lily white.

            • I’m stating it’s a non-issue. So far, the vocal victims have all been lily white.

              Such a “non-issue” that you’ve only posted multiple times about it. Uh huh.

              How do you know what color the people on here are? I doubt even the NSA could give you a reliable breakdown of races represented here.

            • “Such a “non-issue” that you’ve only posted multiple times about it. Uh huh.”

              The (gasp!) woman in a headdress is not an issue. People freaking out over a woman in a headdress is an issue. And yes, I feel strongly about oversensitive people turning the most innocuous events into bullet wounds.

              We can safely assume the headdress was made in China. So, technically, it’s a Chinese headdress and if anyone should be offended, it’s Bin Ling of Zhejiang province.

            • It’s just too hard to keep up with your ever changing hierarchy of rights. I thought women’s rights trumped those of headdress wearing peoples. Clearly I was wrong. Could you send me an updated pdf? Women need to know their place in life and not wear traditional men’s headwear. Damn baby makers need to keep in line with traditional roles. Am I right, CF?

            • And it seems that you follow Mr. Limbaugh’s self-medication regimen as well…………

            • Word on the streets, CF, is that your old lady was out headdress shopping today down at the Headdress Emporium (just over there next to The Headdress Hut on 23rd). You had better get home and give that hag a good beating. How dare she place a traditionally male symbol on her filthy female head? It’s so offensive that will take to facebook or twitter to rant about it. Who cares that no official tribes are offended. I am offended. And I am the only one who matters in this word. The rest of you are simply passing through.

  11. Don’t insult the booger eatin’ moerons at the State Fair… at least they know their place…

  12. You folks claiming non-story are forgetting that Christina and her mother are enormous cunts.

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