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So, there’s now a Zaxby’s in Norman


Morgan Spurlock visited OU and gave a talk my freshman year. Hot off the heels of his Supersize Me success, he lectured the group of young adults in front of him about food choices. He also said that he felt it was weird we had so much fast food on campus, and that there should be waiters following us around with fresh food options since we were paying tuition. I felt he was wrong, because I really liked being able to order a Frosty, fries, and chicken nuggets off the Wendy’s value menu, and only spend $2.97. Fast forward to the present, and the spot in the student union that used to be the Wendy’s is now a gigantic soup and salad bar.

Sure, OU’s campus has definitely changed to accommodate the health concerns of consumers. But the rest of Norman, not so much. In fact, I’d like to argue that Norman has copied the deep-fried simulacrum one too many times, and that’s why we now have a Zaxby’s. According to NewsOK.com:

NORMAN — Zaxby’s has opened its first restaurant in Norman, and the second Zaxby’s to open in Oklahoma.

The restaurant, which held a grand opening celebration July 20, specializes in chicken fingers and wings. Other menu items include sandwiches, salads and desserts.

For those of you not familiar, the Zaxby’s was built upon the salted ashes of the old Main Street Long John Silver’s, right across from Sooner Dairy Lunch. For those of you keeping score at home, that means that Norman now has a Slim Chicken’s, Chicken Express, Church’s Chicken (located literally right next to the Chicken Express), KFC, Chick-Fil-A, Wing Stop, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Raising Cane’s. We used to have a Charlie’s Chicken, but it closed a while back. I suppose that’s why Zaxby’s showed up–to fill the silly chicken restaurant in a faux barn hole in all our hearts.

Perhaps this isn’t a big deal to you. Perhaps, you say, you don’t care about chicken restaurants in Norman. Well, here’s the deal. Norman is the third-largest city in the state, and if you live in any OKC or Tulsa suburb, chances are your city is fast growing in the same direction as Norman. You will soon have the same traffic problems and overabundance of terrible fried chicken chains. So consider this a warning to all. If you’d like to see a larger variety of restaurants, or if you’d at least like to make sure that your city isn’t overrun with unnecessary amounts of fried chicken bits, take heed.

Also, can I just say it’s absolutely not fair that Moore has a Dairy Queen in an area where traffic turns it into a Hellmouth, and all we get is a friggin’ Zaxby’s? If anyone with the City of Norman Chamber of Commerce would like to have a sit down with me about acceptable fast food restaurants to bring to my city, hit me up on Twitter.

Monday Morning Tweets

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone. I hope your weekend was restful and well-spent. Though, let’s be honest. We all drank too much and are having trouble getting it together this morning, aren’t we? I happened to celebrate my older brother’s birthday this past weekend, and it was a great time had by all. I got him a bottle of Ron Burgundy scotch and a bottle of J.R. Ewing bourbon. If you know of any other alcohols based on fictional characters, please let me know. I’m completely out of ideas of what I should get him for Christmas.

Anyway, I’ve done that thing where I’ve collected all the tweets from the past week and put them all in one place so that you can read them on your work computer while you pretend to get ready for that important meeting. Check them out after the jump!

It’s time to add a new location to the list of the worst 7-Elevens in the OKC Metro

7-eleven awning collapse

Picture this: It’s a hot summer day and you’re stopping to get some gas at a local 7-Eleven. While you’re filling the tank, you think maybe you should fill your tank too. So, you pop inside and get yourself a large Dr. Pepper icy because those are the absolute best. You grimace at the price and think to yourself that all icy beverages should be on sale throughout the entire summer. What kind of terrible corporation makes you pay full price during the hottest time of the year? But you’ll pay for it anyway, because it’s the most refreshing of options. You stroll through the chip aisle and grab some Sour Cream and Onion Lays because you ain’t planning on kissing anyone later. Then, you spot the 7th Heaven bakeries single-packaged cupcakes. You grab the red velvet because it’s the middle of July and you ain’t gonna get that bikini body any time soon.

You take your purchases up to the counter, where the cashier offers you a receipt that you will leave on the countertop. You don’t need it. You don’t want evidence of your dietary transgressions haunting you later. So you walk out the door only to find that the canopy over the gas pumps has fallen on your car.

Sound familiar? Then you must frequent the 7-Eleven around Wilshire and May. According to KFOR.com:

Fort Reno needs more animatronic skeletons

fort reno

I’m all for preserving history. I went to library school with the goal of working as an archivist so I could spend my days with dusty volumes in the back of some museum or historical society. And also, so that I’d rarely, if ever, have to work with people. I’d sit in a room all day, making sure the preservation methods used weren’t in any way degrading the collection, while simultaneously working tirelessly to ensure as much of the collection was accessible from the internet as possible. I had lofty goals.

Now, while I don’t work in archives, or even in a library, I still love history and preserving it. However, I generally tend to differ on what deserves preservation than the rest of the world. And that’s why I have a bit of a bone to pick with Fort Reno. In case you hadn’t heard, it’s now the headquarters of the U.S. Cavalry Association. According to KFOR.com:

Monday Morning Tweets

Good morning and happy Monday, everyone. Can I just say that last week was pretty rough in terms of social media? First, the OK GOP posted something terrible and then gave us a flippant non-apology. Then, a brigade of toothless folks waved the Confederate flag at our president. Needless to say, I was trying to favorite tweets as fast as my little fingers could hit that star. But damn, y’all. I’m really looking forward to having a lackluster social media week next week. You know, maybe one where the bcoolest thing that happens is someone posting pics of their lunch. Let’s make that a priority, Oklahoma.

Anyway, as always, the best tweets from last week are after the jump.