TLO Grocery Store Review: Save-A-Lot

While many of us were lamenting the lack of quality supermarkets and grocery stores left behind in the wake of recent closings such as the infamous Buy for Less on N.W. 23rd and Penn, it was seemingly forgotten that there are plenty of other areas of the Metro where their only source of regular sustenance, if they’re lucky, is in the form of a corner convenience store or two spread out among the fast food graveyards.

One such area that has historically been hungering for a place to purchase said provisions is the long strip of road that makes up N.E. 36th, from just under the 235 exit on down to Martin Luther King and probably beyond. You’d think with the many houses and apartment complexes that make up the neighborhoods of the area that there would be something, but, for years now, the closest you got was the Valero that used to have the pizza shop in it. And even the pizza shop done left town.

Coming back from a funeral the other day, I noticed that the beautifully refurbished and remodeled Northeast Town Center shopping center was not only open for business but that Save-A-Lot–a smaller, more value-oriented chain that I remember seeing in Denver near the Casa Bonita I used to heavily frequent–had prominently moved in and was more than ready to serve the neighborhood and, being in dire need of groceries myself, serve me most specifically.

Monday Morning Tweets

Howdy, pardners! Let’s do what we can to make this week a good one. Everybody’s been sick all week, myself included. It sucks starting the year off and flu season is gnarly as hell. It gets worse than that. Many of my friends have been mourning the deaths of young people all week, namely Ezra Blum and Nathan Porter. I can’t claim to have been close to these guys, but I know a lot of people who were, and they’re hurting right now. Hug your friends, and be kind to everybody else.

Kirk Humphreys has archaic “beliefs” about women, too.

It’s about time for Kirk Humphreys to draft another non-apology apology.

Last night, an Ogle Mole sent us numerous undated audio clips of embattled homophobe Kirk Humphreys sharing draconian, misogynistic beliefs about women and their role in society. The release of the clips conveniently comes on the same day that Humphreys is to be seated, again, to the John Rex Elementary School Board.

Most of the audio appears to be taken from Christian-based workshops and seminars found at – the “online source for the very best in Christian discipleship training resources.”

For example, check out this clip where Kirk talks about the roles that God intended for men and women at home and in the workplace. They’ll make any old, out-of-touch, insecure, judgmental father from Bethany proud:

James Lankford is “disappointed” in our shithole president…

Late in 2016, a month or so after Trump won the election, we published the transcript of a secret conference call between Oklahoma Senator James Lankford and various members of the Oklahoma ruling class. In it, he expressed some of his valid worries and concerns about The Donald.

About a week later, News 9 picked up on the story that they found in an “online tabloid” and filed their own report. Lankford then issued the following tweet:

Well, I guess the local for-profit news media isn’t the only thing that “disappoints” the former church camp director. Check out the statement he issued following Trump’s infamous “shit hole” comments: