Derplahoman Lawmaker Invites Anti-Vaccer Doctors To Speak At Oklahoma Capitol

Each fall, Oklahoma lawmakers host what they call “interim studies” to look into issues that may be addressed in the upcoming legislative session.

Although the intended purpose of these studies is to educate, inform and provide a comprehensive look at an issue before it gets entangled in legislation, they usually serve as nothing more than an opportunity for lawmakers to advance their own ideology and agenda, and placate donors, constituents and special interests groups in the process.

For example, State Rep. Sean Roberts – one of the leading members of the Oklahoma Derplahoman Caucus – recently held an interim study on public health and the pandemic response. Instead of inviting an epidemiologist or public health expert to speak at the event, he chose a couple of nutty conservative troll-docs who have made names for themselves in the local anti-vaccer/q-anon conspiracy scene.

Via a Briana “Rearviewmirror” Bailey article in The Frontier:

Lost Ogle Show: OKC City Councilwoman Nikki Nice!

Marisa and I were happy to welcome Oklahoma City Ward 7 Councilwoman Nikki Nice to the digital realm for the 50th (WTF?!) episode of The Lost Ogle Show!

A lifelong Oklahoma City resident and former radio personality, Nikki was elected to the city council in 2018. We talked about voter registration, the census, her support of embattled judge Kendra Coleman, the Black Women Voices project, and what she’s been cooking during the pandemic.

Give it a listen!

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Lawmaker wants Oklahoma youth to pray the gay away…

Remember how much hope with had back in 2019? Everyone was looking forward to this year because we got an entire month of 4/20 and Christmas is supposed to be on a Friday, if the world still exists by then. I was also hopeful and excited when I wrote this article in November of last year, profiling the efforts by our esteemed lawmakers to ban the unethical and harmful practice of conversion therapy in the state. Unfortunately, the bill didn’t pass the house and now our lawmakers are working diligently to fight for parents’ rights to force their children to “pray the gay away.”


Edmond woman to teach classes on how to prep for upcoming Civil War

And you thought Karens were dangerous when they asked to see the manager at Chili’s!

Earlier this week, we received some tips via the Ogle Mole Network that Leslie NesSmith – a professed “ammo-sexual” from Edmond who’s had the Gosselin haircut since before it was not cool – went on a private Edmond anti-maskers Facebook group to let people know she was organizing a Master Class on how to prepare for the next American Civil war.

If you’re not familiar with Leslie, we briefly profiled her when she ran for Stephanie Bice’s Senate seat in the 2018 election. She lost by a 3 – 1 margin. After that failure, she focused on building a right-wing Facebook page called Me, Myself and Liberty, where she shared her deranged views and opinions on the conservative media-manufactured fears of the day.

Here’s the post of the Civil War stuff:

Country Roads, Take Them Home: The Rescue of My Dog, Sean Ramirez

I can’t father children. While that means there are no unplanned pregnancies in my past, it also means there are no planned pregnancies in my future. With so many of my peers starting families lately, there is a hole that remains in my heart and, honestly, always will. That’s why I needed someone like Sean in my life.

My last dog, a rescued black lab named Hoogie, died mere days before my first stroke a few years ago. I felt that, with my health then in shambles, he held on to life for as long as he could—nearly 18 years—until he couldn’t any longer. As he lay dying in my arms, his brown eyes said “I tried, dad…I tried.”

A couple of months ago, my ladyfriend was perusing the dogs on the Country Roads Animal Rescue site when she came across a big-headed mutt named Sean. Coming from a troubled background, we decided to foster him but, after only a few days, we had completely failed, deciding to adopt him and make him a permanent part of our lives.

Unite Norman falls short in effort to further divide Norman…

Back in July, Unite Norman – a bipartisan group of conservative partisans – announced they were launching a petition drive to free Norman from the oppressive reign of Communist-Antifa-AOC mayor Breea Clark, and four other democratically-elected councilmembers, via recall elections.

The group came out of the gate hot, tossing bricks and making bold claims, promising they would hold “radical politicians” like Mayor Clark accountable for doing tyrannical things like, uhm, implementing public health and safety measures during a global pandemic or making reasonable changes to the police budget or listening to all of her constituents, and not just the rich ones with penises.

This is what Russell Smith, one of the group’s angry co-leaders had to say at the time:

“We think that the city council legislates their own agendas based on national trends that are radical… We have pure insanity on the council right now and the mayor’s office. What city do we live in right now? It feels like New York City or LA.”

Well, I guess most people in Norman want to continue to feel like they live in a coastal megapolis. Earlier this week, the clerk’s office officially announced Unite Norman’s effort to further divide Norman through a contentious recall election didn’t gather enough signatures.


5 things Galen Culver should cover on “Is This a Great State or What?”

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I need a break from all of the negativity in the news. That’s why I love to tune into KFOR’s “Is This a Great State or What?” program every now and again to cleanse my palette of the doom and gloom that is ever-present in the media and appreciate the perks and quirks that truly make this state great. Though they’re on the right track, I think the folks at KFOR have overlooked the best parts of Oklahoma. In fact, here are 5 things that should really be featured on KFOR’s “Is This a Great State or What?”