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The very worst intersections in the OKC Metro

Broadway and 33rd, Edmond

Back in the days when we did The Worst of OKC, we let the readers vote on many things about OKC that totally suck. Some of those things were intersections because we have a lot of really terrible intersections. We haven’t done that in a while, but I think it’s time to revisit it. Here’s why.

I stumbled across a post on KFOR.com the other day about construction at the 33rd and Broadway intersection in Edmond. According to KFOR.com:

EDMOND, Okla. — There’s about to be a massive headache for drivers along an already congested area.

Starting sometime this summer, drivers at 33rd and Broadway in Edmond will run into more delays due to a planned expansion project.

City officials in Edmond say it is the busiest intersection in town. While construction will never shut it down completely, lane closures could slow traffic down even more. But they say the construction is necessary in order to eventually ease the congestion.

Dora Stevens, at Freedom Cleaners, said, “This traffic right here at this intersection is absolutely horrible!”

As someone who used to get her oil changed at the Precision Auto Tune on that corner, I can totally commiserate with Dora Stevens. And yet, this terrible traffic jam is nothing in comparison to other problem intersections drivers in the metro face. That’s why I’ve made a list of all the worst traffic jams in the OKC metro.

Robinson and Crossroads Blvd., Norman

Robinson and Crossroads Blvd., Norman

If you take Robinson just west of the I-35 service road, there’s a little part of Norman that was completely unaffected by city planning. The only times you really encounter this intersection is if you’re going to the movie theater or one of the shops in Robinson Crossing. Some of the highlights of this intersection are waiting for assholes to turn left during rush hour traffic, honking at jerks who block the intersection by pulling into it when they have a red light, and screaming curse words at the top of your lungs because all the old rich Norman west siders are too damn old to be driving.

Penn and Memorial, OKC

Penn and Memorial, OKC

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a post-apocalyptic dystopia brought on by consumerism? It’s a world where the masses rush to the commercial centers to buy tons of shit. It’s like Dawn of the Dead, only there are no zombies, only assholes who honk at panhandlers in their SUVs as they slowly creep through intersections on their way to take up more than one parking spot at the mall.

So that’s how you get rid of magazine salesmen…

Colin Maher naked

It would seem like once a week there’s a Norman teen trying to sell me a subscription to a local paper to get themselves some sort of scholarship or to pay for football camp. And, not that I’m trying to be a jerk, I just don’t buy the subscriptions. I hate having extra and unnecessary paper laying around, and, well, stuff is on the internet now. But don’t feel too bad for the kids. The last one that came through trying to get me to buy the Norman Transcript literally flipped me off when I said no.

Anyway, there’s not a lot to be done when people come to your door trying to sell you some sort of subscription other than open the door and tell them no. Unless you’re this resident of the Almonte Apartments. According to NewsOK.com:

Monday Morning Tweets

Good morning and happy Monday. Depending upon your priorities, you may have had a busy weekend. While some people attended the first Energy FC game (and win) of the season, others attended the twentieth anniversary ceremony of the Oklahoma City bombing, and still, there were some who camped out at Target to snag the new Lilly Pulitzer collection. Whatever you did, I’m sure you’re tired and not ready to begin your work week. And that’s why I’ve got some tweets for you. That way, you can ease into your day with all the best tweets from the week before.

As always, you can get all your MMT needs after the jump!

Frontier City needs to bring back the Nightmare Mining roller coaster

Nightmare Mine at Frontier City amusement park

I remember the past when I, a young teen with a freshly-minted double park season pass, was dropped off at Frontier City with a group of my Edmond cohorts. Together we would walk the whole park, get sunburnt, drink soda, ride Renegade Rapids until we were soaked, and flirt with the rough and tumble boys from Mid-Del. It was a good time, a time when people from all walks of life could come together and enjoy a pretty lame amusement park.

Summer approaches quickly. We are halfway through April, and that means just about a month until school is out. Where will kids from all walks of life gather? Probably Frontier City. Maybe I’m being melodramatic here (spoilers: I am), but it’s not the real Frontier City anymore. I’ve become one of those people who is now old and has fond memories of a time long past. And while I don’t wish that we go back in time for the sake of social values and such, I would like to go back to a time where the Nightmare Mining roller coaster was in operation.

10 creepiest Oklahoma places


Spring is here and that means people are wearing shorts and going outside. If you’re like me, then you’re ready to fall in love with the world all over again–like you do every single spring, and will probably continue to do for the rest of your life. I can’t explain why, but Spring gives me a sort of restless feeling, a feeling that makes me want to start new projects and go on adventures. For the most part, Oklahoma has it’s fair share of adventures in the form of natural attractions and historic locations. Those are all well and good. But what if you want something a little darker?

Some people would have you believe that the month of October is the best time to investigate the weird and spooky. I say it’s not because that’s when everyone is all interested in that sort of thing, so you get a lot of people in the way when you’re measuring EMF and EVP and any other pseudoscientific ways to track ghosts. The spring is the best time for scary findings, and while your friends are on a patio somewhere drinking margaritas, you should be out finding specters and astral projections and ghosts and any other sort of thing that goes bump in the night.

But where should I go, Marisa? I hear you ask.

Well, let me tell you. Here are the 10 creepiest places in Oklahoma.


1. Fort Reno

I once paid $5 to go on a ghost hunt with some professionals through this location. I didn’t see or hear anything, but I did get to see a historic site, which is something I wouldn’t have otherwise seen. This makes the list because I believe they are still doing tours. It’s super accessible, and if you go on the tour, you’re not going to get arrested for trespassing, as may be the case with pretty much everything else on this list.

2. The Purple Church

Ask any of the Mid-Del or Choctaw kids, and they’ll tell you all about this place. There are even documentaries dedicated to it on YouTube. Apparently it’s the location of many Satanic rituals and horse sacrifices. Oh, and there’s a tale about a man with a machete chasing visitors from that location. Basically, it’s the best location for the Church of Satan next time they want to hold one of their black masses, because unlike the Civic Center, the Purple Church has never hosted a production of Annie or The Nutcracker.