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Hot Girl Friday: Siera Santos

Earlier this week, my Uncle from Dallas went to Chicago for a business trip. While in town, he visited Wrigley Field for a couple of Crosstown Classic matchups between the Cubs and White Sox. Knowing that I’m a big Cubs fan, he trolled me by sending pics from his seats behind the White Sox dugout:

20160727_185312 copy

He also suggested I watch the game on whatever channel this reporter worked for:

sierra santos cubs sox

After doing a very quick double tap to zoom, it occurred to me that the reporter I should be watching is Siera Santos! A few years ago, she worked as “Dean Belvins’ handler” (her words, not mine) at News 9. After jumping around to different markets for a couple of years, she’s now the clubhouse reporter for whatever channel airs White Sox games in Chicago. Oddly enough, Kelly Crull, who worked at KOCO as Mark Rodgers’ handler and then for the OKC Thunder, does the same thing for the Cubbies.

I texted my uncle back to inform him that ironically enough the anchor is a former Oklahoma City media babe, and that he should be watching for dangerous foul balls instead of attractive women. He then talked to Siera, which is the kind of embarrassing thing that uncles do, and yada yada yada, I guess Siera says “Hi” to everyone back in OKC.

Anyway, there are some pics of Siera after the jump. Check them out. I’m going to get back to watching my Friday afternoon Cubs matinee against the Mariners.

Steve Lackmeyer wonders if bar patios are a good thing for OKC’s urban core…

steve lackmeyer patios

Earlier this week, Steve Lackmeyer took a break from not drinking or doing drugs to look into the dire patio bar epidemic that is hitting OKC.

Apparently, wealthy gentrifiers who only want Oklahoma City to become a “Big League City” if it meets their stale, personal definition of “fun” are now “debating” whether or not all the popular patio bars in the urban core that bring in tax revenue are a good thing for the city.

Via NewsOK.com

As downtown continues to evolve into a mix that includes an influx of housing, debates are popping up on whether outdoor bars and restaurants are a good addition to the urban core revival.

The latest debate surrounds the former Foodies diner at 1220 N Hudson, vacant for the past two years, but now being eyed by veteran restaurateur Joe Jungmann as the home for a restaurant and bar with outdoor seating for up to 230 people.

Jungmann, who also owns Sauced and the Paseo Grill in the Paseo Arts District, secured a long-term lease for the vintage Valentine-style diner earlier this year. His plans call for extensive repairs to the diner, removing the old rooftop equipment, and building an extensive patio on the adjoining parking lot he envisions as a “park” for the neighborhood.

“We looked at this venue on how to be great,” Jungmann said. “Once we looked at the area, we were excited to get the lease. It’s an incredible place.”

Jungmann’s plans call for an extensively landscaped patio surrounded by shipping containers resurfaced to match the diner. Another shipping container would be attached to the rear of the building to provide new restrooms.

Although we already have a Pump Bar and Blue Garten and Powerhouse and Fassler Hall and Sauced and Delmar Gardens and 51st Street Speakeasy, that sounds like a cool concept. Although Oklahoma City weather does everything in its power to make them as unenjoyable as possible, you can never have too many patios. They’re the best way to enjoy the great outdoors.

Well, at least they are for people like me. Apparently some of the gentrifiers who live in these developing, affluent urban cores don’t want thriving businesses in their neighborhoods. They’re worried they may be too “noisy.”

David Stanley is still using questionable advertising tactics…

david stanley

Back in 2014, we reported that David Stanley – one of the largest, if not the largest, auto dealers in the state – was fined $350,000 by the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission for false and deceptive advertising.

In a desperate-for-content media age where stories about a concrete paver ripping off an old widow for $300 lead the 10pm news, the report was curiously not picked by any media outlet in Oklahoma City. Obviously, that’s because people in the local media do not read The Lost Ogle. It has nothing to do with David Stanley spending millions upon millions of dollars in local web, print, radio and TV advertising in Oklahoma each year.

The $350,000 fine was apparently due to a “long, ongoing problem” the Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission had with David Stanley’s advertising practices. They had hit the dealer with small fines over the years, but the financial benefits of the ads far outweighed the costs of the fines. The $350,000 penalty, along with a threat to revoke or suspend the dealer’s new auto license, was supposed to end the practice.

David Stanley agreed to play along. The dealership promised to stop, and brought in an attorney named Toby Flowers to review all future ads. I’m not sure if Toby still works for the dealership, but if so, he may want to check out what’s going on at David Stanley Dodge of Norman.

Check out this spot on the company’s Facebook page:

david stanley deceptive

Yep, what a great deal! From July 27 – 30th, you can walk into David Stanley Norman Dodge and buy a vehicle for as low as $88. We know it’s legit because there’s no fine print, and Rob Stanley, the annoying guy in the TV commercials, “liked” the post. It really is that simple.

Or is it?

I was tipped off to the promotion by an Ogle Mole. Apparently, a David Stanley sales employee named Tiffany posted the offer in the “Chickasha Buy-Sell-Trade” Facebook page:

david stanley fb post

The Mole made contact with Tiffany, and had the following conversation over Messenger:

Oklahoma church raffles AR-15 to raise money for local schools…

josh wheeler

Here’s one from the “Real Life Crazy Shit That Only Seems To Happen In Oklahoma” file…

Earlier today, an Ogle Mole sent me a link to a Facebook post created by Josh Wheeler (pictured above). He’s a pastor for the 1st Assembly of God in Afton, a small, northeast Oklahoma town located in the heart of our lead poisoning belt.

Being the good, moralistic, Christian leader that he is, Josh has organized a raffle to raise money for school supplies. Naturally, the grand prize in the raffle is an AR-15 assault rifle – the weapon of choice for soldiers, paranoid gun enthusiasts and mass shooters from all across the country.

Check it out:

Trump Sign Stealers Terrorize Pottawatomie County!

trump sign stealing investigation

10 months ago, I shook Donald Trump’s hand during his visit to the Great State Fair of Oklahoma. Here’s the recap.

At the time, Trump was still kind of a novelty act. All the political websites and pundits agreed he would eventually flame out. His favorability rating was way too low, and as other folks dropped out of the race, he would be surpassed by an establishment candidate, or even that thing they called a Ted Cruz.

I could see why the experts felt that way. Maybe it was the Oklahoma State Fair serving as the backdrop, but Trump’s performance felt like a skit you’d see at a WWE rally. It was absurd. As Marisa and I mocked the weirdos in Trump gear standing around us, I remembered thinking “Smart, rational people will never buy this.” After about 15 minutes of listening to Trump ramble, the shtick got old and we walked to the Midway to grab an ear of “I really hope that’s butter drenched” corn.

Well, I guess I forgot that most smart, rational people left the Republican party years ago. You know the rest of the story. Trump’s vitriolic hate machine only grew stronger. He’s the Republican nominee for President. And now people are stealing his campaign signs from good, hardworking, probably bigoted folks in Pottawatomie County.