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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are now a couple


After intense media speculation, leaked cuddly Halloween photos, and me personally dissecting their tweets from the past six months, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s reps have confirmed that the two of them are dating. Citizens, lets give a warm Okie welcome to our newest first couple, Glake!

So, I only occasionally dabble in conspiracy theories, but it’s hardly a stretch to connect this new relationship to both Blake and Gwen’s abrupt divorces within the past six months. The timing involved is about as obvious as finding Waldo in a nudist commune. They should have hired Pope and Associates to handle this one. This could be a beautiful love story about a goofy cowboy and the Homecoming Queen, wrapped up in the midst of a whirlwind fairytale romance! Instead, I think most of us have awkward imagery of Miranda Lambert at home with a bottle of whiskey, and Gavin Rossdale trolling Venice Beach mumbling “There’s no sex in your violence.” Unsexy.

Still, this is kinda cool. We now have another famous Okie by proxy to add to our collection, and Gwen very well might be the first who doesn’t consider macaroni salad a vegetable. Will they sit on courtside for Thunder Games? Will Gwen and Blake headline the next big tornado benefit concert? Will Gwen attend some important Oklahoma event and swap hair coloring secrets with Christina Fallin? Do we still get to claim Miranda as an honorary Oklahoman? Will Gwen open up a store for her fashion line across the street from Miranda’s Pink Pistol in Tishomingo? So many questions.

Anyway, the Red State Grammys Country Music Awards were last night, and Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley didn’t hesitate to poke some fun at their fellow country comrades. This is only the second most awkward thing Carrie has done, after The Sound Of Music! Live. Check it out below:

Foods at Quiktrip, ranked

In the endless Tulsa vs OKC debate, my trump card has always been QuikTrip. What’s not to love? Well-lit premises, a variety of fresh and processed foods, the candy bar rack practically glows, and the actually carry Core Powers!

In honor of my favorite snack stop, I thought I’d power rank some of the most noteworthy foods QuikTrip has served over the recent years. Feel free to chime in and let me know what some of your favorite (or least favorites) are.


10. Buffalo Chicken Roller

Of all the frankendelicacies Quiktrip has exposed us to (cheese burger, loaded potato, and mac and cheese rollers just to name a few) the buffalo chicken concoction makes my list solely because it was the freakiest. Picture chicken nugget meat meal, molded into a cylindrical patty, dunked in hot sauce, frozen, then rotated over and over again on what the execs at QT deemed a “roller grill” until they’re toasty. They’ll remain on that nifty invention until some stoned dude moseys in with a hankerin’ for something spicy and the Hot Fries are all out. In other words, they’ll remain there for an eternity.


9. QT Kitchens Pre-Packed Sandwiches

Kudos to QT sandwiches, they’ve done nothing if not stood the test of time. Despite the weird mushy yet dry texture of the bread, Tulsans will find themselves eating a QT Club Sandwich at least thrice yearly. To busy to eat a proper lunch? QT roast beef sammich. Need a snack you can throw in your girlfriend’s purse for a movie? Turkey on a croissant. Drunk in the middle of the night? Ham and cheese, baby.

10 best Tulsa restaurants for when you’re hungover

A few weeks ago, Marissa wrote a post about some good places to eat when you’re hungover in OKC. I thought a Tulsa one was in order for a few reasons:

a)  I’m a brunch-a-holic, and the two seem to go hand in hand.

b) I get hungover after exactly 2.5 servings of alcohol so a list like this is beneficial to me personally, as well as the general public.

c) Patrick was about to revoke my Ogle card.

Let’s waste no more time and get right to it:



1. Brothers Houligan

The cornerstone to any great hungover meal is based around gravy. In fact, this is the one reason why one of my favorite brunch places Kilkenny’s didn’t make this list–Boxties don’t come smothered in white peppery gravy.

Remember the scene in Forrest Gump when Bubba lists all the ways you can cook shrimp? This was Brothers Houligan’s approach when penning their menu. Chicken fried chicken? Gravy. Meatloaf? Gravy. French Fries? Gravy. Roast beef sandwich? Gravy. Popcorn shrimp? Ehh, why not add some gravy. Grilled porkchops? Treat the applesauce as gravy.


2. Cafe Ole 

When I throw this suggestion in the ring, friends are quick to criticize this choice. “Who wants to eat chips and salsa for breakfast?” they whine.

Well, number one, I can’t think of a better time to consume copious amount of free tortilla chips than when you’re hungover and cringing from last night’s tab. Second, they make cream cheese based queso. Third, they make cream cheese based queso. Lastly, does anything else matter?

10 Reasons Why They Should Build the Davenport Lofts in Downtown Tulsa


After writing my plea to the world about why the Davenport Lofts would be bad for Tulsa’s downtown, it occurred to me that I may have been a little unfair. In case you missed out, there are plans to build half-a-million dollar per unit luxury lofts in the heart of the Brady Arts entertainment district in downtown Tulsa, just a stone’s thrown away from the most concentrated music district in the state. According to Davenport Lofts’ website and construction site banner, these high priced lofts were conceived with empty-nest baby boomers in mind, and are marketed almost exclusively to that target audience. As you can imagine, patrons of these bars and concert venues are concerned that lifestyle of many of the development’s dwellers will naturally conflict with the loud and rowdy vibe that the area is home to.

Although that prospect makes total sense to me, there are members of the building’s target audience who have spoken and basically said “damn kids, quityerbellyaching and get a job.” Another smaller but still vocal group within the building’s intended market has come out and said “hush children, we invented partying, your fun is not endangered.” There’s also a number of young, upwardly-mobile professionals who believe that all and any of development is the good kind, and/or enjoy checking Facebook regularly to see if anyone has responded to their argument thread.

Like any good obscure local social media blogger, I decided to explore the opposing side of the argument–gain a little perspective from the other side of the fence. Here are my findings.


1. Only non-influential people in Tulsa are opposed to Davenport Lofts.

If you read through the comments on the petition, it quickly becomes apparent that most people passionately against this development are local musicians, accountants, bartenders, teachers, waitresses, realtors, lawyers, nurses, artists, engineers, baristas, yoga instructors, chefs, photographers, oil and gas analysts, and small restaurant, shop, and food truck owners. In fact, I haven’t heard a peep from any city council members, development groups, the mayor, or even Hanson! Obviously, if this was a legitimate concern for the good citizens of Tulsa, a big name or face surely be involved by now. Despite the fact that most of these public figures have politics motivating them, these are the true authority figures in Tulsa and we should all follow their lead by staying neutral on this.


2. Davenport Lofts will obstruct the view of that ugly Cain’s sign.

The six-story building will easily tower over all the buildings in the district, including the historic Cain’s Ballroom. It shouldn’t be a big deal though. That sign looks like it’s 100 years old. Of course, it practically is 100 years old. I know that it helps people who aren’t familiar with downtown navigate through the one-way roads and make their way to the historic landmark for a concert. But now is our chance to finally eclipse it!


3. Speaking of concerts, maybe we’ll finally get some good musicians at Cain’s!

I’m talking some Michael Buble, Josh Groban, and all those other smooth singers my parents love!

Please build Davenport Lofts literally anywhere else in Downtown Tulsa


The Brady District is a place that many Tulsans hold dear. Stopping by Soundpony while heading to or from a concert at the historic Cain’s ballroom is about as Green Country-centric as eating mac and cheese at the Brook, or holding your breath in fear as you merge onto Highway 51. Sure the area is a little gritty, but that’s what gives the block its character. A prohibition-era swing dance venue that now hosts monthly EDM concerts. Bars and restaurants that look decrepit from the outside, but the inside hosts creative cocktails, modern fixtures, fun events, and a bevy of youthful, energetic patrons. This is urban renewal at its finest–the marriage of new energy and maintaining an area’s vibe, while bringing a healthy dose of integrity to the party.

The fastest way to kill that party? Build a bunch of $450k lofts twenty feet away from a city’s biggest and loudest music district, and market them exclusively to rich empty-nesters.

Written eloquently by my friend Mitchell Gilliam from The Tulsa Voice: