Tulsa traffic reporter shares impressive belch during live TV segment…

It’s shaping up to be a nasty day of weather across Oklahoma today. As a result, be sure to read our Severe Weather Preparedness Guide so you can drink booze and watch TV weather coverage safely.

On the topic of drinking and watching TV weather coverage, that appears to be the morning routine for KMRG / Fox 23 traffic reporter Chase Thompson. He shared the following update as rain put a damper on the Tulsa morning commute:

That was an impressive burp, especially for the morning. I’m more of a PM burper.

I think my favorite part of the clip was the reaction from the news anchor following the belch. You could tell she was grossed out, but also able to keep it together.

If something similar happened to Meg Alexander when she worked at Channel 25, she probably would have fell out of her chair laughing and asked to Chase to pass the bottle

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7 Responses

  1. So The Lost Ogle looks down on a little day drinking on the job?

  2. WOW! No “excuse me”, or “did you hear that spider!” or “hey! I told you to use SUPER unleaded in this chopper!” Dude, just did it, then owned every bit of it like a Boss.

  3. It’s like he forgot where he was……..maybe he passed out first.

  4. He could at least have said “excuse me.”

  5. I laughed because I’m high, and I identify as a 12-year old.

  6. Heard him explain the same day. Said he had just taken a big swig of Mountain Dew, and is usually TAPED, not live (or something like that). Whoever is grossed out or disgusted – – – get a life. It was hysterical.

  7. Even the local affiliates of Fox News are bush league.

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