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Uh oh, fake names appeared on a pro-Common Core petition. I wonder where they came from.

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Thanks to the amazing reporting skills of News 9, the Common Core controversy is in the news again. This time around, it has to do with signatures collected for an online (keyword: online) petition drive in support of the educational standards.

Via News 9:

More controversy for Common Core. Common Core is a set of rigorous educational standards the Oklahoma legislature adopted in 2010 and is now considering repealing.

Now, some names on a petition, from a group hoping to keep Common Core, were faked. The group, Stand for Children Oklahoma, presented a petition to legislators in early March with 7,000 signatures, but many people whose names are on the list said they didn’t sign it.

Whoa! Really?!? You’re telling me some of the names collected in an online petition may be fake? Get out! Before you know it, they’re going to tell us that Biggus Diccus from Rome isn’t a real person.

Cue the angry anti-Common Core parent whose name just happened to be on the petition:

Sherri Crawford is one of those. She’s adamantly against Common Core.

“My second grader comes home frustrated with math, because they want him to do five different methods and he gets it one way.”

So, imagine her surprise when her name showed up on a petition supporting it.

When asked if she signed it, she responded, “No, absolutely not.”

Sherri found out her name was on the petition after a group of moms, who oppose common core, got a hold of it and started checking the names. They said they found not only several obviously fake names, like Barrack Obama, but more than a thousand they have personally verified didn’t sign it.

“Several of the people I have talked to personally have said I have never seen that email, nor am I on that e-mail list, I have no idea how they got my name,” said Kelli Dodd.

Yeah, I wonder how “they” got your name. Here are three likely scenarios:

Scenario A: Stand for Children Oklahoma added the names of 1,000 “adamant” Common Core opponents to the petition, because, uhm, they lack intelligence. Seriously, if they’re going to add fake names, why would they chose people who lobby against common core. Also, why would they only add 1,000 more signatures. Like that really matters. Go big to go home.

Scenario B: Opponents of Common Core went online and sabotaged the online petition knowing they could dupe Channel 9 into producing a ridiculous story about it, thus giving their cause more publicity and attention. That kind of makes sense, huh? Seeing how passionate and somewhat nutty the opponents of Common Core seem to be, I wouldn’t put that past them.

Scenario C: It’s was placed on the petition by the rising and falling water levels at Lake Arcadia. This is the one I’m leaning towards. Of course, that’s only because one of big Common Core opponents in the state is Angela Little. She just happens to be one of the girls pictured in the infamous Amy McRee photo that was taken at Lake Arcadia. Coincidence? I think not?

Here she is:


Yeah, it was definitely the lake… or the mysterious man in the back of the photo.

For what it’s worth, I really don’t have strong opinion either for or against Common Core. They can implement all that standards they want, but until they improve parental involvement and pay teachers more, I don’t see a lot changing. That’s why I spend my time focusing on more important issues like updating our liquor laws and legalizing marijuana.

That being said, I’d lean towards keeping Common Core standards because:

A) It’s received broad bipartisan throughout the country and in Oklahoma. If you need proof of the bipartisan support, take a look at this silly anti-Common Core poster someone sent to me on Twitter. It has support from both Oklahoma Chamber of Commerce Republicans (a.k.a. the ones you can respect) and Oklahoma Democrats. When they can agree something, it’s probably a good thing.

B) The only people who seem to be against Common Core are tea party whackos, religious zealots and helicopter parents who make their own soap. If these people are all against Common Core it has to be good, right? They’ll hate anything the government’s involved in. They hate Common Core so much that Clark Jolley, one of the authors of 2010 legislation that implemented the standards in Oklahoma, had to come out in favor of repealing Common Core just to have a chance at winning the 5th Congressional District. Hell, Obama could try to make Steak and Blowjob Day a national holiday and they’d fight against it.



  1. I knew it was only a matter of time before you all agreed with Governor Fallin on something. She wants Common Core too! Also a little history.. this started with George Bush and is being pushed by Jeb Bush so you are in great company with those three if you lean towards keeping. Rep Joe Dorman (Dem) is very much against Common Core and also Amber England from Stand for Children has some sort of sick obsession with Clark Jolley if you check out her twitter. https://twitter.com/arengland
    Also if I had to pick a side based on looks… my support would be with the opposition, Angela Little. She’s hot.

  2. Slamming those of us who oppose Common Core, saying we’re from the Tea Party or a religious mom. How about a mom – just a mom? One does not need to be religious or in the Tea Party to be skeptical about Common Core; one only needs to care about her children and their welfare. Sounds like you’re getting a lot or your mindless talking points from Marry Fallin. She’s pretty popular right now in OK, huh? You are dangerously uninformed.

    • I love Oklahoma. The comment below accuses Patrick from being from a liberal universe, and the comment above accuses Patrick of co-opting talking points from “Marry Fallin.” Seriously, “Tom P.” and “Carmen” need to get together and have a burger at Little Mike’s.

      • Ross you need to get it together. It’s clear they are rebuttaling to 2 different parts of the article. Tom is saying it’s just like liberals to make this a tea party issue and Carmen is saying the lost ogle hates Fallin but are siding with her on this. This is very party divided and $$$/power driven. Why don’t you provide an actual opinion instead of ridiculing everyone else’s. But you may not have the intelligence to do such.


          Actually, Patrick’s article is ridiculing someone who falsified a petition, and basing his opinion on boobs, basically. So anyone who takes to the comments section to debate common core is a part of the joke, not a part of the discussion.

  3. The best thing about this story by the Lost Ogle is that it is what it is: Lost. I really hope you guys aren’t trying to make a living off of this. Only the editor, the writer, and maybe someone looking for the crossword puzzle section will ever see this waste of cyberink. I will never understand liberals, or the universe you live in. Please just keep it to your delusional selves.

    • HAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, this is the funniest comment of the week! Welcome to the internet, “Tom P”!

      • Right on Ross! Ole Tom P has missed the humor that is the Lost Ogle! So stop being funny cause Tom P does not like it. He is taking his crayons and going home. Damn those liberals!

  4. As for where did the false names cone from. That is a question best asked from the source of the petition. Amber England needed to have 7000 signatures so when she didn’t reach it, it looks like she got desperate along with whom ever was helping her and started adding names. I am quite sure she had no idea that people would actually spend many nights combing through all the signatures to verify them. I think Amber is a sore loser and having friends print things against the people who are taking her down and pointing out that she is actually a liar.

  5. She was hot girl of the day in the month of May. Glad to know her name. This has made me oppose common core if she does.

  6. I was one of the fake names on the petition and I had no idea what common core was until now nor did I know the opposers. Are you implying sabotage of the petition? If so, I can say that’s not the case. Stand for Children got busted and called out now they are crying about it. Several of us plan to file a class action after speaking to attorney general. We will see then where they got these names.

  7. I am the mom who was featured in the news segment who assisted Angela in her efforts. We have a large group of parents and educators who stand behind us. In fact, in all the time we have been publicly discussing this, we have yet to find ONE proponent of Common Core who has actually seen it implemented in the classroom. Just a few things…first off, your site is meant to be satirical in nature, so the last thing anyone is worried about is people forming an opinion from you clowns. Secondly, I happen to know firsthand that you don’t have children so I don’t expect you to care about any of this. And finally, I hope you enjoy the freedom you have to write in the matter in which you do. It’s this freedom of expression and creativity outside of corporate and govt influence that we are fighting so passionately for. So you’re welcome sir.

    • Thanks. And by the way, I openly brag all the time that I don’t have children. That’s why I don’t have strong opinion on Core to Shore.

      • Then don’t state you are leaning towards keeping common core if you don’t have an informed opinion. But that statement will get you in good graces with Mary Fallin. Also I tweeted the so called anti CCSS photo to you and it was in response to your O, H & P story (Fallin with the Sesame Street characters). Had nothing to do with CCSS.

    • Kelly I watched the story. You are hot too. Let me know how i can assist you lovely ladies. I have no kids but I am now sold.

    • I’ll never become pregnant but that doesn’t prohibit me from having an opinion on abortion.

    • Kelly- I AM a proponent- a PARENT- and COMMON CORE is used at my daughter’s school ! It is a great tool for educators. Deeper knowledge on fewer subjects instead of a little about a lot of little. I have found that generally people who are against the Common Core don’t understand it.

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