Oklahoma lawmakers introduce 77 discriminatory bills in less than 4 years…

There are a lot of things about Oklahoma society that should probably be more regulated. Homeschooling should probably be more regulated. Who can legally acquire a firearm should probably be more regulated. How much ranch dressing a single human can consume in a 12-hour period should probably be more regulated. But something that doesn’t need so much regulation are the rights of consenting adults who are seeking things like medical procedures, customer service, or a damn good sex life.

Via the Enid News & Eagle

Oklahoma was among 28 states to be ranked in the lowest category for LGBTQ equality in a study released Jan. 31 by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.

Human Rights Campaign (HRC) is a Washington, D.C.-based nonprofit focused on civil rights advocacy and lobbying for the LGBTQ community…

Oklahoma was ranked with 27 other states in the category “High Priority to Achieve Basic Equality,” in part due to a spike in recent years of state laws and proposed laws seen by the SEI authors as restricting or seeking to restrict equality or civil rights for LGBTQ Oklahomans.

I have covered a lot of the discriminatory ass-hattery committed by our lawmakers over the last two years. From its laws that would allow agencies to refuse adoption by LGBTQIA+ parents and bills that attempt to allow businesses to discriminate based on “religious beliefs,” Oklahoma seems to be a pretty terrible place for members of the LGBTQIA+ community. But damn, I didn’t realize how much hate our lawmakers have actually tried to legislate.

The Oklahoma “SEI Report Card” noted a spike in the number of such “bad bills” introduced in the Oklahoma Legislature in the four-year period 2015-18, at 77 bills, compared to 11 such bills in 2011-14.

Laurette Taylor, interim executive director of the Freedom Oklahoma Education Campaign, said the SEI report “paints a grim picture of Oklahoma in terms of equality protections for LGBTQ adult and youth citizens of our state.”

Holy nuts, 77 anti-equality bills in three years? What does our legislative body have against the LGBTQIA+ community, anyway? It’s not like they’re running around trying to push their belief system on school children or engaging in sexual assault an at alarmingly high rate. I mean come on, they’re not Oklahoma lawmakers.

Hayley is not an Oklahoma lawmaker. Follow her on twitter @squirrellygeek

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15 Responses

  1. ” I mean come on, they’re not Oklahoma lawmakers.”

    Or perhaps they are?
    You know what they say about people who are the most homophobic right?

    1. Um, that they will go down in flames quicker than Ralph Shortey on a 17 year old boy…

      1. Yeah that.

  2. And we are supposed to be surprised?
    It doesn’t get any better then this.

  3. Only 77 ?

  4. Oklahoma, where we love folks.

  5. My first thought is that our legislators hate the LGBTQ community because the bible tells them to. But then my cynical side thinks no, it is because they want to make a show of hating the LGBTQ community in front of their religious constituents to get votes.

    1. Jesus made it clear what he thought of divorcees and fornicators. But do “devout” Chriiiiistians fuss about them? No, because that might send too many donors to more “liberal” congregations. And make the allegedly devout more than a bit uncomfortable.

      Meanwhile, Jesus is not recorded as having said a single word about homosexuality, pro or con. To claim that discrimination against LGBTQ people is biblical, one has to cherry-pick proof-texts from the Old Testament, which Jesus’ New Law allegedly repealed. At least he allegedly repealed the parts of it that today’s Chriiiiistians find inconvenient, like eating shrimp and doing anything on the Sabbath besides sitting on your ass. Theology like this is Cherry Picking 101.

      Richard nailed it in the first comment in this thread. Show me someone who is strongly homophobic and I’ll show you someone who has some unresolved personal issues on the subject.

  6. One for each county

  7. The one thing that racists, homophobics and other haters share….when the stream begins to fizzle on the segment of our society under attack, they always have another target of opportunity lined up for attack.

  8. Only after Christians have conquered the world will all the By-The Book-Voters be rich enough to receive their tax cut in Lyresburg.

  9. I thought the GOP beat that gay horse to death already. I guess it still gets them votes.

    1. But I also guess that to be elected in Oklahoma, you have to follow the three Gs. God(s) guns, and gays.

      I expect a lot of bills coming out this year. Ten commandments bills,gods. More discriminatory bills against gays. Well, that’s the GAY thing.. More anti Muslim bills,. All kinds of abortion laws the will be .later be turned down as unconstitutional. All fall in the god(s) category. again.

      But there haven’t. been any crazy gun bills presented so far.But guns are not a big issue this year, unless one of our fearless leader present a bill to allow grade school students to open carry in class rooms. Don’t laugh, it could happen.

      1. Constitutional carry just passed out of committe 9-2. Bull Stitt says he is not opposed. Any nut can buy a gun & carry it w/o any background check or training. They are going to force me to carry my shotgun around with me.

        1. Open carry has always puzzled me. I have no problem with concealed carry and have a permit myself.

          But open carry is just dumb in my opinion. It can lead to as lot of businesses to ban any weapons when people start coming in with large weapons. Who needs a Desert Eagle open carried to go to Walmsrt?.

          I may be wrong, I often am, but running around town with an open weapon is more likely to get a base ball bat to the back of the head and the weapon stolen. Concealed carry in my opinion is much more effective.

          Just my opinion.

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