Is the abysmal mishandling of SQ 788 Mary Fallin’s swan song?

In some ways, Mary Fallin is lucky.

In any other universe, I’d say there’s a good chance she’s probably managing a Ramada Inn in Stillwater or living in a trailer in Tecumseh collecting government disability while complaining about the government. But in this disturbing dimension, she’s risen all the way to Governor of Oklahoma. When you consider her general ineptitude, poor decision-making, lack of leadership skills, and penchant for making embarrassing gaffes, it’s quite a lucky accomplishment.

Speaking of accomplishments, it looks like butchering the implementation of SQ 788 is going to be Mary Fallin’s swan song as Governor. She’s taken the relatively simple task of following the will of the people and implementing a new law and turned it into yet another embarrassing administrative shit show that somehow plunges her legacy even deeper into the toilet.

Yesterday afternoon she called for the Oklahoma Board of Health (a group of people she primarily appointed) to rescind their overreaching “emergency rules” to SQ 788 (a set of rules that she voluntarily signed into law) because Attorney General Mike Hunter (a person she appointed) found some of the amendments to be improper.

Via The Tulsa World:

Signs you’re getting old in OKC…

Remember when I started writing for this here obscure, local social blog? It was 2010. I was a wide-eyed 24-year-old, and Patrick gave me my first writing gig. Now, I’m a haggard old crone. My, how time flies when you’re writing on the internet.

Despite no one giving me the proper respect I deserve as the voice of a generation of Oklahomans, I know that my growing pains are universal. And if not universal, at least, like, maybe 5 of you can relate. You, too, have grown up in this crazy place, and you can name each of your gray hairs after a particular legislator.

But this got me to thinking. What are the particular ways you know that you’re growing old right here in the OKC? Here are the 5 signs.

Oklahoma City residents can now pay to be a farmer…

Growing up in rural western Oklahoma, I thought us kids never had anything fun to do in the summertime. We had Main Street drag, a movie theater with 4 screens, and a Walmart parking lot that kept its lights on until 2:00 AM. If anything, summer meant more chores because we had to pick the gardens before those got-damn squash bugs did. But I guess I should stop complaining, because less fortunate Oklahomans now have to pay to do the same chores we avoided.


Lance West resigns from KFOR over sexting controversy!

We have learned via the Ogle Mole Network that Lance “Danger” West – the goofy and affable anchor / reporter for KFOR Channel 4 –  resigned yesterday afternoon after a 23-year career at the Oklahoma City NBC news affiliate.

The resignation took the metro media scene by surprise, and came just hours after a short-lived Twitter account named “JustaGirl35” tagged @KFOR with several screenshots showing salacious private messages that West exchanged with a woman via social media.

The messages were sexually explicit, but they were also kind of tame by sex talk standards. From an employment perspective, the most damaging screenshot is this selfie (and the accompanying text) that Lance sent from the KFOR set:

Oklahoma DA cracks down on overdue DVD rentals…

Do you remember the joy of visiting the video store? Growing up in Midwest City, we had Magic Movies on Reno and Douglas. It was an old school, mom-and-pop video store, where you’d pull out the plastic tab glued to the cardboard box and bring it up to the counter. Sun-faded movie posters wallpapered the tiny strip mall space, usually advertising gruesome, low-budget horror films. Although many of those lurid posters and the adjoining big box artwork gave me nightmares, it was always a fun treat to visit every Friday night and pick out a tape or a Gameboy game to rent after our family outing to Mazzio’s Pizza.

Soon, the mom-and-pops were pushed out by chain stores. Magic Movies was soon replaced by a larger Video Update. Hollywood Video moved into town, and of course the ubiquitous blue and yellow Blockbuster Video killed the industry nationwide by offering a hundred copies of the recent big-budget hits and little else.

Now, in 2018, there is only one Blockbuster left in the United States. The company cannibalized the market, and through its ruthless business practices and refusal to carry independent, foreign, or cult films, it destroyed an entire industry. We’ve all moved onto streaming services or piracy, and the fabled video stores of yore are all extinct.

Or are they? It turns out, Claremore, OK still has a thriving market for DVD rental. With discs, you don’t have to “be kind rewind,” but those pesky late fees are still an issue. It’s so bad, in fact, that the District Attorney is cracking down on fines and disc owed to an old school grocery store video rental place.

From NewsOK via AP: