Patricia’s “Black Lace Wednesday” Shopping Guide

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is probably the most stressful day of the year. If you aren’t elbowing strangers through the Walmart aisle looking for Crisco and those little corn holders that actually look like corn, you’re mentally preparing yourself to spend the next day with between eight and 30 of your least favorite relatives, who will be arriving to your home with their political beliefs, kids and seven containers of green bean casserole. Just thinking about Thanksgiving Eve is enough to make you feel tense. Thank God Patricia’s has just what you need to relieve some of that tension. Or increase it, if you know what I mean…

This week, our old friend Patricia’s – a longtime sponsor of The Lost Ogle and our invite-only Friday night dinner parties – is hosting Black Lace Wednesday. It’s a pre-Thanksgiving celebration of intimacy, fun gifts and discounts worth lusting over. They’re even going to have…


Condom popping for discounts

Wednesday, come inside (that’s what she said) your favorite Patricia’s metro location to select a condom balloon to pop and reveal a discount of up to 50% off of your purchase! I can’t think of any other time in which it would actually be this good to bust a condom.

Here are a few items you can get during the special sale:

5 Pioneer Woman Thanksgiving recipes that will impress your mom…

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, many Oklahomans are spending the next 48 hours scrambling to find a recipe to bring to the family dinner that’s not only easy, but will also show their mother-in-law that they do, in fact, feed their husband more than McDonalds and Hamburger Helper.

While websites like All Recipes and Pinterest offer thousands of dish ideas to wow a crowd, there’s nothing quite like whipping up a down home recipe from a down home girl with her mother’s country club cookbook. And thankfully, the Pioneer Woman offers an entire collection of Thanksgiving-inspired recipes to satisfy. Here are 5 of her recipes you should bring to Thanksgiving dinner!

TLO Restaurant Review: Mimi’s Taqueria

To slightly paraphrase that old Elvis Presley canción, the cold Ada rain keeps pouring down…

Driving through the bitter end of the small town, having finished with a couple of appointments at the Chickasaw Nation Medical Center, I was heading down Main Street about to hit the travel center and grab  some coffee on my way out when, over my shoulder and off to the right, I first saw Mimi’s Taqueria, 1028 W. Main Street.

Backtracking a bit and pulling over at what I suppose is a reconditioned filling station, the lluvia fria had been dropping a steady pounding all day and was showing no signs that it was going to let up. Walking through a couple of puddles in their makeshift parking lot, as I wiped my boots outside the door I noticed how small the dining room was. The place was full, with the exception of a table next to the restroom; I made my way in and no sooner than I was sitting down, there was a menu and chips and salsa ready to go.

Man Discovers Hidden Image in Oklahoma Quarter

Oklahoma’s quarter just got infinitely cooler.

Last week, some guy on Twitter revealed something that few, if any, non-stoned people have ever noticed or acknowledged – the 2008 Oklahoma state quarter that depicts a scissor-tailed flycatcher swooping over wildflowers also resembles a “buff-ass bird-man wearing tight fringed jeans strutting in a meadow.”

Check it out:

Holy bird shit! I’ll never look at our state quarter in the same way again! I guess that’s a good thing when you consider the non-Birdperson design kind of sucked. I’ve lived in this state my whole life (sad, huh?) and I think I’ve seen more buff-ass bird-men strutting in meadows than scissor-tailed flycatchers making lazy circles in the sky.

Here’s a higher-res version:

Oklahoma Baptist leaders warn of dangers of marijuana…

Republican versus Democrat. OSU versus OU. Tulsa versus Oklahoma City. High Wayne Coyne groupies versus drunk Blake Shelton fan girls. Through associating with one group or another, it seems like everyone in Oklahoma has a rival. But no feud has ever been as volatile as this one. Prepare yourselves for our state’s newest rivalry: the Baptists versus the stoners.

Via NewsOK