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Oklahoma State Rep Kevin Calvey threatened to set himself on fire…

kevin calvey

A crazy Oklahoma legislator finally has an idea we can get behind…

Derplahoman State Rep. Kevin Calvey, who lost the battle of bad haircuts to James Lankford in the 2010 congressional election, recently threatened to douse himself in gasoline and light a match to protest the “evil” of the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Yes, that’s right. A guy who serves in our legislature thinks the court is evil. In other news, the NFL thinks basketball is too violent.

Via NewsOK.com….

Don’t expect the earthquakes to let up anytime soon…

daily show oklahoma earthquake

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma Geological Survey finally acknowledged what anyone not employed by the Oklahoma Geological Survey has known all along: that pumping millions upon millions of gallons of toxic wastewater deep into our earth’s crust is the cause of the earthquake boom that’s damaging our homes and raising our anxiety levels.

So, how did our Oklahoma legislature respond to this news? Are they going to put a moratorium on wastewater injection until we figure out a way to do it without causing earthquakes?

Nope. They let us know whose side they are really on by advancing Senate Bill 809 – The Earthquakes Forever Act – through the House. The law will prohibit local officials and municipalities from taking action and instituting their own bans on fracking and oil drilling. The measure simply awaits a “Yes” vote by our Republican-controlled Senate and a signature by our ditzy Governor to become law. It’s going to happen.

The mind-fuckingly awful irony and absurdity of the situation was noticed by just about everyone. Even the The Daily Show got in on the action. Check out the video:

We found a new execution method to botch!

mary fallin gun

This past Friday, the day before our state began a weekend-long celebration of the “Oklahoma Standard,” a phrase popularized by Sam Presti to describe the resilience and compassion Oklahomans show to one another when dealing with tragedy, Governor Mary Fallin signed into law a new and improved way to execute people.

Here are the details from The Washington Post:

We’re finally making it easier for drug offenders to obtain open carry permits!


It’s virtually impossible to be elected to public office in Oklahoma if you’re not pro-gun, anti-drug, and tough on crime. As a result, Oklahoma now leads the country in both passing crazy gun laws and putting people in jail. It’s part of something we like to call the Oklahoma Substandard.

Sometimes though, issues like guns and drugs intertwine and put our elected leaders in the uncomfortable position of choosing one third-rail issue over another. That happened this week when the Oklahoma legislature passed SB 164. The measure will allow individuals convicted of misdemeanor drug crimes to apply for an open carry permit 10 years after they complete their sentence. Under the old laws, I believe it was a lifetime ban. The bill is now awaiting Mary Fallin’s signature.

Here’s a story via KFOR:

Maybe it’s time we just ban personalized license plates…

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II oklahoma city

The guy pictured above is Dr. John Patrick Keefe II. He made the “Holy Crap! Why Do We Still Live In This State?!” news yesterday when word spread that he was denied a personalized Oklahoma license plate. The reason? It supported the LGBT community, which made the plate “sexual in nature” and thus reprehensible to the taxpayers of Oklahoma.