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An exclusive tour of Kevin Durant’s house

Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 8.12.54 PM

It’s no secret that Kevin Durant is pretty much the best person to ever walk the planet. For one, he’s fantastic at basketball. And two, he’s a crazy good dude. When he’s not giving new Nikes to underprivileged children, he’s donating money to rebuild Moore and getting leaves out of the gutter for his middle-aged Asian wife. Or maybe that was a commercial. Regardless, I’m sure his mom makes him get stuff off the top shelf and he obliges. My mom makes me get stuff off the top shelf for her, and I grumble the whole time, but that’s because I’m not a salt of the earth sort of person like Mr. Durant.

All of this leads me to wonder what happens in his home. Sure, it’s not any of my business, but how does the golden boy of basketball spend his time off the court? Well, his house is currently on the market. I know. You’re sad that we never got an episode of Cribs with Kevin Durant. But that’s where you’re wrong. We have an exclusive look at the home where Mr. Durant lays his head. And after you take a look, maybe, you can put in an offer. They’re only asking $1.95 million.

MMT: Gary England took Loretta to Coyote Ugly

It’s officially spring time in Oklahoma. The weather was stupid yesterday, and if you’re the type to plant a garden, it was completely destroyed. But take heart. Know that slackers like me get along just fine by never planting flowers or tomatoes, so you’ll be okay. What won’t be okay is this weather. It’s too stinking cold, and I’ve already packed up all my sweaters. But I guess I can’t complain. As far as spring weather goes, this is pretty nice.

Anyway, I’ve got some tweets for you. Don’t forget to follow @TLOMMT and maybe we’ll follow you. Who knows? Maybe your tweet will end up on an edition of MMT! Check out this week’s tweets after the jump.

A baby giraffe died at the OKC Zoo yesterday


When was the last time you were inconsolably sad about something that was out of your control? For me, it’s kind of an every 20-minutes sort of thing where I have to cry because the fairy tales were all lies and life is an eternal sadness loop punctuated by moments of really hysterically funny things, like strangers falling down and my dog chasing her tail. It’s not healthy, but no one has every really looked at me and said “wow, that’s an emotionally healthy person.”

So, imagine how my heart broke under the weight of this news. From NewsOK.com:

MMT: The Royal KFOR Wedding

We have a lot to cover this Monday. The tweets in the OKC area were really at a whole ‘nother level this past week. I’d like to congratulate all of you for stepping up your tweet game. Some people say you should dance like no one is watching. But it’s clear you guys like to tweet like your boss can’t google you. Personally, I’m more the type to eat Taco Bell like my jeans have an elastic waist band. But you know, to each their own. Anyway, let’s get to the tweets!

There is only one doctor in Bartlesville that can prescribe birth control…


Sometimes I think it would be really cool to live in a past era, and then I remember that I’m a brown woman and that it would totally suck for me. I would literally kill for a Mad Men-style wardrobe, but the present is definitely the best time to exist as a lady. Except if maybe you live in Bartlesville.

According to the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise: