Is This A Great Oklahoma Podcast Or What?


One of the most common questions I get as publisher, editor, managing editor, copy editor, reporter, researcher, art director, graphics coordinator, advertising director, sales manager, events manager, trivia director, controller, finance clerk and janitor of The Lost Ogle is “Why do you not have a podcast? Just about every media outlet in the world has one. Why not you?”

My answer is honest and simple – “I don’t have the time.”

Well, I still really don’t have the time, but at this point, what does it matter? As we enter our 10th (!!!) year of existence, we’ve decided to wade into the podcast waters. I’m still not sure what that means, what that entails or what my involvement will be, but I’ll keep you updated. We already have a little podcast studio in the Paramount building on Film Row, and hopefully we start using it.

As I procrastinate on that front, we’re launching a new bi-weekly written series that will hopefully turn into a podcast someday – “Is This A Great Oklahoma Podcast Or What?” Curated by a couple of local podcasters – Courtney Oliphant and Joshua Unruh – they’ll take a look at five Oklahoma based / themed podcasts that you may enjoy listening to while wasting time at work. Part public service, part easy way to force me to learn about local podcasts, we hope you enjoy it.

On that note, here are five podcasts you should know about. From here on out, it’s the Courtney and Josh show:

Payne County Sheriff gives Channel 5 false information. Criticizes them for reporting it.

Earlier this week, KOCO’s Mecca Rayne reported that Adacia Chambers – the person responsible for the OSU homecoming tragedy – was being allowed to clean the Payne County courthouse as part of something called a “trustee program.” I guess it’s one of those things where prisoners work as butlers and maids at county facilities or something like that.

The Payne County Sheriff’s Office wasn’t a big fan of the story. On Wednesday night, they hopped on Facebook and accused Mecca of “ignoring facts” and claimed she “lied when she reported that Adacia Chambers was a trustee in the courthouse.” They also called her unprofessional.

Check it out:

That’s awesome. We finally found an Oklahoma sheriff’s department that can write in complete sentences! I’m so proud.

Apparently the Payne County Sheriff’s department was onto something. A few hours later, KOCO removed the article from their website. The sheriff provided this update:

Friday Night in the Big Town: Momentum, Latino Films and All-Star Pro Wrestling

So yeah, wind, you can settle down now. Seriously, what is up? I know Oklahoma is where wind comes sweeping down the plain, but this is getting ridiculous. Rush hour traffic is dangerous enough, I don’t need the feeling of car shifting randomly underneath me. That’s what man-made earthquakes are for.

If you are brave enough to take on the invisible force, we have three events that maybe to your liking. You’re in luck if you like your art to be on the youthful side, or if you like your films to contain a fair amount of melanin. Also, if you’re a fan of crappy wrestling, we have crappy wrestling.

Here’s your Friday Night in the Big Town….

This video tells you everything you need to know about Oklahoma lawmakers…

Yesterday afternoon, we let you know that State Rep. John Montgomery paid Ralph Shortey nearly $100,000 as a political consultant.

About an hour or two after our article posted, an Ogle Mole sent an email pointing us to this weird green screen interview that Montgomery conducted in 2014 for some GOP propaganda video. Half way through, I thought he was going to yell “Boom Goes the Dynamite.”

Check it out: