Racism makes surprise public return visit to OU campus!

After a few years of hiding in the underground where the Oklahoma ruling class prefers it to stay, blatant and obvious racism made a public return to the University of Oklahoma over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday with the surprise release of a Snapchat video showing a white racist sorority girl giggling around in black face and proclaiming… well… here’s the video just in case you haven’t seen it:

Wow. All racists are idiots, but these girls really are racist idiots. How stupid and ignorant do you have to be in today’s day and age to film a video of you or a friend wearing blackface and dropping N-bombs, and then post it on social media? Even David Duke would say that’s a bad idea! They’re supposed to keep that stuff hidden under red MAGA hats where it belongs.

Naturally and deservingly, the video made the local and national media outrage rounds. It also generated PR disaster kit responses from the institutions the two racist girls represented – The Tri Delta sorority and University of Oklahoma.

Tri Delta immediately apologized and kicked one of the racist girls out of the sorority, providing a stern warning to other racists in the OU Greek System that racism will not be tolerated if you are caught on camera saying (or singing) racist stuff.

In a letter to students, OU President James Gallogly acknowledged that although the students have the “freedom of expression” to be racist idiots, they have offered to apologize and “reflect their regret.” Check this out:

Lots and lots and lots of people are mad that Gallogly didn’t go the David Boren route and (possibly) over-extend his authority and suspend the girl who dropped the N-bomb. I totally understand the outrage and don’t necessarily disagree. That being said, aren’t you doing the girl  – and her family tradition of deeply rooted and indoctrinated racism – a favor by expelling her? She should be allowed to return to school and deal with the fallout of being an outed racist who prances around in blackface, or simply withdraw on her own, go into temporary hiding, and then start over at a new school where her racism will remain hidden and tolerated.

Anyway, OU’s scheduled a press conference for 1:30pm where they will discuss the video in further detail. I assume they’ll say all the right things, and then a few days later the girl will appear at a press conference with leaders of the African American community and issue a formal apology. Then the issue will slowly fade out of the public and media eye, and racism will go back into the OU underground until it makes another viral video appearance in a couple of years. Sadly, that seems to be how things work around here.


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42 Responses

  1. You just know the apology will be sincere and heartfelt. (/sarcasm off)

  2. Just more proof that sociologically, this state has yet to move out of the 19th century. Until Derplahomans acknowledge the reality that HeeHaw, hypocrisy, conformity, and BBQ absolutely do NOT make for big drawing cards to attract people to OK, we will continue on our inexorable decline into becoming a 21st century Appalachia on the plains.

    1. The perfect proving ground for “Buffalo Commons.”

  3. So we’ll get a weepy apology from a fragile sorority girl? Mmm, okay.

    See what happens when OU dumped Jabar Shumate? Actually this would have probably happened if he was still hired, plus OU would have received more sketchy expense reports.

  4. This girl is another type of stupid to do something like this, especially on camera. She must not of been a 5 star recruit for tri felt because then she could use anti gay slurs and shatter peoples faces on camera and tri felt would have kept her on scholarship.

    1. Wow, the Greek system is really pumping out some good writers.

  5. Frat fucks and sorority bitches – BOOMER……SOONER!!!!

    1. My sentiments exactly – hope this incident follows Olivia Urban and Francis Ford to their grave! Further hope they have difficulty in getting into any other college!

      Patrick you are as ignorant as those racist girls are with your comment “The’re supposed to keep that stuff hidden under red MAGA hats where it belongs.” That is as ignorant as saying all OU students are racist. On second thought ,You ARE even more ignorant than the girls! Congrats on showing your stupidity!

      1. Mike, your logic is tragically flawed. Your comparisons are silly.

        Of course not all OU students are racist. Heck, not everyone wearing a MAGA hat is racist either. And Patrick claimed neither.

        But pretty much all racists feel right at home in a MAGA hats. That’s pretty hard to deny. Hence Patrick’s remark about MAGA hats which so offended you.

        Consider this past weekend’s “pro-life” marchers from a hoity-toity Louisville area Catholic boys’ high school who harassed an unrelated demonstration being conducted in DC by Native Americans. The video shows a suspicious percentage of the young “pro-life” Catholic gentlemen wearing red MAGA hats.

        MAGA and pro-life? Wouldn’t you like to ask Michael Cohen how many abortions he has paid for on Trump’s behalf? Or would you prefer not to know?

        (The young “pro-life” men seem to attend another Kavanaugh Academy, although no boofing or “devil’s triangle” behavior was noted in the video of the event. A good farm system for future Greeks?)

        1. LMAO! that native vid was proved to be yet another fake news piece (buzzfeed, where art thou?) in as many days… don’t forget the black Israelites that were taunting these kids at this very same march (yes, grown men taunting kids) and calling them racial slurs to boot… the left is hilarious. not tired of losing yet?

          1. Proved? Careful, Vix. Too much right-wing media causes brain atrophy.

            Engage your thought process if you still can. If the MAGA fanboys behaved properly, why would their school and their Catholic diocese throw them under the bus by apologizing for their actions?

            1. Even CNN is backing off that story.

              “Kaya Taitano, who shot the viral video, said the teens were chanting “Build the wall” and “Trump 2020.” Those chants were not audible in videos reviewed by CNN. ”


          2. It wasn’t disproved as much as it was made more complex. The students were provoked by another racist group, but some of them did reciprocate in turn.

            In this case, it’s pretty cut and dry. The girls did something idiotic and were called out and punished by their organization for it.

        2. Speaking of “silly”, spoken like a true radical far left- winger seeing Trump behind every bush. Of course that’s not surprising considering the venue. I call B/S on you and stand behind my comments 100% – silly indeed no, right on target yes.

          Thanks for commenting though, just proves my point!

          1. “Ain’t that just like a ….”

            Thanks for the ad hominem. Too bad you couldn’t come up with an actual rebuttal.

            1. Mike Out West definitely still says “orientals.”

  6. Won’t someone think of the girls! Sure, they had a momentary loss of impulse control, empathy, and understanding of complex racial issues. Could happen to anyone.

    Now they will be branded for the future as intolerant bigots.

    We should allow them to change, to improve, to grow. I, for one, will be sending them “thoughts and prayers” for their redemption.


    1. Yep, pray to that god that sent two bears to kill 42 children when they taunted Elijah for being bald. He’ll redeem the fuck out of them.

  7. It’s almost as if the ladies of Delta Delta Delta on the OU campus were sitting around discussing the demise of the SAE chapter at OU. One cocks her little blonde head, says “I have an idea, here hold my Beer Muffy,” turns to her friend and says bring your phone. The rest is history.

    I didn’t think another Greek group in Norman could top what the SAE’s did, but I was wrong. Not sure why the Sorority wasn’t removed from campus, other than David Boren isn’t there any longer, or Tri Delta has a bit more clout than SAE. I also have issue with holding a group responsible for the action of one member and condemning and punishing the entire group.

    However I am in utter amazement that someone didn’t question the wisdom of what was going on, and then question the wisdom of then sending out video evidence to the world. Perhaps the OU sorority gals thought it was cute or clever in the very strange privileged and sheltered universe where they live.

    College can’t fix ignorance or stupidity, especially in people that are this oblivious. Different cultures makes the world a better place and the homogeneity that appears to be part of the Oklahoma Standard is a huge problem. Until we realize race doesn’t make us better or worse than another person it’s going to be almost impossible to fix all the other problems in the state.

    Rather than hating the haters, and putting ourselves over anyone different than ourselves we should try to move forward and realize that we are all on this earth together and try to all just get along. You don’t need to bring down people just to elevate yourself, goodness shouldn’t be in short supply, it’s not a zero sum game.

    1. “However I am in utter amazement that someone didn’t question the wisdom of what was going on…”

      Me too. But peer pressure often overrides common sense in the young, who are still figuring out themselves and their place in the world… and in their peer group of Greeks.

      The facts tell me that throwing a wet blanket on racist behavior in a Greek setting is less socially acceptable to the Greek in-crowd than joining in.

      1. oh, c’mon, it’s the modus operandi for anything today. even Kevin Hart had to cave in and apologize (after saying numerous times how he wasn’t going to) for something he apologized for multiple times before… American society is becoming weaker and weaker with every passing day. take a look at this video showing what actually transpired at that march (guy narrates over the unedited video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xRFuKf64dzQ

        1. Lots of other people engage in racist or otherwise offensive behavior, so this is no big deal and those who are offended are snowflakes? And this is a sign of “American society becoming weaker”?

          That’s your position, Vix?

          Got it! 😉

          1. Wha? You seem like a logical person (don’t want to assume your gender) most of the time, but what exactly are you taking about? What other people? I’m taking about the mass apologetic behavior. Soon, comedians that make fun of certain subjects will have to apologize for their jokes…is this what you’re envisioning our society should look like? If you don’t see the craziness that consumed the left, then I’m not sure what we can debate about.

            1. People OUGHT to apologize for racist behavior. You disagree?

            2. Again, school is doing damage control. If they don’t apologize, they’ll be barraged by even more negative press. The native guy is not some random person that just showed up there. He’s a seasoned provocateur, look him up. You didn’t see back Israelites issue any apologies either, did you?
              Look, we’re all people. Show me anybody, other than Jesus, who had never done something under peer pressure or under emotional stress, etc. Again, I’m not condoning anyone’s actions here, just trying to reason logically. This has nothing to do with right-wing media, which you’ve accused my brain being atrophied of, btw.

            3. I believe Graychin is saying that even if this group of students had racial slurs yelled at them, it does not make it right for them to yell racial slurs back. Two wrongs do not make a right.

              It seems that many online are suggesting the opposite, that if someone directs a racist comment toward you then you are now ok to be as racist as you would like, and that these uses of racism are good.

            4. I don’t believe those kids yelled any slurs back. I’m, obviously, not propagating for this type of behavior. Simply pointing out the glaring media bias that is currently present.

  8. Galogy needs to bring in some alumni to get the sororities in line. Mixon is not busy, it’s the offeason.

  9. Totally pathetic, girls! Don’t you have more important things to do, such as spending your parent’s money, getting drunk, and having sex …

    1. I like how you added having sex as an awful act that people should be ashamed of.

      1. Everything in moderation.

  10. Sylvia are you jealous…Who posted the video??? If not one of the two girls in question, they need to find new friends. Good way to get rid of a sorority sister or two you don’t like.

    1. In Trump’s America, loyalty to one’s so-called friends “Trumps” other considerations?

      Got it!

  11. Correction – the girl in the video wasn’t a tridelt, the girl who posted it was.

  12. as fucked up as it is, she wasn’t dropping n-bombs, Patrick. I believe she said Negro, which isn’t quite the same thing. I thought sjws knew their slurs, so they could get offended at. Nothing surprises me about the left anymore…

    1. Sounded Like n-bombs to me. But what difference does it make? In either case, still fucked up enough to offend anyone who isn’t a full-time apologist for racist behavior.

  13. So much for freedom of speech/choice. The gestapo folk are freaking out.

  14. They are free to say what they want. They are NOT free from the consequences.

    1. Well said!

    2. Ann is right. Some people wrongly believe that the Constitution protects us from the consequences of saying stupid things.

      The only entity that the Constitution says may NOT punish stupid or inflammatory speech is the government and its various subdivisions. And even that protection is limited, as in the famous example of shouting “fire” in a crowded theater.

      Those who consider the poor racist clowns to be having their “freedom of speech/choice” violated after their racist behavior should have paid better attention in their high school American Government classes… if they were still attending school at all at that stage.

  15. What happened to OU’s Diversity Chairman or whatever his title was?

  16. Time to expel such racial behavior. OU has no place for it. If you allow it and they give an formal apology. (Does that make it alright?) There needs to be consequences for the choices made to hurt the people of color. Oklahoma University President should have a zero tolerance for this.

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