Joe Exotic is getting married on Monday…

Who’s ready for a TLO online tabloid exclusive?!

We have learned that Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate, tiger zoo operator and aspiring country music musician Joe Exotic – here’s our original Joe Exotic profile from 2013 – will be getting married this upcoming Monday to his new boyfriend Dillon. We’re not sure which tiger, liger or liliger will be the best man.

The wedding comes just a couple of months after Joe’s late husband Travis Maldonado accidentally died in a tragic gun accident at the tiger zoo. You can read about that here.

Here are some pics of Joe and his fiancé.

According to Joe, Dillon is a 22-year-old from Austin, Texas who “Just texted me out of the blue. It took me a day and half to talk him into dinner and he never left.” He enjoys smoking weed, playing video games and interacting with the animals at the zoo. Basically, he’s your typical 22-year-old.

Joe told us that Dillon “holds no jealousy” about the love he continues to have for his late husband Travis, and will support him during his gubernatorial campaign. “I could not ask for a more amazing person to land in my life,” Joe said.

The wedding will take place on Monday afternoon on a mountain at Turner Falls. The private ceremony will include only a preacher, Travis’ mother and one other witness. There will also probably be a spy from PETA hiding in the bushes.

There will be a public wedding on March 3rd, 2018. The color-theme will be Sky Blue and Buckskin to represent Oklahoma and non-discrimination. The theme will be “A Love Story.” The ceremony may even be part of an upcoming Netflix movie. We’ll have more info as that approaches, because you know, we’re an online tabloid and that’s what we do.

We’d like to send our best wishes to Joe and Dillon as they embark on a happy life together. I have a feeling they’ll be smoking plenty of weed, playing lots of video games, and doing many other happy things that are probably not to fit to publish on this family website.

Editor’s Note: Love any and all things Joe Exotic? Play the Tiger King Drinking Game today.

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28 Responses

  1. His late husband dies from an accidental shooting, and he marries a new person 2 months later. Strange.

    1. He practices plural marriages, not too strange. This love story could of been in the works before his late husband’s death.

    2. Dillon was part of there marriage he was the boyfriend to both for a while b4 his husband died.

  2. Mazel tov to the happy couple!

  3. I wish them happiness!!!

  4. Why would travis’ mom be attending the wedding?

    1. Because she loves Dillion. He was a part of Travis and Joe’s marriage for quite awhile.

  5. Congratulations Joe, I love you, Travis and Dillon. Forever in my heart and prayers

  6. Going out on a limb and guessing that Seth Wadley’s fine chain of auto dispensaries is participating in the nuptials; if not, someone should have hired a pixelation person who specializes in pixelation.

    Normally, I would also say “Mazel Tov” (belch), but there’s something about these two in particular that, when you mix in the permeating smell of wild exotic animals with um, other smells floating through the room, makes me queasy.

    1. I can assure you that Seth wadley is not involved in their ceremony. He wears that hat in almost every pic I see him in

  7. All the best!

  8. So, the Netflix movie is actually a thing?

  9. No that’s what I call a Little on the Strange Side!!!
    Is is just me or do these two look more like “Father & Son” than “Husband & Eh…Er…Husband”???

  10. To me the most important question to ask is what’s on their registry? Inquiring minds want to know!

  11. Congratulations and best wishes

  12. Ha ha ha ha ha!

  13. You have got to be kitten me right meow!

  14. Congratulations Joe and Dillon, may you be blessed with many happy years together. For those of you who think they must run their mouth about Joe , let me tell you this. You are not his judge, if he wants to marry a man he’s in love with that’s none of your business. He and Dillon are consenting adults and your opinion isn’t needed. Travis isn’t going to magically come back and yes his death was an accident and was investigated by the police as there were security cameras recording everything the day he died. As for the age difference, love has no age limits, when you all can prove your Jesus Christ then and only then do you have a right to judge anyone. Just remember you to will be judged so make sure your lives are pure first before trying to judge him. Pluck the log from his eye, get th. Splinter out of your Joes. Karma will come back to you, that’s human nature, so be careful with your hurtful words. And last, Travis mother still has a relationship with Joe as well as the rest of his family. Who are any of you to ask why she would be at Joe’s wedding ? Travis family loves Joe very much and just because he’s not here doesn’t mean they have to leave his life. That’s what families do that love each other unconditionally. I love you brother, congratulations Joe and Dillon.

    1. You sure spent a lot of your comment judging others and telling people what to do. You ever heard something akin to protesting too much? Love has no age limits? Tell that to a ten year old girl forced to marry an eighty year old, sicko. As for Karma…that works both ways doesn’t it? Maybe people going after Joe is his karma for his bad behavior. Yours would be something like your meth lab blowing up.

      1. +1

      2. Speaking of projection…. ^

  15. Congrats Joe Do Whatever Makes You Happy Cause That’s What Travis Would Want For You To Be Happy…

  16. Be Happy , Joe Loved Travis with all his heart .. He has to do what he needs to do to cope and be Happy . I wish them all the happiness and look forward to the Wedding , no disrespect to Travis as I knew them as a couple and loved thier relationship as it is something most people would have envied.
    I pray Joe can find some happiness again as this tragic accident has devastated him. I for one know Joe to be a person who has been “thrown off the horse ” a million times and watch him jump back up
    a thousand times.. its a testimant to how tough he is . I wish them much success and joy .
    Also I KNOW Travis looking down and seeing how Sad and broken Joe is would be very glad to see the suffering Joe was going through eased in someway by Dillon .
    NO replacing Travis … but you have to find a new way to live and be happy .. even if its not the life you would have chosen . I hope these two people can help one another and just be happy… thats what i wish for everyone..

  17. Congratulation’s Joe & Dillon! May your new journey together be Blessed & prosper! Love ya’s!

  18. If there’s a god in heaven this is the new Oklahoma First Couple.

  19. TLO appears to be an extremely popular website for numerous close friends of the grooms. Whoulda thunk.

    1. I’m defiantly not a fan of the site or the groom, yet I still find the negative comments revolting. Amazing how brave folks are behind the comfort of a keyboard.

  20. Wait a damn minute? Joe Exotic is gay?!?!?

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