Marla Morgan is hard at work for Ogle Madness votes…

We’re only one week in to Ogle Madness, and already some contestants are already soliciting votes on social media in an effort to advance through the bracket.

For example, earlier this week, House Minority leader Emily Virgin asked her Twitter followers to vote in her first round matchup against Jesse Jane:

The call for support must have worked, as Emily won by a 441 – 229 margin. Also, unlike the Sports Animal / Franchise matchup, which resulted in Carey Murdock challenging Eddie Radarsochavolich to see who can call the most five-star recruits in a 30 minute time frame, the Jane / Virgin matchup was a complete ironic coincidence. I wish it was intentional, but it wasn’t. Good luck to Emily in her second round matchup against Darci Lynne Farmer.

Emily isn’t the only local celeb wanting to cut down the Ogle Madness nets. Earlier this week, Marla Morgan – last year’s champ – went horseback riding with 2-seed Joleen Chaney as part of a joint publicity campaign.

Check this out:

Woman uses t-shirt cannon to fire contraband into Oklahoma prison…

Sneaking contraband into prisons has always been a problem for jailers and inmates alike. In the Johnny Cash diddy, “I’ve Got Stripes,” Cash sings about his mother coming to see him in prison on a Monday only to be caught with a file on a Tuesday. But since that song was released in 1959, not only has the coveted contraband changed, but also the methods of delivery. As Kerri Jo Hickman understands, modern problems require modern solutions.

Via The Washington Post…

Weekend Radar

Your most trusted-trusted source for all-things Oklahoma City is back with its weekly feature, TLO Weekend Radar, highlighting a few of the most promising happenings in the metro. 

This week we let you really wallow in nostalgia for the decades of your youth. From the music to movies to… trumpets.

Ogle Madness: North Region, Lower Bracket

After three and half days of voting, we’re down to the final slate of matchups from the first round of Ogle Madness. Get your votes in before round begins on Monday!

(6) David Payne vs. (11) Meg Alexander
(3) Kyler Murray vs (14) Scooters
(7) Louie’s Girls vs (10) Airco Brahs
(2) Steven Adams vs (15) Sam Anderson

Oklahoma affairs meet controversial topics for whiskey shots and regretful decisions. Vote below and see who will win!

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7 New Ice Cream Flavors Braum’s Should Probably Consider

Earlier this week, Braum’s announced they were launching six new ice cream flavors that your grandparents are bound to enjoy. Here are the details via KOCO:

An Oklahoma-based fast food restaurant chain has new treats for the public to enjoy.

Braum’s announced Tuesday that it has released six new ice cream flavors: Cookie Monster, Strawberry Blondie, peanut butter and jelly, deep raspberry ganache, oatmeal cookie and spicy mango raspberry fiesta.

“These sweet temptations are available for a limited time only, so head over to your neighborhood Braum’s to find your new favorite,” officials said in a news release.

Cookie Monster? PBJ? Deep Raspberry Ganache? Those flavors are boring and have no Oklahoma feel or connection. As a result, Brandon and I thought it would be fun to come up with our own new Braum’s flavors. They have our permissions to go with them instead…

1. Classen Circle Crunch

Although they weren’t able to convert Classen Circle into a super Braum’s, they can still pay tribute to the OKC counter-culture with a vanilla, or possible orange sherbet, mixed with amaretto and Coors Light and topped with crunchy cigarette butts and syringes. It will have you feeling high and low. – Patrick

2. Red Dirt Raspberry

Now patrons can experience the taste of what early 20th century pioneers saw-red nothingness. The flavor profile would be water-molded iced dirt, raspberry and a dash of cinnamon. – Brandon

3. Everything But the Dining Room Tray

Ogle Madness: North Region, Upper Bracket

Today is the final day of the first round of Ogle Madness! This region is filled with feel good shit, odd people, and Oklahoma meh-mories.

Here are the Friday matchups:

(1) Emily Sutton vs. (16) Dippin Dots CEO
(8) THC vs (9) CBD
(4) Olivia Munn vs (13) Rit Mathis
(5) Kendra Horn vs (12) Gary England

Crazy competition, stupid decisions and your vote-this is what matters today. Vote! Vote now!

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TLO Travel Center Review: Love’s on 89th Street

Recently, the Oklahoma City Thunder selected legendary Love’s Country Stores to be their first-ever uniform-destroying sponsor. Patrick and Hayley mocked it here.

Having never been to one of these Okie-friendly fill-up destinations—I tend to prefer the historical nobility of the slightly more interesting Chickasaw Travel Stops when cruising down I-35—I thought it would be prudent and timely to check one out, so I stopped the closest Love’s convenience store to me at 845 S.E. 89th on the footsteps of Moore.

I’m not too sure if this is really the run-down neighborhood that out-of-state visitors should stop at for relief and refreshments but for a local like me, I feel that this Love’s really does capture the true Oklahoma City that most people try to hide from themselves and others.

Naturally, like most travelers on the I35 wagon train, the first thing I checked out was the bathroom:

Ogle Madness: South Region, Lower Bracket

Today is the third day of the end all, be all competition that is Ogle Madness! Cast your vote this afternoon and see who will achieve victory.

Here are this afternoon’s matchups:

(6) Abigail Ogle vs. (11) Speaker McCall
(3) OKC Cock Ring vs (14) Kendal Frayer
(7) Battison Honda Girl vs (10) Scott from Scott’s Motor Cars
(2) Lincoln Riley vs (15) Mike Stoops

You know you’re here for the funny, odd, and somewhat macabre. We are here for your needs, wants and desires!

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