Oklahoma Lawmakers accused of behaving like Oklahoma Lawmakers…

Oklahoma lawmakers are once again making the news for all the wrong – and way too common – reasons.

KFOR’s Brent Skarky reported yesterday that State Rep. Chris Kannady (the guy on the left who slandered a teacher in a political ad) and State Rep. Kevin McDugle (the guy on the right who told off Oklahoma teachers in a viral social media video) are being investigated on sexual misconduct allegations.

Here are the details via KFOR:

A blogger and political activist says an investigation is underway by the Oklahoma House of Representatives following allegations of sexual misconduct by two Republican legislators.

“Sexual battery just can’t happen,” said Al Gerhart.

The blogger and Sooner Tea Party Leader says he was contacted last fall about an incident that happened in the spring of 2017.

He says an alleged female victim told him that the incident occurred while several male members of the House of Representatives were at an Oklahoma City restaurant with the newly-elected female member of the House.

“They basically got her in a booth and she couldn’t move, and one was showing her a porno video and Kannady supposedly feeling up her leg when all this was going on,” said Gerhart.

Man, these guys are some smooooooth operators! What woman doesn’t love to get trapped in a booth with a couple of male colleagues and be inappropriately touched while being shown a “porno video.” I’m sure these Cassanovas scored all the inebriated ladies back in college. They’ll make great State Supreme Court Justices someday.

Gerhart says that Rep. Chris Kannady and Rep. Kevin McDugle are the two lawmakers at the heart of the allegations. Gerhart told News 4 that the victim is still not ready to come forward but he shared recordings of the phone conversations he had with the female legislator.

“Kevin McDugle whipped out his phone, started showing me some porn videos. Kannady inappropriately touched my leg under the table,” the alleged victim is heard saying.

Wow! I can’t see a well-respected guy like Kevin McDugle doing something like that. As we reported back in 2017, he’s quite the gentleman.

There’s been lots of speculation about the identity of the accuser. I’ve heard rumors of who it may be, but since I don’t fully understanding what’s right and wrong in this more woke age of obscure local social blogging, I’m going to keep that to myself. The one thing I can confirm, though, is that the accuser is not Jess Eddy. He’s the dude that’s accusing David Boren.

Here’s more:

Gerhart has a long history of tussles with many lawmakers, specifically Kannady.

News 4 reached out to Kannady for a response to the allegations.

“There is nothing from this tabloid blogger that has ever rated a response from me. This time included,” he told News 4 in a text.

Wait a second? What’s wrong with being a tabloid blogger? We wear that label as a badge of honor!

That being said, Kannady has a point. Gerhart isn’t a very reliable news source. He makes us look like the Washington Post – or for our Tea Party audience – The Daily Caller.

Anyway, I guess we’ll continue to follow this story and keep you updated. If you’ve ever been forced to watch porn with a lawmaker, shoot us an email. We’d love to hear from you, and can also refer a therapist.

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21 Responses

  1. Well…I wasn’t forced to watch…

  2. Is that a direct quote or was it really Caddo County Cockfighting?

  3. Family values?

    These “family values” folks seem to pop up more frequently than the average person in stories of marital infidelity and/or abuse. How odd.

    Just as I avoid doing business with people who display the Christian “fish” in their ads, I’m immediately suspicious of politicians who sell themselves as “family values” types. If you have to preach to me about how righteous you are, I don’t trust you.

    And you can bet the farm that when someone is virulently anti-gay, he (it’s usually a he) has some unresolved issues about his own sexuality. Ralph Shortey comes to mind. And Ted Haggard.

    1. +1000

    2. Spot on

    3. Yep, pretty true…

    4. Yep

  4. Ugh!

  5. Them’s some ugly sumbitches.

    1. Agreed. Just looking a their “haircuts”, I’m gonna go with guilty : )

  6. This just sounds to good to be true but par for the course with these sleazy lawmakers. Mcdugle looks like the kinda guy that likes to pissed on by hookers like his favorite false idol Lord Commander Marmalade. It would be nice to watch both of those asshats resign in disgrace.

  7. A newly elected, female Republican?
    Gotta be a pretty short list.

    1. Newly voted out of office Republican in an Oklahoma County district.

      1. It’s pretty easy to figure out if you go through past Lost Ogle articles from the last few years.

    or does it not work that way anymore?

    1. That seems to depend on the political party of the accused – for some of us. “Lock her up. Lock her up.”

      My impression is that TLO is even-handed in its treatment of weird accusations against our politicians. It may seem like it’s harder on Republicans, but right now they run everything AND give us so much more “family values” hypocrisy and other material to work with.

      Better to remain silent and…

  9. Maybe one day they’ll be called up to the Big League, as House Republicans.

  10. State legislators are second only to County Commissioners when it comes to having an over inflated sense of self worth and entitlement.

    1. That is a learned trait – they get that way, some sooner than others.

  11. GOPer goobers.

  12. Uh, oh both of the accused are married. They had best keep their wives happy during all of this, as you wouldn’t want info out in any divorce action. If that would happen we would learn all kinds of things about these goobers.

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