Kevin Stitt wants to keep Oklahoma a Top 10 state for people who don’t want health insurance

Governor Kevin Stitt has really been kicking ass in this whole “top ten state” business he’s been promising. For example, he recently announced he’s going to work hard to make sure 14% of Oklahomans continue to not have health insurance, the second highest rate in the country!

Via NewsOK

Gov. Kevin Stitt said Tuesday he will actively discourage Oklahomans from voting for Medicaid expansion if the question goes before voters in the 2020 general election.

“I’m going to tell Oklahomans that’s the wrong approach, but I understand I’ve got to give them plan B,” Stitt told The Oklahoman.

Stitt’s comments come days after Medicaid expansion supporters filed an initiative petition to let Oklahoma voters decide whether to make more low-income people eligible for the federal-state health insurance program.

That’s interesting. Back in January, Stitt said he was open to expansion. Now he’s against it like he was on the campaign trail. It’s nice to see him grow into the type of politician he ran against in the elections.

According to my public school math ability, 14% of Oklahoma’s population is equal to around 550,000 people. That means over half a million Oklahomans are without health insurance. But don’t worry. If we will just be patient and trust Mr. Stitt, he has better ideas…

Although he did not give specific details, Stitt said he intends to put together a plan to improve health care in Oklahoma.

“You can’t just say ‘no, don’t vote for that.’ We have to say, ‘here’s the better way to do this,’” he said…

The Affordable Care Act gives states the option to expand their Medicaid eligibility to include people who fall below 138% of the federal poverty line. The federal government would cover 90% of the costs of the expansion in Oklahoma with an estimated $900 million a year. Oklahoma would cover the remaining 10%.

But Stitt and other Republicans have concerns about whether the federal match would hold at 90% or dip in later years, putting a greater burden on the state to pay for expansion, which has not happened in other states.

Okay, but while we are waiting for this mythical “plan B,” thousands of Oklahomans are still without health insurance. No Medicaid expansion means no preventative and maintenance health care. No Medicaid expansion means people without insurance are having to wait until dire, life or death situations to seek healthcare, which they still can’t pay for. In fact, in 2012 it is estimated that uninsured patients cost hospitals in Oklahoma roughly $547 million—which hospitals often compensate for by charging insured patients out the wazoo. So yes, taxpayers would be out $100 million yearly if the Medicaid expansion increases. But as more of my public school math tells me, $100 million is a whole hell of cheaper than $547 million.

I probably made a math-ing error somewhere. Just comment below. Then follow Hayley on twitter @squirrellygeek

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15 Responses

  1. Sad.

  2. But Stitt and other Republicans have concerns about whether the federal match would hold at 90% or dip in later years

    Because that’s exactly what the GOP intends to do.
    The Republican motto, “Government doesn’t work. Elect us and we will prove it!”

  3. Why wouldnt we vote yes, sounds like a no brainer.. 🤔

  4. “Die quickly it’s cheaper”

  5. “I’m going to tell Oklahomans that’s the wrong approach, but I understand I’ve got to give them plan B,” Stitt told The Oklahoman.

    So taking the Faux & Friends approach here.. Did our pro-life Governor just state that he plans on making Oklahoman’s take the Plan B? Dan Fischer is going to lose his shit when he hears about this..

  6. He’s Mattress Mary without the dress and bushier eyebrows. Good job voters of Oklahoma!

  7. Add to this his focus on the Healthcare Authority, demanding an audit to make sure they’re not giving benefits to those who are too wealthy. Bring on the audits, but it’s obvious the idea is to keep certain groups uncovered. Whatever, either way we all pay those bills. Work at a hospital and you’ll see.

  8. Can anyone actually explain why Oklahoma didn’t accept Medicaid expansion years ago, when it was first offered to us… with a 0% match requirement for the first few years?

    Some “conservative” pols said that it was because we “can’t afford” the 10% match that would be required in the future. Of course “can’t afford” is a euphemism for “it’s not a high enough priority for us to spend money on.”

    If that was the real reason, couldn’t we have dropped coverage for low-income people later, if and when the state match became too burdensome?

    Instead, it has been: “Sorry, folks. See you in the ER. ER care is like pennies from heaven, which costs no one anything! But if you have cancer, diabetes, or some other chronic condition, you’re truly on your own. Too bad for you.

    Let’s admit the REAL reason that Oklahoma wouldn’t accept Medicaid expansion. As a state, we HATE anything that has the fingerprints of the Kenyan Usurper on it.

    Sadly, Gov. Stitt is sounding like Congressional Republicans now. “We hate the ACA and everything about it. Give us a few days and we’ll have something much better to replace it after we tear it out, root and branch.” Of course we’re still waiting for the GOP replacement for the ACA. How many years have we been waiting? Is it eight?

    Who could have possibly seen this coming? I await the arrival of Stitt Plan with bated breath. Hope I don’t die of hypoxia in the meantime. At least I have medical insurance.

    1. Yep I can explain. Ole Doc Coburn, then US Senator Coburn, advised Governor Fallin that if she dare accept Obamacare he would return from DC where everybody hated him to Oklahoma where everybody loved him and run against her in 2014. Having just been elected to Her Ladyship post in 2010 she knelt at the knee of Doc No and kissed his ass, after he turned around, and that’s why thousands have died while needing health care in our state, home of The Oklahoma Standard and hundreds of thousands of voters who always vote against their own best interests…….and then brag about it.

    2. It’s part of Obamacare. Anything President Obama did must be reversed with extreme prejudice because the majority of Oklahomans (the majority that put Stitt in office) can’t tolerate a black man in the White House. If it doesn’t line the pockets of political donors then we don’t want it or need it.

      Stitt’s Plan B is exactly like the standard GOP Plan B: don’t get sick and if you do, die quickly.

    3. You nailed it. The exact reason there was exactly no one to greet President Obama at Tinker years back.
      Stitt’s plan will be trumpcare. Cheap worthless policies that will bankrupt a whole new generation of Oklahomans.

  9. Has he said, “Move the needle” yet? I’m in the middle of a drinking game …

  10. The lost ogle republicans evil democrats great BS gets old. Maybe someday you’ll admit both parties are fucking us in the ass.

    1. That comment is a total joke.

  11. I guess he wants all the rural hospitals to close. They have have a good start and if nothing happens there will soon be many more. That’s sad but not near as sad as the people dying early because they work somewhere that doesn’t offer health insurance. I’ve seen it happen to a women in her 30’s. She worked at a convenience store and had a doctor she could call and get pain pills because she had a terrible sore on her leg that wouldn’t go away. Her husband was really sick and couldn’t work and she had 3 kids she had to feed. That sore was caused by diabetes and she went into a coma and died after a few days. Who do u think paid that hospital bill and now raises her children?

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