Oklahoma Government Wants To Remind Citizens That We Trust God…

If there’s one thing Oklahoma needs, it’s more visual reminders about the almighty God and the divine influence he has on our society and culture. Seriously, you can’t find that stuff anywhere ever since Obama banned it in 2008.

Fortunately, some astute, fair-minded, not-in-any-way pandering Oklahoma lawmakers have noticed this problem and offered a solution to fix it.

Via NewsOK.com:

Oklahoma House Speaker Charles McCall wants the national motto, “In God We Trust” to be displayed prominently in all state buildings.

American Atheists, which advocates for the separation of church and government, criticized the proposal, saying it would be exclusionary to people with diverse religious beliefs.

House Bill 3817 would require the Office of Management and Enterprise Services to display “In God We Trust” in a prominent place in all state buildings, except for those owned by school districts.

That’s nice and everything, but shouldn’t the messaging be on brand and say “In God We Trust… Imagine That!”

Either way, I think this is a swell idea. First of all, the slogan is already printed on our money. If we can trust God with that, we can surely trust him with blessing our government.

Second, maybe placing these hallowed words in state buildings will inspire God to wave his magic wand and give us new lawmakers who actually care about real, important issues facing the state, and not just pandering to the theocratic Evangelicals who elect them.

Here’s more:

We talked Oklahoma’s new brand with Amy Blackburn – the new State Director of Branding!

We were happy to welcome Amy Blackburn – Oklahoma’s new Director of State Branding – to our Bricktown Digital Media Studios for a recent episode of The Lost Ogle Show!

We talked all about Oklahoma’s new brand and marketing campaign, including how and why it was selected, the criticism it’s received on social media and in the press, and what in the world Canadians had to do with it. We also talked about the local ad world, the state meal and played a game of This Week In Lost Ogle History.

Check it out:

You can find out more about the new Oklahoma branding campaign at branding.ok.gov and you can buy your Oklahoma merch at shoptravelok.com. You can follow Amy on Twitter at @_amyblackburn. As always, you can subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show on Apple PodcastsSpotifyI HeartStitcher, etc. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

TLO Restaurant Review: Clark Crew BBQ

Northwest Expressway is a traffic-riddled stretch of road that mainly features restaurants that your less than likable parents would probably pick for dinner, with safe-as-milk options like the Olive Garden, Outback Steakhouse and On the Border. But, on the ancient ruins of a long-dead Macaroni Grill, sits the recently opened Clark Crew BBQ.

At first glance, it too looks like every other corporate eatery down the Expressway, but it’s very much a local thing, based around owner Travis Clark’s supposedly world-famous BBQ. According to the menu, he’s won well over 700 awards including Oklahoma Team of the Year. But, I wonder…could he win this lovable lug’s engorged heart?

TLO editor Patrick, bi-curious about the place himself, invited me to a Valentine’s Day lunch at Clark’s, knowing full well that, otherwise, I’ll probably be sitting at home all by my lonesome, basting a low-fat turkey sandwich and glass of skim milk in my fragile tears. That’s no way to live and an even worse way to love.

They’re evolving: Rural Oklahomans may finally get decent internet access

Good news, the 1-point-something million people who have the pleasure of living in Oklahoma outside of the OKC and Tulsa metropolises! Thanks to the FCC, pretty soon you’ll have access to broadband internet so you can finally start streaming your favorite reruns of Gunsmoke and Bonanza! At least some of you, anyway.

Via News on 6…

 LOCUST GROVE, Oklahoma – Northeast Oklahoma is getting more than $6.7 million dollars from the Federal Communications Commission to improve internet access in rural areas.

The FCC said the funding will be award to internet providers to expand broadband service for 2,400 homes and businesses in Craig, Delaware, Mayes, Nowata, and Ottawa Counties.

This represents the ninth wave of support from the 2018 Connect America Fund Phase II auction, part of a federal initiative to “close the digital divide” and “connect residents with opportunities made possible by high-speed broadband.”

Those living in the country told News On 6 they appreciate the slow-pace, but not when it comes to the internet.

I know we like to joke about rural Oklahoma’s “slow pace,” especially when it comes to keeping up with social mores and having more than two restaurants that aren’t gas stations. But the reality is that rural Oklahoma really is a couple of decades behind when you’re talking about decent broadband internet access. I texted my sister interviewed a real rural Oklahoman who was not able to get such a thing until 2017. YES, TWO THOUSAND SEVENTEEN. Here’s what she said about the experience…

Free Queso: Apollo Woods from OKC Black Eats

We recently welcomed Apollo Woods of OKC Black Eats to The Lost Ogle Bricktown Digital Media studios for a recording of Free Queso Podcast!

Apollo’s passion is working with black chefs and restaurateurs and boosting their visibility. There’s always hype for every new joint that opens up in Midtown, but he wants to take that focus to places that you may not see from your typical Instagram foodie influencers.

February is Black History Month, and OKC Black Eats has a series of OKC Black Restaurant Weeks to coincide with it. We also swap our favorite ways to reheat leftovers, so there’s still discussion for the singles out there. To cap things off, Judie brought in one of those Whitman’s chocolate samplers that you see at Walgreen’s this time of year, and we blind-tasted our way through the box and tried to guess the flavors.

Make sure to follow OKC Black Eats on Twitter and Instagram, and listen to Free Queso on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Spotify, and probably most of the other places. If you like what you hear, leave us a nice comment and a 5* rating, and follow us on the social meeds at @freequesopod on Twitter and @freequesopod on Instagram.

7 ways Oklahoma would be different if vaginas had as many rights as guns

People have a lot of different opinions and viewpoints in regards to living in Oklahoma. For gun owners, the lax concealed carry regulations make Oklahoma feel like a wild west-inspired utopia. For vagina owners, the draconian anti-abortion bills, like HB 1182, make Oklahoma feel like a grim, abysmal dystopia. The bill, which aims to revoke doctors’ licenses if they perform abortions, would likely restrict Oklahomans’ rights to choose what is best for their own bodies.

Like a tiger watching Animal Planet in a zoo managed by Joe Exotic, I, a vagina owner, sit daydreaming of future that could be, if only I were granted a little more freedom on this earth.  Here are 7 things that would probably happen if vaginas had as many rights as guns in Oklahoma.

What does OKC need to host NBA All-Star Weekend?

Over the weekend, NBA stars gathered in Chicago for another All-Star weekend extravaganza. The weekend featured a revamped format, controversial dunk contest, and apparently questions about OKC’s status as a All-Star City.

Via The Oklahoman:

Trae Young was asked Saturday if he’d like to see the NBA All-Star game in Oklahoma City some day.

“It’d be super fun to get an All-Star game out in OKC,” the Hawks guard and former Sooner said. “Being able to go back home and play in front of them would be fun. I think they gotta get maybe one or two more hotels to be able to get it going.”

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt tweeted that Young was “spot-on.”

“I get this question from time to time,” Holt tweeted. “NBA requires 6,000 rooms near the arena and wants them to be four-star. Even with (the) Omni we’re just not anywhere near that.”

Russell Westbrook was asked the same question during media day, and he also gave the hotel response. As a result, it wouldn’t shock me if the city decides to fund a MAPS 4 All-Stars that subsidizes a bunch of full service hotels and strip clubs  just to attract an NBA All-Star Game for one year. That being said, I feel like we need to make some other improvements first to accommodate all the athletes, fans, journalists, and hanger-ons that come with hosting an event of this scale…

Hotel Ghostbusters

Oklahoma To Bring Back Botched Executions

Happy Friday everyone, let’s talk about the death penalty in Oklahoma. Sure, there are better ways to start this article; but it would be irresponsible for me to rehash old jokes that didn’t work and inject them into the site. Speaking of that…

Via KOCO.com:

State officials announced Thursday morning that Oklahoma has found a reliable supply of drugs to resume executions by lethal injection.

Gov. Kevin Stitt, Attorney General Mike Hunter, Department of Corrections Director Scott Crow and other state officials made the announcement at a news conference at 11:30 a.m.

According to the attorney general’s office, the state will use an updated version of the previous protocol that includes recommendations by the 2016 multicounty grand jury. The three drugs that will continue to be used are midazolam, vecuronium bromide and potassium chloride.

Let me start by saying the death penalty is a complicated, problematic issue despite the side you stand on. Any carte blanche response to this can be misguided because they don’t represent all the factors at play.

But Oklahoma in particular has a terrible reputation for the state-murder business. In 2014 and 2015, two botched executions put Oklahoma in the worst limelight imaginable. And yet, despite all this, the state is going to push ahead with the same drugs as before.

But sure, I bet your death drugs are sure to work this time. Say what you will about Oklahoma, their blind optimism is inspiring.

Here’s more: