The Lost Ogle Seeks Medical Marijuana Reviewer / Contributor…

The Lost Ogle is looking to welcome a Medical Marijuana Reviewer to our close-knit group of contributors. It’s a freelance gig, the pay is of the starving artist variety, and Patrick can be a real pain in the ass to work with, especially when he’s not stoned. But if you love to get high and have the ability to write about the experience, you should give it a hit.

Here’s what we’re looking for:

A)  Original reviews of locally-produced strains, products, dispensaries, etc.

B)  TLO-style articles, listicles and whatever else about Oklahoma’s medical marijuana culture, products and lifestyles.

If you’re interested, email one original, sample review (500 words or less) of a particular marijuana strain — something you would envision being published by TLO — along with any other article ideas or applicable writing samples to [email protected].

Here are some pointers:

1. Be yourself. Snark, absurdity and occasional humor has — and always will be — a hallmark of The Lost Ogle, but don’t force it. Write the review in a style you’re comfortable with.

2. You need to have an Oklahoma Medical Marijuana License. If you need to get one, read our seven step guide here. 

3. No pseudonyms (yet). The last time we called for new contributors, half the people used fake names and aliases. That’s cool, 420Stud69, but we need to know who you actually are, if we’re going to publish your stuff. So, use your real name and email address, in your pitch. Save the witty pen name for after you are hired.

4. Experience? Writing experience (journalism, copywriting, fiction, etc.) definitely helps, but is not necessary.

5. The pay sucks. But on positive note, at least someone other than your friends and parents will read what you write.

Sound intimidating? Good. It should be. That always happens right before you do something amazing. If you’re interested, show us what you’ve got.

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15 Responses

  1. I sold and smoked a boatload of dope in the Seventies and Eighties. Does that count? Back then Californians were wearing T-shirts that read “Thank God for LeFlore County.”

  2. Does this gig pay in Nacho Cheese Doritos? Taco Bell coupons?
    Are the deadlines before or after 4:20 pm?

  3. Does this include Medical Marijuana or any THC filled cannabis? I have been using medical grade cannabis since, well, since Christ was a corporal. To my thinking, a lot of MJ being raised today is really not suitable for medical grade. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with getting stoned, it just that medical grade was developed to actually help people, not to keep them high and believing they are being helped. It can actually hurt someone.

    1. Hold on there, Mr. Hutchins. The strains they sell in the medical dispensaries are the same damn strains they sell in recreational places, and they were developed from various strains that people have been smoking forever. The only difference these days is that pot is a lot stronger, due to selective breeding. The idea that there are various magic properties in the medical stuff – due to terpenes or other compounds, has just not been supported by any legitimate research whatsoever. Not only that, but the variability within sativa and indica strains swamps any small differences that people believe they are detecting between the two varieties. No one – NO ONE – can reliably tell the difference in a blind testing, where they aren’t told ahead of time what they are smoking – just like wine connoisseurs can’t even reliably tell the grape if they are blindfolded.
      I especially like those silly pot judging contests, where the judges smoke one variety after another, and pretend they can detect differences in mood, energy, etc, after the first few tokes.
      Oh, I bet this provokes the fury of a few folks,….

      1. Dude, I think you should apply for the reviewer gig at TLO. 🙂

        1. I figured my post would torpedo any hopes of that. My reviews would run something like, “Uh, this one got me pretty high.”

      2. Re: “I especially like those silly pot judging contests, where the judges smoke one variety after another, and pretend they can detect differences in mood, energy, etc, after the first few tokes.”
        Amen. Finally someone with some sense.

      3. WOW. I must of missed it, but Mr. Nice Day For It, but no where did I mention name of strains. Yes, I agree. The same strains I was and am familiar with are still being grown, BUT WITH 1 BIG DIFFERENCE, they are being grown for 1 purpose, THC. I graduated college in 79, but let me see if I can remember. Our best strains back then and this includes Thai Stick, Maui Wowie, etc., barely contained 4% THC. Today, strains carry up to 30% plus THC and little. Can you imagine taking a medicine with 30% THC? That’s not medication, that’s a trip to the moon and back. MMJ is designed to be a low level THC with very high ratio of CBD.
        CBD and other terpenes are the medical value of MMJ. Look at the Charlotte’s Web strain, which is a sativa hybrid, not a pure strain. A little girl, named Charlotte Figi, was having multiple seizures daily. The family moved to Colorado, where her father made contact with the Sanders Brother and a MMJ strain was born. Its name, Charlotte’s Web. 30% CBD and .3 (yes I said point 3)% THC. I admit that CBD can’t do it alone, it does need THC, but small percentages not in the high numbers. During all my year and I start smoking in 70, but started taking MMJ seriously after 85, due to being diagnosed with Degenerative Bone Disease, probably caused by Agent Orange. It is my personal belief that TRUE MMJ does NOT need a THC % more than 5 %. As time goes, research may find that to be untrue. Maybe for diseases like cancer, MS, palsy. But I do think that if that happens, the CBD% level will be double.
        BTW there is already a lot of research developed. A lot of good info on TRUE MMJ.
        Google it. Google can be your best friend.

  4. I only mess with top shelf sativa.

  5. I absolutely want to become a pothead to write this. I probably won’t, but oh so tempted! Not so keen to give up the gun I’m licensed to carry (but never do). Good luck on your search!

    1. Terrible, The new Governor signed the MMJ card holder protection bill. The OSBI can’t pull your CCW, unless of course you break the law.
      Don’t carry while high
      Don’t carry into bars, well you have ccw.

  6. I think I am really close on this one. Look for my email 🙂

  7. I’m the only person I know who came of age in the 60’s and have never smoked dope. Guess I’m not qualified, huh?

  8. Your newsletter intrigues me. I would like to subscribe to your ideas.
    Oh wait…?

  9. Pot judging? How do you get that gig? Hello job from heaven … Having never seen an actual pot judging I am curious … if you take a toke from one …then another and another …wouldn’t you’re result be muddled after the first strain? It’s not like wine where you can just eat an oyster cracker and move on … someone please enlighten me!

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