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Hot Girl Friday: Marla Morgan

marla morgan

We’ve received a bunch of great emails since we started this website in 2007. Perhaps none of them have been better than this gem that Mike Morgan sent us back in June 2011 before he hated us:

Subject: Damn, it’s hot!

Hello LostOgle, as a token of appreciation for the Mike Morgan drinking game ( very clever ) , here is a picture of Marla Morgan, former runner up Miss rodeo USA from bristow, ok, cooling off during a recent hot OKC evening. We hope you approve, May u continue to be this lucky….

Since that first contact, we’ve had an up and down email friendship with Mike and his wife Marla. The highlights include Marla emailing us pics of phallic Roman road signs from the couple’s Mediterranean vacation, and this gem of Marla posing in a swimsuit in front of a muscle car while holding a Wile E. Coyote doll. The low point was when Mike angrily accused us of censorship and a failure to show balls, and threatened to use the evil powers he learned from the dark sith weatherlord Wayne Shattuck to attack Ogle Manor with a microburst.

Out of appreciation for all the good times and material the Morgan’s have provided us, I thought we should chronicle and post all the pics of Marla we’ve obtained over the years. She’s our Hot Girl Friday, and definitely something Mike Morgan doesn’t have to apologize for.

Mike Morgan apologizes for “insensitive” remark about Muslim prayer

mike morgan apology

Thursday, September 18th, 2014 was not the best day for the KFOR Weather Team.

Emily Sutton started the day by accidentally said a bad word during the weather forecast, proving that even adorable little weather princesses can have a shitty morning:

At least she didn’t go to Frontier Shitty.

Not to be outdone, Mike Morgan showed his young apprentice how to really say something bad during that night’s 6pm newscast. Following a serious report about how Oklahoma Muslims are trying to overcome negative stereotypes, prejudices, death threats and general attacks on their religion, Mike Morgan decided to lighten the mood by comparing an Islamic prayer ceremony to a tornado drill.

Here’s the video:

Mary Fallin doesn’t know how to read!

fallin open toe shoes governors association 2

I guess we know why Mary Fallin wants to flunk all those third graders who can’t pass reading tests. She must know what it’s like to live in a world with confusing letters and symbols that make no sense.

Earlier this week, the following pic of Mary at a campaign event in McAlester made the rounds on Facebook. I think it proves something we’ve all suspected: Mary Fallin doesn’t know how to read.

Check it out:

You won’t believe what clickbait duped the KFOR Social Media Bandit


Sorry for the headline. I’m just trying to fit in with all the other websites in the world.

Yesterday, I received an email from a person with a company called SafePointSecurity.com. They were trying to pitch some clickbait about the safest cities in Oklahoma:

I just wanted to let you know that the 2014 list of Oklahoma’s Safest Cities has finally been released from Safe Choice Security.

To ensure the accuracy of our rankings, we compared crime statistics (including both property and violent crimes) of over 300 cities in Oklahoma to determine our list of the safest cities. Oklahoma should be very proud to have such great cities representing their state. Check out the full list of Oklahoma’ safest cities here: http://www.safechoicesecurity.com/blog/safest-cities-oklahoma/

Feel free to show off the list on your blog or social media channels to let future and current residents know about the ratings! We have included an easy to embed code at the bottom of the list (click link above)

Emails to clickbait like that are pretty common. In fact, we get them all the time. It seems like every day some random website with a SEO optimized name throws out a hastily put together list of states or cities without any real context, knowledge or insight, in hopes that a gullible, desperate-for-pageviews publisher will share the cobbled together list on Facebook or some other website, and in the process, give the clickbait site some easy referrals which helps them sell ads and backlinks. Get all that?

For the most part, we’re pretty good about not taking the bait and reposting this crap. When we do, we generally call it our for being BS. Unfortunately, not every local publisher is as strong-minded as we are. Most of them fall for these Jedi Mind Tricks like stormtroopers.

Cue the KFOR Social Media Bandit:

Mike Gundy is awesome…

traber pizza

It looks like we’re not the only ones who can’t stand egotistical, loudmouthed, pizza face stuffing hypocrites. Apparently, Mike Gundy doesn’t like them either.

If you listen to the Sports Animal often, and let’s hope you don’t, you may notice that between games of 1970s Play That Tune, Jimmy’s Egg On Your Face, and commercial after commercial after commercial after commercial after commercial, Regular Jim Traber likes to whine that he now has to dial *67 before calling his favorite college football coach Mike Gundy. This is because Gundy has wised up and is now ignoring the yardbird in chief.

From NewsOK.com: