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Monday Morning Tweets: Joenuts, Compression Socks and eff’ Oklahoma

Happy Monday and Veteran’s Day to all our readers! If you’re lucky enough to have this day off, savor it. The rest of us are just trying to cobble together enough PTO so that we can have Black Friday and Christmas Eve off. For those of you at work, I’ve grouped together some tweets for you to read while you pretend you’re actually doing something like putting numbers in a spreadsheet or sending emails. As always, I got them sweet tweets after the jump!

Crime in Edmond is on the rise…


They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. And while I don’t have the statistics on how long the building process took, I do know that Rome fell. Similarly, Edmond wasn’t built in a day. (It took years of white flight.) But now, that ivory tower is about to come crashing down. I know what you’re thinking. “But Marisa, there are still roughly 2.3 Buick crossover SUVs per capita in Edmond. How can it be falling?”

Well, I say to you: Look around. Do those SUVs live in Edmond, or do they live in Deer Creek? It would appear that the once affluent and super boring of Edmond have begun another flight to the frigid north that is Deer Creek. I say this using little research and basing it mainly off of the growth of neighborhoods in that area. Also, the crime stories coming out of Edmond are just a little too working class. Either Edmondites are moving north to Deer Creek, or crimes once relegated to apartment complexes on 122nd and Penn are making their way into Edmond.

On Monday, NewsOK.com reported that a body was found behind a church:

Monday Morning Tweets: Halloween Candy Recap

It’s Monday again, and you know what that means. It’s time to quietly doze at your desk for the first 3 hours of the work day. Also, it’s time to talk tweets. I’ve gathered the best and the brightest, or just the ones that caught my eye for their joke/innuendo potential. Our feeds were inundated with pictures of Halloween costumes and helpful reminders about the time change, and, of course, the same ol’ shenanigans from your local Twitter celebs. Check out this week’s tweets after the jump.

Trick or Treaters Guide to Oklahoma City Neighborhoods…


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! I’m not talking about that time when you awkwardly exchange gifts with a family member who drew your name and knows nothing about you. I’m talking about the time of year when you get free candy, dress in something ridiculous, and probably get a little too drunk and toilet paper the house of the cop who lives in your neighborhood.

Little known fact about me: the last time I trick or treated was when I was 21-years old. It was cool though, because when I wear a hoodie and a Jason mask, you could totally mistake me for a 15-year old boy. And while that’s still too old to trick or treat, it’s more acceptable than a girl who should be dressing like a skank at a frat party asking people for candy. My love and extensive research of trick or treating totally qualifies me to give you some insider info on areas in Oklahoma City to go trick or treating. Check out our guide after the jump.

Monday Morning Tweets: Serge Ibaka Wins Halloween 2013

It’s just another manic Monday. Which means it’s time for tweets! At least, I think that’s how the song goes. Anyway, there were tweets and things that went down and I’ve got them all wrangled in this here corral for your reading pleasure.

I was lucky enough to attend the Confluence Conference at the Lyric Theatre this weekend. I learned a lot about digital influencers and blogging and that putting the word “transvestite” in a tweet totally won’t get you a $1,000 prize package from Remington Park. But anyway, all this is to say that I’m officially qualified to judge the social media of others, so know that these tweets (after the jump, duh) are being critiqued by a professional.