Ackerman McQueen is screwed…

Every now and then, I like to remind our readers that Ackerman McQueen – OKC’s most revered and reviled ad agency – is the long-time agency of record for the National Rifle Association and its branded-propaganda media arm “NRA TV.”

I do this for a couple of reasons…

1. To inform the public. With the help of Ackerman, the NRA has transformed from a membership club for hunters into the evil and awful political organization it is today. Some people and businesses around town may want to know that.

2. To make all the other ad agencies in town like us! They hate Ackerman more than Comic Sans, Papyrus and “Can you make the logo bigger?” combined! Maybe this will convince more of these other agencies to buy ads with us?

Sadly, it looks like my days of pointing out Ackerman’s close connection with an organization that holds pro-gun rallies following school shootings are numbered. On Monday afternoon, news broke that the NRA is suing Ackerman over billing issues.

Here are the details via The New York Times:

The National Rifle Association sued one of its largest and most enduring contractors late last week and raised concerns about the contractor’s relationship to the association’s own president, Oliver North, in a stunning breach within the normally buttoned-up organization.

The suit was filed late Friday by the N.R.A. in Virginia, where it is based, against Ackerman McQueen, the Oklahoma ad firm that operates NRATV, the group’s incendiary online media arm. The suit asserts that Ackerman has concealed details from the N.R.A. about how the company is spending the roughly $40 million that it and its affiliates receive annually from the association.

$40-million to produce far right-wing pro-gun propaganda? Even by overpriced ad agency standards, that seems excessive. For that much money, Renzi Stone would agree to grow a pair of truck nuts and get the Don’t Tread On Me snake tattooed on his face.

According to the Times, the lawsuit “leaves the future of NRATV in doubt.” Know what else it leaves in doubt? The future of Ackerman McQueen! Just like the NRA, they’re already a shell-casing of what they once were. Losing their biggest client would be detrimental.

If you work in the Marketing or Accounting Department of one of Ackerman’s existing clients, this may be a good time to review your billing records and invoices. Check this out:

The N.R.A. complaint alleges that Ackerman refused to turn over a number of financial records, including those detailing out-of-pocket expenses “that lacked meaningful documentation of N.R.A. approvals, receipts or other support.” The association also wants documents that it says could allay its concern that it was being invoiced for the full salaries of Ackerman employees who also did work for other Ackerman clients. In addition, the complaint alleges that Ackerman has refused to provide data about NRATV’s unique visitors and various other performance measures.

There’s nothing more American than a big ad agency overcharging its clients. It happens all the time, but you can’t be that sloppy with it. Let’s hope Ackerman has plenty of ghost employees and fake contractors to move around expenses, otherwise they may be in trouble!

In addition to the lawsuit, there’s a weird family dynamic to the case.

The lawsuit is further complicated by family ties. The N.R.A.’s outside lawyer, William A. Brewer III, is the son-in-law of Angus McQueen, a co-chief executive of Ackerman, and the brother-in-law of Revan McQueen, its chief executive. Ackerman called the relationships an “irreconcilable conflict of interest” and said some kind of family dispute “pervades the Brewer firm’s dealings with Ackerman McQueen.”

Yep. The NRA retained the brother-in-law of Ackerman’s CEO as their attorney. I did some quick research on the guy and he’s apparently some eccentric high-priced attorney from Texas who’s been the center of ethics complaints in the past. Ackerman released this statement about him and the allegations in the lawsuit.  To get the right feel, you should probably listen to this song while reading it.

Despite the representation set forth in their lawsuit, the NRA had the personnel contract they claim AM (Ackerman McQueen) withheld last week before they filed their lawsuit. It was provided by the Williams & Connolly law firm. The transfer occurred as a result of a process for delivery of such highly confidential information.

This flagrant misrepresentation, along with other false claims, serve as the foundation of malicious intent exemplified by this lawsuit.

Months ago, legal counsel informed the NRA that “Mr. Brewer himself has an irreconcilable conflict of interest. Mr. Brewer is the son-in-law of Angus McQueen and brother-in-law of Ackerman McQueen’s CEO, Revan McQueen. Mr. Brewer has demonstrated, in words and deeds, his animus for Ackerman McQueen and these family members and that animus pervades the Brewer firm’s dealings with Ackerman McQueen, whether dealing directly with Ackerman McQueen or through other members of his firm.”

Family turning on family. People named Angus, Revan and Brewer. “Animus pervades.” This is starting to feel more like a bad episode of Game of Thrones than a lawsuit involving two ignominious organizations that deserve each other.

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to follow this story and let you know what happens. If you’re one of the innocent employees at Ackerman and has any tips or information you think we need to know about, contact us on the TLO Tip Line. We’re now accepting new members for the Ogle Mole Network!

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52 Responses

  1. Shouldn’t you do like Lackmeyer and call it an ‘advertisement’ agency?

  2. My hope is that this means the NRA is having to do a deep dive into their expenses because their donation stream is starting to dry up. The NRA shriveling up and dying would be a big step towards in the right direction. I don’t know anything about Ackerman McQueen, but they can eat a dick for working with a domestic terrorist organization all this time.

    1. Not sure about this, but you seem to be implying that eating a dick is a bad thing,….

    2. Yep, their donation stream is drying up, but not because of what you probably are thinking. The new face of gunowners and 2nd amendment defenders is the Gunowners of America Association. It is what the NRA used to be. Conservative, don’t give an inch organization. It really started growing after NRA agreed to banning and confiscation of bump stocks. So, yes the NRA is hurting, but the GOA is growing everyday. The word confiscation is a clear line in the sand with gunowners. It will never happen in these United States.

      1. It’s a good thing guns are just a tool for protection and not something that is fetishized. Well, I’ve got to hurry to my Pepperspray Users of America Association meeting and this weekend I’ve got my Taser Enthusiast Collective cookout.

      2. The NRA is dying because the even more wacky wacknuts at GOA are taking its membership. Riiiiight…. And bumpstocks were the catalyst for this patriotic exodus. More riiiiight….

        1. Yep. 5.5mil and climbing. Dying never looked so good. ENJOY

    3. Drying up??? LOL! I’ll just put this riiiiight here for you. ENJOY

  3. From a former proud NRA lifetime member;Fuck them and the tax payer funded high horse they parade around on! Once upon a time they stood up for the rights of sportsmen and for wildlife conservation. Now they are nothing but lobbyists who serve the arms manufacturers using the media to stir fear and unrest. Having weapons is a very important freedom guaranteed by the government of,by and for the people. I am highly concerned by my insecure neighbor’s who feel they need to brandish weapons for any and all to fear. History teaches us that the last time this was common practice was the most lawless and violent time in our past. They are a solution looking for a problem.

    1. …and the scorpion said, “because it’s my nature”…

    2. …and the scorpion replied, “because it’s my nature”…

    3. The current state of the NRA can be directly related to the ever leftward shift of the gun banners & grabbers. All that’s necessary is to look at the current positions of the gagillion Dem. presidential candidates. As one side’s position becomes more radical you can expect the same from the other (See Newton’s 3rd Law). It has reached the point of ridiculousness on both sides of the issue. One side can’t agree to something as simple as background checks and getting guns out of the hands of crazy people and the other demands that I sell back my rifle to the govt or they’re going to imprison me.

      1. Are you talking about real life Democrats or ones you heard about in Scott Adams’ wet dream? No Democratic candidate is proposing what you said.

        1. It’s called Google. You can use it too…it’s free.

          1. Gotcha. You were talking about that guy who has no chance of winning. My mistake.

            1. “No Democratic candidate is proposing what you said.”

              Announced (D) Presidential Candidate – x

              Radical position on gun control – x

              Multiple appearances on National Media outlets (he’s a regular on Real time, MSNBC, CNN) – x

              It’s the radical fringes, on both sides, that are driving the issues. All the sensible people have left the building. What was yesterday’s fringe position has become today’s litmus test (Medicare for all, Reparations, Green New Deal, etc.).

            2. Over 50% of Americans support medicare for all. How would that be a fringe issue? Also, using a candidate that has no chance of winning as an example of mainstream Democratic thought is like saying Republicans fuck kids just because Roy Moore does.

            3. The same was said about Donald Trump all the way up to Nov 8, 2016… nuf said

            4. 538 gave Trump a 30% chance of winning the presidency, that is hardly no chance. I do agree that he should’ve had no chance of winning though considering he is a lifelong failure and conman.

          2. You are still mis-characterizing Swallwell’s position. He suggests a buy back program for ASSAULT rifles not every kind of rifle. He also suggests people can keep even those as long as they keep them at a gun range or shooting club.

            These are perfectly reasonable constraints on a dangerous toy that you can’t responsibly fire anywhere but a gun range anyway. So WTF damage is done to you?

            1. But I don’t understand the obsession with assault rifles. They only count for 300-400 deaths a year, if my memory serves, and there are – what? – about 30,000 deaths a year from guns. Almost all are from handguns, and a big percentage of those are suicides. I don’t have a problem with people killing themselves with guns if they are going to kill themselves. I had a close friend who, suffering from a life of intense pain, did just that.
              Assault rifles do look nasty, and they can kill a lot more people all at once. They just haven’t been doing that, in this country, yet. And that is really what the whole gun issue is about, in my mind – assault rifles are playing both a symbolic and a very real role in the underlying shift towards civil “unrest”. A whole lot of guys – mostly a whole of of guys that are ardent Trump supporters, amongst other things – are buying assault weapons for reasons that aren’t about home protection or sport shooting at all.

            2. Just 300 or 400 a year eh? That’s not so bad is it? 🙂

              If a baby stroller killed that many babies in a year it would be instantly re-called and the company sued into receivership. Likely new federal safety testing laws would be passed. Etc..

            3. That’s true, Richard, but soft drinks kill way more.
              Don’t get me wrong, I’m scared to death about all these folks buying assault weapons, but it’s not because, statistically, one of them is more likely to shoot me or my loved ones than, say, driving a car. I just think any attempt to try and remove the bazillion guns that infest this country will not end well.

            4. But if you OD on Dr.Pepper you are only harming yourself. If you shoot up an elementary school with an AR-15, not so much.

              And while cars are also very dangerous they serve a primary purpose that is not. Assault weapons on the other hand are designed and made for just one purpose which is to kill people. As many people as possible as quickly as possible.

            5. You’re right all around, again, R.
              Just saying though, if any effort to confiscate assault weapons becomes law, be ready for the consequences. I am not applauding this state of affairs, nor encouraging it, nor happy about it, but that’s the plain truth of the matter.
              The barn door has been left open for a long time now. Semi-automatic weapons in this country number in the tens of millions. It all comes down to whether we believe the government – in any of its many guises – should have any sort of control over who owns what amount of firepower. (I hope even the most rabid of guns fetishists would not approve of wide access to grenade launchers, but I don’t take anything for granted anymore on this issue.)
              And some – including some pretty articulate people of color like the rapper Killer Mike – would say that a legitimate use of an assault weapon would be as defense against the powers they feel are consistently arrayed against them.

            6. I can fire “responsibly” off my back porch. THAT’s what’s wrong with that. Net everyone lives within 10 feet of each other.

        2. Hahah Ok. Everyone of them has said they want to ban guns. Take one look at what eric swalwell has said in the past.

          1. Oh, geesh,…Everyone of them has NOT said they want to “ban” guns. Where do you get your news from, Jim? Your Facebook feed from Neptune?

            1. FauxNews, Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, etc…

              No doubt.

      2. The left side you mention is a good old-fashioned straw dog. Obama wants to take your guns away. The libtards want to take your guns away. Reality, not so much. The truth is this: the whole gun control debate has moved right of center thanks to the sleazebags at the NRA and the mindless gun nuts that believe their drivel.

    4. When in history was brandishing weapons common practice? The old west? You might want to do some research on how many gun deaths actually occurred then.

  4. Bill Hicks said it best:

    1. Yes he did!

  5. Is this going to delay the release of Jody McQueen’s next country album? Please?

    1. Barring any unreleased tracks, I’m guessing Jody McQueen’s death a few years ago will take care of that. But hey! Angus McQueen’s new squeeze, former ch. 4 new anchor Tammy Payne (current SVP/Creative Director at AM) may have a country album in her yet…

  6. The dude pervades. I like the ring of that.

  7. Every employee at Ackerman McQueen has a share of the responsibility for the massacres that have taken so many innocent lives in this country. They will deny responsibility but they cant wash it off. Its a permanent stain. They may have worked on Integris, BancFirst, Remington, etc etc and never touched the NRA but they helped keep the lights on the rent paid and the executive suite in BMWs. The blame is theirs. They did it for a paycheck. They basked in the prestige. Layoffs are just ahead and they will be deep and painful as the execs protect themselves. They will jettison those below. The trombones will play a mournful ‘womp wonp’. Good riddance AM.

    1. And the advertisers for McDonald are to blame for all the fatties in the world. Yep, makes sense. SMH

  8. How sweet it is. On behalf of scores of former shell-shocked, degraded, and overworked Ackerman and Ackerman McQueen employees, clients, and vendors, please let me say that this karmic retribution is decades overdue. Considering that both parties are such contemptible swine, we can only the hope the outcome is total mutual annihilation. The world will be a better place without them.

  9. Should also note that as recently as last November, there didn’t seem to be any “animus” between Brewer and AM. Wondering if the opportunity to bite the hand that fed his wife while also racking up major billable hours with the NRA as a his big client changed his attitude…

  10. Missed an opportunity to compare William Brewer III to Howard Hamlin from Better Call Saul

  11. Tried to figure out how to upload a pic of guns or Chuck Heston, but some of y’all already plenty pissed.

  12. Most people in the know about both organizations hope it’s mutually assured destruction. AM is run by twats, the NRA is run by bastards.

  13. A big slaughter in Australia a few years ago and that country said enough. A slaughter two weeks ago in New Zealand and their lawmakers said enough.

    America – slaughter after slaughter – never enough. Through all the arguments, pro gun versus anti gun, including that we are different because of the 2nd amendment, or that there are too many guns in circulation to turn back now, or only bad guys will have guns if laws are passed to limit guns, etc, etc, it remains a fact that no other country, except Yemen, is remotely close to our murder rate and death by gun.

    So when almost every family in America loses someone to senseless gun violence perhaps we’ll come to our senses and do something, actually some things, to reduce it. Not stop it, just reduce it and most everyone, except the insane, knows what the some things are: Smart background checks, limit magazine capacity and size of bullets, ban silly bump stocks, dramatically control number of guns per owner and so forth.

    And finally, for those who say our Founders envisioned and promoted a society in America today with 300 million guns floating around, outside of the ‘well regulated militias’, I say they woefully underestimate the wisdom of those who created this country in the first place.

    Time will tell but in the meantime, good luck in doing what the Bee Gees sang about in their song titled “Stayin’ Alive”. Depending on where you live it can be a real challenge.

  14. FWIW, y’all:

  15. didn’t realize the lost ogle had so many left wing p###ys as readers!! the guns don’t kill its the nut jobs that pull the trigger, guns are tools like your ax or rake should we ban cars too?? they kill 1000s a year….not a big nra fan nor any other pol pac either THIS IS AMERICA god damn it!!!and our guns insure our government is of the people for the people!! In a nutshell if you trust the government give em your guns!! if you don’t…………

    1. Jog dough: Fuck your feelings.

  16. Am not so sure with this whole line of reasoning that seems to say that if there are no guns people will not go nuts and kill lots of people. I think if the guns are gone you will see more bombs and vehicular slaughter and arson… problem is people want to wipe out large swaths of other people in America and no one seems to be talking about why.

    1. I like guns. I think they’re fun to shoot, and I think there are reasons to allow private citizens to own firearms. This line of thinking just baffles me though.

      There are always going to be people who want to kill others. That has been true for as long as humanity has existed. The reasons are multi-faceted and rarely the exact same for everyone. If your solution to the problem is to figure out a way to solve murder, rather than figure out a way to make it harder to commit murder, then you don’t actually want a real solution to the problem. No one is saying that no guns = no deaths, or even no mass death, but after Tim McVeigh used fertilizer to blow up the Federal Building, the FBI began to track fertilizer sales. When some nutcase uses a gun to kill a bunch of school kids, we’re told there’s nothing at all that could have stopped it and we should just give thoughts and prayers to the victims.

      The bump stock debate is a fine example of it, the tool is a thinly veiled workaround behind federal laws and serves no functional purpose other than to be able to fire large number of bullets indiscriminately, which was done to blindly shoot up a crowd yet there was a huge backlash against banning them for reasons that don’t make any actual sense.

  17. I love how anything even tangentially connected to gun control bring all the Okie cretins out from under the rocks. “Them libruls want to take ur guns”. LOL!

  18. On the other hand, everything proposed after a shooting would,not stop what happened.
    It is like saying there are thousands of car wrecks , so let’s ban green cars.
    This is the idiots in Congress!

    1. When automobile deaths were higher, new laws and rules were enacted. People grumbled, but auto deaths decreased. They didn’t stop bad human behavior or eliminate auto deaths entirely, but they helped.

      So the auto-crash analogy against gun rules never made a whole lot of sense if you put any thought about it, and your analogy doesn’t really work.

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