Workplace Romances makes jobs uncomfortable, shocking interview shows

Romance can often feel like a bowel movement.

Some are smooth and fill the voids. Many can leave memories that are better left unspoken. But only one thing is for certain – they should almost never take place at work.

This is the lesson the business section of the The Oklahoman thought was appropriate to teach on Valentine’s Day. Because nothing says love and affection quite like a Q&A-style lecture about the dangers of office romances from a business reporter and attorney.

Via The Oklahoman:

Lawmaker thinks sending kids to private school will keep them from being bullied…

If you consider high school to have been the greatest years of your life, it can usually be assumed that you either peaked in the 11th grade or are currently on meth. High school sucks. Especially if you are the victim of bullying. Sadly, one Oklahoma lawmaker who was hoping to solve the bullying epidemic in Oklahoma public schools recently failed in passing legislation that would have surely made a great talking point in his next chamber meeting.


Weekend Radar

Your most trusted-trusted source for all-things Oklahoma City is back with its weekly feature, TLO Weekend Radar, highlighting a few of the most promising happenings in the metro.

We are here for you this Valentine’s Day weekend. Our picks will heat you up, scare your pants off and let you be the real dirty boy or girl you are.

Something weird is going on with Meg Alexander…

I’m starting to wonder what Meg Alexander puts in her coffee mug each morning.

Yesterday afternoon, I received a text message from an Ogle Mole asking if I watched, or DVRed, that morning’s episode of Oklahoma Living. It’s the pay-to-play “news” program that airs each weekday morning on KOKH Fox 25. It’s hosted by longtime OKC news anchor Meg Alexander and former Max Headroom actor Mitch English.

My response was something like…

“Why would I do something like that to myself? Do you think I’m a psychopath?”

Their reply was something like…

“You got to watch! Meg Alexander is slurring words and it’s a mess!”

I’m not going to lie. That got my attention, so I hopped over to the Living Oklahoma website to see if they had any videos of the episode. They did.

Check out this interview Meg conducted with some guy with The Oklahoma County Spring Livestock Show. It was like watching a cougar hit on a waiter at Flip’s after a few too many vodka martinis.

OU investigating David Boren to see if he sexually harassed male aides…

Well, I guess we know how James Gallogly is going to destroy David Boren.

Last night, The Oklahoman reported that the University of Oklahoma has hired a very expensive law firm to investigate claims that former Oklahoma Governor, US Senator and OU President David Boren sexually harassed male aides.

Here are the details via Nolan Clay: