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It’s probably time to regulate cheap steak salesmen…

Iowa Steaks

If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that more often than not, Sundays are spent eating ridiculously large steaks at my parents’ house. As a person who has recently renounced chicken altogether, I’m really enjoying my new “all red” diet. And while I’m not above hitting up Cimarron Steakhouse for their lunch special, I like to think that I generally make good decisions regarding the meat I purchase.

But not all purveyors of flesh are on the level, as we’re learning from this recent story on NewsOK.com:

Monday Morning Tweets

Thank God it’s Monday, am I right? You made it through another weekend and here we are again. I know the day is shaping up to be terrible, but just remember that you can probably find a plate of affordable cheese fries at lunch to make you feel better, and I’ve got a hot serving of OKC social media schadenfreude just waiting for you. Join me as we collectively gird our loins for the week ahead by laughing at the local tweeps. I’ve collected the best tweets from the past week (or at least the ones that caught my eye) and put them right here so you’ll have something to read and laugh at while you ignore the incoming stream of emails and meeting invitations in your Outlook inbox.

As always, they’re right here after the jump!

About that Norman kid who wore an old man mask to rob banks…

Old Man bankrobber

I’ve never really thought about the logistics of robbing a bank, mainly because I’ve always assumed that there wasn’t much money to be had from it. Like, the tellers can only give you so much, so the ROI isn’t really that great. Card counterfeiting is really where it’s at. And that can be done pretty easily and with little technical knowledge. Not that I’ve researched it or anything. Also, I saw The Wolf of Wall Street. I know how to illegally get a lot of dollars if the need ever arises.

But it turns out that not everyone has given this much thought to stealing the money of others. In fact, some kid robbed a few banks and went undetected.

From News 9:

Monday Morning Tweets: Surviving Sharknado 2

As a person who regularly loses large amounts of time to daydreaming, blackout drunkenness, and accidentally stepping through rifts in time and space, it’s no surprise to me that July is over and August is here. To everyone else who is surprised, I’m sorry. It’s probably a wormhole though, if that makes you feel any better. Yeah, you lost little pieces of your life when you stepped through it, but at least now you’re one step closer to fall! And to cheer you up after your little bout of time travel, I’ve gone and aggregated some tweets for you. Y’all oughta keep me around. I just keep on giving.

Anyway, as always, the tweets are after the jump. (In this case, the “read more” jump and the jump through time.)

A third Walmart in Norman is probably inevitable


One of the cool things about telling an obscure local social blog the reasons that Edmond sucks 4 years ago is that it has given me the opportunity to release my opinions upon the world. Granted, no one takes them seriously, but at least when I scream out into the void that is the internet, my voice is slightly more amplified than others. I’m getting ready to express an opinion that won’t matter because I’m but one small person, but just let me do it and maybe we can all commiserate in the comments section when I’m done, yeah?

They are getting ready to build a third Walmart Super Center in Norman, and the one thing that we don’t need more of in Oklahoma is Walmart stores.

NewsOK.com has a story about a planned protest and a petition drive to prevent the land from being rezoned for Walmart’s use.