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Christina Fallin was interviewed about the NMF performance…

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If you’re getting tired of reading about Hipster Boo Boo, I don’t blame you. Hell, I’m getting tired of writing about her. Unfortunately, we’re kind of the ones who created this adorable pink haired creature, so it feels wrong to abandon her as the villagers circle with torches, pitchforks and other beautiful things.

Anyway, I guess you can say it was a pretty bad week for Christina Fallin and her boyfriend / band mate Steven Battles. Here’s a brief recap of what happened since the overly sensational, probably-not-properly-vetted news reports from her Norman Music Festival performance hit the local and national media:

• The band issued another awful non-apology apology letter
• So6ix announced they are no longer working with Christina
• The Norman Music Festival and Governor Fallin have both issued apologetic statements distancing themselves from the band
105.3 The Spy has cancelled Steven Battles’ awful radio show
• The band has deleted its Facebook page.

In addition to all that, Christina Fallin had an interview with the Indian Country Today Media Network to try to set the record straight. In typical Christina Fallin fashion, she came across as an out-of-touch, egotistical, entitled, pretentious weirdo. Basically, she was being herself.

Here are some out of context highlights:

I think Native American culture is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, so I was naturally drawn to it. I put it on, not knowing that I would forever be changed by that moment, and my friend took a picture with her iPhone. We all marveled at the beauty of the picture and I decided to share that with my followers on my personal Instagram page, not my band page.

You marveled at the beauty of your own picture? Do you also masturbate while looking in a mirror?

I don’t live my life worrying about things like cultural appropriation — that’s why I didn’t know. I travel around the world, I buy things from different countries and cultures and they are incorporated into my day-to-day wear. No one has ever told me that that is wrong. I don’t believe multi-culturalism should be feared because I am a person of this earth, not the culture I was raised in.

Yeah, I don’t spend my life worrying about cultural appropriation either, but I am aware that it’s a sensitive issue that offends other people. Then again, if I was an entitled spoiled brat who traveled the world buying things from different countries, maybe I’d think differently.

After my boyfriend and I learned about cultural appropriation, he put it on our Pink Pony facebook page with the caption “appropriate culturation” as part of a dialogue. A dialogue about: What is appropriate? What is culture? What is culturation? We just made that word up, but what is it? My boyfriend (Steven Battles of Pink Pony) gives people stimulating pieces of imagery and words because he’s an artist and philosopher and he lets them create their own thoughts.

Ha ha ha. Artist and philosopher? Yeah, he’s a regular old Socrates.

Everyone has the right to be offended about everything if they want to be. Every individual cannot live by, or within, each person’s rules, opinions, or standards. We all have different experiences and walks of life that guide us to our feelings and ideologies about things in life. I personally choose to not be offended by things because it’s draining to me to be in an offended state of mind.

But what is everything? Is everything even real? If I’m offended about everything, but choose not to be, does everything exist? If red offends you and blue offends me does purple offend us both?

Sorry. I got stoned and tried to pass off gibberish as enlightened philosophy.

If I had known it would incite hate and division, I would have avoided posting it, but I was and still am genuine about my appreciation of Native American culture and I was in no way meaning to disrespect it or offend people. Our band is something we do for fun and as a creative release. We do not sell our music. Music is a fun hobby.

It’s good that she realizes her band is a hobby. I’d hate for her to think she actually has career in music ahead of her.

My comment is that I have no part in making decisions about whether or not Kliph is a drummer for The Flaming Lips. That is their own internal matter.

As Kliph would probably say on Facebook, go fuck yourself you cu…uh… cucumber.


If you want to read the entire interview and get a few more laughs from the mind of Hipster Boo Boo, you can do so by clicking here.

In the meantime, I’m going to give Hipster Boo Boo and her philosopher beau Johnny Constipated Face a little bit of free advice.

Swallow your egos, which I’m sure are huge, and apologize. Admit that you made a mistake, and that something that you thought wasn’t a big deal was actually wrong and offensive. Explain that you learned from the ordeal and that it won’t happen again. It’s not easy, but when you do it, it helps earn back a lot of the respect you lost. It can restore your reputation. People will forgive and you can move along with your life.

For example, say a large violent destructive tornado is heading towards a city and then you hop on TV and direct everyone to head south. Wait. Bad example. How about this. Pretend you’re a sad aging rock star and cheat on your wife for a young waitress from the Paseo. Damn. Coming up with an example is harder than I thought. Just keep on doing what you’re doing instead. We could still use the material.



  1. Some wonderfully unintentionally ironic quotes our state’s First Princess…

    “I personally choose to not be offended by things because it’s draining to me to be in an offended state of mind.”

    Yet she bitched to Wayne Coyne about Kliph Spurlock’s FB attack…


    “We do not sell our music”

    Which is another way of stating the obvious fact that no one will buy your “music”

      • To be fair, Scurlock is a pretty ridiculous name. It’s like someone being named Kimberly, but their parents decided to spell it Kymburlee or something stupid like that.

    • If you’re a rich, white, attractive, privileged woman it is very easy to “choose” not to be offended.

  2. All she needed to do was say she thought her great grandmother was a. Native American because she had high cheekbones, and all would be forgiven. Hell, Harvard would probably hire her to teach a class and fill a quota.

  3. She’s just as wonderful as Miley. Look at all of the free publicity it has gotten her, stupid media.

  4. your mom’s the governor of indian territory and nobody ever told you it was wrong to wear sacred symbols for your own vanity?


    and this part:
    “If I had known it would incite hate and division, I would have avoided posting it, but I was and still am genuine about my appreciation of Native American culture and I was in no way meaning to disrespect it or offend people. ”
    - was that before, or after she and her bf flipped off, clearly offended protestors, and followed up with a mocker of a tribal dance?

    I don’t think she knows what “making it rain” means.

  5. Is there a chance this is all part of some sort of satirical performance art project? Like that Family Guy episode where they discovered Rush Limbaugh and Michael Moore were both characters created by actor Fred Savage? She can’t possibly be this oblivious. You couldn’t make up more hilariously Hipster Boo Boo quotes than that.

  6. “Admit that you made a mistake, and that something that you thought wasn’t a big deal was actually wrong and offensive.” Seriously, this is all it would have taken from the start. They wouldn’t even have to learn anything! Just admit it was bad and offensive and sincerely apologize.

    They should act like a homophobic and racist who owns a bar in… I don’t know, let’s say Enid. Then, they get called on their shit and go on local news stations claiming himself being singled out as a hate crime. Wait…

  7. “…it helps earn back a lot of the respect you lost.” I was unaware that anyone had any respect for either one of them.

  8. I bet the Pink Pony Gentlemen’s Club would be happy to invite Christina in full regalia.

  9. She is a typical rich, privileged child from a family of power. She’s playing dress up and her hobby is Pink Pony. What the hell does she think she is? A real life Barbie?
    And if Wayne wanted to defend her freedom of expression, fine. But then to turn around and fire Kliph for the doing the same, is hypocritical.

  10. It is a sad statement about the times we live in when someone can travel the world and the only thing they bring back with them that means anything to them personally is a wardrobe.

  11. She’s like OKC’s own Yoko Ono, Miley Cyrus and George W. Bush rolled into one big stinking poo ball.

  12. She needs to sit down and do an in-depth TV interview, you know so everyone can get to really get to know her, and appreciate her. Naturally needs to be local, so am thinking she needs to call KSBI and see if she can have a live 30 minute interview. I’m thinking Vanity Perkins would be the obvious host. No teleprompters, no script, just Christina, and Vanity playing the Oklahoma version of Barbara Walters.

    As an added touch, they could have their nails done together during the interview, as we all know you tend to really open up and show your true personality when you have your nails done.

  13. Why isn’t anyone calling out that patronizing piece of human garbage frontman of the Flaming Lips in this situation

  14. I don’t know any rich people, but I’ve seen some on TV. I’m pretty sure we’re almost to the point where she checks into rehab for her addiction to cheap beer and parliaments and then sheepishly (haha) emerges with a clean slate. If her sophist boyfriend is lucky he’ll get some alone time. Probably in cabin somewhere up north like Bon Iver, but just with a macbook and a microkorg. Thats where he’ll write his masterpiece…his Mein Kampf. Which will basically be irrational musings loosely plagiarized from the writings of Andrew Jackson, set to appregiated synth and a kick-ass drum track.

  15. This whole debacle really seems to be a learning experience for her. She looked up TWO words!

  16. Christina is so full of herself it is a wonder she doesn’t weigh in at three bills

  17. Good taste isn’t genetic, it has to be taught. Christina’s “…items that I bought from all over the world and include in my day-to-day wear…” mean a plastic Buddha necklace she bought at the mall or a feather headdress made in China. Just assume that you’re going to be mocked, White Trash Lady Gaga.

  18. 1) The radio show doesn’t suck. I listened to the episode where they did Jordans radio play, the absurd nature really appealed to me. Even if it was rip off, I like our local rip off.

    2) I dislike her too, but thats only because she won’t acknowledge me socially, she prefers my ex. What a bitch right? I wasn’t an Native activist before this, I won’t start now just because her moms public persona makes me feel as if there is no hope for humanity.

    3) (Off topic) I only occasionally read TLO but I’ve noticed a trend, the ultimate insult in Oklahoma is to say that someone has ripped something off. This and this was ripped off from X, Y or Z and therefore everything you have done has no value. Who nationally do we hold to similiar standards for originality? Its a lazy device used too frequently in this medium, can it be improved upon please?

  19. I don’t know which is worse, all the Indian cry babies, I mean sure, let’s do away with Indian references, completely, starting with the casinos. Or the band wagon jumper on ers who didn’t know sheet until they were told to be offended.
    What a bunch of wusses.
    Maybe need some Vikings to kick some ass, oh, but they already did.

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