Paul Scott forced to apologize to Senate for playing childish prank on Carri Hicks…

Oklahoma lawmakers are still holding true to their immature, frat house ways.

We’ve learned via the Ogle Mole Network that our old pal Paul Scott – the embarrassing Republican State Senator from Duncan who cyberbullies his own constituents – was forced to issue a formal apology to the Senate for playing an immature, childish prank on brand-new Democratic Senate colleague Carri Hicks.

Here are the details…

One morning back in February, Paul Scott tippy-toed into the Senate before session and unscrewed a roller on Carri Hicks’s chair. He also hid her microphone. There’s no word on if he put tape under her mouse, or encased her stapler in Jell-O .

Later that morning, when Hicks arrived for work and attempted to take her seat, the chair gave way, causing Carri to fall to the floor. Startled, confused and hoping she didn’t just flash the world in her dress, she left the Senate chambers to compose herself like a Bachelor contestant who learned she didn’t receive a rose.

Usually, after playing a stupid prank like that, the culprit will come forward, help the victim laugh it off, and then everyone will go play on the big toy at recess. As least that’s how things worked when I was in elementary school.

Paul Scott, on the other hand, does things a little differently. As opposed to admitting that he committed the prank, or even (gasp!) apologizing, he went silent and didn’t fess up. Classy, huh?

As a result, the Senate launched a formal investigation and pulled video to see who removed the roller from the chair. Soon after, Scott admitted guilt, and issued this non-apology apology to Senate Chairman Jason Smalley:

Download the PDF file .

Speaking of “un-professional,” I’m pretty sure the word doesn’t require a hyphen. I obviously have no problem with an occasional typo, wrong “there,” or even using an apostrophe as a plural, but “un-professional?” Who writes it like that? I think that accurately describes the in-telligence level we’re dealing with here.

Anyway, I tried to locate video of either Carri’s fall or Paul Scott sneaking through Senate chambers like he was about to go on a panty raid, but the Senate website is an ancient debacle and doesn’t have archived video footage. If someone can locate it, please send it our way.

In the meantime, here are a few additional thoughts and notes.

• Not to be Captain Obvious, but it must really suck to be a woman working at the capitol. Not only do you have to deal with sexual harassment and all that stuff, but now you have to worry about lawmakers putting a whoopie cushion in your seat or gum in your hair.

• As we mentioned earlier, Scott was caught bullying and harassing his constituents on social media around Christmas. He’s also a fan of sexual assault political humor. Knowing that, I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that he picks on the new girl serving in the legislature.

• I should probably mention that Carri’s husband, Spencer Hicks, is a friend and former TLO contributor and trivia host. Was Scott’s prank a passive aggressive attempt to get back at TLO for acknowledging that his wife resembles Monica Lewinsky? I hope so, that way I won’t feel as guilty when we get our prank revenge. It should be fun.

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48 Responses

  1. *R-Duncan*

    1. I wrote response to Senator Scott and his desire to defund Sooner Care for poor women and children several months ago. Now he gets to deliberately hurt a Democratic member? Why isnt he charged with pre-meditated assault?

  2. And no apology to his victim?

    Next he’ll form a company to get a state contract to repair the rollers on damaged chairs.

  3. It would be really cool if Spencer would prank him by punching him right in the Gawt-Dauym mouth about 4 times…. then issue a written apology for accidently swinging his arm in an un-pro-fessional man-ner and disrespecting the decorum of his ugly as pie-hole!

    1. I love you, Cap!

  4. Fire the stupid ass-hole.

    1. Only an entitled dingle berry would pull this crap. His actions must be punished! Split his bag and run his leg through it.

      1. “… an entitled dingle berry …” You nailed it.

  5. The homeless person and two cartons of Reds is the most appropriate prank back.

  6. It’s like people expect the Oklahoma legislature to be and act like professionals and grown-ups and we’re always disappointed. Why isn’t he censured and forced to apologize sincerely and in public? I think I know why. His stunt was aimed at a female Democratic who had the audacity to run for a win a seat in the chamber.

  7. If he had a stitch of decency he would exile himself to some fare and distant place.

    1. If he had a stitch of decency, he wouldn’t have done that in the first place.

  8. But Teresa said he was an a-mazing per-son

  9. This is one of the most sexist articles I have ever read. What Scott did is unforgivable, but writing about Sen. Hicks the way you did is reprehensible, too. You could have reported this without writing like sexist trolls.

    1. Your attempt to impersonate a woke woman has failed miserably.

    2. Actually Su-zann, when I told my sister about this assault, her first concern was about the trauma it would cause a woman wearing a dress.

    3. Then why write the article?

  10. C’Mon folks have a little sympathy for the guy. He obviously had a difficult childhood and in the words of Dewey Oxburger, “swallowed a lot of aggression as well as a lot of pizza.”

  11. Boys will be boys so why do we keep electing boys? Just sayin.

    A wonderful, well educated, professional business lady, married to a fine gentleman and mother of two outstanding young sons, ran against now Senator Scott in 2016. I was honored to help where I could but it was to no avail. The district is mostly Stephens and McClain Counties and a bit of Garvin also and the election was a wipeout. Party labels carry the day in rural Oklahoma and those dear voters make it a habit to vote regularly against their own best interests.

    Best example you ask? Sure. Medicaid expansion. Scott is dead set against. Results? Pauls Valley Hospital in Garvin County now closed; Purcell in McClain County passing local sales tax increases to keep their doors open; Duncan in Stephens County lives or dies on the energy industry and the price of cattle.

    But not all have suffered since good old Tall Paul took office. As a matter of fact he’s doing gang busters as the new proud recipient of a medical equipment contract with the State Veterans Commission. I know. I know. Lowest bid, not state dollars, etc, etc so all is legal.

    Then WHY didn’t he have the contract before he had the title of state senator? If you don’t already know the answer to that question then you are not a regular reader of TLO or just prefer to keep your head up your ass about how “boys make money being boys at the capitol”.

    1. Dear Cal, this guy is as dangerous as Will Rogers often spoke about. How is it that a Senator on the VA Appropriations committee can secure a government contract to xray the VA for 480K? ?? Isnt this a a conflict of interest? Hes a snake.

  12. What is about my area? We had Bobby Cleveland, and still have Paul Scott.

    1. I’m right here with ya, Phyllis

  13. I never knew a guy could get so fat eating his own hair.

  14. L-oser

  15. What a complete and total d-bag. He should be fired. And made to publicly apologize to Hicks.

    1. He needs to serve time for assault. Loosening a roller on rhe chair could have seriously hurt the Senator. Hes got to go!

  16. Isn’t it odd that he’s apologizing to the Senate Floor, instead of apologizing to the person he caused to fall onto the Senate Floor?

  17. He is a Senator, and a business owner in Duncan , and he acts like a complete ass, insulting people on social media like a high school boy, he is disgusting and a total jerk for a man his age and supposedly a pillar of the community. If he was a Democrat his ass would make headline news and I’m sure it would be Obama’s fault and he would be thrown out of the Senate and tared and feathered. I say Kick his unprofessional ass out and get a real Senator in there.

    1. What business does he own in Duncan? Would be nice to get the word out to everyone to avoid it all costs. Best way to hurt someone like this is in their wallet.

  18. Their was a fine example of our government and it’s fine elected representatives.

  19. Scum bag. The maturity level of our leadership is deeply troubling.

  20. I wonder how Paul Scott would feel if someone pulled that childish prank on his wife or daughters? I wonder if he would pull that prank on an unsuspecting female at his church?

  21. We are a stupid state. We aren’t a southern state but we think and act like a southern state. We are all fat, we smoke, we have pregnant teenage moms everywhere, our kids can’t add 2+2, our roads suck, and our citizens consistently elect stupid people to represent them.
    We are a stupid state.

  22. It’s a Trump world and this is now completely justifiable behavior. Expected behavior. I’m all for pranks and brother/sisterhood but that requires a decent response when the victim lands in your trap or when getting caught. This was done to be hateful and demeaning. Even if it was a male victim it was bullying, plain and simple. I absolutely believe she can take care of herself but he needs to be dealt with.

  23. We could have all had a long LOL had she only been a Republican!

    1. Yup. Wouldn’t matter what gender she was. Cuckrick would be busting nuts (something he doesn’t get to do much) all over the place…

  24. Let’s look at the facts here, he obviously wanted to humiliate her (fall from the chair) and to silence her (hiding her microphone). Sounds like normal Oklahoma intimidation politics, business as usual. It would be interesting to see what was being discussed that day, as perhaps there was something of interest to Scott that he thought Senator Hicks would oppose, and he wanted to silence her.

    Or perhaps it was more of an act by a middle school adolescent who is enamored by another class member. With Oklahoma politics, hard to tell what actually happened. His not even mentioning the victim in his “apology” also interesting.

    Could we not get a Psychologist or Psychiatrist as the “Doctor of the Day” to come into the Senate and explain their thoughts and possibly diagnose Senator Scott to the public? This guy really is a train wreck, even using Oklahoma political standards, and is up for re-election next year.

  25. Yes, In a state where County Commissioners have been indicted for embezzlement, where millions of dollars in funds have been lost requiring massive layoffs only to be found, and where our children’s test scores are the no longer news since salaries were supplemented, this should be a major concern. Party bias, anyone? Glad we have major investigative resources assigned to such critical events.

    1. James, your false dilemma fallacy is bullshit. Try harder.

  26. You know, they call OCCC the thirteenth grade but I am pretty sure the our elected officials at the Capitol are competing for the title. Seriously, fuck Duncan Oklahoma for voting for such a immature douche bag. Hopefully a tornado wipes that shit hole off the map this spring.

    1. Thanks for your unprovoked, vitriolic, venomous and vile assessment of the situation. The public discourse needs such mature viewpoints as wishing destruction and death upon one’s neighbors. Look hard this weekend and you might find an anger management help-line to help you make it until Monday. Try not to kick the dog or cat.

      1. Leave Dookie alone! He can’t help himself!

  27. I love TLO, but this was far more than a sexist prank. The “esteemed” senator owns an X-Ray Tech business and files this legislation each session – killed time and time again – which would monetarily benefit him by allowing a practice such as his to bill insurance directly. We’re not talking pennies here.

    Senator Hicks questioned him about him not taking constitutional privilege, and the next day he pulled this stunt. Not a prank – it was retaliatory bullying because she called him out.

  28. Here are the archived Senate videos. Doubt you’ll find anything as I bet the camera wasn’t on the Senate seats at the start of session.

  29. I notice that he does not apologize at all to the person that he hurt and embarassed. He is concerned about the Senate Floor but not the lady that he assaulted by disabling her chair. There needs to be some consequence for him.
    Maybe he can be required to sit on the floor for several weeks.

  30. Please tell us that something will be done about this grown man with the behavior of a middle school teen. When I first heard this I thought oh here we go again another fairy tale to attack Republicans. Scott, you are an embarrassment to the male species. I just wish she would have stuck that roller where it would have had to be surgically removed.

  31. This headline needs a fix. Literally nowhere in that “apology” did he apologize to her.

  32. I guess when the only “legislation” you write or support is complete garbage that doesn’t help the state in even the slightest, you have plenty of time to sneak into the senate chambers and mess with the chairs of people actually putting in the effort to do some positive things for this dump of a state. I know Senator Scott has a real boner to rub out when it comes to being against abortion, but it’s a real shame his mother didn’t look more into it when she was pregnant with his retarded ass. She could’ve done the state a real solid and had this fucktard vacuumed right out of existence.

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