5 Election Night Highlights

For as much as we like to complain about politics in Oklahoma, people just don’t like to turn up to vote. Hell, the midterms last November saw the biggest bump since 1986, and only 56% of registered voters actually showed up.

It’s a process that normally leaves me feeling (even more) cynical and angry about our local politics, because most of the people who show up to their local church on those fateful Tuesdays are old people who are ready to shuffle out of this world without understanding the place they’re leaving behind.

Last night, we had a series of elections for city council, bond issues, mayor, and other things that matter on a hyper-local level. And in some instances, the youth won. Who woulda thought? Here are some of the highlights:

1. James Cooper Wins Ward 2

I may be incredibly biased here, as James is one of my most dear friends. I met him in high school when he worked at Blockbuster Video with one of my other most dear friends. We’ve spent countless hours talking about shitty horror movies, politics and social issues, relationships, all that stuff that you do as good buds. And now, he’s representing my city.

All that aside, it’s historic because he’s openly gay and African-American, which constitutes two identities that are rarely represented in local politics. And he was able to get the win without a run-off in a ward that is dense with a diverse population. His policies, although echoed by several candidates throughout the city, are centered around improving public infrastructure by making things like transit and sidewalks nice enough to where they are practical enough that residents can move on from the ‘Why walk when you can drive?’ lifestyle that has crippled huge segments of the city where walking isn’t even an option. Hopefully, his time spent on the transit board will enable his ideas to come to fruition.

2. JoBeth Hammon Wins Ward 6

Another young’n, JoBeth also ran on a platform of connectivity, and was able to defeat a guy who ran under a sorta similar message but with a lot more money. JoBeth was out on the streets knocking doors, and her main competitor was Nathaniel Harding, an O&G bro who raised nearly $150k in donations.

I live in Ward 6, and the best way to compare how they ran their campaigns is this: JoBeth knocked the door to my apartment when we weren’t home and left a personalized and handwritten note. Amidst the barrage of flyers we got in the mail in the final days leading up to this election, this showed up in the mailbox last week:

That’s right, a postmarked and printed card. He pretended like he knocked my door, but obviously didn’t bother. A friend of mine who is registered Republican said that Nathaniel did knock his door, however. Makes sense, considering this telling endorsement:

3. Mark Stonecipher & David Greenwell

The two incumbents from Ward 8 and Ward 5 both easily won reelection, helping insure white men who look like bankers still have a voice at city hall.

4. The Dead Edmond Mayor Still Has A Shot

Charles Lamb, the former (and kinda still?) incumbent mayor of Edmond passed away at the end of last year, after filing for re-election. He was still able to win enough votes to take things to a run-off in April. What makes all of this even more bizarre is that there was a huge push from a local businesswoman for Edmondites to vote for the dead guy so that somebody who didn’t even run could win.

From KFOR:


Now a Facebook group, called VoteForCharles, is encouraging Edmond voters to do just that. The woman behind the move is Edmond business owner Michelle Schaefer.

“If we elect Mayor Lamb, then the city council can appoint somebody who shares his vision,” Schaefer said.

In fact, she has someone in mind.

“Our current city councilman, Nick Massey. I would hope they would appoint him.”

Massey’s not shy about the fact that he wants the position.

“There are a lot of people, including myself, who probably would have filed for to run for mayor,” Massey said, “but out of respect for Charles, we certainly weren’t going to file. Some people feel that the election might have gone completely different if people could have filed.”

The council would be allowed to appoint anyone to the seat, but Massey said it would likely be a member of the council.

Edmond is gonna get the politics that it deserves, so I’m gonna stay out of this one.

5. David Holt is a good politician

Something tells me the guy had 500 tweets that covered all the different election scenarios drafted and ready to go.

Anyways, there are obviously many more elections that we don’t have the space to cover here, and they also don’t take place in my bubble, and I’m also not a real journalist, so that’s about it. Feel free to vent down below about whatever happened in your ward last night!

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23 Responses

  1. All right!!!
    Yea JoBeth! In her honor, and to show how happy I am, from now on everybody in this household is gonna have a “Beth” after their name. Nice day for itBeth. DebiBeth. DarnellBeth. Iddy Biddy KittyBeth.

    1. Oh, and BeelzebubBeth.

  2. I didn’t even know which Ward I’m in. One I think? But my polling place was closed yesterday so I guess I was not part of the fun.

  3. I honestly think it was that OK Republican Party tweet that did Nathaniel Harding in. He’s a nice and genuine guy, but he tried the old Oklahoma state legislature campaign formula on a very local, non-partisan election, with a left center constituency.

    1. In the midterms, the national GOP tried to make every Congressional race all about Nancy Pelosi. That strategy flopped so badly this time that the Dems swept to a sizable House majority – and Oklahoma actually got a Democratic member of Congress!

      They’re already moving on to using Bernie and AOC as their new bugaboos, even in local races. Guess Nancy isn’t so scary now that she polls so much better than Trump does.

      1. Ya know, you’d probably do yourself a favor if you’d pick up something other than DNC talking points & the WA PO (I know, redundant).

        Real Clear Politics Polling Avg 1/25/2019 – 2/12/2019:

        Trump – Favorable 43.3% Unfavoarable 53.4% spread 10.1%
        Pelosi – Favorable 36.9% Unfavorable 49% spread 12.1%

        Yeah, she’s practically moping the floor with him.


        1. yeah, but, but… Orange Man Bad!

    2. Don’t forget Pat McFerron. That Norman fartclown has been the kiss of death for many…most recently the anti 788 campaign.

  4. Very glad that James Cooper won. He knocked on our door and was very up front about being for almost all the things I, a card-carrying liberal, am for. No beating around the bush or coy platitudes. Go get ’em, James!

  5. Louis: Your comments about “old people”are evidence that, despite the rhetoric about the harmful nature of stereotypes, you are unable or unwilling to address your own demons.
    How would you feel if someone penned the same words that you used, but replaced “old people” with Native Americans, African Americans or Hispanics?
    Your disparaging remarks about old people fall into the same category as all discriminatory comments. And don’t give me any of that “tongue-in-cheek” nonsense.
    But alas…I am a white guy…a 1st generation American in my mid 70’s.. so what do I know?

    1. For one thing, you don’t know that Louis didn’t write this article.

      For another, “old people” like you and me are the demographic most likely to vote. And sadly, we are also the most likely to vote for the sort of politicians who brought our State to near #50 in almost everything good, and kept it there.

      Are you the sort of old white guy who votes that way? Whose kids are grown and “don’t need no school”? Who mostly wants to pay low (or no) taxes, damn the consequences?

      Poor poor you, a white man who can’t catch a break in America any more, like you could back when America was “great.”

      1. Oooo, well. That’s very different. Never mind.


      2. Graychin, methinks you didn’t address Oldgoat’s question about derogatory stereotypes. Seems you just added to one yourself with your comments. Congratulations

      3. I am nothing like you described…simply an individual who knows horseshit when he sees it…and avoids stepping in it….sometimes.
        I most certainly apologize to Louis for the oversight…an old goat with too much time on his hands.
        However, I stand by my comments. And if you don’t understand the insidious nature of all discrimination…well, it is not me who requires further education.

        1. it’s only discrimination if it’s not a (straight) white male on the receiving end of it. get on with the times, OldGoat.

    2. Old Goat, are you retired from gazing on the Hefner Dam?

      1. No, I prefer to graze at higher elevations.

  6. Yeah, Louis, how do you feel about what LUCAS wrote?

  7. City of Bethany also had two wards go nice ‘n’ young.

    1. One of them was my former student!

  8. What a cruel world. I’m, maybe, 60 years old now (or maybe a friend is-yeah) and I/we were too young for the baby boomer revolution of the 1960s. Now, I/we are too old for the millennial revolution.

  9. Don’t forget us. Good gals & guys won here too!! Ms Bell better pull her head out. 0 for 2 M is not good.

  10. Looking at the election results, my favorite was the Moore school board race. There were four candidates, and only five people voted. The winner had four votes, second place had one, and the other two zero. If you can’t bring yourself to vote for yourself, why even bother filing?

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