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Please build Davenport Lofts literally anywhere else in Downtown Tulsa


The Brady District is a place that many Tulsans hold dear. Stopping by Soundpony while heading to or from a concert at the historic Cain’s ballroom is about as Green Country-centric as eating mac and cheese at the Brook, or holding your breath in fear as you merge onto Highway 51. Sure the area is a little gritty, but that’s what gives the block its character. A prohibition-era swing dance venue that now hosts monthly EDM concerts. Bars and restaurants that look decrepit from the outside, but the inside hosts creative cocktails, modern fixtures, fun events, and a bevy of youthful, energetic patrons. This is urban renewal at its finest–the marriage of new energy and maintaining an area’s vibe, while bringing a healthy dose of integrity to the party.

The fastest way to kill that party? Build a bunch of $450k lofts twenty feet away from a city’s biggest and loudest music district, and market them exclusively to rich empty-nesters.

From The Tulsa Voice:

8 things to bring with you to Tulsa Tough


The weekend I’ve been looking forward to all year long is finally here (and it’s only 50% to do with my 3D IMAX tickets to see Jurassic World). Hundreds of pro and amateur cyclists across the nation are descending upon the streets of Green Country for Tulsa Tough, a weekend long cycling party, and we all get to celebrate by day drinking and acting a fool while cheering them on.

I thought it’d be helpful if I compiled a short list of things you’ll need to bring, so you can adequately prepare yourself for the madness. Chapeau my friends!

Some guy dine-n-dashed Joe’s Crab Shack and crashed his motorcycle


There are many impressive things about this story I’m about to share with you, and not one of them is the fact that he managed to leave Joe’s Crab Shack without food poisoning and/or having to march around the place in a sombrero while the staff sings “Happy Birthday.”

From News on 6:

Tulsa’s new superintendent isn’t certified to teach in Oklahoma


Don’t worry guys, we haven’t transported to District 13, and the lady pictured above is not President Coin from the Hunger Games. She is Deborah Gist. Starting this summer, she is Tulsa Public School’s new Superintendent. Gist is not licensed to teach in Oklahoma, but TPS board members DO NOT want anyone to worry about this.

From the Tulsa World:

Tulsa Public Schools will submit an application to the Oklahoma State Board of Education on Tuesday requesting an exemption from certification requirements for incoming Superintendent Deborah Gist.

The board voted 5-0 Monday evening to submit the application, which will request a one-year waiver — for the 2015-16 school year — from requirements contained in the Oklahoma Teacher Preparation Act. Board members Ruth Ann Fate and Shawna Keller were absent from the meeting.

The district signed a three-year contract valued at up to almost $1.2 million with Gist in April, and she will begin her role on July 1, after Superintendent Keith Ballard retires.

“I’m proud to move this item forward, and I have no doubt whatsoever that over the course of the next year our superintendent-elect will — as well as being imminently qualified — will be fully certified,” Ballard said at the meeting.

So wait…the lady they hired to run the second biggest school district in the state isn’t even qualified to teach? That would be like Queenie’s hiring a manager who doesn’t know how to cook eggs.

The article continues:

Shia LaDouche is filming a movie in Oklahoma…

Actor Shia LaBeouf attends a hearing at the Manhattan Criminal Court in New York

It’s Wednesday night. I’m sitting in bed, drinking a Fuze and reading CosmoGirl! while the American Idol finale plays in the background, and then my phone buzzes with the news that Shia Labeouf is currently less than 50 miles from where I’m live:


After immediately hopping up and doing a spazzy little happy dance, I charge around the house in my velour tracksuit and Sketchers in search of my finest denim skirt and platform flip-flops. If Louis Stevens is spending time in Green Country, I better look my fliest around the clock.

This would be a sweet little story if it happened in 2005. Sadly, it took place last night.

Via the Tulsa World: