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Which one of Christina Fallin’s friends kissed a Channel 25 reporter at H&8th?

keaton fox

The goober pictured above is KOKH Fox 25 reporter Keaton Fox.

On Friday night, Keaton was sent to the H&8th food truck block party for a live report on a voter registration drive. That’s how popular H&8th has become. They’re now asking intoxicated people to register to vote while they wait in line for an Indian taco. Maybe next month they’ll have mobile plasma donation stations.

While Keaton was in the middle of his report, some drunk, probably hot hipster girl who is hopefully over 21 ran into the live shot and kissed him on the cheek. We think the girl is friends with Hipster Boo Boo because she wore one of those Native American headband things. As they say, girls who wear a feather flock together.

Here’s the clip:

Channel 25 is losing a weatherman, adding a newscast and should probably hire Gary England….

emily and gary

First of all, I want to be clear that I have not heard any rumors that Gary England is moving to KOKH Fox 25. What I’m doing here is simply throwing out the idea that Gary England should move to Channel 25. Let me explain why.

Yesterday, longtime Oklahoma TV weatherman and kid from Jerry McGuire impersonator, Jon Slater, announced he’s leaving the fourth place Oklahoma City news channel… for the future. According to the Ogle Mole Network, this is because his contract wasn’t renewed. He’ll be replaced by the station’s Chief Meteorologist, Jeff George, who is moving from the morning show to the evenings.

Here’s Jon Slater’s Vaguebook status about it:

Meg Alexander took the Ice Bucket Challenge…

emily sutton meg alexander

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a thing. If you have no clue what it is, don’t feel too bad because that means you don’t watch the Today Show or stop by KFOR.com late at night in search of blog material.

So, what is the Ice Bucket Challenge? If you’re down for a good laugh, KFOR Social Media Bandit Bailey Woodrum took a break from rewriting adorable articles you’d never believe on Viral Nova to explain it:

The “Ice Bucket Challenge,” have you heard of it yet?

It seems like everyone is going it these days.

Even professional golfers like Rickie Fowler are doing it!

All are pouring buckets of ice water on themselves while challenging other people to do the same thing.

Here’s the catch; accept the challenge, or donate to charity.

NewsChannel 4′s Meg Alexander accepted the challenge.

I have a serious question. Is Jenni Carlson writing columns for KFOR.com under the pseudonym Bailey Woodrum? It would make sense. We have one sentence paragraphs, random references to Oklahoma State golfers and the awkward use of a semi-colon and exclamation point. I sure hope it’s her. Revealing that Jenni Carlson doubles as the KFOR Social Media Bandit would be the greatest scoop in TLO history!

As Jenni…errr…. Bailey told us, Meg Alexander took the Ice Bucket Challenge. Now she knows how we all felt when we listened to her sing the national anthem. ZING!!!

Here’s the video:

Amanda Taylor is having a baby…

amanda taylor

Amanda Taylor is going to need a bigger pink bathrobe.

Kelly Ogle’s Number One made a special announcement during last night’s 10pm broadcast on News 9. She’s going to have another baby! Lucky for her, it will be out just in time for February sweeps.

Via News 9:

The Oklahoman has published a sex issue…

sex issue

It’s a sex week spectacular at The Oklahoman.

Apparently, the paper’s Baby Boomer/AARP targeted special edition, Vantage, is celebrating July with a special sex edition. It’s a great idea, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to get sex tips and advice from a conservative newspaper that prints a prayer on its front page.

NewsOK.com is playing along by posting and heavily promoting the content online. They know sex equals pageviews, and being the pageview whores they are, they turn on the red light and can’t resist. Here are some random articles:

• 8 ways to avoid back pain while having sex
• You won’t believe how Ronnie Kay has kept it going over the years
• Two beds or one? The twin bed dilemma.
• Quiz: Which Golden Girl Love Interest Are You?
• 10 Things Guys Look For When Courting A Cougar by Dave Morris

Okay, I made those up. They’re not in the Vantage sex issue, but they probably should be. Instead, we’re treated to articles like “6 Reasons Why Sex Is Better After 50,” “As God is my witness, I’ll never let anyone see me naked again,” and this gem: