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The SAE House Mom likes to rap the N-word…

SAE house mom

During Monday night’s 10pm news broadcast, KWTV News 9 set down with OU legend Barry Switzer to discuss the SAE racism video. Barry brought along his good friend – SAE house mom Beauton Gilbow. She was shocked by the behavior displayed in the SAE bus video.

Via News 9:

“I don’t know what I’m doing. I mean, I’m in shock,” Beauton Gilbow, the SAE House Mother said.

“Did you ever get any indication there was anything like this going on?” News 9’s Kelly Ogle asked.

“No, no, no. Never heard the song,” Gilbow responded.

“What about … what are you saying to the members who come through?” Ogle asked.

“Just goodbye,” Gilbow said…

Well, she couldn’t have been in too much shock.

Last night, we were tipped off to a Vine from 2013 showing an obviously intoxicated Ms. Gilbow repeatedly using the N-word while trying to rap to what we (and Shazam) think is the Trinidad James song “All Gold Everything.

Here’s the video:

First of all, we should probably note that after the bus video become a global news story, over $6,000 had been raised for Ms. Gilbow on Go Fund Me. That Go Fund Me Page has now mysteriously disappeared.

On a scale of 1 – 10, I’m honestly not sure where this falls on the racism scale. Technically, she is just rapping the lyrics to the song, but…

1. That’s why white people have the word “Nuh” in our vocabulary.

2. She was just repeating the N-word over and over again like she was a 2-year-old learning a new word. She didn’t rap any other lyrics to the song.

Anyway, it’s shocking to learn that the little old southern lady who cleans up after racist frat boys may also have some racism and extremely poor judgement inside her. Okay, I’m obviously joking. This is just another black eye for our state and all the normal non-racists people out there. Maybe she and Barry Switzer can head over to News 9 and discuss it tomorrow morning.

Update: Ms. Gilbow, also known as Mamma B, was also interviewed by KOCO Channel 5


  1. In the News 9 interview, Barry said he believed that it was only the freshmen that knew about the racist chant. I was actually right not to think that Barry Switzer was as stupid as he sounded on the TV my head just exploded.

    • I know for a fact that one of the guys leading the chant is not a freshman. He’s a sophomore who lives in the house, so Barry doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. He’s not a credible source in this situation.

  2. She’s wearing a muscle shirt with no visible muscles and getting very drunk with very young boys who were in her care.

    So many not right things to begin with and then there’s racism as the cherry on top.

    she could at least wear pearls and a cardigan while smoking Virginia slims. At least.

  3. She is literally repeating the lyrics of a song, she is drunk, and there is no malicious intent. You are reaching so hard to pull a something out of nothing and are slandering this woman’s name. Would this be a story if she was Asian? Of course not, hell it wouldn’t even be a story if she was Italian or some non-US/UK white descendant. You are not helping solve racism by posting articles like these.

      • Isn’t it wonderful to see how SAE was shaping young minds?

        Yeah, this is nothing. My ass. It shows how much racism was embraced by SAE.

    • I respectfully disagree. This woman is, in my mind, worse than all of them. She is disgusting. She can cackle her sorry self into oblivion. I am glad she isnt in a position to influence young people at the level she was and I certainly hope she never is again. What a worthless, ignorant piece of shit.

  4. So now white people aren’t supposed to say the word nigga? Ridiculous. I won’t be denied the use of this excellent creation by the African-American community. Words are for everyone. Just exercise wisdom. So you don’t get clocked by a dude who doesn’t appreciate or understand the subtleties of freedom of expression. Like the black man who left his car door open with hip hop blaring to the 7 Eleven parking lot that included every foul word imaginable plus nigga while I was getting gas with my 9 year old in the backseat hearing it all. Daddy, what’s nigga mean? That’s a word you can’t say, sweetie, or people will think you’re a racist. Oh, is that man a racist? Uhhhhhhh…

    • You should feel free to say that word whenever and however and wherever you want. You should not be denied, and neither should your little girl. Teach her how to say it whenever and two whomever she wants. Freedom. Yeah!

      • Freedom, yes. But consequences for that freedom. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. And if you do use that freedom in an reprehensible way as these people did, then you should pay for that.

      • Good advice & when someone slaps the taste from her precious little mouth then she’s earned the right to tastefully know better!

          • Turns out it was only until I slapped the pure taste out of the mouths of classmates who called me nigger in the integrated schools I attended that the bullying stopped. Their hatefilled but ignorant parents failed to teach them that people you call niggers hit hard. They never dared do it again, so yes, that was the answer for me from first grade on. In kindergarten my parents said if I ignored them, they’d stop. They didn’t. When they started putting their hands on me, my parents told me to fight back. It’s a shame my parents had to teach me how to protect myself as a kindergartener and first grader. I learned about white-cruelty and hate firsthand from day one of school. But of course, I’m the violent one.

            • I went to an integrated school, too. Which in this case meant I was one of 10 white kids out of 1,000 students. I was harassed daily by black kids and the black teachers didn’t care. If I’d have fought back like you with violence I would have been jumped by a group of blacks because that’s you how they roll. Mob mentality. I saw it happen. I learned in 5th grade black people can be cruel, too. What do you think their parents taught them about white people? We’re the devil. Even the children.

    • I understand that words are just words, but for years white people used the word nigger to downgrade black people. Then blacks decided to take a negative word used towards them and turn it into some sort of a positive word. Nigga. But now white people are upset that they are looked at crazy or talked about because they use the word. Like the old saying goes. You made your bed now lie in it. Even though your wasn’t the one using the word in a negative context your ancestors were. There are tons of other words you can use just leave that one alone. May God bless you and your family. And I do hate that your daughter had to hear that music. I’m black and I dint listen to music like that. It doesn’t help anyone or anything. To each their own.

  5. Told the girls back in 2013 that posted this video it was bad news and would come back around full circle. All I know is, I’ve NEVER heard my mom or ANY woman that I respect use the N word or anything similar.

  6. This will never happen, but I’d love to see all the members of this frat named – along with their douchebag parents – so we can all bear witness to the results of parenting with shitty morals. You are not born racist; that’s a behavior and a mindset that is learned and reinforced over time. What a culture of fucking degenerates, starting with their pathetic excuses for parents, and extending to the little spoiled fucking pricks that they are….

    • You are being just as negative in your descriptives of people you have never met. While you protest they used the “N” word that blacks use quite freely in music, movies, music videos & with each other! The video of the house mother repeating words along with the song, you can plainly hear in the background. Because it is a vine (they are very short) it is played in a repeat loop. She’s not singing it repeatedly. The “N” word os not the only words she says. Though the “N” word appears to be the hook to the songs lyrics. If the black population is okay to say it freely, then anyone should be able to say it without prosecution. Personally, it is a word I don’t like. There’s lots of words I don’t like. But you’ll hear all of them in a rap song. Including the song this short vine with the the house mother repeating ‘THE SONG’S LYRICS!’. They arent her words. It it is a rap song, a black person recorded for all to buy, hear & sing along with! If it is going to cause a problem, dont put it out there. And EVERYONE quit saying the “n” word!

      • Just because it’s used in rap songs doesn’t make it right, so therfore she’s still out of line. Worry about what acceptable & not what so many other people are doing.

      • Just because the word is used in a song doesn’t mean she had to say it. I would never say it. Also, if she was drunk, how many underage frat boys were also drinking in her presence?

      • It’s their word now. Just don’t use it. Ignore it. What’s the point? You’re freedom? You need this word that bad?

        You might talk smack to your little brother, but nobody else better, right? Same thing.

        • No it’s not the same thing. I highly doubt you would call your brother that. If you did and he knew what it meant he’d be hurt or angry. Why would you call your brother that anyway, knowing what it means? Some sibling. It is bothersome that people want to defend anybody using this word.

  7. FYI, a house mother doesn’t clean up after anyone. A quick Google search reveals that a house mother manages the day-to-day operations of the house, in addition to supervising staff, contractors, vendors, gardeners, etc.

  8. Every time I think not even Internet commenters can defend someone for clearly outrageous and offensive behavior, I am proven wrong. Thanks, Internet.

    • Just more proof that you shouldn’t try to teach a pig to sing. Can’t be done and just annoys the pig. (Or “pigs” in the cases above and probably to follow below.)

  9. Ok this is ridiculous & need to be put to shame. The organization is based on hate which isn’t right. Anyone who’s defending her actions are sick in the head as well…..

    • Clear your head from all biases and see it for what it is: An oblivious old lady singing along to a horrible hip hop song that all the kids think is cool. That’s all the video shows. If you don’t like the lyrics, take it up with the person who wrote them and released the worthless song.

  10. I love the outrage. Anyone who went to college at OU or OSU never did stupid stuff. I was in the fraternity and I was a GDI. The comments on the frats are just silly. For me, it was a cheap alternative to an apartment. I actually went to OSU for one semester when I pledged, we didn’t have a house mother. We had a black belt holder who lived in the basement, all of us had to spar with him and all of us had to help with the dinners and lunch. Hell week was interesting and eye opening to the idea of benefiting others. If you didn’t experience it, you can’t speak of it. Now, if you think the black frats or ‘community’ doesn’t have the same issues you ascribe to SAE you are fooling yourselves. At what point does being stupid cost you expulsion from a university…the bastion of free speech? I don’t condone the video but give me a break. Did anyone suffer a life altering condition from the video? If I were Bob Stoops, I would have Striker running stadium steps for being a fool. You can say anything you want about pro-life people, Jews and Christians but make a stupid video about a frat and you deserve the death penalty. Yes, the video was stupid, but at what point is the penalty worthy of the crime?

  11. She’s repeating the lyrics to a song. Lyrics that seem to be OK for an African American to air publicly into the minds of those willing to listen but not OK if you’re an aged White lady. The problem lies in the use of the word by all races PERIOD. Seems to be taboo for certain races to casually use it but the end of the world for anyone white to use it, even if its just repeating lyrics from an African american singer. There will never be an end to racism until there is an end to double standards and the desire to point the finger on others without looking at our own actions.

    • Exactly. If there is an outrage to this video, take it up with Trinidad James for releasing garbage.

    • It’s not the same when you pick on your brother as when someone outside the family does. You might bad mouth your family, but what if I did?

      If I ran around spewing Frank Zappa lyrics would that make me okay, just because he wrote them and I can? Please. You’re condoning a hateful stupidity.

  12. Now that’s a slippery slope. Singing along to a stupid hip hop song is considered racist now? Those were the lyrics to the song! Look them up!

  13. New Flash: Old people use the word. Old people use the word when they are drunk. If this is the new standard for being news worthy, there is not enough tape (memory) in the media’s cameras, or the world, to film all of the tear jerker and/or gotcha pieces.

    Keep this in context. She didn’t sing about hanging black guys or signing up with an exclusive club of entitled douche bags. She was a shit faced old lady repeating the words to a really stupid and troubling rap song.

    For those of you who don’t have “All Gold Everything” committed to memory, you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NK2FqPNIT_U

  14. Juxtapose her comments on the News9 video clip with the old lady in crazy laughing repetition. No right thinking woman, young or old, …drunk, drugged or sober would be repeating those words in that shameless hyena laugh. It’s embarrassing that anyone is defending this conduct. The bottom line is that she is a fraud, a liar, and has no credibility. And now that this is revealed….Switzer will never ever have anything to do with her again.

    • …and neither will an Ogle, lost or otherwise. She’s now radioactive, good riddance to the lot of them.

  15. Where was all of this outrage with the Record Labels for allowing this song to be released? Where was all of this outrage with the Artist, the songwriter, everyone associated with this song? Why the outrage with a video of a drunk white elderly repeating the song? Is that not THE definition of racism in itself.

    • Because white elderly women are not the artist, the songwriter, and the record label. It was an opportunity to for a white person to drop again and again the “N” word, and claim it was okay because it’s in a song.

      Just like you are suggesting now.

      It’s simply not acceptable:

      “New SAE pledges at the St. Louis school were ordered to rap offensive lyrics to black students as part of a “scavenger hunt,” the school’s newspaper reported in 2013. The university suspended the chapter after would-be brothers read Dr. Dre’s “B—-es Ain’t S—” to several confused students in a dining hall.”


      “Clemson’s SAE chapter ignited racial tensions in December when it organized a gang-themed holiday party dubbed “Cripmas.” The chapter was suspended after photos showed partygoers satirizing the California-based gang.”


      Why can’t you get that?

      • What if she really likes the song? I mean, really really likes it so much that she can’t get the tune out of her head.

      • In her defense…. this was probably before white people knew to use “ninja”, so that we could rap along (poorly) and not have to just go blank when the term comes up.

  16. So the old lady’s name they publish but the douche-bag Frat boys names they protect? Why are these assholes not being demonized by the media?

  17. “Because white elderly women are not the artist, the songwriter, and the record label. It was an opportunity to for a white person to drop again and again the “N” word, and claim it was okay because it’s in a song.”<<< This statement proves my point. You are saying what the songwriter, artist, record labels say are different then what this lady said. They're not. The words and message is still the same. Why should an artist be able to say something an average old lady in a house shouldn't be able to say. That in itself is discrimination.

    The double standard lies in the inability for the black race to include themselves in the racism tag they freely throw at the white community.There will never be equality as long as blacks think its ok for them to say or do something and not for whites. I'm not defending the actions of this fraternity one bit, I think it's dispicable and I'm glad they're being dismembered and will face penalty for their actions. My problem is with the fact that there is a clear line of separation and double standard when it comes to what each race can say and get away with.

    • So you,re pissed off you can’t say the N word anywhere other than your country club? How oppressed!

  18. I’m a boring mom in Edmond now (the horror!), but I used to be a fun girl in college. I knew every word to every song on Snoop Dog’s “Doggy Style” album. I might have gotten a little tipsy and sang along with him during the songs…and I’m sure he said the “N” word. So, that makes me a racist now?? This is a horrible situation but I feel like it is a slippery slope and we are sliding too far down it.

  19. To all the people screaming “but black people use it, so why can’t white people” or “DOUBLE STANDARD!!!”. Look at this way, to quote Bill Maher “I can call my mother a cunt, but you can’t”

    • It’s not ok to call your mom a cunt. I would think, as her child, you would show her more respect than some stranger. The N-word is disrespectful and inappropriate no matter whose mouth is saying it. It needs to just go away.

      • But surely you get the point. You might say things about your family, but it’s different when others do it right? Especially if it’s someone who just got down oppressing you for about 300 years? Context, people, context.

        • I get that the word is offensive, as well it should be. What I don’t get is why you would use it to refer to people you love, a word used to opress for abt 300 years. That just seems counterintuitive. I just wouldn’t do that. I understand saying certain things to your family that others aren’t allowed, but I wouldn’t say anything offensive unless I was trying to hurt them, which I try not to do.

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