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Mary Fallin shared her thoughts on the unemployed…

mary fallin town hall

If you’re reading this in your office or cubicle, you should probably get back to work. Otherwise, our Governor is going to have a little talk with you.

Yesterday, the Oklahoma Democratic Party released a video from a town hall that shows Governor Fallin making some comments about the unemployed. No, she didn’t call them terrorists or anything. She just wants them to stop being lazy and get jobs.

Check it out:

James Lankford (or his clone) goes to Sport Clips…

James Lankford

James Lankford isn’t even a U.S. Senator yet and he’s already embarrassing his home state.

In what has to be the worst accidental product endorsement for a business of all time, we’ve learned through the Ogle Mole Network that Oklahoma’s next Senator, James Lankford, apparently gets his hair cut at Sport Clips. Yes, good old Sport Clips. The place where guys who suck at life win.

Here’s some photo evidence of his visit:

Don’t worry, this poster at Cooper Middle School doesn’t promote or endorse any religion…

faith in america

The painting above is called “Faith in America” by Donald Zolan. If you want, you can view a print in the main office of Cooper Middle School, or probably any Hobby Lobby or Mardel.

As you can clearly see, the painting subtly portrays two young atheist children sarcastically praying to a Christian god in front of the American flag to appease their mega-controlling Sunday School-teaching parents. It’s pretty obvious, right? Only a smartass would be that devout, cute, patriotic and adorable while praying. It has to be some sort of satirical statement against organized religion in America, doesn’t it?

The answer to those questions is a very obvious “Yes.”

Unfortunately, the irony and hidden meaning of “Faith in America” – which, of course, honors the religious freedoms of our people – is lost on the God-hating atheist organization the Freedom From Religion Foundation. For some reason, they say a print of the painting that hangs from the office walls of Cooper Middle School – conveniently next to a portrait of George Washington – promotes Christian prayer to impressionable students and are now demanding that it be removed.

Whatever, these stupid atheist activists and their mission to make things fair for everyone need to get a life.

Via KOCO.com:

Josh Cockroft’s plagiarized anti-marriage equality column was published in the newspaper…

josh cockroft 3

It looks like the world wide web isn’t the only place where Oklahoma State Rep Josh Cockroft likes to showcase his plagiarism skills.

Last Thursday, we told you that arts-hating, Batman suit-wearing, Derplahoman State Representative Josh Cockroft blatantly plagiarized excerpts of a 2013 Heritage Foundation article for an anti-gay marriage blog post that he wrote for his website.

Thanks to the Ogle Mole Network, we’ve now learned the same piece was also published in the print edition of the Tecumseh Countywide News, which is apparently Pottawatomie County’s leading source of plagiarized news and opinion.

Here’s a clip of the article:

TLO Exclusive: Oklahoma State Rep Josh Cockroft is a plagiarist…

josh cockroft jeans

The last time we really covered Oklahoma State Rep Josh Cockroft was when the Batman impersonator introduced legislation to wipe out the arts in Oklahoma. Knowing that, I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised that he apparently steals other people’s thoughts and words and tries to pass them off as his own.

Yesterday, an Ogle Mole alerted me to a recent blog post that Cockroft published under his own name on his website titled “The Case For Traditional Marriage.”

Here’s the intro:

Earlier this week, the Supreme Court of the United States refused to hear an appeal to a federal district court’s earlier ruling, essentially removing Oklahoma’s ban on homosexual marriage.

I, as well as multiple other state officials, immediately expressed my outrage to the blatant disregard of the very moral fibers upon which this country was founded and for the gross overreach of the federal judicial system. In an issue which boils down to state’s rights, three individuals in a federal district court overturned what 1.1 million people stated in defining marriage as between one man and one woman.

I have spent the last several days stating and restating my personal opinion, but for this column, I want to take a step back and look at this issue from a practical standpoint, ask a few questions and provide answers on this important issue.

What is marriage, why does traditional marriage matter for public policy, and what would be the consequences of redefining marriage?

Yes, those are interesting questions. In fact, they are so interesting that Ryan T. Anderson with the Heritage Foundation asked the same exact questions in his 2013 article “Marriage Matters: Consequences of Redefining Marriage” and abstract “Marriage: What It Is, Why It Matters, and the Consequences of Redefining It?”

If marriage policy is going to be based on principle, Americans need to answer three questions:

What is marriage?
Why does marriage matter for public policy?
What would be the consequences of redefining marriage?

Okay, that has to be a coincidence, right? There’s no way Representative Cockroft – an elected conservative official who represents the people of Oklahoma – would stoop so low as to blatantly steal someone else’s work and pass it off as his own, right?

The answer is apparently so. We found numerous examples in Cockroft’s blog post that are blatant, word-for-word, copy-and-paste, unattributed ripoffs from Ryan Anderson’s 2013 abstract. For example, Cockroft wrote in his blog post: