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Redneck extraordinaire, Toby Keith, will be inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame

Toby Keith performs @ Aarons Amphitheater @ Lakewood in Atlanta Ga. 8-2412 Lisa Keel/PeachtreeImages.com 2012

I think it’s important that we, as a society, recognize brilliant artists that capture the zeitgeists of their era. Art is an indelible mark made in our collective consciousness, and as such remains immortal. Important works can convey their intended messages for years to come. It’s a very interesting and sort of existential sort of thing to think about, and maybe you need to have partaken in a little somethingsomething to get the full vibe I’m trying to convey.

I don’t want to start a debate about what constitutes art, because I don’t think this blog is the place for that talk and also because you can’t find a dictionary that gives you a good, all-encompassing definition. I will say this, though. Art generally conjures up ideas of importance and meaning. As it should. And, in case you haven’t heard, an Oklahoma artist is about to receive a pretty big deal kind of honor. According to KFOR.com:

Yukon PD is selling the spoils of their crime busts

yukon pd evidence surplus auction

I used to think that the only way I would get all the material things that I wanted was by stealing them. Sure, this isn’t the best way to get what you want, but I’ve got expensive taste and employers don’t seem to think that my multiple creative writing degrees make me a candidate worth the sort of dollars that enable a person to eat food items that aren’t on the dollar menu. So, stealing may be the way to go.

The issue is, though, that I don’t really know how to do that. Plus, if you scroll through the past 5 years worth of archives, you’ll totally see about a billion times where I’ve confessed to doing illegal things. So, it’s highly likely that I would steal something nice, and then get caught when I talked about it here. I’m no criminal mastermind, and I’m fine with that. Especially since now the Yukon PD has taken all the guesswork out of getting stolen goods. According to News9.com:

Let’s talk about Russell Westbrook’s butt

So, in case you’ve been living under a rock, Russell Westbrook is not only the Thunder’s resident honey badger and precious guy, he’s now a spokesman for True Religion. (Also, for those of you like me who have never bought jeans outside of the jeggings section at Kohl’s, True Religion makes things like jeans and also shirts, but mostly jeans.)

If you haven’t watched the ad, go ahead and watch it up top. Seriously. Do it. It didn’t convince me to buy a pair of True Religion jeans, but I have a longstanding feud with the fashion industry where I refuse to wear anything but Levi’s and American Apparel hoodies. Not even Russell Westbrook can break that. But it did convince me that maybe there’s hope for all us butt-lusting ladies out there now that Derek Fisher is gone.

I present to you Exhibit A:

Monday Morning Tweets

Good morning and happy Monday! Welcome to Monday Morning Tweets! I’m going to assume that you’ve had some leftover/discount Valentine’s Day candy for breakfast today, and are really straddling that line between sugar high and nausea. That’s what I like to call “the sweet spot.” It’s where I live. And if we’re being completely honest, it’s the best way to set the tone for the rest of the week.

Anyway, pull up a chair and get ready. I’ve got a whole bunch of tweets for you from the week before. So, pop another conversation heart and get ready. This week’s tweets are after the jump!

You can go through this Tunnel of Love on Valentine’s Day

tunnel of love sanctuary okc

As one of the ladies who write for The Lost Ogle, I feel it’s my duty to give you a two-minute warning of sorts. It’s February 12. That means you have two days until Valentine’s Day. Get in your orders for flowers and Pajamagrams, and don’t forget to make a reservation for dinner. Since Valentine’s Day falls on a Saturday this year, you better believe that all the places will be cram-packed with lovers partaking in the $89 prix fixe steak dinner at all the worthwhile establishments.

If flowers and chocolates aren’t your style, don’t fret. There are still plenty of ways to show your loved one that you care. (Please don’t tell me this is a manufactured holiday because I will go on a rant about how ALL holidays are totally manufactured and meaningless these days.) There is something out there for everyone, I believe, and you don’t even have to be super cheesy about it. I mean, there’s even something for people who like hella-scary weird stuff. Like the Tunnel of Love at The Sanctuary OKC. According to their website: