NBA Finals Bounty Hunt: Send Us Your Photos!

A few weeks ago, we offered cash bounties for photographs of Charles Barkley having fun in Oklahoma City. We got a decent response, but the thing was kind of ruined by Chuck’s visibility and availability during his stay. It seems like you couldn’t check Facebook without seeing photo after photo of Barkley jogging downtown, drinking at the Red Piano or chasing a prostitute from his hotel room. Hell, he was even followed around with a local media entourage that included Jenni Carlson. It’s hard to be cool when Jenni Carlson follows you around.

Anyway, because our Charles Barkley bounty hunt was kind of anti-climatic, we’ve decided to have another competition. This time we are seeking photographs of local and national celebrities, NBA players and members of the sports media who are in town to report and enjoy the NBA Finals. We’ll pay $1 for any photo we publish on the site. We are also offering additional cash for any who snaps a pic of one of the following:

$11.78: Lil Wayne trying to buy some scalped tickets

I think it’s pretty cool that The Thunder told Lil Wayne to go f*ck himself when he demanded courtside seats and VIP treatment to Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals. Lets hope they do the same thing to Toby Keith, Garth Brooks or any other white hillbilly country western bandwagoner who wants to got to an NBA Finals Game at the Peake.

$3.73: Greyson Chance yelling “Good Job, Good Effort” to the Heat players as they leave the Skirvin

$1.12: John Hollinger performing complex mathematical calculations while waiting on a drink at Coffee Slingers

John Hollinger is my favorite NBA columnist. He brings to the table a great balance of statistical analysis, logic and cynicism. He also really happens to really like Coffee Slingers.

p.s. – The Ogle Office is in the same building at Coffee Slingers. Maybe I can snap this pic on my own.

$18: Skip Bayless scoring 1.4 points in a pickup game at the Downtown YMCA

$6.14: Stephen A. Smith snarfing down some Cheeze Doodles

$7.34: Desmond Mason drawing caricature sketches in Thunder Alley

$434: Kate Upton sliding down the Acapulco Cliff Dive at White Water

Remember…she is related to Aubrey McClendon.

$15: Bill Simmons wearing an old “Zombie Sonics” shirt

I think this was the first tee-shirt collaboration between Daily Thunder and Tree and Leaf. It was also the first tee-shirt to be pulled by Daily Thunder and Tree and Leaf.

$187.99: Joleen Chaney’s boyfriend being punched in Thunder Alley

He deserves it.

$2.77: David Aldridge trying to recall what happened to his journalism career while riding the Bricktown Water Taxi

$25: Joey Crawford impatiently waiting for a table at Abuelo’s

$35: Jimmy Buffet aimlessly driving up and down Memorial Rd. in search of Cheeseburger in Paradise

Jimmy Buffet is one the world’s most well known Miami Heat super fans. I wonder if he’ll come in for a game, or better yet, if he’ll search for his old Cheeseburger in Paradise in OKC that Dave Morris cursed.

$623.88: Delonte West and Lebron James’ Mom having dinner at The Melting Pot

$10: Jimmy Goldstein wearing his free Thunder playoff shirt

$100: Jimmy Goldstein’s girlfriend wearing nothing at all

Once again, don’t forget to send us your photos to TheLostOgle at Gmail dot com. Hopefully the Thunder win and we post them and everyone is happy.