Lawton named “The Best College Town” in Oklahoma…

Last week, a graphic naming “The Best College Town in Every State” made the rounds again on social media. 

As for Oklahoma, naturally, there was only one obvious option – Lawton. Yeah, that’s right. Lawton has been dubbed the best college town in Oklahoma,

Pop quiz and be honest here – what university is in Lawton? Yeah, we didn’t know either. We had to Google it. Apparently, it’s Cameron University. It has a Facebook page and everything. Check out these exciting photos showing the town’s thrilling college life…

These photos are from the University’s recent Homecoming Bon Fire / Fire Pit / Space Heater Bash. Those Fighting Aggies down in Lawton are absolutely raucous during their post-NCAA Division II game celebrations.

The graphic was put together by some website called They allegedly used data from the Census, Bureau of Labor and National Ministry of Boredom to determine the rankings.

Anyway, we are very sorry Norman, Stillwater, Edmond, Tulsa and Goodwell. Lawton has you beat. You all are going to have to start stepping up your game if you want to be the best college town in the state. Perhaps try hosting a sporting event that might attract a small crowd? Alternatively, having a super famous eatery or a popular nightlife & shopping hub nearby might give you a boost.

All in all, congrats Lawton for defying the odds and greasing the right clickbait engine palms to garner this great honor. But Lawton, a word of warning – do not get too comfy with this cozy little title.  There are rumblings of rivalrous discontent from Weatherford and Shawnee. The SWOSU and OBU folks are notoriously competitive and will be out for blood.

Also, before melting down in the comments that clearly this survey is just flawed, please note that this same data named Louisiana’s best college town as Metairie, a town which lays claims to a University of Phoenix location and pretty much nothing else. Your argument is moot, sir or madam. Good ol’ U of P is the pinnacle of campus life. Clearly, this survey is spot on and wholly restores our faith in’s data interpretation skills.  


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18 Responses

  1. No love for Durant or Chickasha?

  2. Everyone either knows or should know that Ada is the most happening college town in the state.

  3. But… but…. but….. if he’s an “Aggie” why is he holding a pickax?

    1. Good Question! Here’s the answer:


      “Cameron’s mascot is Ole Kim. Ole Kim is an ex-U.S. Cavalry officer from Fort Sill who sought his fortune in the Wichita Mountains gold rush of the early 1900s, before becoming a cowboy, and then a Cameron student.”

      1. So “Cameron student” was his third option, which sounds about right 😉

        1. KB you KNOW the newly appointed regent on the governing board lives in Ohio, right? Bet he will have a lot of interest in making Dear Ole’ Cameron U. top 10!

  4. This still blows my mind. I’ve heard of dodgy Internet polls but this really takes the cake. You’d think football would factor into this, but Cameron did away with football about 30 years ago or so. Lawton is all about the Army and not much else. Flat, depressing place.

    1. Flat? You obviously don’t understand geography very well.

    2. College without football in Lawton? My opinion of Lawton has improved.

  5. They also have some massage parlors Robert Kraft would love.

  6. What, no mention of dragons west?

  7. I don’t know about college partying but all those privates on the town the first of the month is a hoot.

  8. As a Cameron alum who went to OU for law school, I cannot abide by this ranking.

    1. Cameron is a great school and asset to SW Oklahoma. In fact, ALL of our state’s regional universities are excellent and they constantly fight a sometimes losing battle to actually make this state more educated and informed. Not every person in this state can afford to go to OU or OSU and live a traditional college life and that’s one of the reasons we have the regional universities.

      I love this website and have been reading and laughing at and with it for years, but the snarky attitude of this article is unintentionally amusing considering that overall this site claims to be so pro-education. There’s no real humor in this article, it’s just a slam. Make fun of Gary England and our dumb legislature, but there’s no reason to poke a stick at actual beneficial institutions in what many of us, even with all its problems, consider a wonderful state. Maybe Jenn J should get a bit more informed and visit Cameron sometime.

      1. You’re right, but it has nothing to do with the point of the article. Whether Cameron is an asset to SW Oklahoma or not, Lawton is not a great college town, let alone the best college town in the state. It’s an army town that happens to have a college, and that’s coming from someone who spent 25 of his first 29 years in Lawton.

  9. While we can honestly say we didn’t seek out this recognition, we won’t turn it down, either. Cameron University is proud of the support it has gotten from Lawton for more than a century, and we’re more than happy to support our home.

    We appreciate The Lost Ogle for helping call attention to Cameron University and Lawton … even if it’s in its own way. Just to bring JennJ up to speed, Cameron University was created just after Statehood as an agricultural school, which is why we’re still called the “Aggies.” As we grew, we added junior college work, then baccalaureate degrees, then graduate degrees. (CU is one of the few places in Oklahoma that offer all three in one place.) We also produce teachers, health care professionals, behavioral specialists, coaches, police, journalists, military officers – and more.

    Our alumni include three Medal of Honor recipients; a number of world-class professional athletes; a chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; pioneering DNA researchers; nearly two dozen generals; Pulitzer, Emmy and Grammy winners; and two speakers of the Oklahoma House. And lots of hard-working Oklahomans who are proud of their school.

    But Lawton is no different than the dozens of other communities in Oklahoma that host colleges and universities. Any of them could have earned this designation. Hardly any of these places are as flashy as the “big city,” but they are all proud and supportive of their schools. Not every Oklahoman has the resources to go to college in Norman and Stillwater, so the regional universities and community colleges more than pull their weight in making sure the state has qualified people with sound education to fuel its economy.

    Thanks for allowing us the time to brag, and to give a pat on the back to all of Oklahoma’s smaller colleges and universities. And if JennJ is willing, just give us a call and we’ll give her a personal tour of campus … including our journalism program.

  10. To be fair, Metairie is a suburb of New Orleans.

  11. Lots of people enjoy going to college at Tahlequah.

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