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107.7 The Franchise pissed off William Shatner


Throughout this week, fledgling OKC sports talk station 107.7 The Franchise has held a “Celebrity Call-in” contest where the listener who gets the “biggest” celebrity (as determined by a panel of judges) to call the station wins $500. So far, they’ve received calls from celebrities like Russell Westbrook, Jesse Jane and Joe Carter. Impressive, huh?

If the contest sounds kind of sad and gimmicky, it probably is. I wish the Franchise all the best in their uphill effort to dethrone The Sports Animal, but it reeks of desperation. It would be like Braum’s having a $500 contest to get a famous person to eat at their restaurant. That being said, I can’t really blame them for the stunt. They need listeners and callers about as bad as John Rohde needs a personality. Plus, it’s radio. It’s the medium where gimmicks are born and mastered. As a response, expect the Sports Animals to drop turkeys on the city so Jim Traber can make a big batch of soup.

Anyway, I guess some Franchise listener took things too far yesterday and started harassing THE William Shatner. The person tweeted, emailed and even called the pop culture icon’s office. The captain of the Starship USS Enterprise was not pleased…

Steve Shaw likes snakes…

amanda curtis

The girl above is Amanda Curtis. As the News 9 graphic shows above, she hates snakes. We know this thanks to Steve Shaw.

Via News 9:

A close encounter with a large black snake Saturday has a Norman couple thankful for the Norman police.

Amanda Curtis and Devin Valenta are recent OSU grads who just moved into a second-floor apartment off of Cardinal Creek Boulevard a week ago.

Curtis says about 10 p.m. Saturday, the couple were just a few steps from the front door of their apartment, when a six-foot-long black snake — that had wrapped itself around a wreath on their front door — lurched towards Curtis…

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not sure what I’d do if there was a large black snake just hanging around my front door. Everything I know about snakes I learned from watching Snakes on a Plane and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Would I shoot the motherfucker with a .44 Magnum or simply scare it away with a torch? I don’t know. My snake knowledge is limited. I grew up in the city. These people, on the other hand, are former OSU students. They eat tumbleweeds for breakfast and use words like “yonder.” Plus, isn’t Introduction to Animal Control a prerequisite 2000 level class in Stillwater? How did Amanda and Devin handle the situation?

Kent Ogle can jump really high…

kent ogle

The physical specimen pictured above to the left is Kent Ogle. As you know, he’s the middle Ogle brother, the morning anchor for KFOR and the closest thing we have to a real life Lost Ogle.

He’s also apparently a really high jumper. We know this because he won first place in the Oklahoma Geriatric Games or whatever last weekend in Sulphur.


Morning news anchor, Kent Ogle, the 55-year-old middle brother of the Ogle family news dynasty, won a high jump competition over the weekend.

Ogle performed several successful jumps and scored the gold medal when he hit 4 feet 4 inches.

He competed in the 55+ age bracket of the State Games of Oklahoma in Sulphur, Oklahoma.

Wow. He hit 4 feet, 4 inches? Even Loretta can’t jump that high. That’s like two Al Eschbachs and one Meg Alexander. I haven’t seen an Ogle Brother clear a bar that high since Kelly jumped over Kent on the path to becoming an evening news anchor.

News 9’s Steve Shaw is looking for love on Tinder…

steve shaw

It’s no secret that News 9’s Steve Shaw is the most badass, bitchin’ news reporter in Oklahoma City. There’s just something about the guy you have to like and admire. He always tells it like it is, and doesn’t let anything – from floods to meat sweats to a sale at Tommy Bahama– get in the way of a hard-hitting news story.

Knowing that, it’s kind of surprising to know that Steve is single and looking for ladies on Tinder. Recently, an Ogle Mole sent us some screenshots from his profile. She would not tell us if she swiped left or right.

Here are some pics:



The mass exodus at KFOR continues…


We’ve learned through the Ogle Mole Network that Ed Doney, the lone anchor of KFOR’s melancholy “Sunday Night’s with Ed” 10:00pm newscast, was apparently fired from KFOR Channel for bad penmanship. He’s now waiting tables at the Bricktown Brewery at Remington Park.

Okay, that’s a joke. We have no clue when he left, why he left, where he now works or why he signs and addresses autographs with his left hand. If you have any tips, let us know.

In addition to that, we’ve heard KFOR reporter Jesse Wells, the older brother of Todd from Breaking Bad, will be leaving the station soon. We don’t know where or what he’s doing either, but it will probably involve grabbing the items off the top shelf of a cabinet for short people.

Hopefully both of these guys take their KFOR departure better than News Mommy Meg Alexander. Over the past couple of months, she’s re-tweeted a couple of catty remarks about her Fox News replacement: