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Last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Joleen Chaney Valentines

If you’re like me, you’ve been dropping not-so-subtle hints about what you want for Valentine’s Day for the past month or so by casually telling your significant other that you’re planning on buying this thing for yourself, but you don’t know. Also, if your significant other is like mine, then he did not pick up on it at all and it’s now officially too late to order that damn scarf OMG Chris pay attention to my needs as a woman.

But have no fear! There are plenty of retail locations across the metro that can help you out if you totally didn’t buy your girlfriend of three and a half years that vintage scarf on Etsy that she wanted. And as far as last-minute gifts go, these are probably the best. Take heed! Seriously. Once a guy got me a single flower from 7-11 on Valentine’s Day. Don’t be that guy.

Monday Morning Tweets: John Rohde has discovered the only thing worse than racism

What’s up, you lovely, hung over hot messes? It’s Monday, and I’m guessing you’re trying to stay awake at your desk and just make it to lunch. That’s pretty much what I do for a living. Well, don’t fret. I’ve got just the thing you need to wake you up, or at least something that will keep your eyes focused on your computer monitor so maybe your boss will think you’re actually working. Get yourself a trampoline because this week’s tweets are after the jump.

10 things Russell Westbrook has been up to

russell westbrook

Well, Thunder fans. We need to talk. The basketball season is in full swing, and the Thunder is missing one crucial element—my little Russie. Like eating a Quarter Pounder with cheese without a side of fries, I’m just not satisfied. I know that he’s convalescing and taking care of himself so he can come back and play some more, but sometimes I worry that maybe he forgot about all of us drunken yahoos in Loud City.

Well, I’ve done some research and figured out what he’s been up to when he hasn’t been playing basketball. And by research, I mean this is definitely what he has to be doing so don’t even fact check it because it’s right. Here are the ten things that Russell Westbrook is doing when he isn’t wearing a suit on the sidelines.

Monday Morning Tweets: We promise, no pics of snow

Happy Monday! Are you tired of hearing your office mates discuss their favorite Super Bowl commercials? Did you lose a ton of money in the office pool and you need to get your mind off of it? How about some tweets then? I’ve gathered up the best and carefully avoided pictures of yesterday’s snow. So, settle in and enjoy the very best of last week’s social media. The tweets are after the jump, as if I’d put them anywhere else!

A mom and daughter stole a bunch of stuff off Edmond porches

Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 9.34.51 PM

Most women I know have pretty decent relationships with their moms. Sure, moms can be annoying when they’re nagging at you to be careful and to get enough sleep, or when they call you to ask you computer questions. But nothing beats a good day spent gossiping with mom while you get a mani-pedi. I know when I hang out with my mom, she tells some pretty sweet stories about going to high school with the Ogles and then gets drunk on half a white wine spritzer because she knows how to party.

And it could be argued that the relationship that a woman has with her mother is special. There’s a bond there that, no matter what happens in their relationship, can’t be broken. And that’s probably why mother-daughter teams make great criminals. According to NewsOK.com: