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Regular Jim Traber and Vanity Perkins don’t like each other…

traber perkins

It looks like we’re not the only ones who can’t stand Regular Jim Traber.

Earlier today, while Jim was breathing out his typical rant about the Oklahoma City Thunder – Kendrick Perkins makes too much money, Derek Fisher is too old, and then you wrap the turkey in a cheesecloth – Vanity Perkins sent out the following tweet:


  1. I think the fundamental problem is that the Thunder made us a major league city, but local radio’s still running minor league talent.

  2. He is a loudmouth that should be ashamed of himself. Guess that’s why they ship him off to the casinos to do his remotes. Poor excuse for so called talent.

  3. Thanks for pointing out the hypocrisy of her tweets. I’m not condoning Traber’s on air antics, but when I read that apology tweet I almost hurt myself laughing.

    • +1. I didn’t think it was possible to make Jim a sympathetic figure but in this instance she’s totally the villain.

  4. Out of his 20 hours a week that he is on air, Regular Jim Traber spends about 4 hours bashing on Kendrick Perkins. That’s about the same amount of time he spent bashing on Russell Westbrook his first two seasons claiming that he wasn’t a “Natural” point guard and would never be a good NBA point guard.

    After constantly irrationally criticizing Thunder players, Regular Jim Traber is shocked that Scott Brooks won’t come onto his show.

    BTW – I think TLO has a potential buyer for the Regular Jim Traber cell phone number baseball

  5. To all you Perkins fans with Perkins blinders on… Is it a coincidence that the Thunder dominated the Heat when Perkins played VERY little back in December and also the San Antonio Spurs dominated the Heat just the other night when their big man didn’t play at all! NO it’s not a coincidence at all!!! Perkins should find a nice suit and tie to have a front row seat on the pine for June when the Thunder get ready to dismantle the Heat in the finals.

    • Lebron dominated the thunder so easily last time it wasnt even funny, I would slow down on your thunder pick they have progressively got worst when it comes to the playoffs. Ibaka better learn how to play like a power forward and stop jacking up long shots and learn to post up, Incase you didn’t know jump shots ain’t winning the finals lipps.

  6. If it bothers her so much why doesn’t she try listening to a better sports radio station (1340 AM) or, call Jim and take him on on his own turf. He would wind up looking bad, not Michael Jackson bad, just bad.

  7. With a huge ridiculous contract comes criticism. Go spend the money and keep quiet. Defending your husband’s on the court ability is a lost cause.

  8. As for Jim blown colon traber he came off like a sissified joke. he always claims to come at me big fellow this and I been here for 20 years that. Not only can nate hybl shut him down so can Perkins. Not a perk fan but I would love to see him shove a shaving cream broke in catchers glove down his pie hole to silence the noise. Crying to the thunder on air about Perkins beating his ass was laced with irony Friday.

  9. Just listened to the clip of “little jimmy homer” going off. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  10. If you speak negatively about “Fat Bastard”, he goes on the air and wears it like a badge of honor. “Everybody hates me!” But yet this OU wannabe still runs that POS sports station.

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