Breaking News – Mick Cornett and Kevin Stitt are both Pro-Life

On Sunday, The Oklahoman’s Chris Casteel examined where Mick Cornett and Kevin Stitt – the two guys who will battle in the Republican gubernatorial runoff in August – stood on the agreeable, always fun to discuss issue of abortion.


Mick Cornett and Kevin Stitt, the two candidates vying for the Republican gubernatorial nomination, say they would sign legislation banning or restricting abortion, even if it would violate abortion rights granted by the U.S. Supreme Court in two major decisions.

Cornett said at a Republican forum in May that he would sign legislation banning all abortions except in the cases of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother. Stitt says he would sign every piece of anti-abortion legislation that came to him.

Wow. Two Oklahoma Republican politicians who are seeking public office have pro-life views. Hard to believe, huh?

For some people, I think it was.

Despite Oklahoma’s long-standing tradition of being one of the most pro-life state’s in the country, the article generated a bunch of buzz, fuss and controversy on social media, especially from moderate to liberal Big League City millennials who like Mayor Cornett because of the OKC Renaissance and all that stuff.

For those people, I’d like to point to this:

Jennifer Garner is an Oklahoman now…

I guess we know why Sloan was recently spotted meeting with the Pioneer Woman and other Syndicate spies at The Mercantile!

Yesterday afternoon, I stumbled across this weird little news nugget on Twitter. According to CBS Sunday – a show you watch because you’re either too old, too hungover or have too many kids to sleep – Capital One spokesperson Jennifer Garner has opened up her wallet and bought her mom’s farm in Locust Grove. It’s a stone’s throw to the east of Tulsa and due south of Hoot Owl and Pump Back.

Via CBS:

How Oklahoma schools should handle medical marijuana

Hey! Did you guys know that Oklahoma legalized that medical jazz cabbage?! Even though the governor signed some nonsensical papers, lawsuits have been filed to prevent the changes to the state question that she’s made. Mary Fallin isn’t going to be known for accomplishing anything. She will, however, be known for letting her weird daughter live on the governor’s mansion property in a trailer.

So, as dispensaries pop up all around town, schools are prepping for the inevitable influx of goofy asparagus when students get their hands on it. According to

As Oklahoma prepares for a medical marijuana program that is still being developed, school leaders across the state have raised questions and concerns over the impact on students and school policy.

Officials with the state Department of Education have fielded numerous questions from district leaders related to medical marijuana and the department plans to issue guidance to schools next month…

The state Department of Education’s general counsel is also in the process of researching school policies in other states and said emergency rules on how schools should deal with medical marijuana could be presented to the state board in the coming months….

“A lot of schools are thinking about this and wondering what will happen,” said Susan Hardy Brooks, a spokeswoman with the Cooperative Council for Oklahoma School Administration, which has also been fielding questions from school leaders.

This got me to thinking. Schools are making a bigger deal about this than they should. All the teachers on the payroll can already tell you exactly which lockers are full of weed, and which students are going to be an issue. Also, let’s be real. All the bathrooms in the senior hallways at every school already have more marijuana than a dispensary ever will, but let me humor these folks.

Here’s how schools should deal with medial marijuana.

Ryan Drake caught stealing another comedian’s Tinder act…

The guy pictured above eating a hamburger at Little Mike’s is Ryan Drake. By day, he’s a “Social Media Specialist” for Big Wing – the in-house digital ad agency for The Oklahoman. By night, he’s a local 1990s dance party DJ, podcaster, event promoter, open mic comic, out-of-work radio host and all-around weasel who does an excellent job wiggling his way into social and creative circles only to burn bridges, connections and friendships so he can dance over what remains with little glow sticks and eggplant emojis at The Speakeasy.

Wow. That was a bit intense. Ryan – my adopted son turned disappointing former son – and I have some history. More on that later…

Over the weekend, Ryan and his BFF Malory Craft hosted an event called OKC Tinder Live at TLO’s former Tuesday night trivia venue – The 51st Speakeasy. I guess the gist is that millennials venture out of their safe space, show their Tinder profile to an audience, and then watch with delight as a big name celebrity panel of local musicians and open mic comics roast it. Sounds very 2015, doesn’t it?

Here’s a tweet from the show:

That’s cool! I think OKC could use all the cool, fun and creative events it can get. Unfortunately, this event isn’t all that cool, fun or creative. The Tinder Live concept was created five years ago by NY-based comedian Lane Moore. The corporate media industry has been giving it a lot of PR and attention over the years. There’s even a book about it.

Naturally, a liberal female comedian from NY wasn’t too happy that a male hack comic from Oklahoma stole her idea. Check this out:

8 Weirdest Metro Forums

Good July morning, my fellow Oklahomans! Doesn’t it feel good to wake up in the greatest country on earth? There are few other nations that allow as much freedom as the good ole U S of A. And I think Oklahoma is one of the freest of the states!

Though being Oklahomans gives us such coveted rights as semiautomatic gun ownership, the right to vote on what I guess was a fake medical marijuana initiative, and the choice to refuse liquor sales on Sundays, there is a God-given right that Oklahomans love to use more: Freedom of Speech. And what better place to exercise that freedom than To help you find your own group of co-ruminators, I have scoured the depths of the website and used my own free speech on this here blog post to bring you the 8 weirdest metro topix forums!