Warning – Goober lawmaker wants to take power away from the people

Since the Oklahoma legislature is filled with a bunch of spineless sellouts who don’t like to do their job, the only real way for citizens in Oklahoma to institute any meaningful change or reform is through a ballot initiative petition – a long, time-consuming process littered with a litany of rules, regulations and requirements.

Knowing this path to reform is still semi-accessible to some people, lawmakers like Rep. John Enns, R-Enid are hard at work to make sure that getting a state question put on the ballot will be as difficult as possible.

Via The Tulsa World:

FNITBT: NASA, Orange Peel and Motorcycles

Holy thunder sleet people, it’s been a wild week! I’m a bit hermit-prone personally, so I’ve reveled in this weather, binge-watching, snacking on the Girl Scout cookies I bought (thank God) last week and not speaking to other humans. However, after three days, even I’m ready to get out and about. If you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever and want to get up off the couch and outside, here are some things to do this weekend.

Forget Mary Fallin. Todd Lamb needs to break up with Larry Nichols…

A few weeks ago, The Oklahoman highlighted the various measures Lt. Governor Todd Lamb has taken to distance himself from poison pill Governor Mary Fallin. For some reason, I guess Todd doesn’t want his sputtering gubernatorial campaign to be associated with one of the most unpopular and ineffective Oklahoma politicians in this state’s recent history.

Via NewsOK.com:

Lamb tries to distance himself from state Capitol as he runs for governor

Lt. Gov. Todd Lamb made his split with Gov. Mary Fallin very public last year. And he routinely criticizes her 2017 sales tax proposals…

In an interview last fall with reporters from The Oklahoman, he said, “You cannot get any closer to the action, at the same time being further removed than being lieutenant governor

“Trust me, I know. I have no stick. I have no carrot. I’ve never been in the budget negotiations.”

It may be tough to claim distance from state leaders. His office is down the hall from Fallin’s and he is president of the Oklahoma Senate, which is right upstairs from him. Some of his opponents in the Republican primary are bound to yoke him to the governor; Tulsa attorney Gary Richardson placed an ad on social media last year referring to him as Mary’s little Lamb.

Yeah, that “Mary’s little Lamb” line is just too easy. Good luck shaking that off. It’s going to stick to Todd’s skin like a tight wool sweater.

That being said, although it’s catchy, memorable and sure to get a bunch of Facebook likes, the phrase doesn’t paint an accurate picture of the Todd / Mary dynamic. The issue with Todd Lamb isn’t that he’s led around by Mary Fallin. I’m pretty sure they operate independently of each other. The issue is that they’re both controlled by the same puppet master – Devon Energy’s Larry Nichols.

7 Ways to Fight the Flu via Your Neighborhood Mexican Supermercado

The flu epidemic in Oklahoma has reached an all-time high, with over 150 people dead from the dreaded sickness and an astonishing 3,400 plus hospitalized as of September 2017. It’s a pair of numbers, via the Oklahoma State Department of Health, that’s set to put the Sooner State in the record books once again and doctors aren’t even sure if we’ve hit peak yet.

And, to make matters worse, with this current strain seemingly giving a big middle finger to even those of us who dutifully stood in line to take our flu shots back in the Fall, it’s becoming obvious modern medicine is starting to fail society as a whole; if you’re like me and can’t afford to get sick, a need for alternative forms of prevention is something worth looking into. After all, desperate times call for medidas desesperadas.

Forget Obamacare—it’s time to explore some traditional MexiCare. Growing up in poverty and unable to visit a doctor for even the gravest of concerns, often times our own private hospital was the Mexican grocery store, utilizing home remedies, family traditions and otherworldly cures that seemed to always work, regardless of the sickness, from a vaguely depressing head cold to straight-up skin-scarring chicken pox and everything in-between.

Passed down from generación a generación—or so I’ve been led to believe—these wholly holistic Hispanic remedies have been staples in my family for as long as I can remember and have yet to fail me which, if you know me personally, is a true testament to their healing power, placebo, faith-based, or otherwise. And the best part: all items are available and affordably-priced at the neighborhood Latino-supported mercado of your choice. Cómpralo ya!