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You can own Bree Steffen’s washer and dryer for $300…

bree steffin

Here at The Lost Ogle, we occasionally like to help out our friends in the local news media. We do this because we’re nice people and enjoy “paying it forward” to those who provide us with so much material.

That’s why when Emily Sutton placed a Craigslist ad for a new couch a couple of years ago, we helped spread the word and find a buyer. And it’s why we’ve decided to do the very same thing for Bree Steffen. The KOCO General Assignment reporter is moving to a new apartment and needs to sell a washer and dryer.

Here’s a post about it from Bree’s Facebook page. It was sent to us via the Ogle Mole Network:

5 things to know about Marianne Rafferty (a.k.a. Meg Alexander’s replacement)

Marianne Rafferty

We have a new face to welcome to the Oklahoma City media. Her name is Marianne Rafferty. She’ll be replacing Meg Alexander who, as we know, was unceremoniously let go from the station back in February.


KFOR NewsChannel 4 is excited to welcome Marianne Rafferty back to Oklahoma. She returns to the Sooner State to  join Lance West on the anchor desk weekdays at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:30 p.m.

Wow. They gave her Meg’s shift. That’s got to sting a bit for News Mommy Meg. I bet she and her stay-at-home-mom friends are currently drinking mimosas on a backyard patio while making snide remarks about Marianne’s Pinterest boards.

And they’re probably not the only ones. Meg’s fans are going to hate this move. Yes, that’s right. Meg Alexander has fans. Lots of them. Out of all the news items we’ve covered this year that have not involved racism, fraternities or chemtrails, we’ve received more emails about Meg Alexander’s departure than any other topic. All of them have been supportive of the news mommy. Here are a few examples:

Well, She was the only thing that kept me watching KFOR. A little entertainment with the news…how great is that? Linda C….oh boy…she needed to go a long long long long time ago. sKaRrYy!!! Btw….Did you know Kevin Ogle used to be a Bowman? He was on the news in Fort Smith and went by the name of Kevin Bowman. No Joke. He was just as bad then as he is now.


It is sad that Meg is no longer with KFOR. Hopefully, she will find another station that will appreciate her. Her reporting made you feel like family and will surely be missed.


I can not tell you how incredibly shocked and disappointed we are to learn your station has let Meg Alexander go!  What the heck were you thinking? We love Meg, she has an approachable personality that was endearing. We assumed Meg would have moved into Linda Cavanaugh’s spot when she retired some day when she retired.  Seriously, who fires the 2015 Mother of The Year???  You guys need got it WRONG!!!!

To avoid some hate mail, I just want to clarify that I didn’t mind Meg Alexander. I enjoyed watching her anchor the news in the same way I enjoyed listening to Bob Barry Sr. call OU football games. She made mistakes, slurred her words and sometimes appeared to be lost in her own reality, but that was a part of Meg’s charm. It’s what made her fun to watch.

Anyway, you know how some websites like to write those clickable, SEO-friendly “5 Things You Need To Know…” articles about newsmakers and events? I thought that maybe we should start doing the same thing. Let’s start with Five Things You Need To Know About Meg Alexander’s New Replacement…

Dave Morris is lonely…

dave morris

Remember Dave Morris?

We used to write about him on this site back in the day, but then he and his hot wife split and I finally added the Chrome Flashblock extension to stop those annoying NewsOK.com autoplay videos and we kind of forgot about him.

Seriously, if you read NewsOK.com on a semi-regular basis and don’t have Flashblock, you’re missing out. Life is so much better without those annoying autoplay videos. It’s nice to read an article in your cubicle about a murder, deadly car crash or the latest Thunder injury without having some realtor announce to you and the entire office that he sells Edmond.

Now that I’m done giving valuable life advice, check out this pic that a Mole sent us of Dave Morris playing the keyboards at either an Oklahoma City Chamber event or the Mini Haha Bingo Hall off I-35. I’m not sure which one…

Hail, Rainbows and Weather Dongs: Breaking down yesterday’s severe weather coverage

I guess you can say yesterday’s weather forecast lived up to its billing…

After a few days of hype, the 2015 Severe Weather season rolled into Oklahoma yesterday evening, packing with it a powerful punch of strong winds, large hail, and tornadoes. Here’s a pic of a Tulsa-area twister that took one life near Sand Springs.

In the metro, Moore was the target of Mother Nature’s fury… again. Following a similar path to the deadly May 20th tornadoes, they caused damage, a few serious injuries and made us all ask “Why is Moore always in the path of these damn storms?!”

That’s actually a legit question. It’s one I first asked when a 2003 Moore tornado missed my house by only about six blocks. What the hell is going on there? Is there some sort of atmospheric condition above Pickle’s that spawns tornadoes? Are the weather gods also annoyed by Toby Keith’s music? Can some meteorologist who doesn’t dabble as a spray tanned bodybuilder answer these questions in the comments?

With all that, we also marked the beginning the 2015 Severe Weather Coverage Season. We previewed it yesterday. Some of our questions were answered (it appears Mike has officially retired the bedazzled tie), while others are still mysteries (what is Channel 9 going to do with the new girl).

Overall, the coverage didn’t disappoint. After knocking off some winter weather rust, the local severe weather teams were in mid-spring form. Chief Meteorologists were declaring their own tornado warnings, storm chasers were inventing new words to describe tornados, and social media bandits clogged your timelines with boring pic of hail after boring pic of hail. It was a spring treat.

Like every Oklahoman, I flipped through the channels and scrolled through social media looking for the best radar updates, live shots and RTs. Since this is what my obviously sad, depressing life has come to, I thought I would give some off-the-cuff, highly unscientific grades:

KWTV News 9: C

You could tell David Payne was a bit slow with his clicker. He was visibly irritated by the positioning of some of his stormchasers and he lacked chemistry with whoever controlled his radar. And when the tornado was about to touch down in Moore, he seemed more concerned with high winds near the Fairgrounds. He was also victimized by a couple of amazing weather dongs:

11 storylines to follow for the 2015 Severe Weather season…

According to the local weather gods, the 2015 severe weather season kicks off today in Oklahoma. As the map of doom below clearly shows, we may be in for some large hail, damaging winds and a 4-hour scream therapy session with David Payne

severe weather

In all honesty, that’s pretty tame compared to the maps we usually see in April or May. Wake me up when that map turns all red and purple like Emily Sutton in a triathlon.

Anyway, with a new severe weather season coming down upon us like a wall cloud, I thought it would be fun to preview the Severe Weather Coverage season by taking a look at some storylines to follow.

Before we do, lets review some basic weather safety procedures:

• Difference between a tornado watch and a tornado warning. A Tornado Watch simple means there’s a good chance there’s going to be a state map on the bottom left of your TV screen for a good part of the day. Be cautious and aware. A Tornado Warning means the Chief Meteorologist is going to cut into live programming to likely show you helicopter footage of a slow-moving wall cloud located 30-miles north of Woodward… or a funnel cloud approaching your neighborhood. One of the two.

• Tornado Safety Precautions. If you hear sirens or see Bob Moore Chopper 4 from your backyard, either get underground, hide beneath a pile of pillows and blankets in a hall closet or bathroom, or head south and try to outrun the storm. It’s your call.

• Clean out your shelter. Also, consider how you’re going to address that awkward moment when your neighbor frantically knocks on the shelter door, pleading for you to unlock it and save his life, but you don’t have extra room because you brought your dogs.

With that out-of-the-way, here are 11 storylines to follow for the 2015 season…