FNITBT: Sex, Dungeons and Dragons, and Murder

Happy Friday, my fellow Okies! It feels like Oklahoma has experienced 3 full seasons of weather in the last seven days, so it seems longer than a week since I’ve brought you the Fridays festivities. But now it’s time to clock out of work, fill out your character sheet, and paint your centaur. Here’s this week’s Friday Night in the Big Town!

OKC Talk bought The Gazette and hired Lance West

Even if you swap out the proper nouns with more generic descriptors, the headline to this article still reads like something you’d see in a 2006 edition of The Onion, or better yet, The Oklahoma Partisan –

Internet Message Board Acquires Alternative Weekly Newspaper, Adds News Anchor Fresh Off Sexting Scandal.

Okay, in all fairness, OKC Talk is more than a message board, in the same way that The Lost Ogle is more than a blog and John TV is more than a fetish website. Those internet roots can sometimes be hard to shake.

Anyway, news came out yesterday that an investment group formed by Pete Brzycki, the publisher of OKC Talk, acquired the Oklahoma Gazette and it’s valuable Edgar Cruz ad account from Bill Bleakley and Linda Meoli. Terms of the deal were not released.

Outside of those who served as an intermediary between the two groups and helped ignite a passing of the torch between local print and digital media guards, the news took the local journalism scene by surprise. Here’s the PR Spin:

Contracts were signed today finalizing local business and civic news site OKCTalk.com’s acquisition of Tierra Media Group, the parent company of Oklahoma Gazette. The independent weekly newspaper’s founder and publisher for 40 years, Bill Bleakley, passes control of Gazette to Peter J. Brzycki, who will serve as publisher of both entities.

“Oklahoma Gazette is enormously important as a source for independent journalism, and I am dedicated to preserving and promoting that independence,” Brzycki said. “I love Oklahoma City and fully believe that our city deserves a strong source of uncompromised reporting. With our combined resources, we will serve as a watchdog and promote strong journalistic ethics by example.”…

That’s cool. In addition to The Gazette takeover, Pete also announced they have added this guy to the OKC Talk / Gazette Team:

10 signs you’re being cheated on in OKC

We’ve discussed Oklahoma dating deal breakers before, but now I think we need to talk about some warning signs if you’re in a relationship.

The dating scene in Oklahoma can be messy. It’s hard to navigate, you don’t want to be tied down because you still think you may get the hell out of here, and you’ve functionally dated the whole city of OKC by two degrees of separation or fewer.

But what about when you hit the jackpot? What if you find yourself in a cozy relationship where you don’t have to go out anymore? What if you’ve found the one to share a couch with while you Netflix binge all your favorite shows?

What if that person is cheating on you?

I would argue that there are some very specific signs that you’re being cheated on in OKC, and I thought it would be a good idea to share them today. Also, if you have any that aren’t on this list, please leave them in the comments. The more you share with your local brethren and sistren, the more we can save each other from heartache.

Without further ado, here are 10 signs you’re being cheated on in OKC.

BREAKING NEWS: the Chupacabra is loose in Deer Creek!!

This time of the year is generally pretty slow for journalists, columnists, and people who write stupid listacles for beer money. Not a lot happens in the summertime. The most interesting thing to come from the gubernatorial race is a spelling error. Teachers aren’t protesting because they’re too busy finding 2-3 part-time jobs so they can afford to teach the upcoming school year. And Fallin is too lame of a duck to do anything noteworthy nowadays. That being said if you work in the media, you have to take what you can get if you’re going to get articles out. Which is probably why KFOR is reporting on mythical creatures.


TLO Restaurant Review: Maguire Farm Store

To paraphrase Bob Dylan, “I ain’t gonna work at Maguire’s Farm Store no more…but I’ll definitely purchase their fine sandwiches!”

Truth be told, I never have worked there and never want to work there, but my first week out of the hospital, eating became a huge job for me, and one where I wasn’t even getting paid what I was worth. All I could really seem to stomach were sandwiches—didn’t really matter what kind, just grab some wheat bread and a couple of slices of meat and cheese and I was reasonably in a good mood, or as good a mood as could be expected of me.

The Maguire Farm Store, 9551 E. Maguire Rd. in Nobel (but really Slaughterville—it’s confusing), is a fortuitous happenstance because of the two rural, rustic convenience stores in the area—and it’s a tiny area, mind you—the Maguire Farm Store is the only outlet to offer freshly made sandwiches and baked goods, among other treats for local neighbors and lost travelers alike.