Lost Ogle Show with Norman Mayor Breea Clark!!!

On the second part of our Coronamania / Joe Exotic podcast, Marisa and I talked with Norman Mayor Breea Clark.

As our state leadership (a.k.a. Governor) and other local municipalities have dragged their feet and tried to pray away the virus, she took early, decisive action to try to prevent its spread. We talked all about the virus and what it’s like to be a mayor in crisis, what she thinks of the state’s response, and who has the power to cancel OU football.

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Lost Ogle Show: Joe Exotic Coronamania Podcast (Part I)

After taking a few weeks off to gather our wits and set up new recording spaces, The Lost Ogle Show has returned in full force.

On this episode – The Joe Exotic Coronamania Cast (Part I) – Marisa and I spent some time catching up, and talking about how we’ve adapted to the new Coronaworld we’re living in. We also discussed the current financial state of Lost Ogle, this week’s record-breaking web traffic, and, of course, the most famous celebrity in the world right now – Joe Exotic.

Part II of the episode will drop tomorrow. In that one, we talk with Norman mayor Breea Clark. Under her leadership, Norman has set the local example on how to flatten the curve. We talked all about the Coronavirus, got her thoughts on how the state responded, and if there will be an OU football season.

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Louis Fowler’s Pandemic Journal: Relief Payment

I’m standing six-feet above ground today, so I like to think I’m still ahead of this virus. When I was walking, I saw a message in the dirt: We Are in This T…something. Seemed apropos.

Rent was due this week and I was able to send off a check, but I know a lot of people around here weren’t so lucky, their overstuffed cars, loaded-down pick-ups and numerous U-Hauls getting the Hell out of Dodge; I wonder where they’re going…I wonder how bad it’s going to be when they get there.

OK Health Department launches “Chalk Art” campaign to distract from bad job they’re doing…

In an effort to distract everyone from the below average job they’ve done acquiring tests and supplies, reporting results, and communicating COVID-19 hot spots to the public, the Oklahoma Health Department launched a #ChalkOutCovidOK social media campaign that encourages people to write personal notes or words of encouragement about the pandemic in chalk on the driveway.

News 9 has the feel-good details:

7 Essential Items You Can Still Get At Hobby Lobby

Over the past week or so, Oklahoma City-based Hobby Lobby has taken a national PR beating over the Green family’s mission to value money and profits over the health and safety of employees and customers, and defiantly refuse to close stores across the country in the wake of the Coronavirus.

In Wisconsin, police had to actually shut down some stores, while in Colorado, the Attorney General had to order stores closed.

Via Hobby Lobby:

The Colorado Attorney General’s office sent a letter to Hobby Lobby’s CEO, ordering the craft supplies company to shutter stores immediately after it continued operating despite being named a nonessential business during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

“For the avoidance of doubt, and as you have been previously notified, Hobby Lobby is not a ‘critical business,'” the letter from attorney general Phil Weiser’s office, obtained by ABC News, stated. “You are directed to immediately close all Hobby Lobby locations within the State of Colorado.”

The letter added that the state’s executive order mandating nonessential businesses shutter amid the COVID-19 outbreak will be enforced.

That’s nice! I wish our elected-official were as committed to stopping the spread of Coronavirus as they are in other states. Here in Oklahoma, I think Governor Kevin Stitt ordered that Hobby Lobby actually extend their hours so the first lady can get more ornaments for their cross wall.

In all seriousness, I think Hobby Lobby can actually make a reasonable case that many of the items they sell in the store are “essential.”  For example, check out these seven items I found on the Hobby Lobby website. Grab one at Hobby Lobby store today!

Easter Decorations

Although it looks like Easter 2020 is going to be closed, nothing gets you in the mood to celebrate the resurrection of God’s favorite son more than chocolate bunnies, fake plastic grass and DIY crafts covered with Coronavirus.  The company even put together this comprehensive guide on how and what to make between your dry coughs.

Airome Ultrasonic Essentail [sic] Oil Llama Diffuser

Top 25 OKC TV News Blunders of the 2010s

Earlier this year, we counted down the Top 25 OKC TV News Blunders of the 2010s. In case you missed it, here’s the complete and full list in one long, scrollable, enjoyable post.

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Here we go:

#25 Regular Jim Traber warns Bob Stoops to lookout for Bob Stoops

In Regular Jim Traber’s defense I don’t know jack shit about sports, so half of whatever comes out of his mouth doesn’t make sense to me to begin with. But in 2013, you can watch Jim become visibly disappointed in himself when he flubs up live on Fox 25 by warning Bob Stoops that he will soon be an underdog to the one and only…Bob Stoops.

#24 Paul Folger befriends cats

Before the world knew just how many Russian bots were taking over our grandmas’ long-neglected Facebook profiles, Paul Folger admitted he was hashtag-woke to the fake account epidemic. Back in 2012, Paul admitted to interacting with a cat on Facebook. He didn’t make an fool out of himself because he accepted the feline friend request. He made a fool of himself because he didn’t shout out our mutual Facebook buddy Paseo Catt when he had the chance.

#23 Jessica Schambach calls a wedding dress, “cheap shit” on air

25 best Joe Exotic Tiger King memes

Tigermania is here and in full effect. Longtime TLO readers have been in on this long before the rest of the nation, and we all have great pictures of our Joe Exotic Halloween costumes from two years ago:

Now, the entire nation is in love with Oklahoma’s own Tiger King and they’ve got a lot of thoughts about That Bitch Carole Baskin. With nothing else left in our collective hands but tweeting about Corona, the memes have been flying in hot and steady. I even got the first ever meme sent to me by my mom, and then a recommendation for The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, which proves that we now live in a simulation and the world will never be the same.

We’ve been hunting down some of the best Tiger King memes, all of them in the greatest resolution known to man, but first I’d like to send you to a pop punk cover of  ‘I Saw A Tiger’ that my friend Joshua Montgomery recorded. It’ll be good listening while you blast through the rest of this.

Joe Exotic Memes

5 Ways Oklahoma has changed because of COVID-19

Every time I open Twitter, or receive another KFOR notification on my phone, it seems like another aspect of the world as I have always known it is gone. Over the last 20-odd days, Oklahoma has seen more changes than Reba McEntire’s hair has in her 40+ year career. Not only do Thunder games seem like a relic at this point, but you can’t even stand within 5 feet of another human without worrying about killing someone’s grandma. But that’s not all. In fact, here are the 5 wildest changes in Oklahoma since COVID-19 came to town.

Oklahoma grandmas have stopped asking if we’ve found the right church yet

This is probably the first time in our lives that our grandmothers are guilting us into staying home from church.

Joe Exotic is now our state’s most popular celebrity