Mary Fallin refused to say the E-Word at State of the State Address…

mary fallin state of state

Yesterday afternoon, our amazing Governor gave her annual State of the State speech at the Oklahoma Capitol. In the address, she touched on the long list of issues, concerns and problems facing our state and its people, and how she’s going to fix them… or make them even worse.

Because I don’t value my health or sanity, and I’m still looking for more motivation to pack up my bags and leave this state like an entry-level school teacher, I read the entire speech online. When I was done, I checked to see how many words Mary spent on the important topics we all care about. Here’s what I found:

Budget / Taxes: 1,497
Corrections Reform:
Capitol Repairs: 239
Earthquakes: 0

No, that’s not a patented TLO typo. Mary Fallin, the Governor of a state that in just five years has gone from a vibrator to jackhammer when it comes seismic activity, didn’t mention earthquakes once in her State of the State speech. In fact, she even went off script and admitted she wasn’t going to say the word.

It happened towards the end of the speech after Mary recapped the Oklahoma Standard stuff:

“Oklahomans do the hard work day in and day out. Just look at our first responders who, in the past year alone, have provided world-class responses to floods, tornadoes, blizzards and ice storms.”

According to several Moles, some Democrat then said out loud “And earthquakes.” Mary then looked at the person and said, well, watch the video:

“I wasn’t going to say that word, but thank you for reminding me.” – Mary Fallin.

Yep, that’s our governor basically admitting that she will not say the E-word, or address or offer any solutions to perhaps the biggest environmental crisis facing our state since the Dust Bowl. That’s kind of puzzling, especially when you consider she was all about earthquakes in Friday’s Tulsa World:

Like many other Oklahoma residents, I have felt walls shake from earthquakes that have struck our state with increasing frequency over the past few years. I take the concerns seriously and I share your worries about potential damage from the quakes, which numbered more than 900 with a magnitude 3.0 or greater last year.

I have felt walls shake! I feel your worries! I take concerns seriously! But… not enough to address the issue in my big State of the State address to the Oklahoma people. My donors in the energy industry just won’t allow it.

Seriously, what have we done to deserve this!? Why does God hate us? Was it Color Me Badd? Things haven’t been the same in this state since they came on board in the early 1990s.

Of course, maybe the Ogle Moles were wrong and Mary was responding to something else. Maybe she was going to say “Titfarts” or something. To get an answer, I emailed Fallin’s Press Secretary, Michael McNutt, to get some clarification on the statement and confirm what the Moles told me. He’s the former reporter who did such a great job promoting Mary for The Oklahoman that he was able to get a better paying job doing the same thing for the state.

mary fallin earthquakes

As of publication time, Michael has still not replied to my email. I bet he’s busy working with Devon Energy on new words to describe earthquakes, or better yet, he’s probably coaching Mary on how not to say the E-word.

“Okay, let’s try one more time. What happens when the ground shakes.”

“An earthquake!”

“No. Remember, Mr. Nichols and Mr. Hamm don’t want you to say that word. They want this issue to go away because it’s bad for business.”

“I’m not going to say that word!”


For fun, we should have a contest to see who can get Mary to say the E-word first. I’d probably try to trick her into saying it during a game of Pictionary, Catch Phrase or Trivial Pursuit. Actually, I don’t think the Trivial Pursuit thing would work. I doubt Mary is too good at that one

Anyway, I guess you can read the State of the State address here. Although I focused more on what’s not in the speech, she does go into detail on some of the words her handlers and donors do want her to say. You should check it out… especially if you’re still looking for that excuse to move

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21 Responses

  1. If you didn’t know, she’s still seeing greg allen on the side.

  2. Aww…come on, anyone could have forgotten to mention the 11,000+ quakes in excess of 2.M occurring from Jan 22, 2008 – Nov 24, 2015 (

    I know…to help with recall, this year’s legislative session could be held in Fairview. That might help.

    1. “come on, anyone could have forgotten to mention the 11,000+ quakes in excess of 2.M occurring from Jan 22, 2008 – Nov 24, 2015 ”

      The new word is “Snuggle Hugs”. As in: There goes mother earth tickling us with Snuggle Hugs again! They are Plus Plus good!

      1. EarthTickles

      2. This “oil baron” might refer to them as “earth farts” – see the last paragraph of this article

        1. Now that was a very informative article.

          1. Freedom movementsTM

  3. Not saying she should omit any mention of earthquakes. But why would she include them when talking about the first-responders involved with tornadoes, floods, ice storms and blizzards? Unless I missed something, which is likely, I don’t recall any story of first-responders “on the scene” of an earthquake.

    1. Missed this one, did you?

      1. To compare that story with what the Governor was referring to is a stretch at best. But yes, I did miss that story. Thanks for the heads-up. Although I stated in my original post that I likely missed something somewhere.

    2. You are right. We have not had an earthquake “disaster”….yet. And they shouldn’t have been included in a list of “natural” events. Man-made (for profit) events are not natural. May be she should have given earthquakes their own mention, several sentences long at least. Along with what is being done or planned to cease them. But that would mean *someone* would be held accountable and liable for damages. But we’re talking big oil and OK Gov. Never going to happen.

      1. I suspect those owners of the homes destroyed by the 5.6 earthquake in 2011thought it a disaster.

    3. I understand what you’re saying relative to the context of her topic at the time. But the point is, it was her State of the Union address and despite the earthquake problem being such a profound issue for most Oklahomans, she failed to even MENTION it. And she purposely did not attend the townhall meeting, even though it was held a short distance from her office. She and her actions are absolutely, positively shameful. She’s an embarrassment to the state.

  4. Dammit. It was Color Me Badd. You’re right.

  5. Wouldn’t it be ironic if an earthquake caused the crapital to crumble on her?

    1. As part of the initiative to “research” what’s really causing these quakes, they could drill high rate, salt water disposal wells on the capitol grounds

      1. Hipster Boo-Boo’s next gig: Oil well operator. She might be better at drilling, tho.

        1. Lol… Horizontal or bore hole?

  6. Isn’t our governor great? Always looking out for the “little people” and taking our well-being into consideration.

    At least it’s her last term. She certainly won’t be remembered for being a great governor, or even a good governor.

    She’ll be one of those governors who we forget about. The only reminder of her will be in that creepy bust gallery at the capitol.

    1. Agree!

  7. Thanks for the article, which I shared on my FB page. Wish the mainstream media would do a story on this. Much publicity and continuing pressure needs to be put on her until she is forced to help the citizens of Oklahoma who continue to suffer property damage from earthquakes. Fallin is clearly paid for and bought by the O&G industry. Just sickening that she gives the industry priority over her own constituents. Didn’t want to say the word… Un/f-ing/believable! What a poor, poor excuse for a governor.

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