Kevin Stitt doesn’t want to live in the Governor’s Mansion…

Now that Kevin Stitt has been governor for almost a week, some of the top priorities of his administration are starting to take focus. One of them includes spending millions of dollars to make the Oklahoma Governor’s mansion habitable.

Via News 9:

Governor Stitt is planning to move his family from Tulsa to Oklahoma City this summer, once his kids are through with school, but it’s not clear at this point just where he will move them.

That’s because the traditional residence for the state’s chief executive, the Governor’s Mansion, has fallen into disrepair.

Based on the “uneducated Derplahoma redneck” theme of her administration, I don’t think anyone really expected Mary Fallin to get her deposit back on the mansion. But how did she let the place fall into disrepair? We know how determined she was to keep the hot tub temperature at 104-degrees. How much damage did she cause?

In fact, the mansion is in need of millions of dollars in maintenance and repairs. Officials with the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) roughly estimate that, between the mansion and other structures on the property, it will require $8 million in tax dollars to make all the needed repairs.

Holy shit! $8-million dollars? I know it isn’t cheap to deodorize ferret urine, but that seems expensive! Did Mary Fallin strip the copper wiring and convert every bathroom to a meth lab? Just how many Native American headdresses did Hipster Boo Boo hang on the walls???

News 9 has the details:

OMES is now conducting the first complete inspection of the mansion property in eight years.

The summary from the 2010 inspection included nearly two dozen high priority items “requiring immediate attention” — architectural, mechanical, and electrical in nature.

Documents obtained by News 9 show that the Fallin administration was preparing to do the work recommended in that report in 2015. Manhattan Construction had submitted a detailed proposal on the scope, timeline and cost of the work: $4.2 million.

A former Fallin spokesperson explained that, with the state facing a $600 million shortfall at the time, the decision was made to hold off on the maintenance work.

As a result, OMES officials say the problems identified in 2010 have only become worse. What’s more, they say, repairs are now needed at the other two structures on the property — the gatehouse and pavilion — leading to their recent estimate that a more realistic price tag on the needed repair work would be $8 million.

Okay, so it looks Mary isn’t directly responsible for most of the needed repairs. We actually knew that, but couldn’t resist the satirical and stereotypical deadbeat Oklahoma renter narrative.

Based on a tip, we actually filed an open records request with OMES in 2017 for all the mansion’s repair and work order requests. They sent us this spreadsheet that has every request from 2013 – 2017. We didn’t find what we were looking for in the files, but it’s long and exhaustive, and would even give Bob Villa some anxiety.

Anyway, with the mansion being in disrepair, what is the Stitt family going to do?

Both the Speaker of the House and the President Pro Tempore of the Senate say they understand the importance of the maintenance work and are willing to work with the governor to provide the needed appropriation.

In the meantime, Governor Stitt is considering other options, should the Mansion not be ready by the time he’s ready to move his family to the state capital. Harder says they are looking at possibly living in the Centennial House, a residence that belongs to the Oklahoma National Guard.

“That is on their property,” Harder said, “and has proper security, so there would not be a substantial cost to insuring the facility is secured. That is another option that we are looking into, just in case, because he really does want his family here and wants to get them here as quickly as possible.”

Move to the Centennial House? That’s weak. I have a better idea. Why don’t they just move a trailer onto the property and live out of that? Sure. It may violate Capitol Medical Center Zoning Codes, but they already have a spot reserved…

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48 Responses

  1. Just leave them in Tulsa until the old heap of junk is ready. Or a mobile home in the backyard would fit in with the “Trumper Base”.

  2. 8 Million to fix a home. You can buy one a lot cheaper.

    7305 Nichols Rd
    Nichols Hills, OK 73120
    4 beds 6 baths 5,681 sqft

    What a waste of money. You could tear it down and rebuild it for cheaper. SMH

    1. +1,000,000

  3. Most of the cost is tied up in the plumbing, from Mary flushing her state down the drain for eight years.

    1. He wanted the job he knew where he would have to live so now tell him to move in there and start ruining the rest of what his buddy did not ruin.

    2. 😂

  4. Sounds like stitt needs to move into Maralago with his buddy Trump so he can get more like minded ideas quickly from his hero in Chief!!!

  5. Sounds exactly like the Oklahoma Standard™. Ignore maintenance until it gets too bad to repair. Then tear it down and build something cheap and tawdry.

    The State Fair Board is probably itching to put a barn on 23rd & Kelley.

  6. $8 million? I’m sure they could bulldoze and rebuild an actual mansion for less, and have something of value. $8 million-that’s an insane amount of money for repairs/retrofits.

    1. Hell, Stitt’s company can carry the mortgage-a win-win, at least for him.

  7. So is Kevin Durant’s house in Gaillardia still available? Or the one Paul George rented to announce he’s staying? Both are probably bigger, nicer and certainly newer plus the perimeter security is better than the mansion’s grounds.

  8. Where’s all the cheddar from the Mathis Brothers sale of the annual Governor’s Mansion Christmas Ornament?

  9. I love some of the entries on that spreadsheet….

    “Governor’s Toilet Seat Loose” Please fix immediately

    We can’t have her chunky ass wiggling around on a loose shitter seat!!

    1. Install a seat belt.

  10. Just move in to a Gateway foreclosure.

  11. HIt up the gas and oil companies – it’s chump change to them. The money is flowing anyway – this gives them a legitimate cover (sort of) for all the dark money oozing through other channels.

    1. Dark money?

  12. I have actually been inside the governor’s mansion. It was right after Frank Keating raised a ton of money to fix it up. Even then, it wasn’t much. I certainly wouldn’t want to live there.

    Of course there was no state money to fix the mansion roof or make other repairs. We don’t do preventative maintenance in Oklahoma. We wait for a much more expensive crisis to develop before we do anything.

    One of the earlier commenters mentioned the best idea: bulldoze the existing place and build a new house there. I’m sure a house that cost only $1 million to build from scratch would suit this governor and future ones quite nicely. And the building site is already paid for!

    1. I agree! Stitt wants to control waste! Richardson Homes builds them for $85 a square foot!

      1. Their family will build your family’s home and possibly steal your neighbor’s work equipment.

        1. Thompson- Oh well. The state has been stealing for years and the people have done nothing. Whats one last grab.

  13. 8 years, $8M in repairs, lessee that is $83,333 per month in maintenance costs accumulating. Did Mary punch holes in the walls after her Lt Gov, Todd Lamb, lost in the primaries? Couldn’t the First Man take on some of those honey-do list items? And who says Kendal Frayer was being extravagent with her $50,000 per month household needs? Maybe the used car lobbyists can offer home the Frayer home to Stitt until the Governor’s Mansion can be fixed! Recall the unemployed house manager and chef!

  14. If you have ever dealt with OMES, you could understand why it would cost $8 mil.

    1. Seriously, instead of using OMES quotes they could make a reality show about it, call in the Property Brothers, the Fixer-Upper couple or Love It or List-It folks and get some TV funds to help foot the bill. Mr and Mrs Stitt, are you going to love it or doze it and start all over?

      1. The Love It or List It couple are based in Canada and the mansion situation doesn’t fit the premise of their show, although it would be funny to watch them stand in the chamber reciting their famous tag line to a bunch of confused politicians.

        I think one of the Property Brothers is gay and the other is married to an Asian woman so they probably wouldn’t appreciate having their equipment stolen or destroyed every other night.

        Mr. & Mrs. Magnolia know which side of the bread their butter’s on so it would be a great big Baylor Bear middle finger (not in front of the kids, though) to the Okies.

        That leaves little ol’ Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor, ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar-ar… hey. He’s a Republican! Perfect!!

  15. When Keating was there it was in nice shape and was a good place to host visitors and events. They raised a lot of private money to fix it up too. Can’t Stitt get his buddies to chip in?

  16. The governor’s mansion needs to be preserved as a working museum belonging to the people of Oklahoma, much like the White House; however, the work should be bid out once again. As for the Stitts, I would suggest they do what many families do and buy a smaller, cheaper home that they can “make do” with until such time as the rennovations are completed. OR perhaps go one step further and keep their Tulsa area home and momma and the kids can come visit on the weekends. That way, the Gov can live there and supervise the work as well as be close to his work. Thousands of families have a similar situation. In fact, families with deployed members have to do this with months and years going with the absent member.

    1. As Stitt knows the Oklahoma Governor is a relatively impotent state official. And since he’s working with a part-time legislature I’d keep the family at their home and not disrupt their lives whild Daddy pretends to make the state better. Matt Pinnell as Lt. Governor, a completely impotent state official can do something useful and house sit the mansion.

    2. Have you been there? While historic built in 1927/1928, it is a grand house/mansion. It would be a great museum and place for small events, but it no longer can function as a true Statesman’s residence without serious repairs/upgrades. It’s size and functionality pales in comparison to anything similar to the White House. I suggest the repairs that would allow it to be a tour-able museum and event venue be made and related cost offset by entrance/use fees.
      A real-useable Governor’s residence could be built with less funds and maintained for many years.

  17. Typical Oklahoma government saying it would cost $8 million to fix up a house that probably is worth $1million after the repairs . Move them to Gaillardia and Save on security. Added bonus – the kids go to Edmond / Deer Creek.

    1. They’re weirdo home schoolers.

      1. They can’t go to public schools because their vaccinations aren’t up to date either.

        1. My guess is Stitt’s dog has had more vaccinations than his kids.

      2. As opposed to being weirdo public schoolers that perform so badly Oklahoma students are at the bottom of the heap!

  18. Is that a picture of the Gov. mansion or is that a giant well house? Where do they put the heat lamp?

  19. Not a fallin fan.. but Oklahomans would have thrown a hissy if the state wanted to fix it. That structure and the capital are old , like other states…and need repairs. So how do we do it?

  20. Old news , its run down and their has been no up keep , thanks oklahoma , and the fact that his daughter graduates this year and of course I would not disrupt my family either Look at Melania she stayed where she was for personla reasons the first 6 months Trump was president .

    1. “Look at Melania she stayed where she was for personla reasons the first 6 months Trump was president” Well that’s one way to look at it…

  21. And HAD she spent a dime on it you guys would have bashed her for that as well! I’m sure all of these repairs have been building up due to the previous Govs didn’t want to be the one to ask for $$$$ to fix it. that being said, someone has dropped the ball on properly managing the required repairs. If they can put a dome on the capital using private funds/donations, hopefully they can do the same with the mansion.

    1. Yep, Mary Fail’in would have been criticized if she would have asked for money for the repairs to the mansion. However her leadership has been terrible for the last eight years anyway so it would have been one more debacle that she had put the state through.

      By the way, that dome that our “brilliant” leaders felt we needed with the non-descript Native American on the top – the weight of it is what has caused all of the structural integrity issues with the building to begin with. If that piece of fluff hadn’t been built, the capital would have still been in bad shape, but not as bad as it currently stands.

    2. And just how much did that dome…funded by “private donors” cost taxpayers in the long run?
      The windows in that dome are not uv rated and the rotunda artwork was nearly destroyed. Now taxpayers are on the hook for replacing the faulty windows and for artwork restoration.
      Isn’t there also an issue involving the weight of the dome causing structural damages to the building?
      Yeah…taxpayers really saved on that deal! Yet another fine example of running government like a business.

      1. How much did we pay to repair the damage from the improperly designed and installed dome?

  22. The man has SIX children. There isn’t room for all of them, and who knows, there may be more.
    Also, are the precious Still-lettes still home schooled? No room for that either.

  23. had a 2 million update when keating was in office so what happened?? also how about a accounting of all the money mathis bros have raised friends of the mansion?? Frankie K the most corrupt gov until fallin knew the capital was in bad shape everyone knew it!! yet his ego wanted him to be the gov that put the dome on too bad if the structure couldn’t hold it!! he pocketed millions getting his cut from contractors they didn’t have to bid normal bids because FOM was the one advertising the bids not the state of Oklahoma the whole process broke down and a few years later we the citizens are holding the bill AGAIN!! Frankie, he left for new York city to be a lobbyist for banks lives like a king ret fbi agent decent salary but not enough to live the highlfe in nyc! where did he get the money we know don’t we? and don’t get me started on the damn statue on top!!

  24. Screw him. Let him commute from Tulsa. Thats ridiculas

    1. Good idea, then turn it into a “party house” for any and all legislators regardless of party affiliation! What happens there stays there!

  25. 8 million? what crony gave that estimate for a payoff? Is that kevin stitt’s construction company?

  26. Governors through the years have had differing views on the mansion. For example Henry Bellmon never wanted to live there and his wife Shirley never moved in. George Nigh was comfortable there as was David Walters. Governor Keating added the Phillips Pavilion for events and I believe the Oklahoma shaped pool. To his credit he also pushed hard to beautify the neighborhood and the History Museum was built across the state as a result.

    Most of my visits were during the Henry Administration but I’ve been in and out of the place going on 40 years. It’s true there are grander homes in other states for governors but there are worse. Improvements need to be made but $8 million? That’s ridiculous and there are many wealthy Oklahomans who would gladly make major contributions to complete the work especially if rooms, bathrooms, halls, kitchens, fireplaces, etc, etc were named for them. All Gateway Mortgage magnate and new Governor Stitt has to do is ask and money will flow in just like the rain does now through the leaky roof.

    If you think that is a terrible way to raise money to improve/build public assets just look up the next time you are in the capitol building rotunda and read the names of millionaires who paid to put the dome on the building. The same is true for higher education facilities, roads, museums, veterans centers, prisons, parks, pools, schools, bikeways, by-ways and even benches.

    This private sector generosity serves multiple purposes: (1) Strokes the egos of the givers; (2) saves taxpayer money; (3) in most cases provides a tax write off to the individual or family presenting the check and; (4) runs government more like a business since government has already given zillions of dollars to the donors in tax credits/abatements, etc.

    It’s called quid pro quo and is presumed to be illegal in most public/private transactions but in reality what we’re really doing here is simply……….. business as usual.

    It may be a little smelly but hey, it’s not as bad as that awful non call in the Saints/Rams game. That blunder was a true felony deserving of a long stretch in Big Mac, in solitary, with no TV but the guy will still get a Bible and a copy of the NFL rule book.

    When he has memorized both he’ll be released but banned from ever refereeing another game including pee wee touch football. I realize that is cruel and unusual punishment but…………………..I lost $5 bucks on the game so I want the dummy to suffer.

    Vengeance is mine sayeth The Lord and Me.

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