News 9 forgets Gary England while remembering May 3rd tornado…

As books, newspapers, and News 9 has taught us over the past 20 years, it’s hard to discuss or remember the infamous May 3rd, 1999 tornado without an obligatory mention of legendary Severe Weather Savior Gary England.

As the deadly grinder carved its way through Moore and towards the Midwest City, Lord England – from his perch within the News 9 Severe Weather Command Center – gave the dire warning that viewers and listeners in the twister’s direct path either needed to get below ground or out of the way to escape unharmed. To this day, many people still credit Gary for saving their life.

Knowing that, it’s kind of strange to see that KWTV Channel 9 managed to find a way to cover the May 3rd tornado’s 20th anniversary and not mention Lord England even once. Check out this story / video: – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |

Strange stuff, huh? That would be like Channel 4 producing an anniversary story about the May 31st, 2013 tornado and not mentioning Mike Morgan’s call for everyone to drive south! Okay, that’s probably a bad example, but you get my point.

Anyway, in case it’s not totally obvious, it looks like News 9 and Gary England’s relationship is worse than it’s ever been. I guess Gary didn’t like being forced out earlier than he probably wanted, and Channel 9 didn’t like Gary talking shit about David Payne on social media. Hopefully they get things straightened out soon, otherwise we may have one hell of a drought this summer. They always follow disturbances in the severe weather force.

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22 Responses

  1. Maybe his crazy right-wing bullshit ran even the Griffins off.

    1. ^^This. Old Gary is nuttier than a squirrel turd.

    2. Awww. He didn’t predict snow for the snowflake. Sniff. Sniff. I

  2. I follow David Payne on FB. I added Gary England not long ago. I ended up deleting Gary England
    He was making snide remarks about David Payne. It hasn’t been his job for quite sometime. He needs to let it go. Very rude comments from most of his followers.

  3. Everybody wanna talk like they got something to say. #ForgotAboutGary

    1. put his face on the milk carton

  4. The most tacky thing was News9 interviewing it own reporters about the “harrowing” experience they went through. You’re not the story, jack holes, you’re the story tellers. Leave your egos in the studio.

    1. AAAAAAAAAAAAMEN‼️‼️‼️‼️👊

  5. It’s sad to know all of this has gone on “behind the scene”.
    I think of Gary England often. He knew his stuff. I like David also. I like Mike Morgan too, and I have heard people say that his telling people to drive out of danger actually DID save their lives. I didn’t realize that Gary was forced out. REALLY? They forced out the Emmy-winning meteorologist, Navy veteran who was the first to use doppler in weather forecasting? 🙄 I always respected and trusted Gary. After Gary left, I started watching “Rick said it would” Mitchell. It was true! If he said it would, it did. I married and moved to Denver after the 2013 twister. Actually, I watched that one from my fiance’s home in CO. My mom asked me to stay until the weather calmed down, but it was still a mess and a very sad thing to come home to.

  6. David Payne is a joke. Probably not a real meteorologist. Doesn’t take his responsibility serious. Tries to be funny (he’s not) stands with his hand in his pocket, maybe he would like a stool to sit on in front of the green screen. He’s not very professional. I can’t trust him

    1. He’s thinks he’s Rodney Dangerfield but he’s not funny at all. I’m not sure what he’s playing with in his pants all the time, but you’d think the station manager would tell him to keep his fuckin’ hand out of his pocket. He looks like a pervert.

  7. Pull up your big girl pants and move on. He isn’t there any more so shouldn’t talk about those who are there now. Channel 9 doesn’t owe him anything and he doesn’t owe them. Life changes and so do the situations we are now dealing with so accept that and make the best of it.

  8. How can they forget Gary England the weather God!! I love Gary and I’m friends with him and share his political views.

  9. Gary “The Snowflake” England. He was my *hero* growing up; I wanted desperately to be a TV WXGuy just like him! But, it appears as though when he retired, he became a FNC acolyte. One day I retweeted one of his crazy tweets with the comment “never meet your heroes…” and he blocked me. We lost him. Sad.

    1. So if someone’s political views don’t match up with yours, you “lose them”?

      1. Nah, man. He blocked me based on what *I* said in my snarky retweet. I didn’t block him! Seems as though you’ve confused me with him.

        If I were to “lose” people based on having different political views, I’d have few friends and family. But, good effort trying to paint me in that light.

  10. For an old man in his 70s, Gary England has a very strange hair color.

  11. When I think of the May 3rd tornado, I don’t think of any weather person.
    This is why I dislike local media. The news producers are always wanting to insert reporters into the story.

    1. I can’t help but think of David Payne. Asshat was screaming that the highway we live on was just gone, nothing left. It just crossed & went about 1/4 mile from us in Newcastle. Idiot had me scared to death my family was & house was destroyed. I don’t think he even went down our road…..not much damage along it at all.

  12. Two days after, May 5th, I stood in front of my aunt’s home. She had lived there since the mid-sixties. I was a mailman. I had delivered that part of Moore for five years on foot. I knew every square foot of the neighborhood yet the devastation was so total I had difficulty figuring out exactly where I was. Then I watched the slow rebuilding. The only story should be the ones who lived through it and the journey afterwards. For days we called all the news crews carrion and their annoying helicopters News Buzzards.

    1. Reminds me of some humor my Dad would insert into a conversation:

      “I’m tired of talking about myself, lets talk about what you think of me for a while”

  13. Watching tv storm coverage is much more interesting than watching reality shows like the Bachelor

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