Oklahoma church leaders are praying for our gun nut lawmakers…

Whether it be the true identity of Tyler Durden or that time Bruce Willis was actually a dead guy, I love a good plot twist. Normally I have to spend $4 at Tinseltown on Saturday or steal my mom’s Amazon Prime login to get my unexpected story ending fix. But not today. According to KOCO, Oklahoma lawmakers may be at odds with local church people.


OKLAHOMA CITY —Oklahoma faith leaders gathered Monday outside the governor’s office at the state Capitol, to urge lawmakers to vote against a bill that would allow some Oklahomans to carry a gun without a permit.

House Bill 2597, the “constitutional carry” bill authored by state Senate Majority Floor Leader Kim David and Rep. Jon Echols, passed the Senate committee and will be considered by the entire Senate this week.

That’s right. Oklahoma lawmakers are having to choose between catering to the far-right gun nuts and the Jesus freaks. But if there’s anything I’ve learned from reading about bystander effect or being forced to watch Kirk Cameron’s horrifying “Left Behind” movies as a kid, it’s probably better for them to be on the Good Lord’s side for everyone’s safety.

The bill would permit Oklahomans age 21 and older to carry a firearm without a permit. Veterans, active duty, and reserve military members age 18 and over would be allowed to carry without a permit under the bill. The bill also prohibits felons, and those with domestic violence convictions or who have been adjudicated as having a mental illness from carrying a firearm.

The Oklahoma Conference of Churches, Tulsa Metropolitan Ministry and other faith leaders gathered Monday to participate in a prayer vigil, urging Gov. Kevin Stitt to rethink his support for the bill.

“The governor indicated that he would sign permitless carry, and we are really concerned that he’s not hearing the voices of the faith community,” Rev. Lori Walke said.

So it sounds like the new law will still prohibit violent offenders from possessing a firearm. However, by removing the requirement to have a handgun license to conceal a firearm, it also removes one of barriers that deters violent offenders from carrying. So it doesn’t seem like this bill is a good idea. But I know I’m biased because I’ve already spent four hours of my life and nearly $300 on the classes and paperwork necessary to get my own handgun license.

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39 Responses

  1. Because Tumpmerica!!!!!

  2. Like lack of a concealed carry permit would keep a bad guy or a felon from carrying a gun.

  3. You know all this “constitutional carry” crap is for white men only. If a black or brown person open carries and they try to assist in an incident the cops will shoot them dead. You cannot he black or brown and “constitutional carry” because that law is only for whites. The language of the law doedn’t Say that but we have already seen actions that give that message clearly.

    1. Do you watch The Young Turks?

  4. What happens if I’m carrying without a permit when The Rapture comes?

    1. I hear the Lake of Fire is nice this time of year.

      1. Generally cooler by the lake,…..

  5. Love this Jesus art.

  6. The Gov signed the Bill today at 5:30 pm and it goes into effect Nov 1 …. Wonder if this will make him a One term governor ?

    1. Depends on whether or not he is on the wrong end of a confrontation – this will provide a new meaning to road rage incidents! We well could end up in the top 10 of shooting deaths!

  7. Jesus taught peace, love of ones fellow man and to ‘turn the other cheek’ in his Sermon on the Mount…If I am labeled a ‘freak’ for heeding his teaching, then label me as one chooses.

    1. What’s your opinion on this bill? You going to stick with New Testament Jesus or go with American Jesus? You can’t have it both ways.

    2. The problem isn’t Christians as much as it is Christians who use religion to promote a very specific political agenda that isn’t biblical in nature, then using the backlash to fuel their premise of being persecuted because they’re used to persecuting others in the name of their religion.

  8. “However, by removing the requirement to have a handgun license to conceal a firearm, it also removes one of barriers that deters violent offenders from carrying” you say. Yea…those violent offenders always followed the law before…but now..we’re all in danger!

    1. yup, sounds like perfectly fine logic from the left wing…

    2. Most gun control measures have no actual teeth because it’s really easy to work around. That’s why I don’t think this measure will really have any appreciable impact in gun deaths, it doesn’t really make it any easier than just buying a gun at a show.

  9. I’ve never had a problem with responsible conceal carry. Most establishments and businesses have no problem with it. The existing laws are working great.

    The problem I see with this new law is that there is a small minority of gun owners that will feel the need to show up in these businesses heavily armed with open carry weapons. People get worried and the business has to eventually ban weapons.

    I don’t know if this is the case in other states. But I know a few people that will abuse it, and it will be hurting us all.

  10. I really don’t understand why people even want to walk around armed? I have enough crap to keep up with as it is and have never found myself in a situation where I thought, ” Ya know? I could really use a gun right now.”

    1. Yeah, me neither, as far as doing errands, etc.
      I have been very happy to have a gun at hand a couple of times here at my own house. But people who carry, it seems to me a lot of them are secretly half-hoping that something will happen, and then they might get to be a hero, get interviewed by the local “news”. Not talking about women necessarily, but a whole class of puffed up guys.

      1. This is spot on. Called the “weapons effect” the mere presence of guns increases the risk of aggressive use.

        Reference: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/get-psyched/201301/the-weapons-effect

        1. the upside now is that the would-be felony commiters going to think twice before pulling their guns out. this could also potentially help in a public shooting situation, which we have not had here much of, thankfully.

          1. Yeah cause that worked so well in old West?
            What kind of stupid horse shit is that?

            1. Gun deaths were actually pretty low in the Old West. But this isn’t really relevant to that, the vast majority of mass shootings aren’t stopped by “good guys with guns” but by police. I don’t know if this will have a significant chilling effect on someone planning a mass shooting, or if they’ll make the obvious open carriers the first targets. If I’m being honest, I think the effect will be minimal to nil. We already had open carry with minimal effect, and most gun safety courses were meaningless hoops anyways. The shootings that were going to occur likely still will, and this won’t tend to make anything measurably safer in my estimation.

          2. Indeed…just like the death penalty has made such a *huge* dent in crime….you know, since it’s such a deterrent and all.

            1. Death penalty is not a guaranteed thing. Death on the spot by a gun is. Keep on rollin’, baby. You know what time it is!

      2. I agree. Unfortunately I have an (estranged) father who falls into this category. He regularly spoke about his belief “…well if I were in that bank when they (armed robbers) come in, none of that would happen…” I believe however that he would wind up shooting everyone else except the intended persons based on the last 10 yrs of declining accuracy & rationality. He’s only in his 60s but always been obsessive. While he legally carries a gun, he skirts many issues to do so. We are estranged (as is the rest of our family) from him for a reason. And I will never be present with him at a bank. For all who will say “he needs help” or “just take the weapons from him” – #1) we’ve tried to get him help many times but the response is usually “…I have a right to carry this firearm and why would I do something [obvious] that could jeopardize that! My doctor says I’m fine!” and #2) the Sheriff’s Dept/Law Enforcement/APS has specific parameters for intervention. Of course that is understandable but frustrating. For everyone who speaks of the “bad guys” with access to guns, there are many “good guys” who have no business having access to guns either. Mental health issues can linger in the background until they are front and center.

  11. Hayley: I agree with the premise of your article. Being from Western Oklahoma also, I find you bring a common sense approach to most of your writing. My question is, when did you decide it was cool to put down people of faith and even if others did, why do you find it necessary? Being called a “Jesus Freak” is demeaning. You found a way to put down an entire group of people who agree exactly with your point of view on this subject. I guarantee that you would never dare write an article and refer to a group as “gay freaks”,”lesbian freaks”, or even “liberal freaks”. While you might not understand or agree with people of faith, try to at least show them the same respect you give other groups you don’t detest.

    1. I always encourage Hayley to quote DC Talk.

      1. “Jesus Freak” was my jam all those summers my parents sent me to Kanakuk.

    2. Being called a “Jesus Freak” is demeaning

      Why? What’s wrong with it?

      1. Because if you don’t cry about being labeled then you cannot promote your self diagnosed persecution complex.

  12. All Oklahoma politicians are trying to one up each other on being conservative. Why was this even needed? I know the training was minimal but at least it gave a beginner a sense of what gun safety is. It was also an extra layer of protection for a background check. I live in Custer County and will contribute to every opponent who run against these current law makers in the next election. Luckily, our representative is term limiting out. Daylight savings reversal is much more important than gun safety.

  13. Another solution looking for a problem.

  14. Seems this allows those that aren’t crazy but for sure moving in that direction to simply get further into the place of business without drawing attention before they “open up.” I for one if I see an open carry weapon exposed in a restaurant I’m gone. Times are stressful enough as it is without watching some asshole with an AK strapped on eating at the bar.

  15. Every time I see some jagwagon open carry I just think does having micropenis affect your ability to breed, let’s hope it does.

    The kicker to all this was the idiot from OK2A and his target practice threats that hopefully end in him having all his guns confiscated. The best parts of that fool ran down the inside of his mother’s leg..

    1. Well-honed invective, sir.

      1. If you ever have the misfortune of meeting anyone from the OK2A group.. comments like that write themselves. I went to H&H one night for a little target practice and they were having a meeting so I sat in. It was like the whose who of cousin humping inbreeds mixed up with the low self esteem bunch from High School that have something to prove, mostly that they were cowards but that cold piece of steel gives them courage. Just a bunch of lowly yellow belly cowards that are too dumb to articulate any type of dialog to get them out of a situation they more than likely will put themselves in trying to be a “hero”. Sad attention craving piss ants.

  16. I recall reading that this law allows business and some public areas to ban the possession of guns inside their property, either open or concealed. Anyone know if that is correct?

    1. They already can. It doesn’t become illegal until you’re asked to leave and refuse, then it’s a trespass. It’s illegal to carry in govt buildings, schools, bars, casinos and sporting arenas (unless specifically allowed by the owner or event holder).

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