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The Oklahoman published a ridiculous editorial about medical marijuana…

It’s pretty difficult to make a rational argument against the legalization of medical marijuana, because let’s be honest, there really isn’t one. The plant has legitimate medicinal use, is non-toxic, and when it comes to your own body, I think most people agree that you should have a say what you can and can’t put in it. Especially if, once again, the thing you want to put in it can’t kill you.

Of course, all those valid and reasonable points are lost to the conservative squares at The Oklahoman. In a recent unattributed editorial, the paper played a game of Reefer Madness by questioning the petition drive that aims to get a state question for medicinal marijuana legalization on the Oklahoma ballot. The entire thing is misinformed, loaded with bowls of sarcasm, and reinforces dated marijuana stereotypes that are typically made by hypocritical right-wing tools who have never smoked, vaped or eaten marijuana once in their life.

Check it out:

Oklahomans for Health has launched a petition drive asking voters to legalize medical marijuana. The group claims Oklahoma law prevents people with serious illnesses from accessing a viable medical treatment. But the details of the plan suggest that the ultimate goal is high-minded only if you emphasize “high.”

Under the proposed constitutional amendment, some 37 “qualifying conditions” would make a citizen eligible to get a medical marijuana card and legally buy the drug. Some of the conditions are truly serious, such as cancer or AIDS. These are the more sympathetic cases that legalization proponents like to tout.

But other qualifying conditions are hardly medical emergencies requiring last-ditch use of “alternative” treatments. Do you have headaches? Make that: Do you have “chronic” headaches? Apparently, marijuana is the remedy. Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, insomnia, premenstrual syndrome or painful periods? All are qualifying conditions to legally buy “medical” marijuana under the proposal.

I don’t have too much experience with premenstrual syndrome or painful periods, but yeah, marijuana works great for all that stuff. Not only does it help numb the pain, but it makes you feel good, too. Well, unless you start googling WebMD for the cause of the headaches. Then you get a little paranoid. And guess what, unlike those traditional forms of drug store medicines out there, I don’t know, like TYLENOL, which sends 55,000 thousand patients to emergency rooms and 500 people to coffins each year, marijuana can’t kill you. There’s literally never been a case of a documented marijuana overdose that’s led to death. But lets forget all that rational logic and continue with the editorial.

Attention deficit disorder is another qualifying condition. Makes sense: If Cheech and Chong taught us nothing else, it’s that marijuana is a sure-fire way to improve one’s mental focus.

Yep, the Oklahoman is using stoner comedies from the 1970s as a basis to form opinions against medical marijuana. That makes perfect sense, because as we all know, nothing is more realistic and relatable to modern life and legitimate issues than cheeky 1970s stoner comedies. Seriously, who hasn’t driven a van made entirely out of marijuana up the California coast for a vacation, or had a friend who grew a marijuana farm disguised as a pool in their backyard. Hopefully nobody shows the Oklahoman Editorial Board Pulp Fiction, or they’ll start writing articles in favor of gun control.

Asthma is also a qualifying condition. Again, what would make more sense than to treat asthma (a chronic lung disease) than by smoking something? (Granted, you can consume marijuana without smoking, but still …).

Actually, please finish your point. But still….what? Could it be “But still, well, marijuana edibles kind of destroys this entire point, so we’ll just casually blow it off with ellipses.”

If you think the roster of medical conditions sounds too stringent, not to worry. Oklahomans for Health wants to require the state Health Department to review requests to put additional medical problems on the qualifying list at least twice every year.

Other provisions of the proposal provide cause for skepticism about the initiative’s true goal. Under the proposal, anyone who lacks a medical marijuana license but is caught in possession of up to 1.5 ounces of marijuana (or up to six cannabis plants) would face only a misdemeanor charge if that individual “can state a qualifying medical condition …”

In other words, so long as you can remember to say, “Dude, I have chronic headaches,” marijuana cultivation would be only a misdemeanor, not a felony, even if you have no license.

Uhm, is there a problem with that? Is the better option just to toss the person in jail and ruin their life? If anything, charging someone with a misdemeanor seems excessive.

Under the proposal, those seeking a medical marijuana dispensary license would pay an application fee of $2,500. Applicants would have to be Oklahoma residents age 25 or older who submit a business plan; production must be based in Oklahoma. Notably absent is any requirement that those selling “medical” marijuana have any medical expertise — or any education whatsoever.

Yeah, unlike the highly educated minimum wage pharmacy tech at Walgreens who sells you Prozac and Oxycontin, we really need budtenders to have some sort of medical training for those times you freely go in and purchase a safe, natural, non-toxic medicine.

The proposed law would require those seeking a dispensary license to “show ability to invest at least $100,000 into business startup” with those funds “readily available.” That’s apparently meant to reassure citizens that only serious, legitimate entrepreneurs will participate. How else would someone come up with $100,000 on short order? It’s not like they’re selling … Oh! Never mind.

Once again, I wish the unnamed Oklahoman editorial writers would finish their thought. Were they going to say “It’s not like they’re selling… weed?” If they were, it’s pretty damn obvious this person has never purchased weed in their life, and their only experience with the American drug culture is what they’ve watch on network television. I’ve bought weed many times from many different people, and let me tell you, every single one of them is (or was) broke as fuck. They struggle to make ends meet just like everyone else. The people who get rich, if you want to call it that, are the wholesalers (a.k.a. gangs) that push the stuff across the country on an untaxed black market. God forbid we take the business out of their hands and entrust it with local entrepreneurs.

Also, if anything, the $100,000 start-up cost is too high. It limits who can start a business and goes against those basic free market principle that the Oklahoman loves to protect. And in case you care, finding individuals to invest $100,000 in this industry will not be difficult. You’d be surprised by the number of successful people in this state who use marijuana, and would be willing to risk six figures to get it in the hands of people who do (and don’t) need it for medicinal purposes.

Let’s finish up this ridiculous editorial:

Similar requirements are placed on those seeking a license to grow marijuana, except that those applicants can be as young as 21 and must put up only $50,000 in startup funds. Those wishing to package marijuana edibles must be 21 and put up $10,000.

The petition backers claim they simply want to ease people’s pain. But looking at the proposal, it’s hard to believe this effort is about anything other than making it easier (and legal) for people to get stoned.

That’s a good observation. Lots of people want medicinal marijuana to be legalized because it will make it easier (and legal) for people to get stoned. And you know what, who cares! If it’s easy (and legal) for a guy and girl to get hammered at a bar and take a cab home, why can’t some dude get stoned on a couch and watch Aqua Teen Hunger Force? There’s really no logical answer to that questions either, but still… you get my point.


  1. This coming from the same rag that went above and beyond to “expose” how rampant and deadly the prescription medication addiction epidemic is in this state. I guess the pharm lobbyists got a little concerned about said report and decided to get their politicians involved to contact their mouthpiece and write how awful weed is.

    • You’ll notice that the LD50 of most prescription medications (and even many over the counter drugs) is very low compared to the LD50 of THC. The average estimates for the LD50 of THC is around 3000mg/kg on the lowball (safe) side. Furthermore, the THC content compared to inactive ingredients in marijuana is surprisingly low. What does this ultimately mean? If you’re the statistically average Tulsan (196 pounds), you would need to smoke around 1,372 POUNDS of pot…in ONE sitting, to have a 50 percent chance of a fatal overdose. According to the CAT scales at the Flying J on the east end of Tulsa, that’s about the same as smoking my entire car at once. Yikes!

      If you want to be afraid of how easy it is to die of overdose, you might want to look at some things available over the counter. For example, common aspirin has an LD50 of just 10mg/kg, or a few more pills than is in a small bottle of aspirin, in one sitting.

      Or soy sauce. A leading method of suicide in Japan is to drink an entire bottle at once and let the electrolyte imbalance take care of the rest (I honestly can’t think of many slower, more painful ways of going out).

        • Knowing both BC and OK weed, and knowing the only real difference between an Okie growing it in it’s natural environment and a Canadian growing it under lamps and possibly hydroponically, gotta say, 3 or 4 grams of the local shit is an afternoon’s worth bordering on a weekend’s worth, in the sense of “couch locked weed nap followed by “oh shit i need to get into town quick before Taco Mayo closes””

          • About ten years ago I was growing in Washington state. We always yielded thicker and more potent crops in the winter than summer. The reason is bat climate control is easier to manage. The plants can easily live in excessive heat, but they will bud far less because in heat they sense the need to conserve water, and what better way than to have less plant to nourish. I moved down here to moore over a year ago and have been disappointed by the quality of the bud here. Most of it is imported in bricks and hard and brittle, probably from Texas and Mexico. The homegrown I’ve had is generly weak here in OK but I won’t go so far as to say a few good indoor winter crops are not produced here. Growing indoors with climate control equipment is just the best way to make the best. No clouds to disturb your light hours. Easier pest control.

            • Don’t know where you’re getting yours from, but the outdoor, ground-grown bud people are growing here gets pretty good and wipes you out nicely. Wish I could find another grower though, since the one I knew had a son that developed a meth problem and started getting into some far wilder shit that I wanted to be far, far away from when he inevitably brought too much attention to himself…

            • Were you growing outdoors in the winter? If so, how did you get your plants to bud? And yeah, the brick weed you’re smoking there is from Mexico. Condolences, bro.

  2. chronic headaches sometimes are symptomatic of migraines, and similar neurologically to epilepsy/seizure disorders (one of the conditions for which medical marijuana has applications) and often treated by similar medications as them so there’s that.

  3. why are there no statistics given as to the dangers? how many people die each year from marijuana overdose vs alcohol poisoning? there’s no valid argument given other than unfinished sentences

    • Here’s the fatality count as tallied by the CDC for overdose in 2010:

      Prescription drugs: 38,329
      Alcohol: 25,692
      Marijuana: 0

      Hope this helps.

  4. Sorry to burst your bubbles, toyourdismay and frankthetank, but I was listening to NPR this afternoon, and this petition, along with a few others, had to be turned in on Monday with all of the required signatures, but sadly, it was not turned in, so it won’t be on the ballot this year.

    • In other totally-not shocking news, Rush Limbaugh went on the air yesterday and said something offensive and completely ridiculous.

      • While at the same time, projecting that it’s not him that’s saying this, he’s just reporting on what ____ is saying. Fill in the blank with “the main stream media”, “Democrats” or “Obama”.

  5. Heard the Oklahoman was going to send Jenni Carlson to Denver to knock out a couple candy bars, then video her attempting to write an article at her hotel desk.

  6. You’d think with all the recent articles about the clusterfucktastrophy that our public schools have become they would be championing a large source of new revenue. We could reach lofty goals like 3rd graders that can read.

    • Maybe we just need to fire the people who’re running the schools currently and see where that goes………..

  7. “Attention deficit disorder is another qualifying condition. Makes sense: If Cheech and Chong taught us nothing else, it’s that marijuana is a sure-fire way to improve one’s mental focus.”
    Ironically, this quote proves the phantom writer has poor memory/focus skills. Cheech Marin won the Celebrity Jeopardy tournament in 1992, and in 2010 placed 2nd in the Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational. The winner that year was Micheal McKean, who might just have some weed in his life story, too.

  8. Paul I know you’re smart but most people reading this have no idea what LD50 means.

    As an emergency physician for the last 10 years I can tell you I’ve never seen an overdose of marjuana. I’ve never had to send a patient to county detox for it. Never seen someone beat their wife on it. Never seen somebody kill a family at an intersection on it. Never had to rescusitate anybody who used it. Never had to rescue someone withdrawing from it. I could go on.

    Oklahoma bud light is more dangerous.

    Legalize it already.

    • Took me a minute to get some context since apparently you didn’t use the reply button to thread this. Though I don’t think it’s unreasonable to not talk down to an unknown audience who is probably smart enough to know how to use Wikipedia effectively.

  9. I think I’m the only one in this state who just doesn’t care. I’m too much of a cheap-ass to even consider smoking it, and I don’t give a shit who does or whether or not it is legal.

      • Especially considering that even the OBN is on the news even cracking jokes on Twitter that the public isn’t taking their anti-marijuana efforts very seriously at all.

    • The govt puts people in prisons filled with rapists and murders just for smoking this harmless plant.


  10. Can we please stop calling it “medical” marijuana? The people that actually need it medically make up about 0.5% of the people who end up with a prescription. Just call it what it really is and quit the charade.

  11. I remember my Mom, Rhoda McClintock Voth and my Aunt Nancy McClintock Goddard sitting up late nights when they got together smoking and talking about some buffoonish villain Gaylord, who I knew was connected with ‘The Daily Oklahoman’, where, I gathered, my Grandfather Roy McClintock had been— an editor? You seem, unsurprisingly— they were brilliant women— to share their opinion of this Gaylord.

    This is how I got onto the ‘Last Ogle’, googling my Grampaw. All I learned was that he and Gaylord had shared interests in the paper. I gather it wasnt a congenial relationship. By all accounts Grampaw McClintock didnt ‘suffer fools gladly’, as Paul remarked in the KJV…

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