Markwayne Mullin continues to embarrass Oklahoma…

With all apologies to Senator Jim Inhofe, the most imbecilic member of Oklahoma’s congressional delegation has to be Congressman Markwayne Mullin.

Whether he’s going back on his word to serve only three terms in officelying to constituents about paying his own salary, or simply referring to the deadly and tragic forced removal of Native American tribes to Oklahoma as a cheery old “Volunteer Walk,” the silver-spooned plumber turned wannabe MMA fighter always finds a way to embarrass Oklahoma on the national level.

This continued yesterday when, while complaining about the Affordable Care Act, Mullin violated House decorum and told a colleague to “shut up.”

Check this out:

In all honesty, I’m not that bothered by Mullin telling someone to shut up. Is it disrespectful? Yeah. But who cares? I’m a fan of the British system of political debate. It’s fun and refreshing to hear politicians yell and sneer and lob insults like they’re Utah Jazz fans watching Russell Westbrook miss a layup.

For me, the part that’s embarrassing is that Markwayne Mullin apparently doesn’t know how to pronounce the word “employer.” We all pronounce certain words weirdly, and I know he probably sucked on lead plumbing pipes as a kid, but what’s up with that? Employ-ORRR? Emplyrr? I think he tried to pronounce it three different ways and all three were wrong.

Surprisingly enough, Mullin’s inability to pronounce a basic word wasn’t even the dumbest thing on display in the chambers yesterday. After everyone settled down from the “shut up” incident, some snowflake congresswoman whined and complained that Mullin uttered the word, “sucks.”

Really? You can’t use the word “sucks” when accurately describing the Affordable Care Act? First of all, reactions like that are what enable asshats like Trump and Markwayne Mullin to be successful and actually win. Second, I don’t think the congresswoman realized that “sucks” is one of about 200 words in Mullin’s limited vocabulary.

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19 Responses

  1. As the “emplourrrr” he should pick a better insurance plan for his employees. The ACA doesn’t set the plan or the cost.

  2. Walking around with the name “Markwayne” is embarrassing enough.

  3. Once an asshole always an asshole. And tuck that shirttail in !

    1. What is it with the GOP and the “no jacket” Jim Jordan look? Assholes emulating assholes.

      1. But duuudddee, if he wore a suit coat then how would all the hot interns be able to see how jacked his ‘cepts have gotten, bro? It’s such a bummer when MMA moonlighting gives you the roid rage and it starts to impact his legislative day job, for real…

  4. No issue of the word sucks, is the guy an ass hat? Sure. There are ways to do things in a system, he clearly gives zero f’s. That’s cool. However he won’t last long in that system. I agree on the British system.

  5. Just like I thought, He’s an uneducated jackass..which why I didn’t vote for him…he never does anything to help our county, but the rednecks did so we have deal…be glad when he is gone for good..

  6. C’mon, give the guy a break. He’s sniffed way too much pipe dope as a kid.

  7. What a loser creep!

  8. He chose to have his employees purchase insurance thru ACA rather than fund their insurance? Let’s remember that. He, as an emplorrrrr, is depending on the government to provide health care coverage. What a douche.

    1. Plus he grew up on GOVERNMENT FUNDED Indian health care. Hypocritical Trump lickspittle.

  9. Just like our new governor, he’s using the Trump method in order to win fans and notoriety. Where Gov Stitt has the “I’m an outsider business man” claim, Markwang is trying on his rude and belligerent tones to get a following. What I hate is that it’ll probably work with the locals.

  10. Sad, very sad.

  11. The only thing he’s “rootering” these days is the length of innard that starts just inside Trump’s rectum.

    1. Length of innard….good one!

  12. What a douche bag

  13. I applaud Markwayne. He isn’t going to put up with the Democrats bull shit. Democrats are playing double standards.

  14. “Sucks” is an offensive word? el-oh-el God/Flying Spaghetti Monster help this Country.
    If I watched the snippet correctly, he had the floor, so not sure why that dude was trying to interject. Not very tactful? Sure, but let the man finish his speech before trying to talk over him.

  15. Plumbers gonna plumb.

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