7 Better OKC Thunder Jersey Sponsors than Love’s

As you may have heard, the Oklahoma City Thunder recently signed an advertising deal with Love’s Travel Stop & Country Stores that put the company’s heart logo on the front of each players’ jerseys.

Here it is in case you haven’t seen it.

Because it sticks out like a turd on the floor of a Love’s bathroom, the patch has naturally received its fair share of criticism. On social media, most people have lamented its size, clipart feel, or the fact that a highway truck stop is the best the Thunder could do for a jersey sponsor. The Thunder players must agree, because they haven’t won a game since it was unveiled.

As a result, Hayley and I thought it would be fun to come up with seven alternatives that would be better fits…

1. Toby Keith’s “I Love this Bar and Grill”

The Thunder prides itself on being the heart of Oklahoma City. With food items such as Fried Chicken Salad and deep-fried testicles, Toby Keith’s I Love this Bar and Grill could be considered the plaque in the arteries of Oklahoma City’s heart. Plus, instead of spending the time and energy to create the new logo’s design and placement, they can get an iron on Toby Keith red solo cup patch online for four bucks. – Hayley

2. Patricia’s 

Sure, the cost to sponsor the jersey would likely force Patricia’s to pull all advertising on this website, but it would be worth it just to see what Patricia’s outfits Russell wears to the game. – Patrick

3. Reba McEntire

As the patron saint of Oklahoma, the Thunder should want wear Reba McEntire’s likeness on their jerseys not only to honor her and vie for her protection. But also because Reba’s hair dye already matches the team colors and won’t clash like the big-ass yellow patch Love’s created. – Hayley

4. Buc-Ee’s

They’re not an Oklahoma-based chain, or even located in Oklahoma, but if you’re going to have a travel stop as a logo sponsor, at least pick one with spacious clean bathrooms. – Patrick

5. Mathis Brothers

This would make sense. Not only could Mathis Brothers afford to sponsor the jersey’s, but Rit Mathis could furnish new Thunder players apartments like he did for the baseball player from Days Of Our Lives. The Thunder could also tie in other promotions, like Lady Americana mattress giveaways or Gerbil night. – Patrick

6. Watonga Cheese

Okay, Watonga Cheese may have fled Oklahoma following 2007’s tropical storm Erin – yeah, we have to deal with tropical storms, too – but they would still be a great fit, because let’s be honest, who doesn’t like cheese? While we’re at it, the company might as well take over the sponsorship of the Love’s Kiss Cam. Instead having to sit through 45 seconds of random strangers awkwardly making out on camera, on the Watonga Cheese Curds Cam everyone just smiles and says, “Watonga Cheese, Please.” – Hayley

7. The Oklahoma City Thunder

You know what’s weird? The Thunder doesn’t even have its own logo on their jerseys. I know it’s kind of implied that the dudes in the game wearing blue with “Oklahoma City” labeled across their chest are indeed the Thunder. But I think if anything should be represented on the Thunder jerseys, it should be the Thunder logo. – Hayley

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21 Responses

  1. I vote Red Dog Saloon. What’s not to like?

    1. Good one. There is a documentary playing now at SXSW about “The Dog” and some guy who grew up there around the same time I was throwing $1’s at his mom.

      Can’t wait to see it.

      1. Saw it at an advanced screening here in OKC a few weeks ago, amazing. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

      2. Checked out the YouTube trailer. Looks very interesting. Grew up on that side of town and “The Dawg” is legend. Can’t wait to check it out.


        1. Very interesting, was in there one night in 1968 while in college, but have no recollection other than being underage and drinking a few beers. Lived in Dallas in 70’s/80’s and had a bro-in-law that worked at Western Electric. He told story after story about going to the Red Dog while on the night shift at work. Apparently the Red Dog was quite the hang out for Western Electric guys who would slip off from work and go enjoy themselves a bit before returning to work to clock out!

  2. Ken Boyer Bail Bonds (Think Chicos Bail Bonds from the Bad News Bears)

  3. How about Acme Bricks as a sponsor?

  4. How about a Bricktown logo. Would first perfect with they way we are shooting the ball right now

  5. At least Oncue’s bathrooms are cleaner!! Joe’s could come up with cool shirts for the playoffs.

  6. C’mon we’re a blue collar town. Edna’s is the best! Free Lunch Box Specials on Friday for the first three thousand fans.

  7. While I know it would never happen but a Sonic (Drive In) patch would be epic.

    1. Sonic isn’t a local company anymore.

  8. I vote shit emoji the way they are currently playing.

  9. And the rich get richer. The only time I stopped at Love’s was when I needed fuel for my big truck. In my opinion Love’s is about as low as it gets for the traveling public. Most Love’s are scary at night. Safe in the store but watch your back outside. Tom and Judy get the pub and the Thunder get the bucks.

  10. Seriously! Y’all are slipping! So no 1-800-2SellHomes sponsorship!? Then again with a pic of Paulette holding up her two fingers may be too much of a distraction for the opposing teams players or so she might believe. Seriously, never met a person in my life that is that haggard and still thinks she’s attractive.

    1. So you’re suggesting her husband found her at 1-800-2FindSpouse, will take a spouse any condition? Cruel, Dude, er Duke.

      1. LOL! Really boils down to her pretentiousness. Met her in passing one night and she was just a straight up unpleasant bitch for absolutely no reason, maybe her vodka levels were too low. Then again what do I know, I’m not a bigshot local tv commercial spokesperson with a shitload of legal troubles.. LOL!

  11. This is a no-brainer. BC Clark’s! They’re local, their jingle is catchy, and you could buy a chain there.

  12. Sponsor should be 7-11, there are so many!! Somewhere I read that Oklahoma was #1, “Top-10” at least in convenience stores per capita. Yeah, Top 10 State!!

    Not a sponsor but the Thunder need a uniform patch that says, “Serenity Now!”, this might help prevent court rage incidents leading to technical fouls, fines and suspensions and then maybe the Thunder might also try a few passes each possession before heaving up so many panic 3-pointer attempts in the closing 2 minutes.

  13. So the gerbils are still making the rounds? SMDH. Wonder how many people reading that will actually know what that is referencing before someone explains.

  14. only longtime Oklahomans know the gerbil story , LOL

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