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Monday Morning Tweets: helicopters, pools, and hotdogs

Last week brought us a lot of Fourth of July tweets from our favorite Okies. There were parties, hotdogs, swimming pools, and of course, lots and lots of Instagrams and Vines of fireworks. I did not include any of those because they were all blurry. And if you’ve ever seen a fireworks display, then you know that it’s a lot of brightly colored flashes that explode across the sky and that the Kelvin filter doesn’t do much for them.

Anyway, your Monday Morning Tweets are after the jump!

9 locals we’d like to see on the Real Housewives of Oklahoma City


Last Friday Patrick brought you the story of our media’s coverage of the not-Bravo sanctioned, catfishy, Real Housewives of Oklahoma City auditions. I really didn’t care if it was real or not, because who wants to watch a bunch of publicists and rich women who probably got bored going to Junior League attempt to manufacture reality scripted drama. If I wanted to see how rich people really lived, I’d get a job bussing tables at the Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club.

But this got me thinking. It might be kind of neat to have a Real Housewives of Oklahoma City, given the right cast. Seriously, you don’t need to manufacture drama for “unscripted” television if you put a bunch of loud personalities together in one room. I talked to Patrick and these are the candidates we came up with.

Monday Morning Tweets: L.I.T.s, communications professionals, and Michael Jackson

It was a busy week on social media. There were tweets and hashtags and trending topics. June has come and gone, leaving us with a whole slew of tweets about how hot it is. Luckily, you guys haven’t been posting pictures of your car thermometers (yet), and that’s a good thing. Remember, when you get the urge to say something mundane on Twitter, know that I’m watching, and I want for nothing more than to make you look and feel like an asshole on this blog.

Speaking of assholes, this week’s tweets are after the jump.

Oklahoma City is the tenth best place to live for the young, broke and single


Is there a day that goes by that Oklahoma isn’t bestowed some sort of prestigious award? I mean, it’s a great place to live, and we are constantly raising the bar for excellence amongst states that have panhandles. But last week, OKC really put our state on the map (that it was actually already on).

In case you missed it, Oklahoma is a great place to be if you can’t legally rent a car, afford to drink anything that isn’t Miller High Life, or get laid. According to Moneyunder30.com, Oklahoma City is the tenth best city to be young, broke, and single! From the article:

Monday Morning Tweets: Kelly Ogle was a handsome groom

I would like to start my first MMT off by saying that on the inside, I’m the meanest girl in school. Sure, I’m a nerd and nobody wants to invite me to parties and I’m socially awkward and I’m always two inches from having the popular kids pour pigs blood on me at prom (metaphorically). But much like Carrie, I’ve learned how to get revenge. Unfortunately, my malicious telekinesis, much like my boobs, is underdeveloped at best. So, I like to make fun of popular kids. I know, it’s gross. I should just get over it. but I can’t. And I won’t. So, just so we’re clear: Henceforth, MMT will kind of be me making fun of people who are prettier, smarter, richer, and happier than me. I will not stop until I’m the Joan Rivers of Oklahoma.

Check out this week’s tweets after the jump!