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Dean Blevins has some Jimmy’s Egg on his face…

dean blevins little smokies

Dean Blevins should probably stick with percentages and / or hunting down who stole his Smart Ones.

Last week, Dean brought some good news to Sooner fans when he broke the story that Texas Tech transfer QB Baker Mayfield was granted a third year of eligibility by the NCAA and would be able to play immediately for the Sooners, giving the team a starting caliber QB to backup (and push) the oft-injured and occasionally inconsistent Trevor Knight.

Via News 9:

Baker Mayfield finally caught a break. And so did the Oklahoma Sooners.

The talented Texas Tech transfer won his appeal with the NCAA and has been granted a third year of eligibility. Oklahoma finally got good news after striking out with three other potential difference-makers they’d hoped/expected to play this season (Dorial Green-Beckham, Joe Mixon and Frank Shannon will not play this year for various off-the-field reasons).

There is some conversation about Mayfield redshirting this season and then having three years to play — presumably leaving him at least one year with Knight having finished his career. But if Mayfield were eligible, it would be hard to fathom Oklahoma not pulling off the redshirt should Knight be unable to play.

Although Mayfield hasn’t been taking reps with the ones and twos (he and DGB are tearing it up with the scout team), the Texas native is talented and experienced enough to jettison into the back-up role quickly. This doesn’t mean that current back-up Cody Thomas will not have a successful career in Norman. Same with redshirt true freshman Justice Hansen. Both are gifted. But neither is currently what Mayfield is as a proven major conference passer, runner, leader and playmaker.

The NCAA should have given an answer sooner to Mayfield. And the Sooners should have done more to get the transfer rule appeal earlier. Sources confirm the Mayfields were disappointed with the timing of the process.

That’s awesome! You can never have too many good quarterbacks on campus. Of course, it would be more awesome if any of it were true:

Via NewsOK.com:

KSBI Channel 52 has cancelled Oklahoma Live!, Wild Card and is moving away from local programming…

oklahoma live ksbi

Here’s some sad news for trivia junkies, obscure local rock bands, and little old ladies who don’t know how to change the channel on their television.

We’ve learned through the Ogle Mole Network that KSBI Channel 52 has cancelled two of its local programs (Oklahoma Live! and Wild Card), laid off most of its staff and is moving away from producing live local fledgling programming. Apparently it’s part of a grand plan by KSBI President Vince Orza to make the station watchable.

We first heard reports of the news on Friday after layoff rumors began to circulate through the Ogle Mole Network. Here are a couple of emails we received:

10 cool ways to quit your local job…

There comes a time in everyone’s life when it’s best for you and your employer to part ways. Most people take the boring, reference friendly path, and submit a notice of some sort. Then there are people who take life by the balls and go out with a bang. Alaska’s Charlo Greene is one such person. The video of her dropping an F-bomb live is a great way to get your point across, while at the same time screwing your employees who have no idea how to react to things that aren’t written on a teleprompter.

That’s awesome, right? I hope the 49 people who live in Alaska heed Charlo’s call and legalize marijuana.

But you don’t visit TLO to see people cuss on television. Well, actually you do, but today you came here for life advice. Therefore, I’ve come up with a list of local jobs and the best way to quit.

aaron brackett kfor

1. TV Weatherman

There are several ways to go. Farting on air and then calling it a “low pressure system” would probably do the trick, but if you’re a weatherman named Aaron Bracket, we’d all probably donate to your unemployment Go Fund Me or buy weed from you if you made a huge weather dong on the screen and then told Mike Morgan or Emily Sutton to “suck it.” That would be epic.



2. Omniplex Volunteer

Give your boss a scavenger hunt that leads to the shadow room, where your boss will find a shadow outline of you giving him the finger.


Hot Girl Friday: Marla Morgan

marla morgan

We’ve received a bunch of great emails since we started this website in 2007. Perhaps none of them have been better than this gem that Mike Morgan sent us back in June 2011 before he hated us:

Subject: Damn, it’s hot!

Hello LostOgle, as a token of appreciation for the Mike Morgan drinking game ( very clever ) , here is a picture of Marla Morgan, former runner up Miss rodeo USA from bristow, ok, cooling off during a recent hot OKC evening. We hope you approve, May u continue to be this lucky….

Since that first contact, we’ve had an up and down email friendship with Mike and his wife Marla. The highlights include Marla emailing us pics of phallic Roman road signs from the couple’s Mediterranean vacation, and this gem of Marla posing in a swimsuit in front of a muscle car while holding a Wile E. Coyote doll. The low point was when Mike angrily accused us of censorship and a failure to show balls, and threatened to use the evil powers he learned from the dark sith weatherlord Wayne Shattuck to attack Ogle Manor with a microburst.

Out of appreciation for all the good times and material the Morgan’s have provided us, I thought we should chronicle and post all the pics of Marla we’ve obtained over the years. She’s our Hot Girl Friday, and definitely something Mike Morgan doesn’t have to apologize for.

Mike Morgan apologizes for “insensitive” remark about Muslim prayer

mike morgan apology

Thursday, September 18th, 2014 was not the best day for the KFOR Weather Team.

Emily Sutton started the day by accidentally saying a bad word during the weather forecast, proving that even adorable little weather princesses can have a shitty morning:

At least she didn’t go to Frontier Shitty.

Not to be outdone, Mike Morgan showed his young apprentice how to really say something bad during that night’s 6pm newscast. Following a serious report about how Oklahoma Muslims are trying to overcome negative stereotypes, prejudices, death threats and general attacks on their religion, Mike Morgan decided to lighten the mood by comparing an Islamic prayer ceremony to a tornado drill.

Here’s the video: