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Joleen Chaney is moving to Channel 9…

News 9 is getting a little bit of JoJo.

According to various reports through the Ogle Mole Network, we’ve learned that Joleen Chaney resigned from KFOR Channel 4 today and has signed a contract join the KWTV Channel 9 news team. Her start date is TBD.

Joleen will work the 10pm newscast have over at the old “Spirit of Oklahoma,” which will likely involve reporting on news, avoiding Dean Blevins and convincing Lacey Swope to compete in a triathlon.

Yeah, about that. We’ve long made jokes about News 9’s weird desire to turn Lacey Swope into Emily Sutton 2.0, but now those jokes have morphed into strange realities. Just look at what’s happened over the last six months:

Lacey Swope gets a fishing contest

Lacey Swope wins Ogle Madness

• Lacey Swope get to eat watermelon with Joleen Chaney and Bobbi Miller

In six months, expect Channel 9 to release a Lacey Swope origin story where we learn she was actually born in Chicago and always dreamed of being of meteorologist. Or better yet, watch them just steal Emily Sutton from KFOR and give her and Lacey a reality show where they travel around the country chasing storms, exploring new places and relaxing in a the hot tub. Who wouldn’t want to watch that?

One cool thing about this move – if it is indeed true – is that Joleen will be reunited with her BFF, former KFOR coworker and baby vending machine Bobbie Miller. They were like the Starsky and Hutch of the Oklahoma City media and made Twitter a better place to live before News 9 ripped them apart during the station’s quest to destroy KFOR. By stealing JoJo, I guess you can say they are going to right that wrong. Now if only they can convince Gary England to unretire, we can sleep happy tonight.

Here are some photos:

joleen chaney emily sutton greek festival joleen chaney cold joleen-chaney-emily-sutton-earthquake-3-450x337 joleen chaney and emily sutton joleen chaney watermelon joleen watermelon tweet 1 joleen-chaney-bobbie-miller-watermellons[1] joleen chaney wine joleen-chaney-emily-sutton-friends-269x450 joleen chaney dress joleen chaney bobbie miller


  1. I wonder if this has to do with KFOR’s plan to essentially use a cryogenically frozen Linda Cavanough head for eternity.

  2. Well…KFOR’s webmaster didn’t waste any time removing JoJo’s pic and bio from their website. They weren’t so prompt however in editing Kent Ogle’s bio, as it still says he works “along side David Payne in the mornings.” I didn’t check, but I wonder if Linda Cavanaugh’s bio still says she “anchors the 6 and 10PM newscasts along side Devin Scillian?”

  3. I went back and read your initial post comparing Emily Sutton and Lacey Swope and noticed that you referred to them several times as clones. Wouldn’t it be better to call them Dopplergangers?

  4. Well, at least, unlike most of your pretty Oklahoma girls— and God knows Oklahoma girls are gorgeous!— at least these two are distinguishable one from the other: the one is a brunette!!!

  5. Speaking of local female reporters-have you ended your “Top 20 ranking”? You sort of hinted it might go away last year but I haven’t heard anything official…..

  6. Goodbye Ed Doney, Hello Karl Torp! I wonder if Emily is jealous that Bobbie Miller stole her BFF.

  7. Wondered why I hadn’t seen her for awhile. Thanks to the LO to keep me informed & an extra dose of (.. well what ever you catch from reading here…) could never hurt.

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