OKC Streetcar involved in first of many accidents…

Back in June, we asked a very important question – Are OKC drivers too dumb for the new streetcar?

The answer is “apparently so.”

Last night, the OKC Streetcar reached a significant milestone when it was involved in its first traffic accident near the Midtown roundabout at 10th and Walker – the extremely simple and easy to navigate traffic circle that challenges most Oklahoma City motorists.

Via NewsOK.com:

Meet the Millennial Artists of ArtNow

Outside of killing Applebee’s, Millennials get a bad rap. For their general skepticism of the world and what they’ve been told about their places in it. Also for their predilection for avocado toast. But beyond all the stereotypes are some brilliant, young Oklahoma minds creating contemporary art that serves as a cultural time capsule of now.

Alyson Atchison and Patrick Reynolds, co-curators of ArtNow 2019, have cultivated a snapshot of contemporary art practice through the lens of 23 Okie artists — including a number of Millennials. Here’s a look at six of them, whose one-of-a-kind works are on exhibit at Oklahoma Contemporary*, through a closing event on Friday, January 18.

Damon Lane to blame for annoying Facebook photo challenge…

Although history books try to tell us differently, historic movements are not caused by the actions of a single person. For example, WWI was not started due to one assassination, FDR did not single-handedly bring America out of the Great Depression, and it’s not entirely my fault that my toddler niece knows how to properly use the word “shit.”

But, sometimes the actions of one individual can have a huge impact on society. Via KOCO…

OKLAHOMA CITY —KOCO 5 Chief Meteorologist Damon Lane is known for bringing you the most accurate forecast in Oklahoma.

Now, he’s being credited with sparking a challenge that’s taken social media by storm. According to the website Know Your Meme, Lane was the first prominent user to participate in the “How Hard Did Aging Hit You” challenge.

For those of you who don’t spend at least 20 minutes per hour on Facebook judging old high school classmates who are selling Plexus and Lipsence or actively ignoring your mom’s friend’s requests to join her in Candy Crush IV, the “How Hard Did Aging Hit You” challenge is less of a “challenge” and more of a chance to remind your Facebook friends what a strange year in fashion 2009 was. Damon Lane used the “challenge” as a chance to remind fans not only that he’s more successful than his 2009 self ever imagined he’d be, but also that he still has a decent head of hair.

Here’s more:

Moore cemetery doubles as scary swamp

This is a pretty touchy subject, so I’ll begin with the following: whatever you choose to do as a warm body with the cold corpse you’ll turn into is your own business, and that’s worth respecting. Burial, cremation, Viking funeral, whatever– it’s the last request you can make of your surviving friends & kin, so they owe it to you to make sure you’re laid down to rest in a way that represents you best.

With that in mind, we’ve got a pretty wild dispatch from the cemeteries of Moore. From KOCO:

Kevin Stitt Inauguration Recap…

The Mary Fallin era is officially over! I guess.

Yesterday afternoon, “Have You Heard He’s A Businessman?” Kevin Stitt was officially sworn in as the 28th Governor of Oklahoma during a cold, subdued inauguration ceremony at the Oklahoma capitol.

Although Stitt is an alleged Oklahoma GOP outsider, the event felt like your standard Oklahoma GOP affair. It featured a bunch of white people speaking, a bunch of white people praying, and a bunch of white people celebrating that, despite eight years of Mary Fallin, they still get to run the state. In fact, I think the official theme of the event was “It’s good to be white!”

If you’re lonely and have an hour to spare, you can watch the entire ceremony above. Or you can just read this recap instead.

Naturally, the whole thing got started with a white choir singing some boring Baptist hymnals: