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Some Miley Cyrus fans really dislike Wayne Coyne…

wayne coyne miley cyrus

In this week’s installment of our now weekly feature “We Told You So: The 2014 Fall of Wayne Coyne,” we’re going to take a look a Tinsel Dick’s (that’s New Wayne Coyne’s nickname) cover of “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” with Miley Cyrus at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards.

Yeah, that happened last night while you should have been watching Game of Thrones, Silicone Valley, Mad Men or just about anything else. The song was actually performed at an arena in England and streamed live to a horrified audience that had just witnessed a computer hologram of a child molester sing and dance.

Check it out:

Hey, that wasn’t too bad. In fact, it was kind of decent, which means Wayne Coyne probably didn’t have anything to do with it. It’s not like he performed Strawberry Fields Forever with Yoko Ono or anything. Then again, there have been about 432,000 covers of Beatles’ songs over the years and most of them aren’t “too bad.” That’s because it’s a fucking Beatles’ song. You have a better chance of improperly cooking a Hot Pocket than messing up something they wrote. Hell, Pink Pony could put out a Beatles’ cover album and it would be probably be decent. Just kidding. I’m taking things too far.

Of course, that’s just my opinion. The reviews online were pretty mixed. Some people enjoyed the performance, while others – most of them Miley Cyrus fans – hated it and want Wayne Coyne to die:


  1. I am defintely not a Flaming Lips fan, but this kind of thing is exactly why I don’t do Twitter or Facebook. It’s entirely too easy (and tempting) to let the world know you’re mentally deficient.

  2. Christ, I just watched that. Feel free to add me to the ranks of mental deficiency now.

  3. I kept thinking they had to be tripping acid. Tinsel Dick hahahaha I’m embarrassed to admit I couldn’t keep my eyes off it.

  4. That isn’t Wayne Coyne, that is the devil that took over Wayne’s body. Since around 2010…

  5. Insane in the Wayne brain. I’ve been a Lips fan for some time. However, my lawyers and I will now have to meet and determine if this is a good idea gong forward from today. “Any publicity is good publicity” isn’t in effect when you are hanging out with this miscreant. Guess which one I’m talking about. Go ahead. Guess.

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