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Monday Morning Tweets: Wayne Coyne hit The Devil’s Lettuce with 2 Chains

If you’re like me, you’re nursing a Coor’s Light hangover at your desk while you pretend to get work done. Don’t worry. Come 10 AM, you should be able to take a nap in an empty office. Either that, or you’re calling in sick so you can sleep in and snuggle on the couch with your dog. Whatever you choose, know that I’m there with you in spirit, and to prove it, I’ve collected some of the best and brightest tweets of the past week for your reading pleasure. They won’t take away the hangover, but they might make you momentarily forget that you have one. As always, this week’s tweets are after the jump.

Here’s some weird Oklahoma stuff from DeviantArt.com…

the safety word is oklahoma by InvaderJabber

the safety word is oklahoma by InvaderJabber

We here at The Lost Ogle are constantly scouring the internet (or at least setting up Google Alerts) for the best and brightest in Oklahoma. Usually, this doesn’t get us very far. It’s not that Oklahoma isn’t interesting, because it really is. It’s just that sometimes the best parts of our state aren’t documented that well on the internet. I wondered if this was the case with deviantART.

Before going on this research odyssey, I wasn’t that familiar with deviantART. I knew it was a place where you could buy art, kind of like Society6 or Redbubble, but made by the kids who ate their boogers in class. And after my journey, I’ve decided that it’s probably more accurate to say that this art is made by the kids who bring guns to school.

Okay, it’s not all bad. There is some photography that you would expect someone to take in Oklahoma.

Monday Morning Tweets: Valentine’s Recap

Happy President’s Day to all our fine readers out there. Do you have the day off? No? Well, this may be the one day a year where my job is better than yours. So suck it. But don’t worry. I didn’t take the day off from bringing you the tweets of the past week. I asked Patrick if we could have days off from blogging, and he said that if I asked again, he was going to send me to the same glue factory that they sent Boxer, the horse, to in Animal Farm. Not to turn me into glue or anything, but for a tour. It’s neat to see how stuff is made, and Patrick knows how big a fan of glue I am. I mean, I huff it daily.

Anyway, check out the tweets after the jump!

Last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts

Joleen Chaney Valentines

If you’re like me, you’ve been dropping not-so-subtle hints about what you want for Valentine’s Day for the past month or so by casually telling your significant other that you’re planning on buying this thing for yourself, but you don’t know. Also, if your significant other is like mine, then he did not pick up on it at all and it’s now officially too late to order that damn scarf OMG Chris pay attention to my needs as a woman.

But have no fear! There are plenty of retail locations across the metro that can help you out if you totally didn’t buy your girlfriend of three and a half years that vintage scarf on Etsy that she wanted. And as far as last-minute gifts go, these are probably the best. Take heed! Seriously. Once a guy got me a single flower from 7-11 on Valentine’s Day. Don’t be that guy.

Monday Morning Tweets: John Rohde has discovered the only thing worse than racism

What’s up, you lovely, hung over hot messes? It’s Monday, and I’m guessing you’re trying to stay awake at your desk and just make it to lunch. That’s pretty much what I do for a living. Well, don’t fret. I’ve got just the thing you need to wake you up, or at least something that will keep your eyes focused on your computer monitor so maybe your boss will think you’re actually working. Get yourself a trampoline because this week’s tweets are after the jump.