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Tony Casillas is finally out at 107.7 The Franchise…

tony casillas

When 107.7 The Franchise launched last fall, their big hire was former Sooner great Tony Casillas. Matched up in the afternoon drive against Traber and Eschbach on The Sports Animal, he was going to bring a different style of sports talk to Oklahoma City radio. As billboards and bus benches around town told us, it was going to be some “Sports Talk with Balls.”

Unfortunately, someone forgot to put some air in those balls, because Tony Casillas was incredibly flat. He had the energy of a Koala and the vocabulary of a football player. His radio show was about as fun as wearing wet socks. If Regular Jim Traber is the radio equivalent to watching a train wreck, then Tony Casillas is like being stopped at a railroad crossing during rush hour in Edmond.

With Casillas now going back to living off the millions he made as a professional athlete, The Franchise has made some changes to their lineup and moved some people around. The most noticeable is promoting former Oklahoma State offensive lineman Sam Mayes to the coveted 3pm – 6pm slot.

Yes, you read that right, the flagship radio station for Sooner athletics is going to have an OSU homer lead their programming. As Mike Gundy would say, that makes me wanna puke.

Here is Sam’s tweet about the news:

The Oklahoman is documenting its own sad, inevitable demise…

Apparently, the editors of The Oklahoman get a kick out of watching their own funeral.

Last week, “The State’s Most Oldest News” debuted a new series where they pick 11 lucky subscribers to have donuts and coffee with The Oklahoman editor, Kelly Dyer Fry, and discuss the newspaper.

Well, at least that’s what they claim is going on. I bet the whole thing was just a lure to pre-sell obituaries. As we know, The Oklahoman will do just about anything for extra cash. Just check out the photo:

oklahoman subscriber

You know how law firms will sometimes use a cliché line like “Our attorneys have over 300 years combined experience in banking law.” Well, those 11 Oklahoman subscribers have about 700 years experience reading the newspaper.

Seriously, no wonder the newspaper industry is dying. When your customer base is composed of people who write checks, watch CSI and still have landline telephones, you may have some problems. I can’t tell if they’re talking about newspapers or conducting a focus group for Polident.

If you want to see something even more depressing than this photo, check out this video NewsOK.com put together about the event. They even converted it into black and white to mimic the old talkies their readers watched as kids.

The best part, and I’m not joking, is where Jenni Carlson’s mom chimes in to say: “I like Jenni Carlson real well… I just like how she says things.”

Check it out:

Steve Shaw had a Facebook malfunction…

steve shaw

I don’t know what it is, but I kind of like News 9’s Steve Shaw. Sure, he’s over-the-top, obnoxious, dramatic, and louder than an AWACS flying over Midwest City, but aren’t we all when we drink 10 Red Bulls in one day?

Seriously, how can you not like Steve? He’s what happened when the weird chubby kid who played with Tonka trucks grew up and became a news reporter. When Steve’s not working, I imagine him sitting at the end of a bar with his tie loosened, sipping on cheap whiskey while humming Van Halen songs and occasionally bragging out loud to no one in particular about the time he stole Dean Blevins’ Smart Ones.

Actually, I’m just joking. I doubt Steve really stole Dean’s frozen dinner. I think the only thing Steve has ever stolen from Dean is a penchant social media gaffes.

For example, check out what he put on Facebook on Saturday.

KFOR took a sympathetic look a cockfighting enthusiasts…


The guy pictured above with a garage door opener in his pocket is BL Cozad. He’s one of the premier cock trainers in Oklahoma and a friendly, terrifying reminder that everyone gets to vote.

Last week in a sweeps story spectacular, KFORwent deep within Derplahoma to tell us BL’s sympathetic story of how an overreaching government is interfering with his God-given, constitutional right to make a living by forcing God’s creatures to fight to the death gladiator-style for sport and show.

It’s part of KFOR’s new series “Is This a Fucking Terrifying State or What?!”

Here’s the video:

Here’s audio of Regular Jim Traber’s radio fight with Matt Pinto…

pinto traber

Matt Pinto had enough….

In case you missed it, Regular Jim Traber and Thunder radio play-by-play guy Matt Pinto got into a little spat last night during the always awkward Thunder pre-game show on The Sports Animal.

The whole thing was weird and random. I guess they were talking about whether the injury depleted Thunder were going to sign an extra player to the roster or something, and then Traber asked Pinto his thoughts on the matter.

I’m not sure if the years of working with the most annoying radio person in the world finally took their toll, or maybe Matt Pinto just lost a dare to James Hale, but Pinto snapped and said:

“I can’t imagine I would have anything to offer of value to you, Jim. You have all the answers, which amazes me, because you’re never at practice and never talking to players or coaches as far as I can tell.”

At that point, Jim flipped out, took off his headset, and left the show.

In an effort to look like a victim, Traber replayed the tiff on today’s Afternoon Sports Beat. I recorded it live on the air. Check it out, and when you do, please ignore the incoming call that hit my MAC right as I was recording the damn thing. Technology is nice, but it can also be annoying.