Mike Morgan calls out Damon Lane for premature tornado declaration…

We’re still in the early midst of Oklahoma’s severe weather season, and TV meteorologists are already hard at work making sure they get credit for catching the first tornado of the season.

That’s what KOCO 5 Chief Meteorologist Damon Lane did on Saturday night. He stuck his “Tornado First” flag in the ground on April 6th with this tweet:


That’s nice. Spotting the first tornado of severe weather season is a bit like scoring the first touchdown of football season – it’s inconsequential and doesn’t really matter in the whole scheme of things, but it’s cool nonetheless. At the very least, it’s a fun thing to experience. It also gives the Channel 5 promotions department something to mention for those 15-second weather promo spots they air during May sweeps.

Unfortunately for Damon, it looks like his first tornado declaration is dissipating like a weak dry line. Not too long after, KFOR’s Mike Morgan jumped on Twitter to question the report and tattle to the National Weather Service…

Gary England even took a break from watching Fox News to respond:

Yikes. Damon Lane is being tag-teamed by Gary England and Mike Morgan. I think that’s both the nightmare and fantasy of every young meteorologist in the Metro. I hope Damon enjoys it.

Damon responded to Mike with this photo, which then lead to Mike asking for a video:

Oh, so that explains it. Back in March, I guess Mike Morgan was the first weatherman to cry tornado, only to have it struck down by the NWS like a weather balloon in a hail storm. Mike, being the paranoid weather-obsessed man he is, obviously can’t allow another weatherman to bask in the first tornado glory without proving it.

Here’s the video:

What the hell?! I’m with Mike Morgan on this one. I see clouds moving and swirling and stuff thanks to the sped-up video, but that little whimper is a far cry from the mega-rotating multi-vortex grinder wedge debarkers we see on TV churning through the state each May. I think the Tasmanian Devil generates bigger funnel clouds than that!

Damon kind of acknowledged that:

I, admittedly, do not have a degree in meteorology, but if it’s not a “confirmed tornado,” doesn’t that mean it’s just not a tornado. That’s how things work, right?

“Hey there, check out my new Corvette!”

“Uhm, that’s not a Corvette. That’s a Honda Civic.”

“Well, it not a “confirmed Corvette.”

Damon never fully fessed up to his error, but by Monday morning, his wingman Jonathan Condor put out this one minute recap of the video. He admits that it’s probably not a tornado, but that it doesn’t matter anyway because it didn’t cause damage because it wasn’t a tornado. Make sense?

Anyway, I was going to close this thing out with a reader poll for us to guess on what date we’ll see Oklahoma’s first “confirmed” tornado, but Mike Morgan beat me to the punch. Kind of.

Is he referring to “confirmed” or “unconfirmed” tornadoes? I’m as confused as a KOCO stormchaser filming a cloud.

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28 Responses

  1. This is beautiful! Not as beautiful as the “ring” lit up a night, but nice. I’m going to go ask my 1990’s Okie chase buddy for his take on all this…..I’ll be back.

  2. What about the tornado that hit Trump’s “biggest and greatest inauguration crowd of all time”? Facts just don’t matter anymore.

  3. This answers the age old question, “If a tornado touchs down in the forest and no one is there to confirm it, will a TV chase crew run someone off the road to be the first to get a video of it?” with a resounding, “YES, duh!”.

  4. Well if there was a confirmed tornado, Mike would have told all of us to drive south. 🙂

    1. too soon

  5. Actually, the first tornado in OK this year happened in the parking lot of Ted’s in Norman on January 15, as I was heading to my car after eating several roasted jalepenos. Unfortunately I didn’t get a video of it.

    1. Seriously, just hit the parking lot then moved 0n? Oklahoma weather go figure.

  6. Anyone remember when Gary England reported a huge tornado and it turned out to be a wheat field fire?? LOL

  7. I mean, I think the real question is, “What does Aaron Tuttle say?” 😊

    1. wonder what Ja Rule’s thoughts on this are.

  8. This brings me so much joy. Even David Payne has weighed in on Twitter. Brings joy to this Okie’s heart.

  9. Obligatory “Gary England is a horrible tipper” post.

  10. Surprised small-balls Aaron Tuttle didn’t chime in, or was he too busy spray tanning his cheeks while munching on a lettuce-wrapped bacon double cheeseburger, Keto style? #DownloadMyApp

  11. Please note it is only the weather guys playing the “I’m first” game to drive ratings. Conversely the weather ladies/babes/gals/girls/trophies/stars/whatever just report what THEY see and we drive their ratings by what WE see.

  12. We need Okie the weather dog to weigh in 🤔

  13. I drove south😣

  14. David Payne found a weather dong in his pocket.

    1. 🤣

  15. Its the battle of a guy who graduated from NC with degree in meteorology and a guy who flunked out of OU meteorology. I don’t get whats the fascination with Morgan and his high riding pants and the news director at KFOR.

    1. To say Morgan “flunked out” isn’t accurate. My grandfather always told me “never trust a man who doesn’t use his real name”. That’s partially why I care to not watch Mr. Smuzynski’s forecasts.

      1. I love the irony here….posted by someone who doesn’t use his real name.

        Killed any ghosts lately Dr. Venkman?

        1. He needs to embrace his Polishness lol I guess Damon Newton was ruled out, for whatever reason…

  16. did Mike Morgan get people killed in El Reno a few years ago with his great analysis? oh wait yes he did….

    1. No one died in El Reno, because the tornado did not enter city limits. 8 people were killed in Canadian county, 4 were storm chasers, the other 4 were simply caught in the path, and there is no reason to believe they were taking any action based on something a guy on TV said.

  17. In a perfect world all three local weathermen would be named Ogle.

  18. I have no respect for the stooges of OKC weather. They are so ratings base and have turn weather coverage into a circus type of coverage. Hype driven coverage is why news is in the sewer of the viewer.

  19. KOCO and Damon Lane want tornadoes to happen so badly, they envision them in videos of benign clouds.

  20. David Payne reports dust devils as a tornado. Panic Payne

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