Guthrie man allegedly puts Domino’s manager in headlock over wrong pizza…

Whether it be because of the western heritage that underlies our society, good ole boy chivalry, or this stupid vigilante justice the rednecks are obsessed with nowadays, there’s is something ingrained in Oklahomans that leads them to fight back when they feel like they’ve been wronged. Often times this means taking matters into their own hands, like Mr. Milton Ray Davis allegedly did.

Pauls Valley hospital resorts to Go Fund Me to stay open…

I’m not sure this is how things are supposed to work.

Pauls Valley Regional Medical Center made the news this week when the hospital pulled the attention-getting stunt of setting up a Go Fund Me to stay open.The local media, us included, have been more than happy to take the bait, and highlight the struggles of rural hospitals in Oklahoma:


Achille Police Department gives Nazi skinhead cop a second chance…

Here’s a heartwarming story for all the racist bigots out there.

Just weeks after they ran a transgendered girl out-of-town because she wanted to use the bathroom, the citizens of Achille, Oklahoma welcomed former Colbert police chief Bart Alsbrook as a reserve policeman. You may remember him as the “ex” skinhead-gang-member-turned-cop who used to run a white nationalist music and memorabilia website as a side gig, and then lied about it when questioned by the media.

Here are details via KXII:

Remember when Ralph Shortey talked about masturbation on The Daily Show?

Yesterday afternoon, disgraced former Oklahoma Senator Ralph Shortey pled guilty to child sex trafficking charges. He was sentenced to only 15 years of federal prison time, followed by 10 years of supervised release. The sentence was less than what federal prosecutors wanted. Naturally, Shortey’s attorney thought the judge’s sentence was very fair.


TLO Restaurant Review: Annie Okie’s Runway Café

Over 80 years ago, cyclopean aviator Wiley Post brought fame and glory to Dust Bowl ravaged Oklahoma by being the first person to fly solo around the world. After all of that toil on the ground and all of that turbulence in the skies just to make that historic flight, I kind of wonder how he’d feel if he knew his life’s work cumulated in being honored by a French toast dish that clumsily bears his pun-strewn name.

I’m talking about Annie Okie’s Runway Café, of course, located in the sparse Wiley Post Airport at 5915 Phillip J. Rhodes Ave. in Bethany. Mostly identifiable by the word “RESTAURANT” in block letters on the outside of the terminal, inside Annie Okie’s is actually a surprising barrel-roll of aviation fandom as breakfast foods face the desolate runway while patrons with child-like glee hope that one—just one measly plane—will take off in front of them to make this early morning excursion doubly worth it.

The menu itself is filled with clever-ish names that are based on and around the aeronautical field, from the eponymous Annie Okie Omelet with ham, mushrooms and mozzarella to the blazing B-2 Bomber featuring two eggs, bacon or sausage, hash brown and toast and jelly, all of which are marvelous choices for morning meals that most people, I’m sure, would devour at Mach speed.