7 ways to NOT get COVID-19 at metro restaurants!

COVID-19 has put our restaurant industry in a pickle. Many local eating establishments are having to choose between keeping their doors open and keeping their staff safe from the pandemic, which is a really sucky situation to be in. Thankfully, we average Oklahomans have a lot of power when it comes to keeping the local restaurant industry alive while stopping the spread of COVID-19. And contrary to seemingly popular belief, you don’t need to wave a gun in the face of a teenage restaurant employee to do so! In fact, here are 7 things you can do to not get/spread COVID-19 at a local restaurant!

Wear a Goddang Mask

With so many Oklahomans throwing fits about masking up before going out in public, it seems like a Venn Diagram of the people in this state following the CDC’s advice about COVID-19 and those who take their spouse to Red Lobster’s “endless shrimp scampi” promotion for date night are two COMPLETELY separated circles on different pieces of paper. Come on, guys. It’s not that hard to wear a mask while the waitstaff is at your table. Hell, just think of it like a built-in napkin. But unfortunately, I know there are many who are dead-set against wearing a mask, but still want the “eating out” experience (no, not like that. My grandma still reads these). So thankfully they can…

Peacocks Terrorize Newcastle Neighborhood

Over my long, lonely quarantine months, I’ve spent a lot of time birdwatching. There’s a bunch of trees surrounding my apartment balcony, and they attract all sorts of critters. It’s peaceful to sit outside with my cat and watch the assorted woodpeckers and cardinals and other ones that I don’t know the name of because I’m dumb.

But thank god I don’t have peacocks roaming my streets. They’re beautiful but have the most hellacious screams. Unfortunately, some Newcastle residents are having to do with that. From KFOR:

Lost Ogle Show w/ The Frontier’s Ben Felder

On today’s episode of The Lost Ogle Show Podcast, Marisa and I were joined by Ben Felder, Senior Staff Writer with The Frontier.

We talked about Tuesday’s election results, the state’s Coronavirus response, and what it was like for Ben to cover Trump’s big Tulsa rally in person. Marisa, Randy and I also caught up on local TLO news stuff and why we love (or hate) the 4th of July. Give it a listen:

As always, you can download and subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show Podcast wherever fine podcasts are bought and sold. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

7 Real COVID-19 Super-Spreader Situations Affecting The Metro

With COVID-19 numbers rising faster than an AC bill in an Oklahoma July, Mayor David Holt tag-teamed with the Oklahoma County Health Department to warn Oklahomans about the dangers of the “Seven Super-Spreader Situations.”


Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt and metro health officials held a news conference Tuesday to address the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Health officials identified seven “super spreader” events/activities for the virus, and urged people to take special caution while attending these events.

During the news conference, Holt said Oklahoma City saw a spike in new cases in June. The spike has happened in an environment where total tests administered have declined, due to diminishing demand, and the percentage of people testing positive has increased, Holt said…

Dr. Patrick McGough, executive director of the Oklahoma City-County Health Department, said during the news conference that people 18 to 50 years old need to take the virus seriously during seven situations, including faith-based activities, indoor physical activities, bars, weddings, funerals, gyms and other small private events.

These “Super Spreader” Situations, also known by the even lamer name of “The Serious Seven” by Tulsa’s Mayor G.T. Bynum and Tulsa Health Department, are seven circumstances that could seriously and significantly swell the spread of COVID-19. While it’s important health officials and city leaders pair up to urge Oklahomans to mask up or avoid such activities to prevent the spread of the virus, I think they’ve missed the mark. Here’s there real Serious Seven Super Spreader Situations significantly spreading the risk of COVID-19 in the state!

Fireworks Stands

Showbiz Cinemas: The Only Movie Theatre Open in Town

In the days long before the virus came and changed life in America, whenever I was about to have a pre-arranged procedure at the hospital, I usually liked to take in one last movie at a local theatre—hopefully a good one too. But, with the way things are now, I was pretty sure that, at this time, the pictures wouldn’t be up and running anytime soon.

Still, like I instinctually do every week, I was looking online a few days ago to see if any local movie houses were finally open for business, like the Winchester Drive-In, as the filmic desire to get out of the house and see a projected flick started to become more of a cinematic need than an entertaining want.

OKC bars and restaurants wind down again…

There is NOTHING I miss more than sitting at my favorite dive bar and having a Coor’s Banquet and shooting the shit with my bartender friends, or going to a cheap Tex-Mex joint and filling up on chips and queso and drinking a frozen margarita out of a frosty goblet. Hell, as a service industry lifer, I miss going to work.

But COVID cases still aren’t flattening out, so I’m still staying coronatined in my hidey-hole because I don’t wanna get sick and possibly die or make other people get sick and possibly die. And lots of bars and restaurants are having to make difficult choices right now. Just over last weekend, I counted over 20 places that were either closing or going back to curbside because of employee exposure.

Yesterday, Mayor Holt made this announcement. From KOCO:

It’s been a rough couple of days for Nazis in NW Oklahoma…

The guy who looks like a racist, white supremacist version of Ferris O’Brien is Alexander Feaster.

A proud and open Nazi from the Enid “suburb” of Hunter, he was arrested after he allegedly shot a woman who – while on a dangerous, drunken dare – tried to remove one of the many Nazi flags that Alexander defiantly flew from his property.

Here are details from the Enid News and Eagle:

A woman shot early Sunday morning stealing a Nazi flag from a Hunter residence is expected to recover, officials said Monday.

Garfield County Sheriff Jody Helm said the 26-year-old woman was expected to recover from four gunshot wounds she suffered after taking a flag from a residence across the street from a party she was attending.

The woman was listed in good condition at OU Medical Center on Tuesday, according to the hospital.

Alexander John Feaster, 44, was booked in Garfield County Detention Facility on complaints of shooting with intent to kill and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He is being held without bond.

For what it’s worth, we actually made fun of Feaster back in November when someone sent us this photo of him quietly buying groceries while wearing Nazi insignia. After we published that article, he sent us an approximately 2,500-word “rebuttal” on Facebook that tried to explain and defend his Nazi worldview and rights to free speech. It was the first, and hopefully last, Nazi manifesto someone sends our way:

TLO Election Night Recap: SQ 802, Neese vs. Bice, and Down Goes Dunnington

Hey, there was an election yesterday! Instead of wasting time with a recap, here are some random bullet points and observations from yesterday’s election.

SQ 802 Sneaks By

Thanks to a last-minute ad push on The Lost Ogle, SQ 802 passed by approximately 6,000 votes. It will bring $1-billion in federal funding to the state each year, and expand Sooner Care to about 200,000 Oklahomans. It will really benefit poor and lower-income families who live in rural Oklahoma, and possibly keep some rural hospitals from closing. So, naturally, those folks are the ones who voted against it:

As I asked on Twitter, does this mean only the counties in blue get to use the extra money? In an odd way, you have to admire the will and determination of Derplahomans. Even when a government program benefits them, they’ll vote against it – especially if it also helps people who are different than them.

Terry Neese Leads Right-Wing Pack for CD-5