Here’s jailhouse audio of a drunk Oklahoma Lawmaker calling legislative buddies for help…

Here’s a fun little fact for you:

Did you know the phone calls you make from jail to your political friends asking them for their help and assistance in getting you preferential treatment following a DUI arrest is a matter of public record?

I had no clue, but one guy who understands this pretty well is State Rep. Dean Davis.

As you may recall, Dean was arrested in Broken Arrow in early August on DUI charges. According to reports, he was being a dick to officers while he was being arrested, and pulled a drunken, “Do You Know Who I Am?” when he asked to speak to the police chief.

Well, it looks like even more stupidity occurred after he want to jail.

Earlier today, Non Doc shared hilarious audio recordings that Davis made from the Broken Arrow Detention Center to some of his buddies from the Oklahoma legislature. Outside of a drunk ass calling powerful friends to see if they can pull any strings for him — and the friends acknowledging that they’re trying to help — there’s nothing too nefarious in the recordings. But it is kind of fun to listen to a drunk, hypocritical asshat call his tired and weary political buddies on a recorded line to see if they can pull some strings.

One of the phone calls Dean made was to State Rep. Ross Ford. Ford apparently served as a police officer for 25 years, and his wife just happens to work for the Broken Arrow police department. Basically, he’d be a good person to call if you just got pulled over for a DUI in Broken Arrow and were looking for someone to help you get out of it.

To Ford’s credit, he really didn’t talk too much about that on the phone. He spent most of the audio clip listening, asking questions, and wondering why the fuck his drunk colleague is calling him from a recorded line at the jail.

Here’s the phone call:

TLO Restaurant Review: Mediterranean Imports and Deli

Mediterranean Imports and Deli, 5620 N. May Ave., is an old-school delicatessen that, for well over 30 years now, has managed to become a true Oklahoma City landmark, one that my old high school flame and I used to frequent quite a bit a couple of decades ago, usually around this time of the year.

Every time we’d stop here for lunch—typically after a couple of hours of horseplay in a local public pool—I would, without fail, always order the same thing: a Reuben sandwich (back in the day, I was very much into Reubens for some reason) and, of course, the occasional Gyro, for a little variety in my then-tiresome diet.

Somewhat tearfully, we broke up when I went to college and, subsequently, I guess I broke up with Mediterranean as well. Always driving by it on my various trips down May Ave., however, I would longingly daydream about those hand-made sandwiches, veering the car a couple of times into the next lane of traffic, promising that, eventually, I would make it back.

I finally made it back.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sign The Permitless Carry Recall Petition…

Kevin Stitt has been very vocal about wanting to make Oklahoma a Top 10 State, whatever that means. His very first bill that he signed into law will make Oklahoma a state where anyone without training or a permit can openly carry firearms. There are a lot of lists that this could get us into the Top 10 on, but probably not ones that we’d like.

The law is supposed to go into effect on November 1st, but there are citizens petitioning for State Question 803, which seeks to roll back some of House Bill 2597. NonDoc has been covering the issue:

In a Monday morning press advisory, Rep. Jason Lowe (D-OKC) announced that he has filed a referendum petition in an attempt to recall HB 2597, which will allow for the permitless carry of firearms in Oklahoma. The bill, passed this year overwhelmingly by the Oklahoma Legislature, is scheduled to take effect Nov. 1.

Working with the anti-gun-violence group Moms Demand Action, Lowe and other supporters have a narrow window of opportunity to collect the 59,320 signatures necessary to qualify a recall of HB 2597 on a 2020 ballot. Those signatures of registered voters would need to be collected and submitted to the Oklahoma Secretary of State by Thursday, Aug. 29. Lowe originally told media the submission deadline was Aug. 21.

[…]The referendum initiative would appear to face an uphill climb in Oklahoma. Beyond needing to average more than 3,400 signatures per day through Aug. 29, supporters are seeking signatures in a largely pro-gun state.

There are petitions going around all over the state, and if you want to sign one, here’s a handy map of where to find them in OKC. And if you’re still not convinced that HB 2597 is a good law, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t sign the petition to repeal it:

It’s Fun To Dress Up Like An Action Hero

RIP: NorthPark Mall Discount Movie Theatre

Anytime I’ve been to the movie theatre at NorthPark Mall, in every single one of its many incarnations, it has never really been all that busy. Many times, I’d be in a theatre alone with just my second run flick and a one dollar hot dog. While to me, it was a blessing, still, it’s the type of cinematic loneliness that leaves you wondering just how much longer they possibly could keep going on like this.

The answer is, apparently, up until last week. The cheap movies at NorthPark—then officially known as an AMC Classic NorthPark 7—popped it’s last batch of corn and shut their doors with little to no fanfare from the movie-going public in Oklahoma City this weekend.

Even though it’s one of the few theatres around here that I’ve never worked at, for as long as I’ve been in Oklahoma City—about thirty years now—that was always the one stable joint in town for a cheap movie ticket on a Sunday afternoon. One discount outlet after another might have changed its corporate namesake, but, regardless, you could always guarantee that a movie you missed the first go around would be playing there, four times a day, usually for about a week or so.

Weekend News Recap

On Tuesday, I start back for the Fall semester of my final year of college. Am I dreading it? No. Would I rather have a lobotomy performed by Stevie Wonder? I wouldn’t be opposed. While I revel in the fact that the pain train will make its final departure soon, I figured I’d tell you what I know of the weekend happenings.

This is the Weekend Recap, you know what you’re here for. Sit back and enjoy.

Tulsa’s “Most Wanted” in custody after sticking up kid’s lemonade stand

Sometimes in the afternoon, I like to watch the Turner Classic Movies channel; you know, because I’m a nostalgic 90-year-old man in a 25-year-old’s shitty body.

An outlaw flick will come on depicting robbers in suits wielding machine guns and demanding all the dough be put in a bag. It can sometimes make one yearn for the days when robbery was cool. That’s how people got Batman, after all. Back in the day. society had a most-wanted list representing the country’s most notorious criminals including John Dillinger and Al Capone. Now, the Tulsa PD can mark another menace off this list- The Lemonade Looter.


Weekend Radar – Doctors HATE him for this one simple trick!

Hello again, TLO readers. Yet another week is through and (I’m assuming) we all survived! Thank christ for that, am I right? Honestly I’m beyond excited to let loose a tad this weekend and potentially do some harm to both my wallet and my liver. After all, we earned it.

Treat yourself to something other than the bullshit corporate or blue-collar grind this blessed weekend and dive on in to some events worth putting on pants for.