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Oklahoma is ending contracts with Planned Parenthood


What do you do when your state has the second highest teen birth rate in the nation? That’s easy. You encourage the state Medicaid agency to end its contract with Planned Parenthood.

According to KOCO.com:

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) —Oklahoma is ending its contracts with two Planned Parenthood organizations that provide health services to thousands of mostly low-income women and families, the head of the state’s Medicaid agency said Wednesday.

Oklahoma Health Care Authority Chief Executive Officer Nico Gomez said the agency notified Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma and Planned Parenthood of Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma in February of its intent to terminate provider agreements with the two affiliates.

“My decision in February was made based upon what I firmly believe to be the best interests of this agency going forward,” Gomez told The Associated Press in a statement.

The state contracts with the two affiliates will remain in place until June 29, which Gomez said should provide members obtaining services at Planned Parenthood clinics time to make any necessary alternative arrangements.

Necessary alternative arrangements? Can you give me an idea of how many clinics are available to provide routine cancer screenings, birth control, STD testing, and immunizations? How far away are these clinics? Does traveling to these clinics provide some kind of hardship to these patients? And if someone knows and trusts the physicians they’ve been seeing at Planned Parenthood, isn’t it kind of a shitty thing to do to make them go elsewhere? There better be a good reason for this:

7 fun facts about Rock 100.5 The Katt…


Cool fact about my car: 40% of its components have been recalled. Even cooler fact about my car: The auxillary port in the stereo doesn’t work, and the CD player is broken. (I’m fully aware I need to get a new car, but I keep holding out hope that we will get a metro-wide public mass transit system that runs 24/7. I’m also fully aware this will never happen.)

Because of the state of my car stereo, I listen to the radio a lot. And while I do have two NPR stations programmed in my presets, I still find myself listening to some of the local music stations. (Or, more accurately, I find myself flipping through the stations for the duration of my trip on the off chance that I find a song I like.) I’ve also gotten to listen to a lot of DJs, and this has led me to think about them a lot.

The local station that has occupied a lot of my head space has been the Katt. What can I say? I spend a lot of time waiting for “Possum Kingdom” by The Toadies to come on, and I hate how 94.7 has that bullshit “man up” campaign, which means I stick with 100.5. So, I’ve gotten to know those DJs fairly well as of late. That’s why I’m bringing you this list of things that I assume have probably happened at Katt headquarters.

greg zoobeck

1. Greg Zoobeck is Matthew McConanaughey in Dazed and Confused

Every time he sees some band groupies, I just assume he marvels at how he keeps getting older, but they stay the same age.

ecig vaping

2. Local vape shop owners bribe the DJs to come to their in-store events.

10 questions I have about the OKC Ultimate Epicenter Hat Tournament

ultimate frisbee

There’s truly a great big world out there like the one I’ve seen on TV. And it’s full of different and interesting things. Like the other day I say a pitbull corgi mix on the end of a leash, and I couldn’t contain all the joy I felt in my heart. Discovering new things truly is one of life’s greatest pleasures.

I felt the same joy upon seeing the OKC Ultimate website, and seeing the page about the Hat Tournament. It’s truly a magnificent world we live in! People can play games with a frisbee, and even organize tournaments named after articles of clothing.

But my excitement and joy soon subsided when I realized I had some questions, very important questions that needed answering. That’s why I’ve created my list of 10 questions I have about the OKC Ultimate Epicenter Hat Tournament.

Do people play ultimate frisbee outside of the north oval at OU?

I only ask because that’s the only place I’ve ever seen it happen.

Will Dave Matthews be providing the soundtrack to the tournament?

If so, then I’ll have to respectfully decline.

Will players be rocking that scoober?

Admittedly, 98% of my ultimate frisbee knowledge comes from one episode of Parks and Rec where this is said.

How many Phish/String Cheese Incident stickers will be on cars in the parking lot?

I really just want the over/under here. I like to make bets.

They’re finally building that ferris wheel…

wheeler district

Who doesn’t love a good ferris wheel ride?

Everyone. Everyone doesn’t love a good ferris wheel ride.

You know why? They’re terrifying. When was the last time you were on a ferris wheel and thought to yourself “Wow, this is great and I’m totally not terrified by how much this stranger on the other side of the gondola is rocking us back and forth?” Never. You’ve never thought that because the last time you were on a ferris wheel, you were kind of busy praying that you didn’t die by falling.

I don’t know if the fine folks over at the Wheeler District know this. According to KFOR.com:

They didn’t call him the Brisket Bandit for nothing…

Brisket Bandit Muskogee

Sometimes I like to have impure thoughts about food. That is to say, I spend the majority of my day fantasizing about going to a restaurant and eating a goodly portion of their menu. For instance, I love going to Greek House on Campus Corner, and trying to order an entire spinning cone of meat. They won’t sell it to you though, so you have to settle for the sandwich.

However, as many Normanites lament, Greek House doesn’t have the most accommodating hours. So, it shouldn’t shock you that on a Sunday when they were closed, I contemplated breaking in. I didn’t have to though, because I found out my local Sprouts grocery store sells gyro meat in the deli. So, I can just buy that and make a sandwich at home and be a fatty fat whenever I want to be.

And I think that’s why this dude from Muskogee stole some brisket. According to KFOR.com: