Mark McBride talking to Moore cops about tracking device is funny stuff…

Earlier this week, we put together a list of individuals and groups that may have possibly placed a tracking device on State Rep. Mark McBride’s vehicle. One of our wild guesses was the wind industry, something that McBride agrees with.


The state legislator who found a GPS tracker on his pickup suspects the wind industry is behind it.

Rep. Mark McBride spoke to a Moore police officer about his suspicions late Dec. 4 after finding the tracking device underneath his pickup.

“He advised me of the possibility of a wind farm corporation being connected to placing the GPS on his vehicle,” Officer Francisco Franco wrote in a police information report.

Yep, those evil, pesky wind companies will stop at nothing in their quest to provide clean, renewable energy to people all over the world.

We also suggested that oil overlords or McBride himself may have planted the device. After watching police body cam footage of a loosey-goosey McBride talking to police after calling about the discovery, I don’t think we’re anywhere closer to knowing who did it:

MAYA: Remembering the 80s rockers that almost made it.

For every band that makes it out of the Metro, there are ten times as many that never get past playing a few gigs at the Belle Isle Brewery and maybe self-releasing an album or two, no matter how great they are. It’s just the way the law of averages works in the down and dirty music business, kid. Just ask Wakeland, Aranda and Maya.

Wait…Maya who?

Recently, while I was searching YouTube for various Oklahoma City-related ephemera to wax nostalgic on, such as locally-made commercials, I came across an absolutely stunning music video for the sexy sax-jam “Dance into Your Bed,” by a group called Maya. Dangerously intrigued and obviously hungry for more, a little bit of research dug up a 1983 article from the Oklahoman entitled “Who’s that knockin’ on the door? It’s Maya!” by Gene Triplett that went deep into the Maya-mania phenom that was rockin’ the Big Town back in the day.