Now Steve Lackmeyer is beefing with the Bricktown Hot Dog Cart

Move over Oklahoma City Streetcar. There’s a new mobile apparatus on Steve Lackmeyer’s shit list.

A couple of nights ago, I received a text message from an Ogle Mole asking if I was going to write about Steve Lackmeyer’s new beef with Hot Dog OKC – the venerable Bricktown hot dog cart that ignited local controversy in 2017 after the OKC Twitter Sensitivity Police learned it sold sophomoric politically incorrect t-shirts. (You can read Louis’ food review of the cart here).

Always a sucker for controversy that I can quickly flip into page views, web traffic and advertising dollars, I quickly hopped on Twitter to see what was happening. That was a mistake! I was greeted by a hard-to-follow narrative of Twitter hot takes, think-tweets and everyday insults that covered a variety of topics ranging from homelessness to media competition to fat shaming to sticks poking eyes out.

Being the lazy guy I am, I asked our Twitter followers to help unpack what happened.

Here are some of the replies:

Still confused? So am I. Not really give a shit? I really don’t either. That being said, let’s try to unpack it…

I guess Hot Dog OKC shared some video of homeless camps in Bricktown, and complained about the empty buildings and state of the canal. This got the attention of Channel 5, which came out to interview some of the homeless people…

This naturally got the attention of Steve Lackmeyer – a man who loves Bricktown so much he keeps old ACME catalogs in a shoebox under his bed for “private time.” In typical snide and sarcastic fashion, he subtweeted Hot Dog OKC by pointing out that homelessness – and vacant retail space – is an issue everywhere…

After that, things devolved into one of those Twitter fiascos that make everyone want to stop using Twitter. Things got personal and heated and eventually ended with Hot Dog OKC doing an excellent job mocking Steve’s appearance…

Should a hot dog stand really be making fun of people who like hot dogs? Probably not, but Hot Dog OKC seems to like controversy.

Anyway, the Twitter Sensitivity Police got mad about that tweet, accusations were thrown around, people started blocking people, and all that fun stuff. Well, it’s actually not fun. It’s the type of stuff that makes me want to quit Twitter, but it will keep the page views and advertising dollars flowing – things we’ll need for the day we gentrify Bricktown.

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23 Responses

  1. I’d say he was pissed because the Hot Dog Stand refused to offer an all-you-can-eat buffett.

    1. Great response!!

  2. It might be time to modify the Hot Dog OKC cart so that it can run on the streetcar tracks. That way, Steve can hate two birds with one scorn.

  3. OKC has a tremendous homeless situation. I don’t say “problem” cause that might offend someone. Everyone has an opinion and are 150% convinced that they are correct.

    Fighting about it on social media is not going to solve anything. But it was hella entertaining for sure.

  4. As someone who knows Steve, the best part is his Twitter response. I read it in his voice.

  5. It’s almost as if Steve has decided to talk about Bricktown in the same way the Fox Oklahoma broadcast team reports on the Thunder. Never, every say anything bad or negative. If the Thunder are 3-28 on 3 point FGs in the first quarter, and make their first 3-Point in the 2nd quarter, run a graphic that says 2nd Quarter 3-Pt FGs: Thunder 1-1.

    Accentuate the positive is one thing, but really Steve, you tweet Memorial Road is turning into skid row, but a hot dog vendor says there is a problem with the homeless in Bricktown and you go nuts? I’ll let you in on a little secret Steve, there is a homeless problem in Bricktown, you also have people living in the elevators at some of the parking lots downtown. OKC ain’t Disneyland, and the public is bothered by building what they thought would be sort of like a Disneyland of Bars with tax dollars, and don’t like to be reminded of the homeless problem when they are downtown.

    It’s a problem, get out of denial. Hot dog vendor is probably as frustrated as the homeless. Attacking the messenger might be the Oklahoma Standard, it just isn’t the right thing to do. I wish there was a simple solution to the homeless problem. I’m pretty sure if they had another option they wouldn’t be there, and your pretending they are not shows your lack of humanity that adds to the problem.

  6. Team hot dog lady.

  7. Bricktown is still there? Who would have thunk it?

  8. it’s not just Bricktown, the area from Penn all the way downtown on Sheridan, etc., continues to have an increase in the presence of the homeless. Until OKC does something like NYC that is very proactive in trying to minimize people living on the street, OKC is headed for the Los Angeles Model. Where it creates tent cities all over the place and they become incorporated into the area as they are, homeless, sometimes criminal, drunk/high, seeking money and creating a terrible situation for themselves, businesses and homeowners in the area. I hope they find a way to find a way to help them, and to eliminate the issues as described by the Hot Dog Lady.

    1. Go west of Western, the tent cities come and go in that area.

  9. you wanna see what real homeless problem in a downtown looks like? visit Jacksonville, FL on a weekend…

  10. The Hot Dog lady is the new Chelino’s in Bricktown. Try the Mexican hot link for a reminder of what we’re missing. (I saw a homeless person sleeping on the patio)!

  11. Homeless people are in villages, towns and cities throughout our country.
    I have recently travelled through Goodland, Ks, Sheridan, Wy, Butte, Mt and Lewiston, Id and many smaller towns and villages along the way. I noticed homeless people in each location.
    What struck me most is the way homeless people seem to drift like ghosts through our society. We see them, but we don’t. Somehow, someway, we seemed to have stripped them of not only their dignity, but also their humanity.
    This issue will not be addressed until it is addressed at the national level. The states simply do not have the resources required to address a problem of this magnitude.

    1. You mean Goodland, Sheridan, Butte, and Lewiston weren’t the smaller towns you visited along the way?

      1. Austin certainly has its share of the homeless. A decade or two ago Austin passed an ordinance making it against the law to sleep in shrubs around town – that’s when I left! Can you imagine not being able to sleep in the shrubs? They won’t even let you sleep in Zilker Park. What a town!

  12. On a side not, the word “unpack” has become an overused buzzword for dealing with an overload of information …

  13. Send in the SWAT team!

  14. Everyone complains about the homeless at some point in time. It’s like the weather or traffic, sooner or later you will bitch about it. So getting all SJW on someone for doing it doesn’t make much sense to me?

    The proper response is the non-committal commiseration. “Yeah I know. Whatcha gonna do huh??

  15. Who cares what some shitty hot dog vendor thinks? “Homelessness is a problem”, well no shit captain obvious hot dog lady. Fat shaming Steve!? YOU SELL HOT DOGS FOR A LIVING! LOL! Pick on Steve all you want, at least he has a real job for now. Steve has done more to bring light to downtown and preservation than just selling lukewarm pig lips and assholes to drunks.

    1. Damn, can I recommend a gym to help alleviate your fat problem, Steve?

      1. Funny, defend Steve and you must be Steve and/or fat. Real original.

        1. Getting your panties in a bunch online. Real original.

  16. Uproot the Homeless!

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