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Monday Morning Tweets: Thunder Girls, Pimps, and Failed Refrigaration Systems

Hello, boys and girls. We meet again! It’s Monday, which means another edition of Monday Morning Tweets, coming to you live and in living color!

By the time you read this, it will be mere hours until we don’t have to look at Kobe Bryant’s stupid face for a good long while. To celebrate this fact, I was going to show you a picture of what my timeline looked like immediately following KD’s three-pointer on Saturday night (spoiler alert: there were lots of exclamation points), but stupid twitter is being stupid and won’t let me see tweets from more than 16 hours ago. Thanks a lot, Zuckerberg! Due to this technical problem, you get Linda Cavanaugh’s HAIL-arious pun instead. See what I did there, people? Wordplay!

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Monday Morning Tweets: SNL, Traffic Jams, and Panhandlers

Hello again, internet! It’s another Monday Morning, and that means it’s time for Monday Morning Tweets. You may be wondering why I put Adam Mertz’s insights about curling practice atop this post. Well, for one thing, it was said on twitter, and this is a post about things said on twitter. For another, I couldn’t think of anything else to put up there. Oh! The Olympics are this summer! Let’s go with that as the reason. Sure, it’s the Summer Olympics, and curling is in the Winter Olympics, but still.

I do love curling, though. It’s the one Olympic event where it feels like anyone could practice for like a year and actually be good enough to compete with the best. I will never be a fast swimmer or a strong weightlifter or understand the point of synchronized swimming, but I strongly feel that when it comes to throwing rocks down ice and then sweeping with brooms, there’s no reason I can’t be the greatest in the world. I’ll see y’all in Sochi.

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Monday Morning Tweets: Tiger Woods, Work Attire, and Hair Dye

Hello again, people of the internet! It’s Monday again, time for yet another installment of Monday Morning Tweets. That articulate young gentleman up above is Mr. Wayne Coyne. You may have heard of him. He likes to tweet pictures of his naked wife and, from what I understand, also sings in a band. A couple months ago comedian Marc Maron was in town, and while visiting, interviewed Wayne for his tremendous WTF Podcast. The interview was finally posted last week, and it’s a great listen. Everyone who has some free time this week should check it out if given some free time. It’s really fantastic stuff. Here’s the link. The Wayne stuff starts at about the 22:45 mark.

And now, this week’s tweets!

Monday Morning Tweets: Cats, Dogs and Condoms

If you’re anything like me, you spent the bulk of your weekend reading tweets about the Oklahoma Memorial Marathon. Seriously, did everyone on twitter except for me run in that thing? My whole feed was full of people either talking about how they were running the marathon (Example: “I’m on mile 6!”) or talking about how happy they were that someone else was running the marathon (Example: “Just saw Stacy at mile 12. Soooooooo proud of her!!!”).

Man, do runners love running. They love everything about running. They especially like talking about running. After running, talking about running is the #1 thing runners seem to like. Also, is it just me or are runners crazily cultish about their running? Like, if they find out you’re a fellow runner, there is nothing you could do to sever the relationship. You could murder an elderly man and the only reaction would be, “See you at Red Coyote this weekend!” In summary: though very clearly insane, runners are sort of adorable and infectious in how enthusiastic they are. I wish I could find something I was that excited about (other than picking apart Dean Blevins’ twitter feed).

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Monday Morning Tweets: Armageddon, Kings of Leon, and Babies

Happy Monday, boys and girls! It’s time for another edition of Monday Morning Tweets! Ordinarily I don’t like to start the week off by complaining about the mentally ill, but Ron Artest can go f*** himself! Am I right, people? Somebody needs to get this dude some serious help, and fast, because it’s not going to end well for him. A lot of us — myself included — treated him with bemusement as kind of a funny sideshow, but the dude is messed up in the head. Violent outbursts are nothing to take lightly and as TLO’s own Clark Matthews says, not beating the hell out of fans is a pretty low standard for personal growth. Here’s hoping James Harden is ok and Metta World Peace gets a really bad kidney stone or something.

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