Raza Mayor: Mayor Holt Proclaims “Hispanic Heritage Month” in OKC

Last week, small-r mayor David Holt put his moderately-priced smartphone camera down for a few minutes to sign a proclamation that designates September 15th through October 15th as Hispanic Heritage Month, mainly to give thanks and designate praise to the many Spaniard-centric citizens for their hard work and selfless sacrifice, primarily in the brutal conquest of most Latin American countries.

While the next thirty days should technically be called Latino (or Latinx, if you’re nasty) Heritage Month, this celebration of our spicy sangre was first recognized in America by President Johnson in 1968 and, like a stealthy puma, has silently moved under your noses until recent years, when mi gente moved out of the shadows to party, karambo, fiesta, forever, with Holt’s pen officially signing in the holiday. Better late than never, huh?

From KFOR:

What if we stopped with all the plastic cups?

We need to talk about the plastic cup situation in the OKC Metro.

I know a few months ago (Maybe it was a year ago? I don’t know, time is a flat circle and also it’s almost 2020 so what the hell?) there was a picture that went local viral of someone loading up the top rack of a dishwasher with the plastic cups from places like Hideaway and Eskimo Joe’s. I can’t remember what the text said, but it was such a relatable image.

We all have too many plastic cups from restaurants.

Mean Dueweke tweets about candy…

Although she hasn’t been a part of the Oklahoma City media world since she bailed for Seattle in 2013, Liz Dueweke – or as we affectionately called her “Mean Dueweke” – is still part of the TLO-verse. She made it to the 2011 Ogle Madness Sweet 16, which is rarefied air around these parts, and to this day, we still get search engine queries from perverts looking for more information about her:

In the name of search engine optimization, Patrick should start writing more about Liz’s feet and bikinis.

Anyhoo, knowing our deep connection to Ms. Dueweke, imagine our shock and pleasure to see one of her tweets about candy go semi-viral across the OKC twitter echo chamber:

Hobbity YouTube Provocateur Disturbs Sleepy OKC Cop…

By now you’ve probably seen the countless generic fluff-piece stories from all the inspirational local news joints regarding the OKCPD officer who was caught “asleep on the job.” Here’s the video:

Now, I’ve never been one to be entirely behind the blue as a general statement, as there are many issues with our country’s overzealous law enforcement industrial complex, but this entire incident is just fucking stupid.

In case you didn’t know, the wannabe “journalist” who captured this earth shattering scene, isn’t new to stirring up issues with local law enforcement, nor does he show any indication of stopping.

In fact, the hobbitty provocateur who filmed the video, Patrick Roth, does shit like this all the time. He buddies up with the guy who take guns to parks, visits public facilities around the country, and stirs up shit to make himself a victim for his shittily edited Youtube channel because that’s his right. Don’t believe me? Just try to watch some cringe-inducing encounters he has, for some poorly thought out reason, decided to share with the public. Here’s one he uploaded a day or two ago:

Lost Ogle Show: Great State Fair Podcast of Oklahoma

On this week’s episode of The Lost Ogle Show presented by “Haunt the Zoo: All Grown Up,” Patrick and I chat with super librarian Judie Matthews and TLO contributor Lucas Dunn, the hosts of the soon-to-launch Free Queso podcast.

In this amazing episode, we talk all things Great State Fair of Oklahoma, including:

  • Lucas and Judie’s report on 2019 Fair food, 4H comps and artwork
  • Our Most Traumatic State Fair Memories (They Involve Blood)
  • How Patrick will serve Donald Trump after the next American civil war
  • Why we quit the state fair photo contest game

Subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, I Heart, Stitcher, etc, or just listen below:

You can follow Judie Matthews on Twitter as @JudieGanul, and Lucas Dunn as @FernetBroncho. You can find Marisa at MarisaMohi.com, or follow her on Twitter and Instagram as @theMarisaMohi. Patrick (@OKCPatrick) has finally realized that I, too, make typos, and he’s going through the archives trying to correct them all.

Gay Man Assaulted by Praying Homophobic Family Members at Oklahoma Church

As the 10th most religious state in the country, Oklahoma has a variety of churches. You have the small town fish fry churches, the big city mega churches, the rural old gospel churches, and the new-age hipster millennial churches with gluten-free communion crackers. Unfortunately, our state also appears to have the dangerous “pray away the gay” hate churches.


Outdated blood drive rules refuse gay male students at OCCC

If you ever participated in a blood drive, or were foolish enough to give them an email, then you understand that these places are in constant need of blood. They’re the only organization willing to give people free food or an oversized t-shirt in exchange for your life-force. Yet they serve a need to help those in dire straits; an effort most can get behind.

Unfortunately, there are a few outdated rules that have limited some willing to give.

Via OCCC Pioneer:

Jim Inhofe is still an idiot (#30,138)

To serve as a senator in the United States Congress is a daunting task that requires an entire team of researchers, legal experts, and clerical support get the job done. In fact, it is not unlikely that one single senator has anywhere between 20 to 60 staff members serving under them during a term, many of whom strive to make sure everything that comes from the office of the senator is as well-researched and truthful as possible to maintain the trust of his or her constituents. Which is why it doesn’t make any goddang sense as to why nobody stopped this tweet from being posted.