Oklahoma Contemporary Celebrates Latino Culture

As Latino culture and especially its artistry is becoming a more prevalent thing in Oklahoma and beyond—ya era hora!—Oklahoma Contemporary* is teaming with the Oklahoma Latino Cultural Center to not only pay tribute to the many artforms—classic and contemporary—that Latino culture has spawned, but also is providing a chance to get de cerca y personal with the tastemakers of today and tomorrow.

The Celebration of Latino Culture, premiering Oct. 20th with una gran fiesta that delves deep into the hearts and souls of a people, encompassing all artforms where Latinos have made brilliant contributions to, as well also celebrating the sacred holiday of Dia de los Muertos, a celebration of the lives of familia long passed.

News 9 “fact checkers” make up new facts for Kevin Stitt

Although they’re not as forward as The Oklahoman, one of the biggest media allies of the Oklahoma conservative ruling class is Griffin Communications – the local owners and operators of KWTV News 9 in OKC and KOTV 6 in Tulsa.

Whether they’re giving Kelly Ogle a pulpit to toss his Fox News inspired two-cents, lending their media might behind the disastrous (and failed) “Step Up Oklahoma” initiative, or trying to convince their few remaining viewers that the fluctuating water levels at Lake Arcadia are to blame for the man-made earthquakes that were created by oil companies, News 9 loves to covertly advance and propagate the conservative Oklahoma GOP agenda.

For example, check out how they’re covering the gubernatorial election between Bull Stitt and Drew Edmondson.

Last night, reporter Grant Hermes – the guy who once dubbed TLO an “online tabloid” after we scooped the media on a legit political story – decided to “fact check” some of the claims being made in negative campaign ads about the candidates.

Specifically, he investigated the fact that Kevin Stitt did not support the recent teacher pay raise package – something that Kevin Stitt repeatedly said he wouldn’t have signed.

Check out how News 9’s “Truth Testers” spun that clear fact for its viewers:

You can still get arrested for growing marijuana in Oklahoma…

When SQ 788 passed on the ballot this last June, it was a huge milestone for stoners, freaks, hippies, lawyers who like to let loose, and grandmas with glaucoma alike. 56% of Oklahomans voted ‘yes,’ and if my personal bubble of acquaintances is representative of that majority, they’re all in the mindset that weed is legal and we’ll be spending most our lives living in a cannabis paradise.

This is a reminder that the state’s law enforcement is still going to be clamping down on people who are getting high without a permit, and the local media will report it like it’s the crime of the century.


Tulsa congressional candidate has mildly amusing TV commercial…

Outside of Kendra Horn’s hail Mary chance against Steve Russell, most of the Oklahoma congressional races are all but decided. That includes the battle for House District 1 between Republican Kevin Hern (a McDonald’s franchise owner) and Democratic Tim Gilpin (an attorney).

According to Sooner Poll, Hern has a commanding 23-point lead. He’s also winning the fundraising battle, raising nearly $2.5-million to Gilpin’s measly $271,000. He’s also embraced the deplorables who like to flash the old Channel 5 okay sign. Basically, Hern is going to win.

Despite that, Tim Gilpin is still giving the campaign the old college try. Check out this recent campaign ad that spoofs other campaign ads. I ran across it while lurking on the Oklahoma Reddit page:

Oklahoma congressman challenges Stormy Daniels’ lawyer to MMA-style fight…

With the lunacy of their legislation and uncanny ability to make asshats of themselves, Oklahoma politicians always give use plenty of material to write about. But today, one of our very own U.S. Representatives is in the news for his courage. I never thought I would write an article that pointed out the chivalry of our elected officials. Then again, I never thought a grown ass congressman would challenge another grown ass man to an MMA fight.

Via NewsOK