Lost Ogle Show: Around The World (and Panhandle) with Robert Reid

Apparently OKC is a travel mecca these days, so we thought it was a good time to chat with someone who knows about travel.

This week, we sat down with Oklahoma kid turned international travel writer, author and speaker – Robert Reid. He’s written for places Lonely Planet, National Geographic and, one time, even us! He’s also appeared on enough TV shows to have his own demo reel.

On this episode, we talked with Robert about the life and times of being a real-life travel writer, how the emergence of social media influencers has impacted the trade, and all about the Oklahoma panhandle. He also gave some advice on how I can overcome my travel fears, and shared some great stories about living and traveling through Southeastern Asia and Oceania.

You can follow Robert on Twitter as @ReidonTravel. As always, you can subscribe to The Lost Ogle Show on Apple PodcastsSpotifyI HeartStitcher, etc. Stay with The Lost Ogle. We’ll keep you advised.

The Yukon 5 Cinema to Be Demolished ASAP

When it originally opened in 1982, the Yukon 5 Cinema was the biggest thing to happen to the rural outskirt, at least until they unveiled Garth Brooks Boulevard years later; that’s the street where, ironically enough, this once-loved theater was located on, in the Chisholm Shopping Center.

Formerly a part of the ailing Silver Cinemas chain—a Landmark Theatres property with only three movie-houses remaining in the country—despite renovations in 2007, the theater closed for good in 2014. After years of wishing, hoping and praying for an offer to reopen and re-renovate the place, currently the Yukon 5 is set to be demolished “as soon as possible,” according to a recent piece in the Yukon Progress.

Intoxicated Oklahoma man takes stolen forklift on epic joyride across Enid

As an early bird myself, I like to start my mornings off right with a little productivity. It feels really good to have done a few things on the to-do list before most of the world wakes up. But no amount of emails answered or workouts completed could ever make me feel as accomplished as Garrett Michael Anderson was before 8:00 Tuesday morning.

Via News 9…

Free Queso: Let’s Eat Less Meat In 2020 With The Loaded Bowl

Tis the New Years Resolution time of year when everyone is giving up booze, buying a gym membership to use for a few days, and doing other weird things that they’ll abandon as soon as possible.

But one of the most impactful things you can do as an individual is stop eating so much meat. Yes, we’re a cattle town, but the benefits to your own body and the environment at whole is to consume less animals. This week, Free Queso brought in Savanah Fitzsimmons and Kaitlyn Burton from The Loaded Bowl, which is OKC’s premiere vegan restaurant:

OKC iHeartMedia Stations rocked by layoffs…

Global radio conglomerate iHeartMedia – the corporate owner of KJ-103, 101.9 the Twister, 96.1 KXY, News Radio 1000 KTOK, and a few other local stations that you probably haven’t listened to in a long time – conducted a nationwide rif yesterday, parting ways with radio talent from all over the country.

Oklahoma City was not immune from the layoffs, with several notable local radio personalities losing their jobs. For example, the venerable Frito from KJ-103 is now looking for a new bowl of chili to call home:

That sucks. I don’t think I’ve consciously listened to KJ-103 since I won a Cactus Jack’s Party Pack after winning the Hot 8 at Eight in 1992, but it’s still sad to see nice guys like Frito go.

According to a high level Ogle Mole, 10 people in Oklahoma City were part of the layoffs. Other notable  personalities to part ways include:

TLO Travelogue: The Holy City of the Wichitas

Every January, I go on an annual Dudes Cabin Trip excursion with my best Dude Friends. It’s mostly just all of us drinking and smoking our respective weights in Banquet beer and legal herbal medicine. We watch bad movies and cook and hike and eat snacks and exist for a weekend in a region where none of us have cell phone reception. It’s great and relaxing and not worth boring you with the rest of the details.

This year, we found a remote cabin just northwest of the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge. It was scenic and there was cow shit all over the acreage and the wind was constantly whipping. We saw buffalo and cows and families of deer jumping over fences and all the other things you expect to see when you’re near Mount Scott.

But something that was new to me was the Holy City. I’d never heard of this weird roadside oddity, but my friend Randy insisted we check it out on our way back home on Sunday.

OU Unveils Obnoxious New Parking Enforcement Device

The University of Oklahoma began its Spring 2020 semester this week and wasted no time introducing their latest concocted scheme to scrape more money out of college students. In general, parking on campus is a joke. Unless you have an overpriced parking pass, it’s best if you invest in comfortable shoes for that mile-long walk to class. Instead of improving parking on campus, OU staff had a more fun approach.

Check this out:

WTF. Here are more details via OU Daily:

Our beloved Reba McEntire is finally getting the recognition she deserves!

Reba McEntire, also known as the “Queen of Country” and patron saint of Oklahoma, is a multi-Grammy winning artist whose voice is basically the soundtrack of getting your heart broken after the age of 40. Reba has been idolized through her induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and numerous drag queen performances. Finally, it looks like the city of McAlester is paying its respects to the superstar.