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TLO Super Quiz: Which Oklahoman Writer Are You?

oklahoman dark towerOklahoman tower

Earlier this week, the Buzzfeedification of The Oklahoman continued when they launched their first annoying online personality quiz call “Which Oklahoma Actor Would Play You in a Movie.”

It’s pretty standard and a lot like those other annoying social quizzes that clog up your Facebook timeline. You answer a series of questions about yourself and suddenly learn that James Garner would play you in a movie. You share the result on Facebook, which leads to other people taking the quiz and sharing the result on Facebook, and then bam, the whole world is annoyed and the website that brought you the quiz gets some all valuable pageviews.

Since we enjoy annoying people and getting web traffic, I thought it was time we got in the quiz game. Our first TLO Super Quiz is “Which Oklahoman Writer Are You?” Take it after the jump!

So, who did you get? Marisa got Brianna Bailey, I landed Dave Morris, and Tony is Helen Ford Wallace. Don’t forget to share your results on Facebook and Twitter!



  1. Clarification: I didn’t write the Film Row book – that was written by Bradley Wynn (I just wrote the intro). But yeah, you otherwise nailed me. I got me the first time. Good job boys & girls.

  2. I did my best to answer like a true Oklahoman reporter and got Nolan Clay. I guess it worked, but really have no idea since I stopped reading the Oklahoman after I moved out of my Mom’s house in the early 90′s.

    Nice picture of the Death Star, but will the new Death Star be invisible to the naked eye? I’ve heard American Fidelity is moving into the old Death Star. I also heard the new Death Star will be downtown. So will it be the previous printing building or are they really just moving everything to Colorado?

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