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Oklahoma was named the state where life is most like a country music song…

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Do you have friends “in low places.” Do you have a “barbecue stain on a white t-shirt?” Have you ever kissed your cousin on the same road you drank your first beer and found Jesus?

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions, there’s a good chance you are News 9 anchor Amanda Taylor. If you’re not her, then you’re just a good old country livin’, KXY listenin’, meth abusin’ Oklahoman. The Sooner state was recently named by Estately as the number one place in the country where life is most like a country song.

Truck yeah boot skootin woogie forever feels!

From Estately.com:

Estately set out with the simple mission—to determine which U.S. states have a lifestyle most similar to the themes in country music songs. To do this, we researched where people are most likely to drive pickups down dirt roads, have their heart broken by a cowboy or cowgirl, or sip cold beers or whiskey by the river after a long day of work. Here’s the criteria we used to find our results…

Pickup Trucks: Pickup truck sales for January-April 2014. (Source: Auto experts at Edmunds.com provided analysis of Polk registrations (January-April 2014), which measures all large truck vehicles registered to a retail buyer (excluding fleet sales).

Drinkin’: Per capita beer and liquor consumption (source: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism).

Baby Done Left: Percentage of men and women who are divorced or separated (source: U.S. Census).
Most religious: Percentage of population that says religion is an important part of their daily life (source: Gallup Poll).

Cowboys and Cowgirls: Since there’s no cowboy directory we simply measured the number of cattle and calves per square mile (source: CattleRange.com).

Hall of Fame Country Musicians: Number of country musicians in the Country Music Hall of Fame who were born in each state (source: Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum).

Dirt Roads: Miles of unpaved roads managed by the Federal Highway Administration (source: Federal Highway Administration). Does not include private roads or Forest Service/BLM roads.

Supports the Troops: Active military personnel in each state (source: Census.gov).

Works Until the Day Is Through: Ranked from lowest unemployment rate to highest (source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).

I don’t know a whole lot about country music. The only time I listen to it is when I’m contemplating suicide and need a reminder about how bad the music in Hell must be, or dating a girl who’s not intelligent. That being said, this is cooler than cheating on Carrie Underwood down yonder by the Chattahoochee. Yeehaw!

To make it even better, we were named number one and they didn’t figure into the equation any Oklahoma dominated categories like teen pregnancy, prison incarceration rate, fewest average number of teeth per adult, and the average amount of money spent per month on cheeky wall ornaments. That’s freaking awesome! We suck at many things in Oklahoma, but it’s good to know we’re the best at livin’ like bad music.

Here’s the official chart:



    • That’s what I’ve always said. Truck drivers always tailgate, always, when of course they’re not cutting people off, or sitting at green lights.

  1. The real news is that we are only 9th in religion! That is way better than I feared!

    PS top 3 “Support Our Troops”, Alaska, DC, Hawaii.

  2. I call this criteria into question. Where are Mama, trains and prison?

  3. As a pick-up truck driver who works outside when he gets home from work until it is dark enough he can’t tell snakes from the grass, this is not a bad list to be on. I grew up by a dirt road in a house that had a front porch. Sometimes as listen to songs, I would love to have a Shakesperean actress recite lyrics such as “Bubba Shot the Jukebox”, “High Hopes and Empty Pockets” or “Rain is a Good Thing”. Many country songs are stories about people who are trying to make the workd a better place.

    Country music rocks!

    • Being number 1 in country music beats the hell out of not being last in a lot of the crap they(you) call music today. Can you imagine being no. 1 in Miley shit or Flaming Lips shit, or etc.?

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