Report: Only One Downtown Building Has A Gigantic Cross This Year

On Tuesday night, I was driving to Bricktown for our podcast interview with Juice when I noticed something that I’ve literally never seen before during the holiday season – BancFirst Tower, now the second-largest building in downtown OKC, didn’t have that huge, signature multi-story cross glowing from its windows.

For example, this is what Downtown OKC normally looks like during the holiday season:

This is what it looks like now:

That sucks! Reminding people which religion reigns supreme has been an Oklahoma City tradition since before I was born! Did BancFirst Tower have an awakening, and finally realize that all religions and gods were created out of thin air by primitive, superstitious humans that were high on mushrooms and looking for an explanation to their existence, or is it simply dealing with some seasonal depression and not putting up lights this year?

Fortunately, downtown OKC gumshoe Steve Lackmeyer is on the case. He provided this report to The Oklahoman:

Hey, we talked to Russell Westbrook’s best friend on The Lost Ogle Show!

Earlier this week, Marisa and I welcomed Demetrius “Juice” Deason to our Bricktown Digital Media Studio for a super-fun version of The Lost Ogle Show!

Juice is a comedian, businessman, and just happens to be BFF’s with a former Oklahoma City resident named Russell Westbrook. You may have heard of him.

We talked with Juice about the upcoming “Why Not?” Comedy Tour benefit that’s he’s throwing with Jabee at Tower Theatre on January 10th, and a variety of other topics related to comedy, OKC and life. We also managed to sneak in some questions about Russ, and what the former Thunder star is really like when he’s not dunking, shooting or giving dirty looks to the media.

Check out:

You can catch Juice at the Why Not Comedy Show emceed by friend of the podcast, Jabee, this January 10, 2020. You can follow Juice on Instagram here.

As always, you can subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show on Apple PodcastsSpotifyI HeartStitcher, etc. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

Louis Fowler and the Misterhood of the Traveling Pants

The worst thing about losing weight is the almost constant need for new clothes.

Having lost somewhere around 200 pounds over the past year and a half, many of my old clothes resemble that of a Robert Smith costume change, circa 1987: baggy shirts, drooping pants and the in-between days of self-esteem that seem to go with all that. It was something that I have been able to mostly deal with, until recently, when my girlfriend asked me to be her date to a wedding that required “cocktail wear.”

As much as I was momentarily elated to walk into her friend’s nuptials, arm-in-arm with a person that isn’t keeping me a secret like my last insignificant other—ahem—but looking at my wardrobe, I can see why I was so embarrassing to be seen with in the past: clown-like jeans—very relaxed fit, of course—tightened with a belt that I have to make my own holes in and multiple shirts that are better suited for the rotting corpse of my former fatter life.

I was genuinely worrying about how I need to come up with a few dollars to buy some dapper new clothes—and soon—when I was walking back home from Gold’s Gym one afternoon; somewhere down Pennsylvania Ave. towards NW 16th, lying there on the dead leaves and the dirty ground were a pair of brown corduroy pants.

Top 5 KFOR Chef Kyle recipes to make while drunk

If there are two things every Oklahoman is good at when it comes to the holidays, it’s getting drunk and making sure there’s 42 dishes of green bean casserole at every dinner. If there’s two things KFOR’s very own Chef Kyle is good at, it’s making coworkers roll their eyes and showing the average Okie how to make a damn good appetizer. So if you want to change-up your go-to holiday dish this year, but are worried that holiday-drinking will make it difficult to navigate a new recipe calling for more than 3 ingredients, you’re in luck! Here are the best Chef Kyle recipes to make while drunk.

The Oklahoma City taco truck thieves must be stopped!

The food truck phenomenon came and went in Oklahoma. It was fun while it lasted, until it became something less than novel and anyone who knew how to make a turkey sandwich and had $30k to buy and outfit a used van came in and flooded the scene. In those humble days of the early 2010’s, it was so exciting to eat Gruyere grilled cheese sandwiches made out of waffles that came from a truck with a rattling, noxious gas generator in the back.

Now we’ve got food halls and too many restaurants to keep up with. However, the city is still stuffed with plucky taco trucks, who were here before the hipster movement came in, and will outlast everyone else. Maybe there is a bad one out there, but I’ve eaten at more than a dozen and haven’t found one. Even though the menus look the same and don’t involve arugula or quinoa, each taco truck is special and unique and worth protecting.

Hence why these villains must be apprehended. From KOCO:

5% of Oklahoma City residents vote “Yes” for Maps 4EVER

Just as I forecasted, a shockingly low number of Oklahoma City residents went to the polls on Tuesday and voted overwhelmingly in support of the $900-million+ MAPS 4EVER.

Here are the final results from the Oklahoma County Election Board:

Wow. 71% of the vote going “Yes” is a dominant margin and probably explains why David Holt, Steve Lackmeyer and the entire Funk family were spotted skinny dipping in the Bricktown Canal last night with out of state social media influencers, but 40,335 44,439 voters is an embarrassingly low voter turnout. That means only 7% or so of Oklahoma City residents voted in the election. I guess David Holt’s work to increase voter turnout when he served in the State Senate never panned out.

Non Doc – which I think may now be owned by the OKC Chamber of Commerce – completely ignored the low voter turnout angle and triumphantly declared the election a “landslide.”

Emily Sutton celebrates 10 years at KFOR Channel 4…

Earlier this week, Emily Sutton took a break from playing with puppies in fields of bubbly clouds to commemorate her 10-year work anniversary at KFOR Channel 4.

Yes, that’s right. The world’s original Severe Weather Princess has been at Channel 4 for a decade now, and we’ve been there to creepily stalk for every second of it. Naturally, we do this as a service to you – a Lost Ogle reader.

Over the past 10 years, Oklahoma City has literally watched Emily grow in front of its eyes. When she arrived on the scene from small-market purgatory, she was a bubbly, awkward, wide-eyed weather nerd, ready to warm your mornings like a hot cup of cocoa.

Check out this photo: