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Monday Morning Tweets: Thanksgiving Hangover Edition

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone. How’s your first day back to work after a long holiday weekend? That is, assuming you had a holiday weekend. If you worked in retail, I’m totally sorry for you. But know that I continued my tradition of celebrating No Buy Day (to some, this is known as Black Friday), so I didn’t add to your misery. I did a little Small Business Saturday, and do plan to take full advantage of Cyber Monday, though. In fact, as you…

Editor’s Note: On the topic of Cyber Monday, if you’re a fan of The Lost Ogle and Monday Morning Tweets, use this link for all your Amazon shopping and to check out today’s deals. We’ll get credit for the order and a small commission. It will make us rich!

… read this, know that I’ve been up since 2 AM so I could snag a deal on a leather tote bag. (I was almost convinced to go with the Madewell Transport Tote by a Level 4 TLO Groupie, but in the end, I think I need a bag that uses rivets to attach the handles to the bag. I carry a lot of textbooks)

Anyway, I hope you’re snagging some sweet deals too. And, if you get bored with online shopping, you can always come here and peruse the tweets I’ve gathered for your enjoyment. As always, you can check them out after the jump!

Channel 5’s Shelby Hayes likes this $23 dress…

meteorologists amazon dress

I would like to start this post by stating that I know nothing of fashion. In fact, I don’t care much for clothing or shopping for it. And if I’m being perfectly honest, I want to live in a world where I can just wear the same pair of Levi’s every single day with the same hoodie. Unfortunately, jobs bring dress codes, and dress codes often bring on fashion choices we totally wouldn’t make under any other circumstance. Shelby Hayes probably knows this better than anyone.

According to TechInsider:

Monday Morning Tweets

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone. Welcome to another edition of Monday Morning Tweets, where I pick out a bunch of tweets, and then basically make the jokes all about me. Here we are on the Monday before Thanksgiving. I hope your place of employment has given you the Friday after Thanksgiving off. If not, just know that I personally despise them for you. It’s not that I want you to be able to go Black Friday shopping (in fact, that will always be National No Buy Day in my heart), but I would like for you to sit around, digest everything you ate the day before, and then, you know, eat all the leftover pie in one sitting. Sometimes, it’s binge eating that I’m truly thankful for.

Anyway, as always, I’ve gathered all the tweets from the week before and collected them in one place for your enjoyment. Check them out after the jump!

Shelty the Wonder Dog saved her owner!

Shelty rescue dog

Here at TLO, we’re dog people. Sure, we don’t mind if you have a cat, but we’re all suckers for a wagging tail. Maybe it’s because they’re so playful, or because they give unconditional love regardless of what you’ve written on the internet. Either way, we really like dogs. In fact, if you ever happen upon my Instagram feed, you know that my dog is my favorite subject to photograph. But let’s be real. My dog exists for one purpose, and that is to sleep on the couch when I’m too occupied to do so.

Apparently there are dogs on this planet that do more than sleep or bark at the Fed Ex dude as he drops off Mod Cloth orders. In fact, there are dogs out there who actually HELP their owners. According to KFOR.com:

You can get in on the ground floor of the Del City revitalization!

steve shaw

The OKC Metro is a hopping place. Consistently ranked high among places with low costs of living, Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas sure are seeing an influx of residents. Couple this with our state’s incessant need to be like everywhere else by having as many national chains as possible open up stores, and it’s easy to see that development in the OKC Metro area is booming.

And sure, we’ve seen how areas of Oklahoma City have been gentrified revitalized. But what about the surrounding areas? It will not surprise you to know that they are following in the same direction. According to News9.com: