New TV Ads Go “Reefer Madness” on SQ 788…

Over the past week, Anti-SQ 788 campaign ads that portray medical marijuana to be way more cool and fun than it actually is hit TV airwaves across Oklahoma.

According to tabloid media reports, the ads “are part of a $433,000 media buy” that’s being funded by a hodgepodge collective of oil overlords, medical and law enforcement groups, chamber lackeys and stodgy moralist holy rollers. You know, the standard mix of local authoritarian power brokers who know what’s best for you and your body, and demand you live your life according to their antiquated, mid-20th century values.

As expected, the ads are comically negative, and spread absurd lies and unfounded fears about SQ 788 in a desperate effort to get uninformed white Christian church-going folk to vote against it. They’re going this route because lies and fear are the only legitimate reasons to be against medical marijuana. Unless you abstain from all drugs, there’s not a rational argument to be made against medical marijuana without looking like a totally hypocrite.

Here’s the commercial in case you haven’t seen it:

6 ways OKC-Metro highways will kill you

I drive on the highway every single Sunday when I go to my parents’ house. I hate the experience. And now you guys are gonna hear about it.

I think the one thing we, as Oklahomans, can all agree on is that Oklahomans suck at highway driving. It’s the one thing that everyone seems to talk about when you mention how traffic made you late. It’s the one thing that Twitter generally agrees with me on. And it’s the one thing that absolutely drives me crazy about leaving Norman.

I’m not sure if Oklahoma driver’s ed needs to cover highway driving more, or if the highways are actually designed to end your life. But I do know that these are the 6 ways OKC-Metro highways will kill you.

Ree Drummond is on the cover of People magazine… again

Every time we write something mean or funny about Ree Drummond – The Pioneer Woman – on this website, some middle-aged, day-drinking Yukon mom with a cross-wall in her kitchen hops into the comments section and tries to brush off our criticism by saying we’re nothing but jealous haters who are envious of the Pioneer Woman’s fame, success and wealth.

In a way, I guess they are right.

8 Oklahoma News Anchors Who’d Make Great Pro-Wrestlers

When I read the bios of Oklahoma news anchors, it seems like all of them somehow knew from a young age that they were meant to be journalists. Look, if all of us followed the career paths of our 10-year-old selves, there would be a lot more astronauts, presidents, and parrot breeders living in the metro. So I am here to remind everyone that even if you spend 20 years of your life in one field, it doesn’t mean have to limit yourself when it comes to a career. I see so much more potential in the people who bring us our daily helping of the news. So here are 8 Oklahoma news anchors who I think would also make great pro-wrestlers.