Stitt rewards Ex-Oklahoman Publisher with possible spot on OU Board of Regents…

The good ole’ boy network is alive and well in Oklahoma!

On Tuesday, Kevin Stitt continued his pledge to run Oklahoma like a business by appointing an affluent white man from the ruling establishment – former Oklahoman publisher Gary Pierson – to the OU Board of Regents.

Here are the details via

Gov. Kevin Stitt announced Tuesday that businessman Gary Pierson is his choice for the remaining open spot on the University of Oklahoma board of regents.

“Gary is an accomplished Oklahoma attorney and businessman and a proud OU alum who will bring his professional expertise to the table to support the university’s goals of academic excellence and student success,” Stitt said.

Pierson, 60, is president of The Oklahoma Publishing Company, which owned The Oklahoman newspaper until October when the newspaper was sold to Gatehouse Media. The Oklahoma Publishing Company is no longer affiliated with the newspaper.

Normally, I’d complain about something like this, but as the publisher of a small media outlet that routinely outperforms The Oklahoman in a wide variety of metrics, I’m all for it. Who knows? Maybe it means I’ll be named to The Oklahoma City Community College Board of Regents some day!

You would think an older conservative white man with a firm handshake from the Oklahoma ruling class would be a lock for this appointment, but apparently members of the senate are holding onto a grudge.


School bus camera bill aims to stop dickhead drivers

Every driver has been in this situation – you’re late for something and, as you speed down the road, your car is trapped behind a slow-moving school bus about to park. The red lights flash and all plant their feet on the brakes. Though frustration, you understand why you must stop.

Yet the concept of understanding does not apply to most dickhead drivers. That is why the Oklahoma Legislature is taking action in the form of surveillance.

Via News 9:

Weekend Radar

Your most trusted-trusted source for all-things Oklahoma City is back with its weekly feature, TLO Weekend Radar, highlighting a few of the most promising happenings in the metro.

This weekend is all about grass. We have soccer pitches, Easter eggs on the lawn and, of course, 4/20. So, there’s a little something for everyone.

OKC Code Enforcers enter private property in desperate search for yard parking violations…

Oklahoma City code enforcers are entering private property to search for opportunities to write tickets according to neighbors in the city’s Linwood neighborhood.

Earlier this month, Erin Smith discovered a car she has parked in her own backyard was ticketed three times for “parking on an unpaved yard.” According to Oklahoma City, parking a car on a lawn is one of the first signs a neighborhood is going downhill and can affect property values, but in this case there is no clear yard to be violated.

Smith showed The Lost Ogle around her home on North Drexel and the driveway that she shared with her neighbors. Looking at a picture of her home, you may have missed her car, which is easy to do because you cannot see it from the road as you drive north on Drexel:

In fact, the only way to safely see any car is back there at all is if you go north and look back towards the property. Even then, it appears to be a parking area that is attached to multiple garages for the apartments next door. The only way to know the car is parked on gravel is to actually enter Smith’s private property for a closer inspection.

Here are a couple of photos:

Automated robo-priest is scamming Oklahomans…

Grandma always said that God works in mysterious ways. Out of orange sherbet push pops? That’s God’s way of saying you’ve had enough sweets for the day. Lose your favorite toy? Well that’s just God’s way of saying be grateful for what you do have. Did you fall off the coffee table while pretending it’s a stage and dancing to Hillary Duff’s latest music video? That’s God’s way of telling you to quit being a dumb-ass. But grandma also always said that God works through others. And I guess this time God decided to speak through an automated cold caller scamming Okies in the name of Jesus.


Dope Movie + Marijuana Pairings to Celebrate 4/20!

Ten short months after the fine voters of this great state legalized medical marijuana, Oklahomans get to enjoy their first official 4/20 holiday on Saturday. To help you celebrate in proper form, I’ve compiled a shortlist of movies, and paired each with strains of fine Oklahoma-grown marijuana. I should warn you in advance, this is not a Cheech and Chong list. My VCR is broken.

1. Dazed and Confused 
Strain: Blue Dream

You’ll need this super chill strain to prevent the line, “That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older…they stay the same age,” from making your skin crawl. This will have you dreaming of your high school glory days — good old times when 18-year-olds could buy beer and haze freshmen without being arrested. Ah, the 70s.

2. Leaves of Grass
Strain: Trainwreck

Stitt bans vaping in schools. “Cool” kids mourn

The year was 2015 when I first smoked a vape pen. I remember thinking the device resembled what Dr. Who’s sonic screwdriver would look like if it came out of the closet. Regardless, everyone seemed to enjoy it. Store owners said it was an alternative to smoking real cigarettes because you could take it anywhere.

At that moment, I thought to myself “the days of cool smoking are dead for sure. It’s only a matter of time before something like this will be banned.”

Sure enough, Governor Kevin Stitt came to bat.

Via NewsOK:

Ackerman McQueen is screwed…

Every now and then, I like to remind our readers that Ackerman McQueen – OKC’s most revered and reviled ad agency – is the long-time agency of record for the National Rifle Association and its branded-propaganda media arm “NRA TV.”

I do this for a couple of reasons…

1. To inform the public. With the help of Ackerman, the NRA has transformed from a membership club for hunters into the evil and awful political organization it is today. Some people and businesses around town may want to know that.

2. To make all the other ad agencies in town like us! They hate Ackerman more than Comic Sans, Papyrus and “Can you make the logo bigger?” combined! Maybe this will convince more of these other agencies to buy ads with us?

Sadly, it looks like my days of pointing out Ackerman’s close connection with an organization that holds pro-gun rallies following school shootings are numbered. On Monday afternoon, news broke that the NRA is suing Ackerman over billing issues.

Here are the details via The New York Times:

The National Rifle Association sued one of its largest and most enduring contractors late last week and raised concerns about the contractor’s relationship to the association’s own president, Oliver North, in a stunning breach within the normally buttoned-up organization.

The suit was filed late Friday by the N.R.A. in Virginia, where it is based, against Ackerman McQueen, the Oklahoma ad firm that operates NRATV, the group’s incendiary online media arm. The suit asserts that Ackerman has concealed details from the N.R.A. about how the company is spending the roughly $40 million that it and its affiliates receive annually from the association.

$40-million to produce far right-wing pro-gun propaganda? Even by overpriced ad agency standards, that seems excessive. For that much money, Renzi Stone would agree to grow a pair of truck nuts and get the Don’t Tread On Me snake tattooed on his face.

According to the Times, the lawsuit “leaves the future of NRATV in doubt.” Know what else it leaves in doubt? The future of Ackerman McQueen! Just like the NRA, they’re already a shell-casing of what they once were. Losing their biggest client would be detrimental.

If you work in the Marketing or Accounting Department of one of Ackerman’s existing clients, this may be a good time to review your billing records and invoices. Check this out: