Happy Birthday, Dave!

So, according to a reader email, today is Dave Morris’ birthday. To celebrate the occasion, I’ve embedded a clip of (I think) Dave’s rockin’ band Falcon Five-O singing a song about Look at OKC. If you don’t blink, you’ll notice a quick clip of Dave keyboarding away about 18-seconds into it:

We’ve been pretty tough on Dave since we’ve discovered he’s a douche bag, has a big ego and doesn’t get scared in movies, so let us be the first of hopefully many to wish him a happy birthday. Overall, we bet Dave’s an okay guy and hopefully someday will help us get a nice table at Cafe Nova.

If you would like to join us in wishing Dave a happy birthday, please do so in the comments. Or better yet, send him an email at dmorris@opubco.com. Since it’s his birthday, don’t mention how weird and yucky it is that he had his band play a song about his employer. Save that for another day.