Oklahoma State Senator goes after low income pregnant women…

Whether it’s in a literal or figurative sense, it seems like the only goal of Oklahoma lawmakers is to fuck women. Case in point – our old buddy State Senator Paul Scott.

Yesterday, The Frontier reported that Scott introduced a common sense, humane and very compassionate bill that would cut state-funded health care services to those greedy, selfish government leeches who can’t keep their legs closed – low-income pregnant women.

Via The Frontier:

James Gallogly wants to destroy David Boren…

Back in March, when James Gallogly was selected by Oil Overlords to be the next president of the University of Oklahoma,  he had these words to say about “the unique human being” he was replacing – Oklahoma political legend / opportunist David Boren.

That’s sweet. Gallogly brings up a good point. It’s hard to replace a person like David Boren, especially when you want to destroy him!

In case you missed it, that’s the message / warning Gallogly allegedly sent David Boren after the former Governor, Senator and well-connected icon of the Oklahoma establishment openly questioned some of Gallogy’s statements about financial challenges.

Via The Norman Transcript:

Darci Lynne Farmer had her own NBC Christmas Special…

I’m gonna be upfront with you here: I’m a goddamn grinch. I hate the Christmas season and all resulting culture that surrounds it. Maybe it’s because I grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness, and had to spend every grade school Christmas party sitting in the hallway by myself with a dollar store coloring book. The decorations are tacky, are music is dreadful, and the whole month of December is stressful to everyone involved.

So when Patrick asked me last night to write about a televised Christmas special on NBC from local ventriloquist Darci Lynne, I immediately said yes, because the only other thing I could think of to share with you was a story about how Oklahoma jails are now collecting DNA samples from people who have been arrested. As it turns out, a white teenager from Edmond is more compelling for y’all, so read up!

In case you were as clueless as me and had no idea who Darci Lynne is, we briefly wrote her up a year ago just before she won the 2017 season of America’s Got Talent. She’s a 14 year-old ventriloquist, singer and comedian, and in 2018 managed to get her own holiday special on prime-time on a major network, so I’ve got nothing bad to say about her. Making a living in entertainment is difficult enough, let alone having your gimmick being puppets…

The Oklahoman doubles-down on anti-science agenda…

New owners. Same paper.

Last week, The Oklahoman Editorial Board – a handful of right-wing propagandists with oil stains on their knees and Harold Hamm’s fracking fluid in their mouth – published a twisted, ignorant and very predictable editorial about the dire federal climate report:

Skepticism a reasonable response to climate report

A new federal report on climate change predicts dire consequences if action isn’t taken. Human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria.

Sorry, that’s Bill Murray in “Ghostbusters.” But Murray’s classic oration is only an exaggerated form of the predictions contained in the report, which include early death, food shortages and pestilence. Thus, environmentalists are dismayed that President Trump and much of the public have responded with a shrug.

In all fairness, you can’t blame “environmentalists” – and, oh, all the other sane people out there who believe and follow the general teachings and findings of mainstream science – for being a tiny bit dismayed that a bunch of stupid, greedy asshats like our president willingly ignore the truth, and really don’t seem to give two shits that we’re polluting and destroying this planet.

If you’re in the mood for a good, infuriating read that ignores all the key studies, facts and findings and other evidence that proves human consumption of fossil fuels is rapidly warming and altering the planet, I’d encourage you to check it out here.

When you’re done, you also may want to check out this anti-vaccine editorial The Oklahoma published yesterday. It was written by local right-wing almost doctor (a.k.a. anesthesiologist) Steve Lantier. Although the title of the editorial suggests he’s simply arguing against mandatory vaccines – something the Libertarian inside me cautiously agrees with – it was just basically an anecdotal anti-vac rant supported by cherry-picked factoids. You know, the type of article that’s generally found on dark corners of the internet, and not in a statewide newspaper.

Here’s a snippet: