Staind lead singer curses at bored audience, storms off stage at OKC concert…

Like most white, 40-year-old, red-blooded American males, I went through a brief period in the early aughts when I listened to Staind.

Now before you click the X on your tab and silently judge me, I would like specify that it wasn’t my fault. Backed by radio-friendly, overly sensitive post grunge ballads that most girls who go to the lake seemed to enjoy, Staind was as impossible to avoid in the early 2000s as boot cut jeans, frosty top haircuts and the Nokia 3310. In fact, I’d bet that 75% of all 36 to 42-year-olds living today once had a CD-R in their disc wallet that was filled with Staind, Limp Bizkit and Incubus songs that were illegally downloaded using Morpheus. It was a strange time and place to be alive.

Anyway, although it’s been a while since I’ve thought about Staind, apparently the band’s lead singer – the crooning Aaron Lewis – is still active and touring. In fact, over the weekend he threw a temper tantrum and cussed out the crowd at the Criterion because they wouldn’t shut up and listen to him play a boring acoustic song.

Here are the details via TMZ:

Staind frontman Aaron Lewis had another tough night on tour — he couldn’t get a handful of chatty spectators to shut their yap, so he stormed offstage … again.

The country-rock star was performing solo Saturday night in Oklahoma City, where he cut his set short toward the end of the show … but not before laying into some members of the crowd with a good old-fashioned, “Shut the f*ck up!!!”

Dude, you’re Aaron Lewis. Nobody gives enough of a fuck to “Shut the fuck up” when you’re playing acoustic guitar. That would be like the guy from Creed demanding people to shut their trap while he plays the piano at Michael Murphy’s.

Here’s more:

After some folks wouldn’t abide by his demand, he stopped strumming his guitar … and lectured the crowd on how he technically doesn’t need to do this. Aaron then gets on the mic and continues the berating, telling the talkers they’ve been yapping all night.

Eventually the crowd quiets down enough for him to continue with the performance, but just a few seconds into the song … he stops and slams his guitar down, leaving the stage

Wow. On behalf of fans of good music everywhere, I’d like to officially congratulate the crowd at the Criterion for getting this loser who thinks people care about his acoustic guitar to stop playing. Where were these folks at every college party I attended in 2002? The answer is probably “in elementary school.”

Here’s an up-front and personal video of his pouty meltdown:

I may be on the outside looking in here, but it seems like Aaron overreacted.

First of all, whether it’s a bar trivia night or has-been concert for spry Gen-Xers and older Millennials who long for nostalgia, audience noise is going to be an issue at any concert, especially at a poorly laid out place like The Criterion. Any professional musician or performer worth his mudshovel would simple block out the noise and play music for the people who are paying attention.

Second, he sure didn’t seem to care about audience noise when he performed that stupid “Outside (live)” duet with Fred Durst. MTV made sure to always play it whenever they would still occasionally play a music video:

Hmmn. Maybe he was mad nobody at the Criterion lit their lighters?

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41 Responses

  1. Staind, Limp Bizkit and Incubus?

    Are those like Japanese snack foods or something?

    1. We wish

  2. This is becoming an issue. I’ve been to 3 concerts at the Jones Assembly, I paid for tickets to see and hear performers I enjoy. Each time there were groups of people loudly conversating the entire time. I don’t blame him for walking off. If you’re not interested in his music, then why did you pay to go? Be respectful of the other people that wanted to hear him. On another note, the only people he hurt were the ones that are his fans.

    1. Ah the Jones– Trustfundie central. On Saturdays it’s full of “ambitious” millennials that “work” for their parents.

    2. Happens a few times recently when going to the movies. Seen people on social media or shopping instead of watching the film. Why pay to go or have someone pay for you just to get on your phone? Eyes tend to shift to flashes of light especially in a movie theater, it is super distracting.

  3. well, I thought he kind of sucked so I’m not sure I’d be the best judge of the situation. As soon as I heard him I was like “go head and leave man. you’re just not good.” And THEN he actually opened his piehole and tried to sing?? Dude, that was too much. You just suck. If you want me to be quiet then do something that demands my attention. Otherwise f*ck you.

  4. He and Corey Taylor are a couple of whiny little bitches.

  5. it was a bad end to a great show.

    The criterion is very small. Every sound can be heard while it also has a bar in the back of the room, less than 100 or so yards from stage. Lewis had made reference to the noise when he first sang, likening the heating or ac system, whatever was making the humming noise to a train driving overhead.

    Then during show he made at least one reference to crowd noise.

    His walk off occurred at the end of his encore when like a dumbass, he tried to go “unplugged” with no mic and then got mad that it was silent. Well, we had all been there and been drinking for almost 4 hours at that point so good luck with that.

    He tried a few times to get people quiet. It was met with even more noise from dumbasses yelling “be quiet” “shut up” and expressing their adulation for Aaron.

    He got pissed and stormed off throwing his 5th or 6th cup of “12 second pour” of whiskey into the crowd. I’m sure he was as drunk as many in the crowd.

    I laughed bc he looked like a joke and ruined what I felt was a really good performance (minus his political speeches).

    1. I feel like you know what you’re talking about. How is Criterion overall? Have not been there yet, even though i’ve been dying to go. An artist I love finally got booked there. Seeing Maren Morris this weekend.

  6. As an old ass Gen-Xer, the last couple of shows I’ve been to have been filled with annoying younger millennials or possibly older post-millennials who are just there to Instagram, chat genuinely be obnoxious.

    Personally, I don’t care about Aaron Lewis, and his reaction was really unprofessional. Maybe he should hang it up or play the casino lounge circuit. But the behavior at concerts is getting ridiculous. Let’s have a special VIP area for the wannabe Instagram models.

    1. Amen, went to Vegas to see George Strait a couple years ago and the crowd, at least where we were, was terrible. Drunk 30 somethings who thought we came to see them act the fool instead of see George.

    2. “Let’s have a special VIP area for the wannabe Instagram models.” YES!!

      I’m not eloquent enough to describe the gym rats at the Goatwhore show repeatedly posing for selfies from the middle of the crowd with the band in the background.

  7. A few weeks ago in Texas didn’t he pull the same thing? He said he didn’t speak Spanish because he’s an American.

  8. Heard him play ONE song on Colbert which I REALLY liked. Then bought the album without listening to the rest. Stupid mistake I know better than to make. Tried listening to other of his albums and realized he’s a white trash Yankee wannabe. Dude, stick to music people buy.

  9. The singer was bad, his acoustic strumming ho-hu, the crowd rude.
    Think I’ll watch the telly instead.

  10. Stupid country singers. Oh, wait, I’m thinking of Aaron Tippen. Never mind.

    1. No you were correct the first time. His new shtick is country. He keeps popping up on my Pandora Red Dirt channel, can’t get to the thumbs down quick enough..

  11. Yo, if the strippers that dance to your shitty-ass music have to put up with drunks being loud while they perform, you do too, ya poor delicate flower. Honestly, it looked like a terrible show anyway. I already got my fill of washed up late 90s/early 2000s sweat rockers when Stabbing Westward came to the Diamond Ballroom and they fucking effortlessly ROCKED it with ZERO complaints.

  12. Staind. I had to look them up to remind myself why I hated them and quit listening to music earlier this century – “It’s been a while” immediately turned up. Oh yeah…. THAT’S WHY!
    And just reading the song title sent me scampering to my own music collection to drown out the echoes of that horrible song, which I remember thinking was probably written in rehab in the hopes of getting laid for playing it at Narcotics Anonymous meetings. A song that truly proved that a turd CAN form without any guts to shape it.

    1. Love that last sentence.

  13. Below average musician has a sad

  14. it seems to me that the audience was rude, and he handled it like an amateur.

  15. If I looked and sounded like that I would be an asshole too.

  16. Too bad people paid good money to hear a bunch of Rude morons yelling over the music. Kind of makes me want to stay home and save my money.

  17. I’m in that age group & I managed to avoid every single one of those bands.

    Sorry, but I had to brag on that achievement!

  18. I think he was justified with his response. Don’t go out to watch live music if you’re going to talk and interrupt the musician and keep others from enjoying the experience. It’s that simple. Love your music, Aaron Lewis

  19. Dick move by the audience. If you don’t like it, don’t go. I hate Creed and Nickelback, but if by some misfortune I found myself at one of their concerts, I would allow the people who cared to enjoy it.

  20. The Criterion is perfect for some shows. David Byrne comes to mind. But it has about as much soul as a parking meter. And for some used to be, sorta had a career once rock star playing acoustic guitar, it wouldn’t work in million years. Wrong venue for Mr. Has Been

    1. That David Byrne concert was awesome, thoroughly enjoyed!

  21. It’s been a while since he finished a full set…

  22. I agree with you. As a 40 year old man myself, you’re right; you couldn’t avoid this music? I never actively listened to them, bought or downloaded music. Yet, I know so many of their songs (and other bands of the same genre & era).

  23. Did he think he was playing Starbucks? Cuz that’s how you play Starbucks.

  24. This dude should send you a thank you note, he’s gotten more press here than most likely anytime in his “career”……..I for one never heard of him, and if I heard his song, didn’t know it and I try to listen to things other than mainstream.

    I understand rudeness reeks at some small venues, BUT it looks like he is still getting paid to do what he loves. Seems his self-importance button has gotten stuck, again he should be ecstatic he’s not a greeter at Wal-Mart……………yet.

    1. He is trying to corner a new market.. You have heard of Red Dirt Country? Aaron is trying to start a new niche called Dirtbag Country… dude totally sucks.

  25. If you don’t like the music don’t ruin the show for people who do. I don’t pay good money for live concerts to listen to you talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend all night. The audience should shut the fuck up or leave.

    1. If you pay good money to see shitty, washed up acts like Aaron
      Lewis, you deserve whatever shitty experience you end up with.

      1. Dick, I wasn’t talking about Aaron Lewis, I was talking about going to concerts in general.

  26. Plug that thing in And make some Noise ! Geez

  27. Word will get around, to current, has been, and up and coming artists, That the criterion is a shit venue with a disrespectful audience that is more interested in posting duck face photos than respecting the artist’s craft. They’ll hit the casino circuit or bypass OKC altogether. If you don’t enjoy Staind, drive to Tulsa and catch a Hansen brothers gig.

  28. Thanks for fabricating a false narrative. My whole family was at this show and we loved his performance. Your story is about as bad as CNN on a daily basis. Thanks for making up stuff up about a great musician, he didn’t deserve this. Let’s stsrt making up false stories about the man whom wrote those. We have all your background info, hmm think I’ll spread this thought to my family as well so they hop on the bandwagon.

  29. Who in the fuck wouldn’t be mad if someone came to there job and just constantly inturupted them I sure would who wouldn’t and dude even said please regardless of what is said dude got talent and it is his show if that shit was easy than ur ass would have been up there doing it but remember you spent ur money to see him not other way around idc what is said love his music 💯

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