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An Open Letter To That Dude Who Dribbles The Tire In That One Big 12 Basketball Commercial

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Dear Dude Who Dribbles The Tire In That One Big 12 Basketball Commercial,

Aren’t you glad college basketball season is back? I know I am! It can be kind of lonely being a basketball fan in a football crazed state. While I’m obsessing over whether or not Sam Grooms can be a Big 12 point guard, everyone else is talking about Ryan Broyles’ knee or the fact that OSU’s quarterback is old enough to be one of those people who always has a butterscotch hard candy to give you.

Sometimes I feel like you’re my only friend, Dude Who Dribbles The Tire In That One Big 12 Basketball Commercial. Every basketball season, I know you’ll be there, at least by the time conference play rolls around. No matter how many technological advances we have, the one constant in my life is being able to watch you fuzzily dribble a tire in standard definition. It’s comforting, like warm soup on a cold night or smashing the living crap out of a stack of Hinder albums with a sledgehammer.

What Did The Sooners Talk About In Their Players-Only Meeting?

When Michael Hunnicut’s field goal clanged off the upright on Saturday night and it became apparent Texas Tech was going to pull out a shock victory over Oklahoma, all of us Sooner fans coped differently. Some people drank, some drank more, others drank even more than that. Everyone pledged to avoid the Sports Animal all week.

The Sooner players handled it by calling a team meeting. Among the topics discussed were the “teams goals [sic], which still included winning a national title, and Travis Lewis apologizing for comments he made about injured teammates after the game.”

Okay, well, this team isn’t winning a national title, but it’s fine to hold out hope and keep playing like you have a chance, and it’s nice that Travis Lewis apologized for his boneheaded remarks, but that’s not really much of a meeting. Surely something else came up? After the jump, our best guesses at some of the other topics covered in the Sooners’ players-only meeting.

Oglebating: Is it OK for OU fans to put upside-down longhorn stickers on their cars?

Greetings, Oglebaters!  We’re back with you this week to help decide some of the more controversial issues of the day. And much like the series of GOP debates, we will be taking cheap shots at deeply held emotional values while simultaneously making inane and completely unquantifiable statements.  So, sit back and enjoy as we determine whether or not it’s okay for OU fans to put upside-down Longhorns stickers on their automobiles!

The World’s Largest Outdoor Furry Festival Is Coming To Oklahoma. This Is Not A Drill.

All right, people, how have you never told me about this? Next week, a whole bunch of human beings wearing dressed up as animals will be descending on Roman Nose State Park. This happens every year, apparently. It’s called Oklacon, and holy cow this is crazy. I mean, I knew this subculture existed, but I guess I never really knew the extent of it.

I don’t really know what else to add to the introduction to this post other than to mention that I think the member of the local media most likely to attend a furry convention is Jon Slater. So, after the jump, ten thoughts about OklaCon and the furries congregating in our state.

Oglebating: Worse Customer Service – Braum’s or Ted’s Cafe Escondido?

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It’s time once again for another exciting installment of Oglebating, or as we call it at TLO headquarters: “The one where we are running out of famous and/or funny debate videos to put at the top of the post.” By the end of the year, the only videos left to post will be some old Flashpoint clips of Burns Hargis and Mike Turpen arguing.

Last week, we tackled the subject of Megachurches, and, well, the overwhelming majority of you are going to hell. Not that we didn’t know that beforehand.

This week, we’ve decided to debate something everyone can identify with: customer service! Who’s worse: Braum’s or Ted’s Cafe Escondido? We’ll make our cases after the jump.