Food saves lives in Pottawatomie County standoff

William Shakespeare once said, “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some have greatness thrust upon them.” Not many can withstand the swift hand of justice; however one man in Pottawatomie County stands out from the rest. This mantle of excellence should be given to the man who unintentionally disregarded police action for the sake of a cheeseburger.


Kelly Ogle is tired of everyone calling Trump’s racist stuff racist…

Whether he’s locking immigrants in cages, refusing to condemn white supremacists or simply denying housing to minorities in one of his daddy’s apartment towers, the only thing we know for certain about Donald Trump is that he’s a racist. In fact, I’d say Trump’s loyal commitment to modern, unabashed, 21st-century-style racism is the number one reason most of his critics hate him, and, sadly, the number one reason most of his supporters adore and worship him.

The only remaining group that chooses to willfully ignore this sad reality are the pathetic, mostly white church folk who have compromised all their values and integrity to support and defend Trump — simply because he’s a Republican who agrees with them on divisive wedge issues. You know, people like Kelly Ogle.

Last night, Kelly shared his two cents on Trump’s latest made-for-the-24-hour-news-cycle generated controversy and discussed the infamous, 100% contrived “go back to where you came from” tweets. His thoughts? Can’t we all get just along, ignore realty, and stop calling everything racist?

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The 11 inevitable steps of an Oklahoma women’s craft night

Whether it is a rugged desire for self-reliance ingrained in all native Oklahomans or an unhealthy obsession and idolization of the Pioneer Woman, for some reason women in our state love to craft their own things. I am no different. I would much rather collect an ungodly amount of empty pickle jars to collect dust under my sink and stock up on half priced fabric at Walmart with the hope that I will one day have the time and motivation to make something useful rather than actually buy something useful. I have a feeling that many other Oklahoma women have the same mentality and experiences when it comes to crafting. So here are the 12 stages of an Oklahoma women’s craft night.

TLO Restaurant Review: Egg Roll King

I like to take pride in the fact that I have not been to a single Chinese buffet for a mass gorging in well over a year but, if I’m being honest here, there are plenty of times when I seriously do crave the somewhat-murderous deep-fried Asian food items that populate this city’s all-you-can-eat heated metal-trays, laid out before me in no discernible fashion.

Luckily, when I do get the urge to merge with such foodstuffs, thank Buddha there’s Egg Roll King, 3616 N.W. 23rd; with a small menu that is as quaint as their dining room, there’s a reason that the King, with its pagoda-like façade, has maintained its prime-time fast-food consistency for well over 20 or so years. Unfortunately though, that was probably the last time I actually stopped by there.

Report: Devon hired “Budget Glass Cleaning” to unsuccessfully clean tower windows

As some of the windows at Devon Tower remain covered by plywood following last May’s “Window Wash of Terror” pop-up thrill ride, The Oklahoman has launched an investigation to figure out what caused the event that captivated viewers from across the world.


Expert: Window washing incident atop Devon Tower in May likely human error

On the morning of May 15, two men swung violently in a window washing basket at the top of the Devon Tower in downtown Oklahoma City…

An expert told The Oklahoman he speculates the incident likely was due to human error because of weather conditions on that day.

Stefan Bright, safety director for the International Window Cleaning Association, said wind speeds atop the 50-story building likely were too high for safe usage of the machine.

“If it wasn’t so windy, these guys would have gotten the platform down and been able to tie it in (to the side of the building) and been able to work safely,” Bright said. “Without exploring all the facts, I’m leaning toward this as user error.”

I mean no disrespect to the fine people of the International Window Cleaning Association, but are they really blaming the two dudes who were hanging for dear life as the lift twirled around Oklahoma City like a cheap fair ride? Considering those high-flying daredevils were likely just doing what their bosses told them to do, that seems kind of weak.

Without exploring all the facts, I’m leaning toward a different cause – Devon is fucking cheap.

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Band on the Sun: The Northwest Classen Marching Band and the Summer of ‘93

As the Oklahoma summer sun continues to boil and bake our hottest of days away, when I was walking in it recently—not heel to toe, mind you—every skin-searing beam took me back to the summer of ’93 and the overly-sweaty time I spent preparing to be a member of the somewhat illustrious Northwest Classen High School Marching Band.

Having just finished two consecutive summer school tours of duty—my parents liked for me to be ahead of everyone else apparently—August was generally my time to relax, which included working at the library and mowing lawns while I still could. But, this year, I was told that to be in the Northwest Classen band you had to get in on an intensive marching band boot camp, one that started at about eight or nine in the morning and going until question mark, throughout the hottest month of the year, August.

You’ll sometimes hear that, in Oklahoma, it gets so hot that you can fry an egg on the asphalt; I don’t know about an egg, but from that very first day, the grey parking lot covering, with its malleable spots of black tar, would oftentimes feel like it was burning a hole right through your Wal-Mart sneakers, the constant shuffling movement filling each sock with heated blisters that absolutely hurt to peel off at the end of the day.

And let’s not even get into the prickly heat between my legs. Pass the talcum.

Bye Bye, Brodie

We’ve seen many chapter close in the eleven seasons that the Thunder have been in Oklahoma City, but yesterday saw the official closing of the first book.

As you know by now, Russell Westbrook has been traded to the Houston Rockets for another declining point guard – Chris Paul – and a couple more draft picks and swaps.

This has been one of the most wild, blockbuster NBA summers in recent memory. The Toronto Raptors winning their first ever championship was unpredictable enough, and since then, we’ve seen the entire league splinter apart. The lack of parity is an issue that has been maligned for probably as long as the league has existed, but for the first time since the Warriors put every other team into a chokehold, the field is wide open.

Paul George’s trade request to move back home and join Kawhi Leonard to create the new superteam shocked everybody, and his void begged the question: when, not if, will Russell Westbrook be traded?

Presti fleeced a record number of first-round picks from the Clippers, which made it clear that Oklahoma City’s window has closed. We as fans have felt it for a while now, even if we couldn’t admit it to ourselves. Since Kevin Durant left to get his rings, the Thunder has struggled to make it out of the first round of the playoffs, or even pretend to be convincing during the regular season.

After George’s trade, we could feel the wind changing, and it was the first time I’ve ever thought, “You know, we should really trade Russell Westbrook.” He was always my favorite Thunder player, even if he wasn’t the most reliable or consistent. Can you  win a championship with the Brodie? Who cares, he’s fun to watch. Win by the sword, die by the sword. Westbrook is the most chaotic-neutral player since Allen Iverson. AI never won a title, but his larger-than-life persona and playing style has already cemented him as a legendary player, and by this point that almost means more than a trophy.