Ogle Madness XII: South Region, Sweet Sixteen

It’s the final day of the Ogle Madness XII Sweet 16. If you’ve stuck around this long, chances are your bracket is going well, or you’re morbidly curious. Here are your morning matchups from the South Region

(1) Paul George vs (12) Emily Virgin
(2) Lincoln Riley vs (3) OKC Cock Ring

Cast your vote below!

(1) Paul George

Round Two: Defeated (8) The Franchise 593-90

Who: Thunder’s Best Player

Biggest Strength: Defense and three point shooting

Biggest Weakness: Republican Fundraisers

(12) Emily Virgin

Round Two: Defeated (4) Darci Lynne Farmer 430-271

Who: Oklahoma House of Representatives Minority Leader

Biggest Strength: Common sense and a good moral compass

Biggest Weakness: Parks and Rec

(1) Paul George vs (12) Emily Virgin

  • (12) Emily Virgin (52%, 388 Votes)
  • (1) Paul George (48%, 363 Votes)

Total Voters: 751

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(2) Lincoln Riley

Round Two: Defeated (7) Battison Honda Girl 434-270

Who: The new face of Sooner Football

Biggest Strength: Great offensive strategy

Biggest Weakness: Defense remains trash

(3) OKC Cock Ring

Round Two: Defeated (6) Abigail Ogle 440-263

Who: The best art Oklahoma City has to offer

Biggest Strength: Perfect photo-ops

Biggest Weakness: The person who thought it was a great idea

(2) Lincoln Riley vs (3) OKC Cock Ring

  • (3) OKC Cock Ring (58%, 419 Votes)
  • (2) Lincoln Riley (42%, 301 Votes)

Total Voters: 720

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