Emily Sutton confronts Gary England over anti-global warming article…

There’s been a great disturbance in the severe weather force.

For the past couple of years, Lord Gary England – the Severe Weather God of Oklahoma™ – has been experimenting with the conservative right side of the severe weather force, leading him to share and retweet memes, news stories and patriotic bald eagle graphics that attempt to disprove and question the verified science behind global warming.

For example…

Let’s be honest. The fact that Gary England would experiment with the right side of the severe weather force and become a global warming skeptic isn’t surprising. Did you think when he retired he was simply going to work on his hail stone collection? No way. We’ve all watched enough Star Wars and read enough Lord of the Rings to know that just about every wise, old, mystical sage has a period in their life where they experiment with dark arts in an effort to harness their powers for good. Lord Gary isn’t any different.

That being said, because Gary is an all-powerful weather deity who A) owns a doppler radar cannon, B) can conjure a lightning bolt with just the touch of his Gentner, and C) employs a pack of nine undead storm chasers called the Tornazgul, even the bravest in the local meteorological community have dared not to question him.

Well, until now.

In response to his sharing of the questionable article about “Global Freezing,” Emily Sutton – the Severe Weather Princess who recently mastered the art of willing gustnadoes to life – responded by sharing a different scientific article:

Before we continue, I just want to say that this whole thing puts me in a tough spot. I’ve been a deacon in the Church of Gary England every since the Edmond tornado of 1986. I’ve always watched him on News 9 and even dressed up as him for Halloween. As documented in the book Boom Town, Tony and I took a pilgrimage to Seiling for Gary England Day in 2012, where we made an offering of hailstones at the tornado siren and unearthed a copy of Gary England’s first ever five day forecast:

Although I’m a supporter of Gary, I’ve also been a devout follower and disciple of Emily Sutton since she first popped up on the Oklahoma City weather scene in 2010. Remember that?

Since then, Emily’s undergone a metamorphosis that would make Kafka proud. Under the help, guidance and tutelage of Joleen Chaney, she’s transformed from a homely weather nerd into the ass-kicking superhuman severe weather babe who can forecast storms and dodge death. She’s like Princess Leia and Storm rolled into one package of Oreo Cookies.

Gary England isn’t the first meteorologist she’s confronted. A few years ago, she called out Internet meteorologist Aaron Tuttle over an irresponsible forecast:

Sorry. I love that photo. I’m glad it doesn’t violate any copyright law.

Knowing my allegiances to both Gary England and Emily Sutton, whose side do I take in this scientific debate? Well, I think we need to dig deeper into their conversation:

At this point, one of Emily’s foot soldiers butted in:

I don’t know about you, but it seems pretty obvious that Emily did a good job at refuting Lord England’s argument. Obviously, then, our Weather Holiness learned his lesson, and put the ancient texts and scrolls from the right side of the weather force back in the storm cellar where they belong.

Sadly, that’s not the case:

Okay, so Gary hasn’t put the texts in the storm cellar quite yet, and let’s be honest – he probably never will. The right side of the severe weather force is strong, and its dark powers are seductive and addictive to all who explore them, even if they are the mightiest and most powerful of weather deities. Let’s just hope he doesn’t click on the anti-vaccine link he sees on his niece’s Facebook page.

Anyway, although it’s concerning that Lord England is using his large social media following to propagate questionable material that refutes global warming, I’m still going to be an altar boy at his church. I was indoctrinated at a young age, and the loyalty I have to him is as unbreakable as a multi-vortex grinder barreling towards a mobile home. Plus, we have Emily Sutton around to protect us if he gets to out of control. There’s still lots of good in him.

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36 Responses

  1. Fairly simple in my simpleton point of view…One is trademarked and one isn’t…Give me the trademark every time in these type of battles.

  2. It’s from last summer and the guy is British but…Gary needs to watch this video.
    Explains exactly how the weakened jet sets up high pressure and creates dryer summers and colder wetter winters in the northern hemisphere.
    Emily is right and Anakin becomes Darth Vader – “from a certain point of view”.

    1. A weaker jet suggests a decrease in baroclinicity and temperature gradients overall, and you would expect lower pressure not higher pressure as warming occurs.

  3. Channel 4 can’t hold a light to channel 9. They are not up to the same class.

  4. I love Emily’s continued logical responses and use of #science!

  5. Never watched England, always thought he was a dick.
    Emily Sutton on the other hand is a primo cutie and just as sweet as she can be. At least the one time I met her at a wedding she was. There was an open bar so?

    But TV weather personality qualities aside, Emily is clearly on the correct side of this important scientific and political argument. And Gary is proving that he is, in fact, a dick.

    1. I met him once and I can affirm that he is, in fact, a dick.

      1. And now, as we see, a right-wing troll as well.


  6. If you went to 10 doctors and 9 informed you, that you had diabetes but with a change of lifestyle it could be reversed. Would you agree with the 1 person that said nothing was wrong?

    1. If you were a Republican you would because you would know that the other 9 are actually lizard people who work for the “Deep State” and eat pizzas made with the flesh of children.

  7. Where were Gary’s empirical datum when he tweeted about a “global freeze”? thanks

    1. Lord England, meet Senator Snowball. 😀

  8. I’m just impressed that 2 people could debate something without it turning into name calling etc.

  9. Sounds to me like “The New Weather” vs “The Old Weather”. Maybe Gary is making weather GREAT AGAIN!!!

  10. I know several people that had interactions with England and all share he’s a gargantuan, know-it-all dick. He needs to fucking go away.

  11. Yup. Several other interlocutors nailed it. Gary is in fact an anti-science dick.

    And you should in no way be even remotely tolerating his obfuscation of the facts regarding the most serious threat we face.

    It’s despicable.

    1. England is a meteorologist, but not a climate scientist.

      “There is nothing so stupid as the educated man if you get him off the thing he was educated in.” – Will Rogers

  12. Bunch of Dumasses. Everbody knows when when you see two Wizards fighting. RUN LIKE HELL. Who needs to be hit by a stray magic spell or turned into a Newt Gingrich or worse a Trump Chump.

  13. Meh, all of the local meteorologists are basically social media darlings with incredibly vain tendencies. They over hype weather forecasts a week in advance even though they know (and the intelligent folks in Oklahoma know) the forecast will fluctuate and can’t be certain until within about 8 hours. They pretty accurate if a tornado has formed and is on the ground moving too. Any other time, nope.

    Yet, their groupies will keep following them on Instagram and liking the photos of their dogs, along with their blessed life of vacations (which seems to be all the time in Shelby Hays’ case).

    Give me the National Weather Services’ forecast, every single time.

    1. May the power of Ginger Zee strike you down where you stand Sir.

  14. {insert Obi-Wan “You were the choosen one!” gif}

  15. I think they are both great. Thx for keeping us safe.

  16. It was a very respectful debate. I have no idea who is right or wrong. But it has sparked some interest in me on the subject. I’m still not ready to pay more taxes and fund Al Gores Nazi party to stop global warming though.

    1. As for taxes what if you paid the same amount but it went to different people? Like instead of half of every gallon of gas going to Oil Overlords it went to wind and solar producers? As for the Nazi reference I don’t see what is so sinister about renewable energy? Times change and technologies change with them.

      1. re: windmills #birdlivesmatter

    2. You have no idea who’s right or wrong? The fact that the overwhelming majority of people who study the climate, and basically every scientist in the field who isn’t directly or indirectly funded by the fossil fuel industry, are sounding dire warnings about what is happening and what is going to happen, doesn’t influence you just the tiniest bit? They’re all in some huge conspiracy?
      Neo-Nazi’s are not lining up to go see Gore, by the way. They do seem to be big Trump supporters, though. If you’re going to throw around labels, at least use the right ones.

      1. The scientist’s who aren’t funded by big oil (how many climate scientists are paid by big oil?) are funded by government grants. They need to keep the narrative going to continue receiving grants. It’s all about the money either way.

  17. At least Gary E didn’t invoke the ghost of Inhofe to support his argument. Everybody knows Inhofe’s dead; everybody except him, that is.

  18. Emily has the high ground but Gary can see Russia from the parapets of his castle keep in Meeker.

  19. Personally, I ‘m with Emily. BUT – as I’ve always said… In what other job could you be wrong half the time and still keep your job? ’nuff said?

  20. Gary’s MAGA hat is on a little too tight.

  21. Never understood why the author of Boom Town (and Patrick) loved GE so much. In late career he would actually deliver those rants on-air.

  22. Lord Gary lost all credibility when he started shilling for Air Comfort Solutions, isn’t that where he hangs his meteorology hat these days? Are Jason White and senile old Gary heading up the climate research team? And its Hobart, not Ho-bart you dusty old has been.

  23. Well in the 70s we were headed into an ice age, early 80s we were going to burn up because the hole in the ozone, 89 we were told by the UN scientists that we had 10 years before massive flooding due to global warming. Al Gore made millions telling us the world as we knew it would be over by 2011. But anyone that would be skeptical of global warming is a rube??? Look all of these weather climate geniuses can’t tell us what will happen in the next 2 weeks but they can tell us what will happen in 10-20 years? Well they have missed that for the last 30 years. When do they have to get something right for us to believe they have a clue?

    1. Sigh. All of these are false. The 1989 report never stated this. Go back and read it. It was poor reporting that people latched on to. Likewise for the 70s cooling. A couple of studies that alluded to the potential return of cooling coupled with nuclear winter discussions (which are valid), got a lot of media and this led to simpletons saying “Hey, we’re all going to enter a new ice age!” Unfortunately, this gets way too much airplay in right wing media. “See! We can’t trust them. They don’t know what they are doing. Listen to this [oil/coal/evangelical funded] scientist instead.”

      And as a reminder, weather isn’t climate. Saying “we can’t predict the weather in 2 weeks, so how can predict the climate in 10 years” is the same as telling your doctor “Hey, since you don’t know if I’m going to get a cold or break my arm in 2 weeks, how do you know that stuffing my face with twinkies and smoking 3 packs a day is going to shorten my lifespan?”

      Here is something simple: pollution is bad for the planet. If you can agree with this, then everything else follows. If you can’t agree with this, you’re a lost cause anyway. Given your tone and the fact you feel it necessary to bring up Al Gore, I think we all know the color of the hat you wear.

  24. The disproportionate increased heating at the poles is dependent upon the recent Cowtan and Wray temperature adjustments which depend upon krigging of satellite data at the poles over ice which does not work.

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