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Meg Alexander is out at KFOR Channel 4…

meg alexander

Pour a little Riesling out for your homegirl…

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that KFOR Channel 4 has parted ways with long-time news anchor, reporter and TLO regular Meg Alexander. The move went down yesterday afternoon when, according to sources, KFOR management simply called Meg into the office and told her “they no longer need her services.”

Although some have said the decision has been “a long time coming,” this is surprising news. Meg was a KFOR institution. The Gary Kubiak to Linda Cavanaugh, she had been with KFOR for nearly 18-years, helping the local NBC-affiliate grow from one of the most annoying TV stations in Oklahoma City to THE most annoying TV station in Oklahoma City.

Here’s an email that KFOR News Director Carlton Houston sent to the station’s staff addressing the news:

Let’s all forget about The Oklahoman’s struggles as they move downtown…

oklahoman sign

As a regular reader of this blog, you’re probably aware that I like to criticize The Oklahoman from time to time. Let’s be honest, it’s not too hard. If anything, it illustrates how insanely lazy I am:

“Hey Patrick, want to do something meaningful and productive with your life?”

“Nah! I’m just going to sit here and eat cheese, watch Comedy Central and mock The Oklahoman. After that, I’m going to play Madden in Rookie mode, boil an egg and make fun of the Oklahoma legislature.”

It really is too easy. This is a newspaper that employs Jenni Carlson, employed Zeke Campfield, endorsed Janet Barresi and exposed its own sad demise over coffee. They called Kevin Durant “Mr. Unreliable,” can’t even properly ripoff Buzzfeed, and despite having a well-deserved reputation as one of the most biased, vengeful and politically active newspapers in the country, they went with “The State’s Most Trusted News” as a marketing slogan, which then allowed us to mockingly call them “The State’s Most Trusted News” in every post where we expose how untrustworthy they are.

“The State’s Most Trusted News” thing has always cracked me up. If you want an example of The Oklahoman’s interpretation of “trusted news,” take a look at the paper’s highly publicized move back to downtown Oklahoma City.

On the surface, it looks like a positive event and the paper is reporting it as such. They’ve already had Boomer Tramel write an ode to the new offices, and earlier this week, the Editorial Board chimed in with this

Thomas Wolfe had it wrong. You can go home again.

The Oklahoman did so these past two weeks, as we moved into our new office building downtown. After 24 years working at the tower located at Britton Road and the Broadway Extension, we’re now smack dab in the heart of this great city, at 100 W Main.

People who return to their childhood homes are always struck by how much smaller the place seems. The opposite is true in this case – downtown Oklahoma City is far bigger and better than it was when we pulled up stakes in 1991.

The main entrance to our building is on Robinson Avenue, across the street from the grand Colcord Hotel. The Devon Energy tower is just a little ways west of us. If they wanted, our sports writers and photographers could walk the one block to Chesapeake Energy Arena to cover the Thunder — neither the building nor the NBA team existed the last time we were here.

Across the street to our east are the Renaissance hotel and the Continental Resources headquarters, each new since last we worked downtown. The Skirvin Hotel, just up Broadway a few blocks, is bustling again. It was shuttered when we moved north.

The list of changes goes on and on. We’re delighted to add to it by returning home. We look forward to the city’s continued growth, and to many years of doing what we can to help make Oklahoma a better place to live, work and raise a family.

It really is a great narrative. The proud newspaper returning home to its urban roots at a growing city’s core. They have a new video board to show advertisements, fancy studios for David Morris to shoot videos, and nice fluorescent lighting. There’s even a “Timeline of Sadness” in the newsroom to remind employees of all the depressing tragedies they’ve covered over the years:

New Trend: KFOR sweeps stories about adults drinking breast milk

got breastmilk

Here’s a shocking new trend you need to know about.

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that TV news channels from across the country will slap a “trend” label on just about any weird, strange and extremely isolated news story in a lazy attempt to boost sweeps ratings.

And it’s happening right here in Oklahoma.

Okay, that’s technically not a “new” trend. It’s an old one that’s been around since Kevin Ogle first learned how to say “Tonight at 10,” but I figured it would be fun to turn the tables on our TV news friends. Why are they the only ones who get to turn a strange, isolated story into a juicy trend to drive ratings?

For example, KFOR’s big sweeps story this week was about the new “trend” of adults buying breast milk for personal use over the Internet. Yeah, that’s now apparently a trend… because it was on the news.


New trend: More adults drinking breast milk

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends infants drink exclusively breast milk for the first six months of life, and then as much milk as mommy makes, as long as baby is interested.

There is no medical recommendation for adults drinking breast milk. But, It’s happening!

Wow? Adults really are drinking breast milk?! Even though our friend Brent Skarky has been doing this for years, tell us more about this new trend!

Channel 5 found an excuse to go to Valley Brooke’s all-nude strip club…

We’re in the final days of February sweeps and the local news channels are making one final push to win the ratings book. This was pretty obvious on Sunday night, as Channel 5 went to the lowest common denominator and used the Oscars broadcast to promote an exposé on the metro’s only “all-nude” strip club.

Yep, the metro has an all-nude strip club and Channel 5 decided to devote a sweeps story to it. Isn’t that kind of desperate and sad? We know they’re usually the third or fourth place in the ratings, but that doesn’t mean they should act like it. Not only are there better, more important stories to cover, but look at how uncomfortable it made Paul Folger and Jessica Schambach feel:

paul folger schambach

I consulted our guide to the Many Faces of Paul Folger, and this appears to be a Paul Folger’s new “Think About Baseball” face.

Here’s the story about the club via KOCO:

Sir John Michael is a smooth operator…

joleen chaney oklahoma

We all know what Sir John Michael does when life hands him lemons, but what about those rare, magical moments when cosmic forces drop an attractive news anchor at his school bus door?

I guess there’s no need to speculate.

Over the weekend, Joleen Chaney received a special Valentine’s Day surprise from Oklahoma’s favorite school bus squatter. Because JoJo is straight shootin’, highfalutin with Barbie doll style, she shared the pic of the gift on Instagram before probably filing a restraining order.

Check it out: