Edmond gym now trains people for America Ninja Warrior…

Like puberty and wearing jean jackets pinned with 1980s hair metal band patches, everybody goes through a phase sometime between the ages of 8 and 13 where they want to grow up to be a ninja. I was not exempt from this. I spent 7 months in Tae Kwon Do as an 11-year-old before I found out that I was in the wrong martial arts course to be a ninja and that my steady diet of Cheetos and Dr. Pepper would not make me sneaky. But unlike puberty and an affinity for jean jackets, some people never grow out of the awkward ninja-wannabe stage.


EDMOND, Okla. – ‘American Ninja Warrior’ brings out the best athletes in the world. But, until recently – there wasn’t really a place for Oklahoma hopefuls to train.

John Snethen makes prosthetics for a living. But, he’s always been fascinated with that giant obstacle course.

“I watch the show and was big into the show, and there was no place to really go and learn it,” Snethen said. “That looks like the show.”

He hired a company to build Defy, a new Edmond gym…

It’s got all the challenges you see on the show but on a slightly smaller scale.

I shouldn’t be surprised that this was some Edmond guy’s idea. The suburb already has a bakery for dogs and a reiki energy healing center. The well-to-do have to get creative if they are going to out affluence each other.

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FNITBT: Notorious RBG, Lawnmower Races and TLO Trivia

May is almost over, thanks to Marisa, the mediocrity of dating options has been established and it’s the weekend. So, get out of your comfort zone, and find something non-mediocre to do this weekend. In keeping with the theme this week (sorry Patrick, this is what happens when you procreate, women take over your blog) let’s look at some interesting dating options for the weekend.

Ode to the Tex-Mex Set Up

To quote Tom Keifer, “You don’t know what you got ‘till it’s gone…”

It takes a few years of living outside Oklahoma (or, of course, Texas) to fully appreciate the gratuitous nuances the Sooner State has to offer, but there is probably none more viscerally glaring from California to the New York island than the lack of the complimentary Tex-Mex set-up—you know, the free chips, queso , salsa, warm tortillas, relish, etc., that typically greet patrons of Mexican restaurants with an edible bienvenidos as soon as they sit down to dine.

The first time it happens to you at an out-of-state Mexican eatery, it’s such a weird feeling of unacceptable loss as a sense of incompleteness casts a dank pallor over the social proceedings; you sit down and expect to have those fresh chips, warm queso and mild salsa there as an emotional buffer and conversational starter only to be taken away and replaced with forced sips of tap water in-between checking your phone and your seething towards your date as you wait for an entrée that is going to be devoured like a wolf in heat.

Forget the leftovers, ese.

We take for granted what a beautiful system and blessed service that a good majority of Mexican restaurants—many of our favorites, go-tos and stand-bys—in the Metro provide on a regular basis that keeps us coming back week after week, completely unaware that most people in this country ain’t got it so bueno. And, with that being said, here’s what I consider to be the five best joints for that most welcomed set-up of free chips, queso and salsa. ¡Cómpralo ya!

And now, for the mediocre women of Oklahoma…

We here at The Lost Ogle are all about fairness. And so earlier this week, when I posted about the mediocre men of Oklahoma, some folks were worried that maybe we’d leave out the ladies. But fear not, friends! There’s plenty of mediocre in Oklahoma to go around. Because it would seem where ever there’s an Oklahoma government agency or Oklahoma-owned business, there’s a whole cabal of folks just failing upward.

So, just in case you thought the men of Oklahoma were the only ones afflicted with mediocrity, check out these mediocre women of Oklahoma.

Some jack wagons are scamming our grandmas

Forget about social security uncertainties, that weird mole on the top of grandma’s left ear, or whatever Fox News wants to convince us is destroying the fabric of America. There is a greater danger threatening the livelihoods of our grandparents: phone scammers.

Via News 9…

It’s a new twist on an old scam, and it’s hitting the metro.

You may have heard of the “Grandparent scam”, but now scammers are apparently using social media to improve their con.

Like most grandparents, Jean Beeby was happy to hear from whom she thought was her grandson Monday.

“I said well how are you. He said not so good right now.”

The person on the phone claimed to be her grandson, used his name and sounded like him. He told Beeby he had been in a car accident, that he had hit a pregnant woman and was being charged with DUI. Finally, he said he needed bail money.

I am going to assume Jean’s grandson is a crappy person for two reasons.

  1. She thought a complete stranger’s voice was her grandson. How rare do you call your grandma that she doesn’t even know you when you speak? As long as you reserve at least Christmas and Easter for calling grandma and going to church, God won’t send you to hell. Fact.
  2. The scammer claiming to be her grandson stated he had been charged with a DUI after hitting a pregnant woman and JEAN DID NOT QUESTION IT. What kind of lifestyle do you lead that your grandma didn’t find it out of the ordinary for you to call her for DUI bail money?

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