Happy 10-year Anniversary “Mike Gundy Rant Video”

10 years ago today, I was sitting in my living room late on a Saturday night getting drunk with my roommates and playing NCAA 2008 on PS2. We were those cool guys who would spend an entire weekend playing a three person dynasty. It was a blast.

While I was deciding what recruiting pitch I was going to give a 5-star option quarterback with 4.4 speed out of Tyler, Texas (I always went “program prestige” first), I got a text from our co-founder Tony. It went something like this:

Tony: Have you seen Mike Gundy’s press conference video?

Patrick: No. What’s up?

Tony: Go to Channel 5’s website and watch it. It’s crazy. He chews into Jenni Carlson.

I ran back to my room, fired up the Dell desktop (Once again, this was 2007), and just like everyone else, was amazed by what I saw. Mike Gundy had lost his mind! I then watched it again… and again… and again. I then called my roommates back to my room to watch it again… and again… and again.

At the time, TLO was barely six-months and very literally an obscure local social blog. I figured it would be a fun topic to write about on Monday, so I downloaded the clip from the Channel 5 website with an MPG video stealer, and then uploaded it to our YouTube channel so I could embed it. I titled the video “Mike Gundy Lectures The Oklahoma Media.” I then went back to drinking, playing NCAA football and drunk texting girls. You know, things immature 29-year-old alcoholics do.

The next morning I turned on SportsCenter, and the rant was already the top story. On the clip, ESPN credited YouTube. I wondered if they were using our video, so I checked our YouTube page. This is what I saw:

Friday Night in the Big Town: Patsy Cline, Rocky Horror & Gary Allen

I’ve pondered a lot of things this week. Things like does David Boren ever wear anything else besides a suit and tie? Or how long has this pizza been in the fridge? Does David Boren ever eat pizza? Why do my dog’s feet smell like corn chips all the time? Does David Boren ever eat corn chips? Do his feet smell like corn chips? Why did I watch a 10 minute Facebook Live video of Robin Marsh curling her hair?

Before we reflect on these questions, and think of others, here’s your Friday Night In The Big Town.

David Boren is retiring. Good riddance.

It’s a sad day for the Oklahoma political establishment.

Yesterday afternoon, Continental Resources Board Member David Boren announced he is retiring from his side gig as chief fundraiser and official spokesperson for the University of Oklahoma. I think his official title was “President.”

Boren is one of the most influential and powerful Oklahomans in our state’s history. As a result, there’s been a slew of tributes dedicated to him over the last 24 hours by the local media, civic leaders, educators, and political underlings on both sides of the aisle.

This article is not one of them.

A conservative “Democratic” and crafty politician who fought for the little guy by doing what was best for himself and other people with power and money, David Boren is an Oklahoma political legend.

Before taking the helms at OU, he was a State Rep, Governor and US Senator. He was also the first politician in Oklahoma history to hold a press conference where he swore on a bible that he wasn’t a homosexual.

Check out this pic from a 1978 Mother Jones article:

5 One-Day Oklahoma Road Trip Ideas

Back when I actually had a car and the accomplished freedom that came with it, there were few things I enjoyed doing more than just lazily driving in some rando direction, stopping at the first (or second) tourist trap that catches my eye, enjoying the surroundings with little to no irony or cynicism, and, finally, before heading back to the Metro, stopping at a local eatery that perfectly captures that municipality’s flair and flavor, even if it usually covered in flour and deep-fried.

It’s these little anonymous one day road trips, these twelve-hour of less getaways that can truly make a person feel like a free man and, to this day, I honestly miss how I took that freedom for granted. Always enjoy the road, no matter how short a trip or how long a drive. Get out of town for the day next weekend, if you can. Here’s a list of 5 One-Day Oklahoma Road Trip Ideas to help recharge anyone’s cabin fevered batteries. ¡Cómpralo ya!


Circus Town USA — Hugo

KOKH Report: “Strange Lights” spotted at Oklahoma State Fair

A video recently appeared on Facebook showing what appears to be strange, mysterious glowing lights from a certain M. Night Shyamalan movie dancing over the state fairgrounds in Oklahoma City on Monday night. The video has been shared over 200,000 times and has received tens-of-millions of views.

Check it out:

Before you leave glasses of water in each room of your house, I should probably point out that unless some mountains have suddenly sprouted up over the Oklahoma State Fairgrounds, the video is a fake. At the very least, it’s mislabeled. It’s identical to this video that is allegedly from “Utah State Fair.”

That didn’t stop the crack news team at KOKH from filing this report: