We missed our chance to buy this Al Eschbach’s Bar and Grill sign…

Every now and then, I think it would be fun to open a Lost Ogle-themed bar and grill called Mom’s Basement – a smokey, divey establishment complete with a coin operated laundry.

Considering how awesome and popular we are, it could work. We could have Free Team Trivia every night of the week, a full selection of Anthem beers on tap, a 15-minute “Aint Nobody Got Time For That” lunch guarantee, and TLO-inspired menu items such as:

– Ogle Mole Enchiladas
– AT’s $65,000 Meatloaf
– Lil’ Bit of JoJo Cakes
– Hipster Boo Boo Beautiful Burrito
– Traber Bros. Turkey Soup
– Dean’s Lil’ Smokies
– Louis Fowler’s Lamb Loins

Actually, we should get Louis to write descriptions on the menu. People would come in just to read it!

Fortunately, there are some relics of failed restaurants of the past floating around out there that remind me that slapping our name on a bar and grill may not be the best idea — and far from a guaranteed success. For example, check out what was recently available for sale on the Facebook Marketplace:

I’m not sure if it was the happy hour specials consisting of only beer and radishes or the fact that most of the waitresses were women that Al met on his trips to Thailand, but like 95% of all sports bars, Al Eschbach’s Bar & Grill never really took off.

Although we missed our chance to purchase this fragment of OKC’s failed bar and restaurant history, there is another item that is available for free:

Ali Harter: “Mostly Bad” and “To The Knuckle”

Way back in 2012, I published a late night article about Oklahoma singer songwriter Ali Harter, and one of her songs that included shout-outs to both Gary England and Mike Morgan’s red bedazzled severe weather tie (RIP). Naturally, I concluded the article with a typical TLO brah’stool era line – Ali’s pretty cool and talented, and hot in a “Is she a punk rocker or lesbian?” type of way.

Not too long after that article came out, Ali took some time off the grid to deal with stuff we call life. Now, over seven years later, she’s back with a vengeance.

Earlier this week, Marisa and I had Ali on The Lost Ogle Show to talk about her upcoming album (To The Knuckle), new radio show on KOSU, and recent appearance on Play It Loud. The episode concludes with Ali performing a song from her new album in the TLO Bricktown Digital Media Studios. The entire episode is below:

You can find out more about Ali Harter at PigsFlyShop.com or Twitter and Instagram. You can subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show on Apple PodcastsSpotifyI HeartStitcher, etc. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

The Subtle Art of Being (One of) the Best Burgers in OKC

Many eateries in Oklahoma City pretentiously claim they have the “best” burgers in town but, if you ask me, that really seems like an inordinate amount of pressure to put on yourself, right?

Driving down South Shields, however, I noticed a medium banner out front of (what I think is) Jim’s Convenience Store, 7917 S. Shields, that calmly lets semi-hungry drivers know they have—in small block letters—”one of” the best burgers in town.

The very definition of “ramshackle”, this convenience store, truth be told, seemed more like a shop that the owners abandoned a few years ago in the middle of the night, one that I was urban exploring illegally; the handmade signage gathered yellowing dust in the ensuing years, the shelves were definitely in need of a stocking and the floors obviously received only the most minimal of care.

Good news! Some Oklahoma lawmakers want to ban “conversion therapy.”

Oklahoma lawmakers aren’t always known for making the most rational decisions when it comes to introducing legislation (see “constitutional carry”). However, every once in a while they surprise us with a logical initiative. Unfortunately what often appear to be laws that would benefit Oklahoma society, sometimes turn out to be half-assed attempts to appeal to voters. Though I am super stoked that Oklahoma lawmakers are finally looking to ban the harmful practice of “conversion therapy,” I’m really worried that this might be one of those half-assed appeals.


Free Queso Podcast: Anthem Brewing Company

Welcome back to Free Queso, the podcast where we give you the inside scoop on the Oklahoma City food, beverage, and hospitality scene!

This episode, we invited the lovely gentlemen from (TLO Sponsor Alert!) Anthem Brewing Company to the Bricktown Studios to talk all things craft beer:

Guests include… Brian Kippenburger, Head of Brewing Operations; Shaun Wright, Head Brewer; Derek Duty, Director of Sales & Marketing.


• Coming up through the brewing industry

• Laboratory science and quality control

• The Free Queso Fantasy Thanksgiving Dinner Draft

You can listen to us on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and other places coming soon. If you like what you hear, leave us a nice comment and a 5* rating, and follow us on the social meeds at @freequesopod on Twitter and @freequesopod on Instagram.

Craig Groeschel loses cushy six-figure board gig with Gulfport Energy…

Keep LifeChurch.TV.INFO.com mega church pastor Craig Groeschel in your thoughts in prayers.

Yesterday afternoon, Oklahoma City based Gulfport Energy – one of many floundering energy companies that may not be around in a year or two – announced they are laying off 13% of their workforce.

In addition to that, Craig Groeschel announced he is stepping down from his cushy $207,443 seat on the company’s Board of Directors – a position he’s held since 2011.

Here are details via NewsOK.com:

The 5 Worst Pioneer Woman Recipes to Bring to Thanksgiving

There are few things that give TLO more delight than ragging on The Pioneer Woman. My personal biggest complaint with her is that most of her recipes that I’ve attempted just turned out mediocre at best. I consider myself an able home cook, but I just can’t make her food taste good.

The most egregious was when I attempted Ree’s cornbread recipe, that probably had a huge lead-up about how “The Marlboro Man (my hubby) just hates food that isn’t raw steak, so I had to convince him to try my great-grand-mema’s recipes, and he LOVED IT!” The cornbread sucked, and after all the bad food blogger cornbread recipes that I’ve tried, these days I just resort to the boxed Jiffy stuff.

Anyways, since this is the season for potlucks between work, family, and friends, and we’re all obligated to bring home-cooked food everywhere, I thought I’d embark on the proud TLO contributor tradition of scrolling through the Pioneer Woman archive and – as opposed to being positive –finding her worst Thanksgiving recipes…

Public school narcs put “cool” vape sensors in bathrooms

Thanks to vape pens, it’s now easier than ever for mischievous high students – and burned out teachers – to get a quick nicotine or THC fix in the school bathroom.

Naturally, the fun police at one Oklahoma school district is aware of this, and thinks it has a solution. Via News9.com:

An Oklahoma school district is hoping to prevent vaping in its bathrooms by installing new sensors.

The Thomas-Fay-Custer school district installed 16 sensors in the district’s junior and senior high school bathrooms. Two sensors were installed per bathroom.

It’s making a huge impact.

“We needed to take a stance, kind of like what we do with tobacco,” said Rob Royalty, Superintendent of the Thomas-Fay-Custer School District.

The “Halo Smart Sensor” can detect anything from vaping, air quality, chemicals, and sound in the event an altercation takes place in the bathroom.

For reference, this is what the monitoring device looks like: