Check out the crazy, racist, islamophobic Facebook posts of Carol Hefner…

We've found the Queen of Derplahoma!

About a month or so ago, we profiled the local almonds, acorns and pecans behind Donald Trump's Oklahoma presidential campaign. One of them is local socialite Carol Hefner. She's the married-into-it-matriarch of the rich, powerful, and connected Hefner family. You know, the one that has lakes, mansions and energy companies named after them.

If Carol's name and face ring a bell, it's probably because you subscribe to the Oklahoma City Friday or religiously read Helen Ford Wallace's articles in The Oklahoman. She's in both all the time. You may also know Carol from the time she ran for the State Senate in 2011, or when she "auditioned" for the not-so-Real Housewives of Oklahoma City scam thing in 2013.

Here's what Carol told KFOR when she auditioned for the "show."

“Without being stale boring or dull, we are gracious but we're fun,” Hefner said. “We're spicy, we're saucy, we shake it up but we do it with grace and dignity."
Yep, Carol shakes things up with "grace and dignity." She's a class act. It's why she's always posting hysterical jokes like this on Facebook:

00003carol hefner obama racist

So classy! Do you get it??? The second line is great. It's funny because Michelle Obama is black, and National Geographic publishes photos of naked women in primitive African tribes, therefore they would offer her $50 to pose nude in the magazine!!! LOLZ! Hysterical!!!

When she's not telling racist jokes, Carol also likes to show her support for the Confederate Flag...

00004carol hefner racism

Yep, she "loved it" when a bunch of redneck racists greeted an African-American president with the Confederate Flag. You can't really blame her. As we know, President Obama is the second coming of Hitler...

00040carol hefner obama hitler

That's nice. Only the most graceful and classy ladies compare our President to Hitler.

Those are three of about 5,000,000 crazy, somewhat deranged posts you can find in Carol's public Facebook account. We decided to share some of the more entertaining / crazy ones that show her true character. They cover the typical Derplahoman themes such as racism, bigotry, Islamophobia, entitlement and absolute lunacy.

For example:

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