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TLO Q&A: W. Kamau Bell


W. Kamau Bell has been pegged as a “political” comic, but that’s probably just because he doesn’t talk about airline food, the difference between cats and dogs, and other trivial topics. Because he pokes fun at the things that interest him, i.e. social issues, pop culture and politics, he has been labeled as a political comic. He’s fine with it, and has made a career with this label, but it should be noted that he is a comedian first. Discussing things that matter to him has landed him some impressive titles. Kamau was recently named an Ambassador of Racial Justice by the ACLU. And he sits on the advisory board of Race Forward, a racial justice think tank and home for media and activism, and Hollaback, a non-profit and movement to end street harassment.

He was also the host of Totally Biased: With W. Kamau Bell, an amazing show that aired on FX for two seasons. I’m super excited to see his show, and was happy to chat with him on his maiden voyage into OKC.


How are you enjoying OKC so far?

So far so good. I ate lunch at an Indian restaurant and am now watching Fox News in my hotel room.


2014 Judicial Endorsements

More than likely, you’ve already made up your mind for the important races in today’s election like that for Governor (vote for Dorman), US Congress and the State Legislature. That being said, you probably have no clue which judges you’re going to vote to retain or not retain. Like most people, you’ll probably just vote “Yes” to retain all of them except for that person at the bottom of the ballot with the name you don’t like.

That’s not a very wise way to determine who’s going to rule against you in a court of law. Fortunately, Patrick and I wanted to help you decide which lawyer who practiced law for at least 5 years (and then decided to make less money by taking a government job) deserves to be retained or not retained.

Keep in mind there are about a million judges up for reelection, so we will only be covering the cool races. If you would like more information about races in your jurisdiction, you can find information here and here. And if you want to check out a sample ballot to see which judges you can vote for, click here.

Oklahoma Supreme Court:


Chief  Justice Tom Colbert

Spencer – Vote YES: Chief Justice Tom Colbert is the first African-American to sit on Oklahoma’s highest court. He was appointed by Brad Henry, and despite his conservative leanings, we can’t allow Mary Fallin to start putting more old white men in Oklahoma’s Supreme Court. Hell, if Fallin gets the chance she might appoint Christina to the bench.

Patrick – Vote YES: Since there’s a chance that our lawsuit against Mary Fallin may go the Supreme Court, I’m going to play things safe and say vote “Yes” for Chief Justice Tom Colbert. A wise, handsome man, who recently lost weight and is admired by all, he’s the smartest man in the world and is always fair and impartial and on the side of the people and obscure local social bloggers.

2014 Oklahoma Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is upon us, and unless you’re diabetic, it’s one of the funnest holidays of the year!

I used to enjoy having an excuse to check out girls in slutty outfits and drink and eat candy, but now that I have a kid I assume my Halloweens will be filled with making sure people aren’t putting razor blades in food. I also have to stay vigilant against all the pedophiles that are apparently dressed like Iron Man.

So for the people out there who are still free to go out and party, Patrick and I want to give you some ideas on what Oklahoma-themed costumes to wear. Wear them to your party, the Halloween Parade, or whatever you’ll be doing while I’m at home checking candy…

Christina Fallin

Vampire Native Hipster Boo Boo

The only thing better than shitting on the sanctity of marriage by being married and divorced multiple times in a year, is shitting on the culture of Native Americans. It’s a pretty easy costume, just paint your face as white as a vampire and put on a sacred headdress.


Oklahoma Islamaphobe

Go to Walmart and buy the best OU or OSU apparel you can find. Then go around telling everyone that you are a Christian while at the same time condemning all Muslims. You know, just like Jesus!

Spencer’s recap of last night’s Gubernatorial Debate…


While most of you were watching Thursday Night Football or Scandal last night, I took in a gubernatorial debate that featured Mary Fallin bumbling through stock answers with a shiny diamond cross around her neck and Joe Dorman trying to recall facts and figures with a shiny bald head on his head.

As a loyal service to our TLO readers, I thought I’d spend a couple of minutes to provide a recap of the questions, answers and share other random thoughts. Check it out. Despite my preference for Dorman, and the fact that I served as the personal assistant for Governor Henry, I have been completely fair and balanced in my summary of their responses.

Here we go!

Question 1: How do we fix the teacher crisis and education system?

Joe Dorman: We shouldn’t give 3rd graders tests and we should give more money to education.

Mary Fallin: I have never met Janet Barresi, and I have given more money to education this year. Remember when the economy collapsed? Yeah, now that it’s all better I will give more money to schools. But I’m going to keep the A-F school grading systems. Again, I don’t know Janet Barressi. And also the economic recovery had nothing to do with Obama.

p.s. – The audio and video was kind of screwy… OSU A/V club needs to get their shit together or let the OU kids have a crack at it. Also, the moderator seemed more nervous than the candidates. I would crap my pants too if I was in the same room as these two political powerhouses.

10 cool ways to quit your local job…

There comes a time in everyone’s life when it’s best for you and your employer to part ways. Most people take the boring, reference friendly path, and submit a notice of some sort. Then there are people who take life by the balls and go out with a bang. Alaska’s Charlo Greene is one such person. The video of her dropping an F-bomb live is a great way to get your point across, while at the same time screwing your employees who have no idea how to react to things that aren’t written on a teleprompter.

That’s awesome, right? I hope the 49 people who live in Alaska heed Charlo’s call and legalize marijuana.

But you don’t visit TLO to see people cuss on television. Well, actually you do, but today you came here for life advice. Therefore, I’ve come up with a list of local jobs and the best way to quit.

aaron brackett kfor

1. TV Weatherman

There are several ways to go. Farting on air and then calling it a “low pressure system” would probably do the trick, but if you’re a weatherman named Aaron Bracket, we’d all probably donate to your unemployment Go Fund Me or buy weed from you if you made a huge weather dong on the screen and then told Mike Morgan or Emily Sutton to “suck it.” That would be epic.


2. Omniplex Volunteer

Give your boss a scavenger hunt that leads to the shadow room, where your boss will find a shadow outline of you giving him the finger.