Brave Edmond insurance agent stands against Girl Scout gangs

Cookies are a cutthroat business.

Various troops of cookie-selling solicitors have run rampant throughout the United States. These gangs, also known as troops, have ambushed supermarkets, businesses, and now, marijuana dispensaries. The main racketeers in the cookie business are known as the Girl Scouts of America.

For over 100 years, the Girl Scouts have cornered the cookie market with popular items like Thin Mints and Samoas. The troops made their sales on their terms with little retort. That is, until February of 2019.


A local insurance agent has announced that during the month of February she will buy two boxes of Girl Scout cookies from any Girl Scout that comes to her office and gives their sales pitch. 

Michelle Schaefer, a downtown Edmond insurance agent since 1995, will also purchase items sold by Camp Fire, Boy Scouts, or other school fund raisers. 

“I want to give back to the community and help these great organizations, and maybe help develop sales skills for future careers,” Schaefer said.“I know it takes courage to put yourself in an unfamiliar role, and I want to show them that a career in sales can be fun and rewarding. 

“With so much dependence on social media, I think having the confidence to talk to a potential client face to face and ask for the sale builds great character in a sales person.” 

Elliot Ness, J. Edgar Hoover, and Michelle Schaefer: all figures who stood against mob figures and their back-alley tactics.

Schaefer has ruffled the feathers of the conventional norm. She has set the terms of the agreement to her domain. The stipulations to the sell are as followed: “The offer to buy cookies or candy is only valid if the young salesperson comes into her office and makes the presentation themselves, Schaefer said. “Mom can come in but is not allowed to help,” Schaefer said.”

This is quite a move to fight against the Girl Scouts mob. For those who scurry away from their booths, you’ll never understand the fear one has when being coerced into buying a few boxes of cookies. If the innocent look in a child’s eyes doesn’t get you, the piercing stare of Girl Scout mother will. They are brutal, yet effective.

What Schaefer has done is incapacitate the strong arm and allow the little part to fend for itself. This is the same method used by the Mongols during tribal raids.

The bravest thing Schaefer accomplished is her expansion to let other mobs like the Boy Scouts and Camp Fire to grow. Not only is she limiting the effects of the strongest tribe, she’s boosting the others in order for them to be on equal ground to one day destroy one another.

Schaefer isn’t in it just for the cookies and charity; she’s in it for blood.

Most would not stand for such tactics; however, the cookies sold by these troops are addictive. If you don’t believe me, try taking a Thin Mint of mine out of the freezer. Braver people than you have tried and failed.

However, Schaefer shows us that all it takes is one person to stand against tyranny to make a difference. For this, we salute you in your fight. Stay strong, Schaefer.

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8 Responses

  1. Uh oh, Michelle must not be from around Edmond and understand HMS – Helicopter Mom Syndrome. Mom has to do everything for their child, school projects, assignments, and if something goes wrong at school, she will fix it instead of the child. She has to make sure her child doesn’t make any mistakes like she did while she was growing up.

    While I’m sure the Edmond Moms intentions are good, they forget all children have to make mistakes, embarrass themselves occasionally in order to learn, mature and to grow. Everyone learns more through mistakes than successes. It’s also a lot better to make those mistakes when you have the safety net of mom and dad in grade school, middle school and even high school. It’s best not to be making them when mom isn’t making your decisions for you in your junior year of college when you are changing your major for the upteenth time because you haven’t figured out what you want to do with your life.

    Michelle, I applaud you, kids are smart especially when you let them go out on their own. Learning to make a sales pitch, learn about the product they are selling, or just learning to interact with adults are life lessons. That’s sort of the point of the cookie sale, rather than the competition between the Edmond moms.

    1. Well said. HSM is insidious and dangerous. As a parent, it’s my job to make sure the kid can function on her own when I’m gone. If I do everything for her, she’ll never learn. You’re right about failure being a great teacher. It also teaches us how to deal with disappointment & delayed gratification. Two skills I see lacking in lots of folks these days.

  2. What am I missing? I don’t see a problem here.

  3. I would definitely try to get some leads.

  4. This lady is awesome!

    I enjoy when the students come to my desk & give me their sales pitch. 🙂 Even if I don’t intend to buy any of those of-questionable-origin beef sticks. I decline with a smile & tell them good job.

  5. I don’t respond to on line/facebook requests to fund raisers. I make it a practice to buy from ALMOST any school or scout or junior baseball or (fill in the blank)fundraiser if the young person takes the trouble to come to my door. Exceptions are if my own grandchildren are also selling the same items. Obviously my grands get priority!

  6. Damn Brandon, you put a silly story like this on the Lost Ogle while ignoring what could have been an all time classic about the lawyer with bed bugs falling off him and his coat closing the Rogers County Courthouse for fumigation go by – tsk, tsk you and Patrick are slipping!

    It is never too late – the story got a lot of play nationwide!

  7. I love cookies but I avoid those Girl Scout booths any way possible. Why? Worse cookies in the world! I’m not buying something that my dog doesn’t even like. I’d rather go to Ingrid’s kitchen and get REAL cookies, not cookies in a box that’s a year old. I’m not mean, I buy from kids for school fundraisers but not unless it’s something I really want and can use.

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