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The Oklahoma Volunteer Militia is here to protect us from the Federal Government

oklahoma volunteer militia

The three men pictured above are the founding members of the Oklahoma Volunteer Militia. If they look kind of scary, don’t worry. They’re actually going to be the ones who protect us from the evil Federal Government when it decides to invade Oklahoma. Comforting, huh?

We know this thanks to KFOR Channel 4. They sat down with the militia men to get their thoughts on the Cliven Bundy controversy. In case you’re not familiar, Cliven Bundy, like most men named Cliven, is an insane right-wing extremist from Nevada who owes the government nearly $1,000,000 for allowing his cattle to graze illegally on public lands. The government tried to round-up his cattle and, well, a mini-militia convention ensued.

Here’s what the Oklahoma Volunteer Militia thought about it:

Normally, this is the part of the post where I make fun of the Oklahoma Volunteer Militia. I’m not going to do this today because:

1. Thanks to them, Jim Inhofe and I actually agree on something. I’ve lived in this state my entire life and I don’t think that’s ever happened. I actually feel involved in the democratic process.

2. I’m kind of glad the Oklahoma Volunteer Militia and their members are here to protect us (and other ranchers who want to use public lands for free) from the over-reaching arms of a federal government that has access to drones, bombs and nuclear weapons. We have to keep our FBI and ATF agents busy monitoring somebody, right? I’d rather it be them than me. 

Seriously, check out the Oklahoma Volunteer Militia Facebook page. It makes Little Mike’s look like Occupy Wall Street. Remember, these people want to protect us from the federal government. It’s kind of scary:

fb post

lock and load


man and woman


bald eagle

jesus sword



  1. A patriot does not rise up against the laws of a democratically elected government. Those folks are called traitors. We settled that question in 1865. But it is entirely possible that homeschooling overlooked that for these guys.

      • Yes it is Treason! But what our founding fathers did was also treason. Fighting for freedom against any government is treason.

        • Really? You aren’t free? Perhaps you should take a vacation to China or North Korea to see how free you really are.

        • Advocating violence because you do not agree with the policy of legally elected officals is not patriotism, James, no matter how you spin it.

          • Agree. What I don’t understand about militia people who support “rising up against the government” is that they also tell you how much they love and support our troops. If you rise up against the government for some perceived injustice, who do you think you will be fighting? It won’t be “libtards”….

            • This type of idiot believes that the National Guard will rebel against the chain-of-command and side with them in a conflict. Sad part is that these guys probably are good of heart and won’t do much, but they intellectually and emotionally breed Timothy McVeigh types.

  2. Interesting that KFOR was seeking only their opinion of the Cloven Hoof Cliven Bundy story. You’d think that on the anniversary of the Murrah bombing, they could have addressed the obvious comparison between these wingnuts and Tim McVeigh.

  3. Does it occur to anyone in this hee haw backward ass state that Timmy McVeigh and the boys were all anti government extremists and pissed off and now years later, look where our state government and the state of mind of our people are at? Dare I say Timmy and the boys won?

    • I see your kind all the time in places like the Paseo district: you rant and rave about conservative whites until you’re blue in the face and then you flip out as soon as a latino or a black walks in to whatever establishment you happen to be sitting in.

      I’ve seen it too many times to think otherwise…….

  4. The main difference between Oklahoma and Nevada is that Nevada is mostly government land. Just look up a map and see.

  5. Does that say that they are the 111% or the III%? Because that’s either really bad math or a really underwhelming level of support.

  6. And here I thought Duck Dynasty was in re-runs. What these folks fail to understand is that ALL land was originally government owned. It retains that ownership unless it voluntarily transfers the property to a third party. You can look it up.

  7. Cliven Bundy is not a crazy right wing extremist. He stood up for his rights. In 2013 a federal judge ruled there is a “literal, intentional conspiracy” by BLM against Nevada ranchers and their grazing rights. The BLM has imposed fines and fees that up until recently have driven out all the ranchers in Bundy’s area except Bundy because he was the only one willing to refuse to pay. The power to tax is the power to destroy. That land is an easement for desert tortoises from the big Chinese solar plant nearby, which is a business deal ran by Harry Reid’s son. Please look this up because it’s important people understand what’s really going on and not go along with people like Reid who call Bundy and the other ranchers “domestic terrorists.”

  8. Would have been nice if the BLM cared as much about the United States Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge which has been closed down due to drug cartels taking over, but hey….let’s focus on this Freegrazer.

  9. This has been an interesting turn of events. If I recall there hasn’t been an issue with this guy grazing his cattle until Harry Reid came out and pushed for removal of the cattle from that plot of land. The same plot of land that a Chinese Energy Company, NV Energy wants to purchase in addition Harry Reid happens to be a large shareholder of NV Energy.

      • The land where Bundy grazes is part of the easement for the desert tortoise, where they are expected to migrate from the land where the solar plant will be built.

    • Yes well it’s been part of it but the BLM has been charging fees for longer than that. Nevada is 90% federal. Where most states were territories offering property rights as an incentive for people to move out west, Nevada offered people like the Bundys the grazing rights, which includes access to the land and the resources on the surface. This land was practically worthless back in the 1870s when the Bundys moved there. Now that solar tech owned by Chinese debt holders want to use it, suddenly the Feds think doing business with debtors trumps the rights of those who were there first. The grazing fees are a red herring. The BLM has continued raising fees on the ranchers and it’s slowly driven most of the ranchers out of business. Last time I checked these ranchers aren’t getting rich doing this. Imagine paying $1.2 million in fees over 20 years. That’s like a mortgage on a 3,000 square foot home. No wonder 52 of the 53 ranchers went out of business. The only one still afloat is the one who refused to pay. What a screw job by BLM.

      • Well, since you put it that way, I want to graze my herd of goats on the Nevada desert for free. Why should Bundy get all the free grazing rights?

        Also, I want to graze my herd of emu on the Black Kettle National Grassland for free. I’ll be unloading them this afternoon.

  10. I wouldn’t worry too much about this militia. I’m sure they are fervent, strict constitutionalists. They’ll be the first ones at Obama’s side if he ever needs to call on patriotic Americans to defend this great country under Article 2, Section 2:

    “The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States;”

  11. After reading Bundy’s latest words of wisdom on civil rights and slavery, I am surprised that the media personalities and politicians who supported him and hold the same beliefs as his are now abandoning him. Why the charade that they don’t agree with him?

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